Sunday, September 03, 2017

Who abused the instruments and machinery of the state?

Malaysiakini - We had better checks and balances in 'early years' - Tunku Zain (extracts):

The country had better institutions and more freedoms back in the “early years” when it was led by elites who did not abuse their powers, said Tunku Zain al-Abidin Tuanku Muhriz, president of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas).

“I think it is very important to identify those elites who are abusing the instruments and machinery of the state to enrich themselves, and others who do not.

“I suppose if we were to look at history, I would think that (we can) agree that in our early years, when we were by and large led by these elites (who did not seek to enrich themselves), we had better checks and balances, better leadership, we had institutions that were better. We had more freedoms,” he said.

He was speaking at a panel titled ‘How to manage pluralism and identity politics in democracies’ at a conference about democracy in Southeast Asia, in Kuala Lumpur today.

I wonder who removed those check and balances, and who mangled mutilated and mafulat-ised our hallowed institutions such as an independent judiciary.


  1. Another opportunity for a broken record to replay a track that's way way off of it's time & influences!!!

    Teochui music, wakakakaka...

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    1. wakakaka, the dedak-way you're defending the indefensible

    2. Indefensible, what man????

      If mamak had no umno backbone, could he did what he had done????

      So, can CHANGE yr music ke??

    3. CK I think you don't understand what 'indefensible' means or applies to, wakakaka

    4. Am I???

      Back to the topic, bolih tukar Muzik ke? Or u r a one-track band?

  3. During the eighties,every scoolgoing children,their siblings,parents,grand parents,aunts and uncles and cousins do know who was responsible for abusing our public institutions.And let us not forget the politicians.I am sure they do know what was going on then and what was going on now.

    Nowadays,many people enter politics not because of wanting to serve the public.It is the urge inside of wanting power,greed and lusts.There are also people who enter politics with good intentions with the sole purpose of serving the public.But on their journey they saw how things are done by others and eventually they lost their way.

    Now that is not to say that all in the opposition are bad.They might be doing it because they believe that they are the lesser of two evils.So it may be for that reason that they are willing to sacrifice their principles.Politics is a dog eat dog's world.It is a very dirty game and only the fittest survive.

    Just ask Donald Trump.He had to jump into bed with Putin,one of America's worst adversaries.Donald had no other choice because Putin had tapes of Donald screwing whores in Russia.He had files of Donald doing business and money laundering with Russian gangsters.In fact he had Donald under his thump.Because of this Donald will be gone before the midterms in 2018.He and some of his family members might also be going to prison.Treason and money laundering is a big deal.I hope Mueller will find them all guilty.

    1. Bruno, go read up FinanceTwitter latest on why moron Trump granted an audience for our Ah Gor.....and why Mr FinanceTwitter had been urging on his blog for Mueller to nose around whether some of the dedak from 1MDB was distributed to that Big Moron too....WAKAKAKAKA