Friday, September 15, 2017

Mahathir may kill off Ku Nan

If he is "FORCED" to (adoi), wakakaka, 92-year old Mahathir will likely choose two parliamentary seats - has to federal parliamentary seats as he still wants to be PM - namely, Langkawi or Putrajaya.

Malaysiakini informs us: Both Langkawi and Putrajaya hold special significance for Mahathir.

He has been credited for turning Langkawi into a major tourist destination and is the mastermind behind the building of Putrajaya as the nation's administrative capitals.

Both seats are currently held by BN.

In 2013 BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor won Putrajaya with a 5,541 vote majority, while Langkawi was won by Nawawi Ahmad with an 11,861 vote majority.

I wonder how much of Petronas money was used by Mahathir during his time as PM to build his mega-Arabian-Nights-Putrajaya? In those days with an apparent near-inexhaustible quantity of oil money, it was sap sap suoi chicken feed stuff for him. 

But if he goes for Putrajaya, Tunku Adnan is in deep, very deep trouble. Ku Nan is not a popular guy nor a 'mover' in UMNO, and has largely depended on the current PM to support him, whilst Mahathir might still have sub-rosa supporters among the civil servants in Putrajaya.

Interesting time ahead, especially for a 92-year old man who may well be "FORCED" to take up cudgels again, to win the elections for his son, because he just can't trust Mukhriz to be capable of doing that by the poor boy's lonesome self.

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