Friday, February 27, 2015

The horns of dilemma

Between Scylla and Charybdis.

Between the Devil and the deep blue Sea.

Between a rock and a hard place.

Be on the horns of a dilemma.

All more or less means caught in a quandary, though each idiom has its own characteristic and subtler meaning. But quandary as a common denominator suffices.

Quandary is defined by the dictionary as 'a state of perplexity or uncertainty, especially as to what to do', a dilemma so to speak, and as one of the idioms above mentions so succinctly, 'be on the horns of a dilemma'.

This is the current predicament for PAS, DAP, MCA, Gerakan and Najib Razak.

Let us examine what the horns of dilemma for each could be, respectively.

PAS knows it requires non-Muslim non-Malay votes to win in quite a few federal constituencies (last I heard after 2008 was 66) to firstly overthrow UMNO and secondly, with the support of PKR and DAP, form the federal government. With the current antagonism the nons have for UMNO, and with DAP support, those votes are basically there on a silver platter for PAS' taking.

But it also wants to implement hudud, which unfortunately for PAS frightens and repulses the non-Muslims non Malays as had been the case in previous years, well, until Pakatan was successfully formed to participate in the 12th and 13th general elections.

PAS must have also believe that implementing hudud will show the Heartland it's a far more pious Islamic entity than UMNO, thus it also argues (probably among party strategists and senior members) that if it doesn't push for hudud, UMNO will upstage it a la Dr Mahathir's 1991 Islamic State declaration.

Let's recall that on 12 November 2001, Malaysiakini published The Islamic state debacle, which stated (extracts only):

The declaration by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Malaysia is already an Islamic state when he opened the Gerakan annual delegates conference in September further complicated the Islamic state controversy in our country.

Mahathir's declaration could be seen as a two-pronged political gimmick to out-do PAS on the Islamic state issue. On one hand, he wants the Malays to believe that Umno is no less Islamic than PAS. On the other, he tries to convince the non-Malays that Umno's version of Islamic state is more moderate and acceptable compared with PAS'.

Bar Council chairperson Mah Weng Kwai says that the PM's declaration is "essentially a political statement".

According to Mah, the Bar Council is of the view that the fact that some countries perceive Malaysia as an Islamic state, that Malaysia may qualify as one according to definitions by the ulama and that the prime minister has made what is essentially a political statement, does not change the legal religious stand of Malaysia as a secular state as expressed in the constitution.

That's what the authorities in Terengganu are currently doing, to show the Heartland, preemptively way way before GE-14, that UMNO is far more Islamic than PAS.

Terengganu has recently passed syariah legislation which can punish Muslims who don't attend Friday mosque prayers (by parading them riding in a hearse), and some sweeties who ride pillion on motorcycles, and that shops must close for 2 hours on Friday during noon time.

Hasn't Terengganu been doing exactly what Dr Mahathir did in 1991 to outflank PAS in the Heartland?

This is also a dilemma for PAS, what its more religious members might be delighted in, but as a political party it fears.

Other than the above political points, I am not going to go into why PAS is so insistent on implementing hudud when there are many Islamic countries which don't incorporate hudud in their legislature, while those which have, have shown their unmitigated brutally unjust judicial systems, within which the Compassion of Allah swt was markedly (and remarkably) missing while the cruelty and injustice of the priesthood castes have been overwhelming.

So if PAS want non-Muslim non-Malay votes it's obvious the best way to get those would be to not include hudud as one of their principal objectives; OTOH, if they want to implement hudud and thus strengthen its support among conservative Muslims, then they may have to forego the non-Muslim non-Malay votes. Thus they're dancing on the horns of a dilemma.

That's the horns of dilemma that's poking at the arse of PAS, wakakaka.

There are a few options for PAS to overcome both rock and a hard place, which I have already blogged on so I won't go into them again.

DAP's horns of dilemma are the exact opposite of PAS. In earlier euphoric days we saw some DAP leaders sprouting Quranic verses to the immense delight of Allahyarham Datuk Haji Nik Aziz and making regular reference to the golden days of some Islamic caliphates, just in the same way that PAS had (momentarily) discarded its preference for hudud for the so-called 'welfare state'.

I guess not so now for both sides where they realize their implacable irreconcilable differences.

DAP is caught between wanting to continue with PAS and PKR in a Pakatan coalition, one it sees as the only feasible solution to replacing BN as a government, and the repugnance of PAS' insistence on implementing hudud, which will affect its standing with non Muslim voters a la 1999.

Those are the two very sharp horns of dilemma shafting at its 6 O'Clock, wakakaka.

MCA and Gerakan are hardly worth talking about, but there in DAP's dilemma, they see some glimmer of hope which they will undoubtedly exploit, expand and exaggerate to their benefits - and why not for that's all fair in politics.

But they are constantly buggered (shafted in their behind) by UMNO ultras making arrogant hostile remarks against Chinese (and to a lesser extent, Indians). Nice of their TaiKoh to keep pulling the comfy rug from beneath their very 'chicken' feet, wakakaka.

Really, they have lost mucho 'face' in staying on as so-called UMNO partners and  as many Chinese have said, 'better to die than to continue in shame', but then they will 'lose' more if they leave, wakakaka. Horns of dilemma?

Ah Jib Gor wants the support of the nons but he is denied showing why he deserves their votes when he has been interdicted in every which way by certain UMNO forces.

We need go no further than to keep an eye on Pak Kadir Jasin's posts to see these. Pak Kadir is the mouthpiece of someone we know so well, don't we, wakakaka?

So to maintain support from within UMNO, Ah Jib Gor acts in ways that has repulsed his so-called Ah Tee's (adik2). Thus he suffers from these, his horns of dilemma.

I suspect he is the first Malaysian PM to be shafted every which way, by both the federal opposition and his own UMNO, wakakaka. I wonder whether he'll even be shafted into eventually joining his former UMNO matey (and senior), Anwar, in prison.

To conclude, I can daringly say, those caught on the horns of dilemma will ultimately (have to) choose commonsense fundamentals, namely, their personal political survival. Thus PAS will opt for hudud (and Muslim votes) over Chinese voters, DAP for secularism (and nons' votes) over Malay voters, MCA and Gerakan for BN over 'face' or dignity, wakakaka, and Najib for his survival in UMNO over 1Malaysia and world class governance.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Secularism can't wed religion

Another of Terence Netto's take on Pakatan, wakakaka, in his Malaysiakini article Pakatan's Mexican Standoff involving our dearest beloved PAS and DAP.

batu api looes74 brought this about

But before that perhaps it may be worthwhile taking a peep at Islamic PAS and its claim of Islamic values, for after all the Islamic party represents one of the main proponents (or opponents, wakakaka) in Netto's Mexican standoff.

Well, TMI has just reported PAS goes to war with itself ahead of party polls, a sort of fratricidal jihad or perhaps (a new term) a seppuku-jihad, either of Japanese -style self-disemboweling or of Arab style self-amputation of PAS' own organs?

TMI tells us: ..... the Islamist party finds itself imploding over infighting between rival factions – those in favour of cooperation with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) against those who are not. [...]

The infighting in the country’s largest opposition party has become so vicious that people now wonder if the trust they put in PAS in the 13th general election (GE13) in 2013 was misplaced. [...]

It is because the stakes are so high this time that the infighting between factions has sunk to new lows compared with previous elections.

There are now several Facebook accounts set up to smear rivals and name-calling, with the latest ploy being an audio recording purportedly of some leaders conspiring to overthrow PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

The ulama assembly on February 21 reflected how dire things had become, as the gathering of normally reserved and mild-mannered ulama (Muslim scholars) descended into bouts of name-calling.

Hmmm, infighting between factions has sunk to new lows and Facebook accounts set up to smear rivals and name-calling - are these new images of PAS' Islamic values?

No doubt each faction would be claiming it has divine imprimatur to so act.

And, I wonder whether the divine imprimatur includes the right to bullshit a la Deucalion?

And me being a bloody suspicious person who believes in Cicero's Cui Bono, I have to admit I've been checking on the identities of vendors of yellow plastic tubs in Kelantan, which you may not realize can be utilized as extemporaneous sampans during unexpected divine-incurred floods, wakakaka.

So that's where our dear Islamic PAS (and its boast of Islamic values) is currently at, where its cybertroopers are smearing rivals' names and possessing other tactics described as 'new lows'.

Okay, returning to what I have wanted to blog about, namely Netto's Mexican standoff, I'm afraid Terence Netto has been wrong in his assessment of the PAS vs DAP stoush.

First of all, let's examine what's a Mexican standoff and how it would apply to Pakatan. Originally a Mexican standoff was a combative situation but with three opponents, each trying to kill the other two, but it's a screwed up situation where whoever shoots first, say No 1 at No 2, will be shot by the 3rd, wakakaka.

So visualize PAS shooting first (and killing) DAP, which will allow PKR to be in position to shoot at (and kill) PAS, wakakaka - PKR's wet dreams?

Okay, just play that deadly triangular musical chair for a while, and we'll all arrive at the same conclusion that whoever shoots second will be the sole man standing, so "... after you, Pak Haji. No no after you, Ah Hnia, aiyah Royal MB first lah ..." wakakaka, at least it breeds courtesy.

Now, while gnam gnam Pakatan has three component parties which might have rang true for such a standoff, alas, PAS and DAP may be in conflict but PKR has been acting 'dunno' (unless it's about seat allocation wakakaka), thus hardly a Mexican standoff in its original meaning.

But wait, all's not lost yet for Netto's term. A modern meaning to Mexican standoff refers to only two (not three) confrontational opponents, for example, PAS and DAP, wakakaka, but with both not having any significant advantage over the other ........ and even if there is, neither would admit it.

Additionally, Mexican standoff as understood in modern terms would deem both PAS and DAP having equal power, unlike UMNO and MCA, wakakaka, but what about Ah Jib Gor and Muhyiddin?

Okay, shall we agree this sounds like the Mexican standoff that Netto probably has in mind for the current PAS-DAP disagreement over the former's insistence in implementing hudud in Kelantan and also though to a lesser extent, the former rejection of DAP's proposal to have a 3rd tier election of local councils.

Being a DAP supporter (though not all the time, wakakaka) I am of course biased, believing PAS wants hudud implemented more as (I suspect) an intimidatory instrument to buttress its absolute authority among Muslims, while not wanting local elections because the party faithful will be deprived of non-elected appointments to local councils in urban areas and thus denied the fringe benefits of a ruling coalition.

Mind, though DAP promotes itself as a secular political party, I have to say I've not been impressed by a few individuals in DAP who have been perceived as unduly generous with exclamations of gratitude to the Almighty. I would urge those individuals to curtail, curb, nay, cancel proclamations like 'Praise the Lord' and 'Jesus loves us'.

Yes, don't piss me off with your non-secular exuberance or you won't be any different from PAS, what a thought, or even worse as you'll be hypocrites, wakakaka. So kindly keep your Hallelujah out of politics and your party affairs.

Next, the modern understanding of Mexican standoff is supposedly marked by both PAS and DAP being unable to advance their position to their respective advantage eg. retention of Pakatan as a still working and cooperative coalition but without or with (wakakaka) hudud implemented ...

... nor for both parties to withdraw without suffering any respective disadvantage eg. 'face' and political support. To wit, both are then supposedly f*** kau kau into an almost permanent stalemate, to both's respective disadvantage.

Now, on to Netto's assessment (and mine on his in brackets or parentheses) that:

... there is a certain symmetry to the arguments of both members which, on examination, suggests Pakatan won’t disintegrate.

Therein for Pakatan’s supporters lies the cheeriness of this cheerless situation.

(... known otherwise as Netto's Paradox, wakakaka)

The reason for optimism is not vacuous; the antagonists clearly don’t want to leave the opposition coalition on their own volition though one party is implacably opposed to the other on a fundamental issue.

I'll come to this point shortly.

Normally, divergences on matters of fundamental principle are pact-breaking or coalition-wrecking, but this gulf between two of three members on a core issue is apparently not enough to sunder Pakatan.

This is where I disagree because PAS will never ever rescind from its hudud intention while DAP will never ever accept PAS' wish to implement hudud, no matter how much PAS promises that it won't affect non-Muslims.

As we and aviators know from science, no two objects or two conflicting ideology can occupy the same space at the same time.

where ALL men and women are equal before the law

It's not just DAP but we non-Muslims are rejecting PAS as a political party because we have already witnessed gross interference in our non-Muslim lives in notorious cases such as proselytizing body snatching (though I suspect such act might have been more for inheritance under Islamic laws which would have benefited a Muslim sibling rather than, under civil laws, the non-Muslim widow) and ...

... proselytizing cradle-snatching (shame on those responsible), non-Muslim shops in KB forced to close on Friday noon for 2 hours despite the business being conducted wholly among only non-Muslims, motorcycle pillion riding prohibition for women (I am not even sure whether this applies only to Muslim sweeties? but then I don't buy PAS assurance syariah laws apply only to Muslims as described above), ...

... dress codes, unisex hair dressing salons, intrusions into non-Muslims public festivals and entertainment such as Valentine's Day, Thaipusam and wakakaka koe-tai, etc.

DAP can ignore our apprehensions to their peril a la 1999 - ask Lim Kit Siang and the children of the late Karpal Singh on how the nons could turn their collective wrath against even their DAP iconic heroes.

Netto's argument has pointed to the following as an example of how or why he has deemed that both PAS and DAP wish to remain in Pakatan:

... The latest iteration of this Mexican standoff came from Takiyuddin Hassan (right), PAS MP for Kota Baru and Permanent Chief Secretariat of the Kelatan Syariah Criminal Code who said:

“Pakatan does not belong to DAP, Pakatan does not have a leader, if (DAP) disagrees, it should leave Pakatan, why ask us to leave, and they cannot make us (PAS) leave.”

My dear Terence, it's more about 'face'. There is a social and moral stigma among us Malaysians on expulsion.

Yes sir, no one wants to be expelled like, say, Anwar from UMNO. I believe had Anwar resigned with dignity from UMNO as did Zaid Ibrahim, I would have been one of his strongest supporter, wakakaka. Instead he clung on until there were deep claw marks on the door sill of UMNO headquarters and even went to court in a futile attempt to retrieve his UMNO party position long after he had been kicked out.

There's undeniably benefit for both sides in staying on as a threesome team, where DAP will encourage Chinese voters to put their faith and trust in PAS (how to now?), and vice versa for PAS with Malay voters.

But alas, the relationship is far far FAR too toxic, and the ultimate loser will be the DAP if it continues to consort with PAS. So it's not the classic Mexican standoff where withdrawing from such a standoff will result in disadvantages.

DAP may suffer some tactical losses in disassociating itself from the Islamic party but will strategically strengthen itself among its traditional supporters from the smearing propaganda of BN.

Now, whether PAS or DAP leaves Pakatan is not important, and to a great extent depends on PKR, as to whom it will side to make the outcome 2 to 1.

Yes, I would dearly love to see PKR decides on this, wakakaka.

We know DAP has been playing bridesmaid to the PKR bride while no doubt PAS sees itself as the groom, wakakaka. But secularism cannot wed religion.

Whatever, whoever, whichever, it's not politically wise for DAP to work any longer with the Islamic party because if the DAP refuses to recognize the unfortunate situation it is currently in, it will suffer what Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh suffered in 1999.

MCA and Gerakan will be orgasmically rapt if DAP leaders choose to believe in a possible salvage ops for a threesome Pakatan with PAS still in the coalition.

To the Chinese voters no political personality is sacrosanct and so iconic that he or she will be immune to being made short shift of if the voters are annoyed with his or her political stand, policy, performance, conviction and attitude towards serving them.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

PAS for Permatang Pauh?

In Malaysiakini's For P Pauh polls, PKR should break mould the author Terence Netto suggested that PKR do what Dr Mahathir did for Anwar Ibrahim in 1982 when he parachuted AI into Permatang Pauh instead of nominating another more senior candidate from the party.

Terence Netto penned: The then-prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was shaping to dissolve Parliament, having been in office for nine months after succeeding retired Hussein Onn the previous July. Requiring as a newly-installed PM a fresh mandate from the people, Mahathir caused a huge surprise by reaching across the political divide to induct Anwar Ibrahim, then Abim president and nascent leader of the Malaysian opposition, into Umno.

The sensation of that induction had barely time to recede when Anwar was announced as the party’s candidate to wrest the Permatang Pauh seat, held by PAS, in the polls scheduled for late April.

Until the announcement of his joining Umno was made, Anwar had been more likely to become president of PAS upon incumbent Mohd Asri Muda’s retirement although he did not hold a position in the party and neither was he a member.

But by doing so, Dr Mahathir effectively chopped off from PAS a potential and dangerous leader who could have wrecked severe political damage on UMNO, wakakaka.

I was headhunting then, subsequently I chopped off his (political) head

And it must be said Dr M would not have succeeded in his brilliant strategic move if he did not have the willing cooperation of Anwar Ibrahim, who was then leader of ABIM and slated to be PAS President by former PAS President Fadzil Noor who loved Anwar.

Dr M had much to thank for in Anwar being (then) more than willing, enthusiastic and wholehearted in wanting to join UMNO ........ of course with the intention to change UMNO from within, but which he (Anwar) forgot to do so during the entire 16 years he was in UMNO and roosting at its exclusive top echelon of power, wakakaka.

Netto has suggested a similar, well almost similar Mahathir-ish strategy, where ..... PKR, with DAP support, can break new ground by loaning Permatang Pauh to PAS and fielding its vice-president Husam Musa in the upcoming by-election for the seat vacated by a convicted Anwar. 

Husam is under interdiction by the assertive ulamak wing of his party which seems determined to weed out progressives like him.

This is a retrograde move by the ulamak, a move reflective of a mind-set that prefers ideology over reality, essence over existence.

If the blood-thirsty 20th century taught humankind anything it is that the irruption of ideology into political realities is the recipe for much political woe.

But the religious inebriates of PAS contend they are only going about God’s business which incidentally is what the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq say they are doing. 

So, according to Netto, by saving Husam Musa from PAS ulama, Pakatan stands a better chance of surviving from the centrifugal intent of those PAS priesthood caste, yes, who seem bent on PAS going its separate way from Pakatan.

Will PKR listen to Netto?

I personally doubt it because PKR has a narrow outlook in politics that's completely non-charitable, devoid of Pakatan kam cheng*, nor strategic in its thinking in terms of Pakatan interests (only PKR interests), and frankly, quite avaricious**.

** see my post PKR destroying Pakatan in Sarawak

This is where I have to give some credit to Anwar Ibrahim who seems to be the only person in PKR who has a strategic sense of Pakatan's priority, even though it's only to optimize his personal conquest of Putrajaya, wakakaka.

Take the Gelang Patah case - when MCA chickened out despite or rather because the constituency has 54% Chinese voters, and surrender it to UMNO to contest [what a disgrace for MCA], Lim Kit Siang made a bid to contest same, but PKR Chua JM had had his eyes on that winnable seat.

But with Anwar's blessing Lim got the GP seat and won it, whilst as a party to party compensation, CJM was given the DAP's Segamat seat which he lost even to a party like MIC - Pordah!

And then there was those infamous PKR grab of Sarawak's state seats - for more, read my A letter to PKR.

But now with Anwar no longer in charge to stamp his imprimatur on any seat exchange or seat loan, I doubt PKR will ever consider Netto's suggestion.

But really, Netto has a point, though I wonder why he hasn't nominated Mat Sabu who's PAS deputy president but one still without any parliamentary status.

Besides I'm a bit weary of P Pauh remaining in the Anwar family cupboard - ya, I know, you'll be accusing me of anti Anwar vendetta, but I guess it's no point attempting to convince childish minded Myrmidons, wakakaka.

But do consider the merit of DAP's daring candidature in the last Teluk Intan by-election despite the likelihood of a loss, as an example of strategic thinking.

Yes sir, of late we have witnessed in several online news portal a burst of promotional publicity for Anwar's 2nd daughter, Nuha, which is hardly surprising since the same supporters have even been preposterously talking about her elder sister as PM in place of the father, wakakaka. Nurul Izzah is certainly sweet but hardly PM material at this stage of her political career but then, that's cultism for you, wakakaka.

But seriously, even if PKR doesn't want to loan the seat to PAS or god forbid the DAP (wakakaka), can't it nominate another candidate other than sweetie Nuha or non-recyclable Dr Wan, the latter in truth a reluctant pollie and one given to sprouting about God's gift to the people, wakakaka?

What about Badrul Hisham Shahrin who's better known to us as Chegubard?

Yes, he is currently under party suspension, unless of course he has already been expelled quietly or has left on his own accord, wakakaka.

I reckon his suspension has been unjustified in the usual PKR manner where questions on its questionable party polls (not once but twice) had been swiftly swept under the carpet, and with loud and noisy dissenters or complainants like Chegubard punished into silence.

During the last general elections, Chegubard suffered a number of unfair nonsense including the sabotaging of his last-minute contest in Sungei Aceh which turned into a 3-corner contest with PAS treacherously standing its Youth chairman Mohd Yusni Piah as a candidate in the same constituency, and worse, PAS members' physical assault of him an his wife at the election centre during election nomination.

Note: the samseng-ish assault brings to mind how PAS Mohamed Hanipa Maidin, a party central committee member, was assaulted recently by some PAS members - seems it's not only UMNO members, especially those in Penang wakakaka, who have been prone to violence. Hmmm, now could PAS claim it's an Islamic party with Islamic values? 

Nominating Chegubard as PKR's candidate in the pending P Pauh by-election will surely help heal party wounds and divisiveness and at the same time put forward a good and very popular candidate, especially with youths.

Another good PKR bloke, indeed a local Pulau Pinang man, would be Abdul Malik Abul Kassim. He is currently a Penang State exco member in charge of religious affairs, domestic trade & consumer affairs, all 3 portfolios gnam gnam as noteworthy credentials for him to contest P Pauh. Surely it's time for Malik to move up a grade to federal level politics.

thought at this stage it might be worthwhile for us to review a FMT article published after GE-13 (04 June 2013) titled Anwar, Azmin blamed for PKR losses which tells us:

In interviews with FMT, PKR figures at state and divisional levels said the top leaders of the three parties in the pact all made some blunders, but they reserved their harshest criticism for their own leaders, specifically party supremo Anwar Ibrahim and deputy president Azmin Ali.

Most of these informants were candidates in the election. Some of them won and some lost, but all of them said it would have been futile for them, as lower-rung leaders, to point out to the top leadership the errors they were making in preparing for the election.

They said the main reason PKR lost many promising seats, including those it won in 2008, was that the process of choosing candidates was dominated by Anwar and Azmin. Azmin chaired the party’s election committee, which had final say in the choice of candidates.

As a result, they added, the candidates they recommended were dropped in favour of the two leaders’ cronies.

“They even overruled the party president,” said one source.

“It’s okay if a candidate proposed by a division is rejected because he has some bad record or has never worked in the constituency identified for him.

“But many of the rejected candidates were clean and had worked tirelessly for the party. They had brought in new members and done all the other things that an aspiring candidate should do. Furthermore, they were well received by PAS and DAP at the respective constituencies.”
According to the sources, PKR could have won at least 10 additional parliament seats if the party had accepted the candidates proposed by the respective divisions. These are Bayan Lepas, Kulim Bandar Baru, Langkawi, Tanjung Malim, Bagan Serai, Pasir Salak, Hulu Selangor, Setiawangsa, Johor Bahru and Labuan.

Though P Pauh is virtually a blue ribbon seat for PKR, meaning it's very winnable even for PKR novices like Nurul Nuha or On/Off pollie like her mum, or any of Azmin Ali's henchmen, wakakaka, it best to remember the FMT article above and not rely on Azmin with the selection.

Indeed, it would be nice to have a credible candidate like party stalwart Chegubard or Abdul Malik Abul Kassim.

Party president Dr Wan could of course surprise us by nominating Chua Jui Meng, wakakaka. Yea right, that'll be the day.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sodomized allegations & counter allegations

Malaysia-Today - Jude: I was asked to subvert the trial

We know who Jude Blacious Pereira is, don't we?

In case you don't, he was the Police DSP handling the Sodomy 2 investigation. And he was found by the Suhakam (Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) inquiry to be an untruthful witness.

Ironically, the Suhakam inquiry was chaired by then commissioner Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, yes, the same bloke who appeared as lead prosecutor in the recent successful appeal against Anwar’s acquittal, wakakaka.

Based on the adverse finding of Suhakam's inquiry against Pereira, the Bar Council had applied to the High Court to reject Pereira's application to join the Bar as an unfit person. On 10 January 2014 the Court allowed the Bar Council's application.

Anyway, RPK's latest revelation is an article by Raggie Jessey who wrote (just relevant extracts):

Ever since sodomy charges were brought against Anwar, he remained consistent with allegations of a purported conspiracy by the Government of Malaysia to incarcerate him. In fact, prosecuting lawyer Tan Sri Mohd. Shafee Abdullah once iterated that “Anwar was again making the same kind of conspiracy claim he had made against former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.”

It is interesting to note the manner with which Anwar singled out Jude from among police personnel who were involved in his sodomy tribulations one way or the other. As Anwar would have it, Jude colluded with the Government of Malaysia in sending him (Anwar) into political oblivion.

Just so, Zaid Ibrahim has recently also mentioned that (as reported by the Malay Mail Online):

Anwar Ibrahim’s outburst in the Federal Court when he accused the judiciary of being in cahoots with politicians was uncalled for and “deserves condemnation”.

Zaid said the Opposition Leader’s “flowery and well-rehearsed” speech in the courtroom was pushing things “too far” as he insinuated that the judges were biased and acting in favour of political leaders.

“It’s one thing to disagree with the findings of the judges, or to criticise their sloppy reasoning, but to accuse them of being complicit and active players in the political scheme to imprison him is without basis and deserves condemnation”.

In other words, Anwar had expected a guilty verdict and rehearsed a speech of ostentatious 'outrage' to play to the public gallery.

Continuing with Raggie Jessey's article, he released DSP Pereira's personal account involving the former IGP Musa Hassan, MyWatch Chairman Sri Sanjeevan Ramakrishnan and Anwar Ibrahim.

As the post title of Malaysia-Today's article Jude: I was asked to subvert the trial implies, it allegedly involved an attempt to coopt DSP Pereira's into making a press release saying that Anwar Ibrahim was innocent and was charged unreasonably, with evidence fabricated against him - presumably in at a press conference organized by PKR or pro-PKR people, like was done with PI Balasubramaniam and Saiful's dad, wakakaka.

Jude Pereira narated: I then suggested that if they wanted me to help out in any way, at best I could say that I respected the High Court’s decision to acquit DSAI and wished him well. Sanjeevan then proceeded to call DSAI with his hand phone and informed DSAI that I was there with him. He then gave the phone to me, requesting that I talk to DSAI. I just wished DSAI well for the elections and told him that I was not able to say what Sanjeevan had wanted me to say, but that I would just mention that I respected the Courts decision in his (DSAI’s) case. DSAI replied that it was alright and good enough for me to say just that.”

“Sanjeevan than suggested that he would write down something mild for me to say to the press in support of DSAI, and that he would call the press in the morning should I agree. He then asked me to go to a new hotel in KL Central and meet a person who would show me what he had written on my behalf, which I was to give to the press the next morning. Sanjeevan also told me that I would be well protected in the hotel and that I can stay at the hotel for the night, all on the house. Just out of curiosity I decided to go and see how far it is going to go.”

“I reached the new hotel at KL Central at about 8 pm. At the lobby, I met a bearded Indian Muslim man and another person sitting at a table. I introduced myself and said that I was with Sanjeevan earlier, and that I was to see them. They told me that they were assisting DSAI in the elections. The bearded man had already drafted a letter and asked me to read it, and that if I had agreed to it, they would call the press in the morning."

"I was completely shocked after reading a passage of about 100 words, which said that I was the Investigation Officer and that DSAI was innocent and was charged unreasonably, with evidence fabricated against him. The passage made me look like a fool and would have thrown my integrity down the drain after all my hard work. I refused to subscribe to their request and just walked away from the hotel.”

Well, you can decide for yourself whether that's true, as you should/would have in the case of Balasubramaniam's multi SD and Saiful's dad apologizing to Anwar and then wakakaka, ...

... less than two months after dismissing his son’s allegation against Anwar Ibrahim as a fabrication at a PKR organized press conference and then joining the party as a member, did a volte-face to state that he had made a mistake in his earlier declaration after he realized the sodomy charge was not a political conspiracy against Anwar, wakakaka again.

Jude Pereira related that all these happened about a week before the last GE in 2013 when he first received a phone call from the former IGP. That would be in May 2013.

UPDATE 21 Feb 2014 @ 0940: Last night Malaysiakini reported that former IGP Musa Hassan has confirmed what Jude Pereira said in his personal account as per above

Well, almost 6 months before that, I posted Sleeping with the enemy in which I wrote:

A week ago I posted Political WTF 1 - Musa Hassan in which I raised some questions:

Is it be likely that Musa Hassan will re-occupy his old job as IGP PDRM if Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM?

I ask only because the ex IGP, one of the most despised and most accused person, has lately been rubbing pally-buddy shoulders with PKR-affiliated NGOs, and making virtually anti-Government statements and accusations, some of which, laughingly, had been attributed to his term as IGP.

Has there been a done deal between Musa Hassan and PKR?

Or, is the ex IGP just another Dr M, wanting to rewrite his place and performance in Malaysian history?

I commented that Saifuddin Nasution, then the PKR secretary-general, when asked about Musa Hassan joining PKR, avoided, evaded and tap-danced around that question.

I continued in my post: Then, when he was pressed by the media on whether Anwar Ibrahim would object to his past tormentor joining PKR, Saifuddin did the hula hula dance, stating that “When there are applications made by big names, the decision to approve them is made by the party leadership” and not by any individual (meaning Anwar Ibrahim).

I take that as Saifuddin virtually admitting Musa Hassan will become a member of PKR ...

All just too suspicious in a picture of Musa Hassan cozying up to PKR, it galvanized Robert Phang, a former panel member of the MACC advisory panel, into voicing his belief that Musa Hassan's statement against Hishamuddin Hussein, that Hisham had interfered with the police force under his IGP days, was 'backed by PKR'.

Phang accused Anwar Ibrahim's party of (allegedly) sleeping with their former enemy.

Phang must have been shocked to see Musa Hassan flanked by PKR national policy and strategy bureau secretary S Gobikrishnan and Negeri Sembilan PKR youth exco member Sri Sanjeevan (was this the same bloke as MyWatch Chairman, wakakaka), when Musa made that allegation against his old boss, Hishammuddin.

Phang said: “If Musa is backed by PKR, then I must express my utmost disappointment that PKR appears to be a desperate party."

Yadda yadda, " ... going into bed with this cunning man and supporting his cause will mean that the leadership of PKR has no principles. I say to PKR - dissociate yourself from this wolf in sheep’s skin."

“Ask why is he now attacking the government as evil, whereas he once was its key perpetrator. If PKR keeps supporting this evil man, then PKR will lose the support of the public for stooping so low just to undermine the BN government.”

It sure as hell didn't help when Saifuddin Nasution tap-danced around the question of Musa Hassan's possible membership in PKR, as discussed above.

But I wonder whether my recalling the above helps clarify Raggie Jessey's article about an alleged nexus then between Musa Hassan and Anwar Ibrahim (including Sri Sanjeevan)?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No more 'Bridesmaid Forever'

The post of Leader of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is important to the extent the appointee can on behalf of the coalition members plan, direct, implement and coordinate strategies, and make policies, public announcements after appropriate consultations with member parties.

Yes, we don't want to see again some "self-appointed" spokesmen like AA or TC, wakakaka, making statements "on behalf of Pakatan" which strangely or coincidentally favoured only one f* party, wakakaka.

The current appointee is Anwar Ibrahim but his tenure will soon, alas very shortly, come to an end. Some in Pakatan component parties are already staking their claims to replacing Anwar as Pakatan Leader. 

First two cabs off the rank are PKR and PAS, both throwing their hats into the ring for the Pakatan leadership crown.

The former in the person of sweetie Fuziah Salleh has been reported by The Star Online as being NOT happy to let go of the Pakatan Chief post, believing the post "belongs" to them in the same way as the post of MB Selangor (the latter with a wee help from HRH).

How so? Well, sweetie Fuziah Salleh asserted that her party has a special 'unifying' role to play in Pakatan Rakyat and deserved to keep the job.

Aiyoyo ama, sweetie Fuziah, much as I adore her for her sterling efforts in the Lynas issue, has obviously or very conveniently forgotten that her party has been the VERY culprit which unilaterally brought about the Selangor MB debacle due to her leaders' selfish intra-party interests, and which unfortunately became the catalyst in an unfortunate wrestling match with HRH and the near-disintegration of Pakatan, currently under further stress in the PAS vs DAP centrifugal vortex.

So mana ada lah, her claim of PKR's 'unifying' role.

DAP as a political party has lost considerable prestige in the unnecessary confrontation with HRH, regardless of how right or how wrong its stand behind Anwar had been. It can't afford to be seen by prospective supporters as being biadap or derhaka to any Malay ruler. This is a political reality so DAP should suck on it, the sooner the better.

The PKR claim to 'owning' the Pakatan Chief post is a reflection of its mentality, that of ketuanan Melayu, believing that only a Malay can lead any political organization for the organization's acceptance by the rakyat, the majority of whom (50%) are Malays. For more, see my post GE-13 post Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

In short, PKR is in reality a Malay political party, one that was taken out of UMNO but without its UMNO-ness being taken out of it.

It likes to imagine it's a multi-racial party but where the f* is Tian Chua, Sivarasa or Eli Wong in its leadership troika? Even young and more junior Rafizi Ramli or Nik Nazmi has more intra-party clout than any of the three mentioned nons.

As for PAS, this other Malay party has marginalized itself (wakakaka) by insisting on belly-dancing to the tune of Ya Mustapha ...

... and by virtue of its hudud-bent insistence has thus effectively removed itself from being supported by DAP as a better Malay alternative to someone from PKR.

In a recent post Who after Anwar I wrote as follows:

PKR is NOT a good and trustworthy ally but a very avaricious one when it comes to seats allocation, wakakaka - see my post PKR destroying Pakatan in Sarawak.

If not for PAS' insistence on implementing hudud and Pak Haji Hadi Awang's dislike of DAP, PAS would have made a better and far more trustworthy ally than PKR.

Thus PAS has by default of its lonesome self in its hudud path made the PKR option looks as if the latter is the only option for DAP to ally itself with - alas, which has been why PKR gets to not only nominate its candidate for the MB Selangor position but to also sapu most of the exco positions, at the expense of DAP of course, notwithstanding DAP has more ADUNs than PKR in Selangor.

DAP has not been without its own f*up faults. The Selangor branch has been led by an inexperienced and naive Tony Pua who was somehow convinced into playing Chicken Little in the PKR's Kajang Satay shindig but without any benefits for DAP. Au contraire the DAP was placed in an uncomfy position of being confrontational with HRH - mate, that's not very clever Malaysian politics, unless of course you're Dr Mahathir, wakakaka.

It embarrassed me when Tony Pua asked for a deputy Speaker post for DAP as a quid pro quo for supporting PKR. WTF for, man, because that's akin to wandering into MCA, Gerakan and MIC territory of picking up f* meaningless crumbs!

I was damn glad, nay, grateful that Azmin Ali spurned his Oliver Twist-like request, though I am still attempting to soothe away my pro-DAP shame.

Sir, may I have some more, just a wee 'deputy speaker' post?

Presumably, in the current PAS vs DAP deadlock, Fuziah Salleh must have felt emboldened enough to propose her party deputy president Azmin Ali as a capable leader who should assume the post of Pakatan Leader.

Meanwhile, TMI reported that PAS ulama [have unashamedly, wakakaka] pitch Hadi as Pakatan chief, stating rather preposterously that Pak Haji is the right candidate to replace Anwar Ibrahim as the opposition leader, because Hadi had the credentials and the ability to solve problems faced by Pakatan Rakyat.

Those PAS ulamas have been obviously suffering from a convenient bout of amnesia about PAS' go-it-alone green-eyed way in the recent Selangor MB debacle which nearly brought about a constitutional crisis. Podah!

The relationship between Pak Haji Hadi and the DAP is already 101% toxic, and I suspect can only be resolved by DAP dealing directly with blokes like Mat Sabu. Besides, it's unlikely PKR with its big-headed and avaricious mentality would accept Pak Haji as the new Pakatan Chief

In Who after Anwar I wrote:

Recently, it has been remarked that DAP has voiced its interests in obtaining the Pakatan leadership position for Lim Kit Siang, but mentioning its readiness to defer to ONLY Dr Wan Azizah (and silent on anyone else).

It's the first time the DAP has shown temerity in wanting the Pakatan No 1 post. Thus it's possible it may not support Azmin Ali.

I believe DAP should not cower humbly anymore in the background and become on the issue of Pakatan leadership a bridesmaid forever to PKR. It should now step forward to claim the Pakatan Leadership.

Before anyone shout me down for being not realistic because, oh the f* usual wailing and chest-beating, the rakyat being mainly Malay will not accept a Chinese as their PM, please note that I did NOT say a DAP man should be PM. I only suggest that a DAP man, preferably Lim Kit Siang, be Pakatan chief.

In other words, the Pakatan boss need NOT be the PM in the event Pakatan wins majority rule. This is not uncommon overseas where the chairperson or president of a coalition or even party which wins the election did not become the PM.

I see the Pakatan Leader as a senior statesman-like person who focuses on looking after the health, well-being, political wealth, dignity, inter-party cooperation and prestige of the coalition.

The first task of the coalition leader should be the determination of a shadow cabinet. A political opposition without a shadow cabinet is in fact a political organization afraid of its own shadow. The Selangor MB debacle showed the difficulties of agreeing to ministerial portfolios among coalition members.

Until Pakatan agrees on its shadow cabinet, it is not fit to be an alternative government because it's cowardly putting aside a vital element of being in government

As for the PM being a different or separate person to the Pakatan Leader, another leading personality can by consensus be the PM - yes, perhaps someone like Mat Sabu, and indeed why not if Pakatan is going to depend on PAS in one way or another.

You can't f* keep PAS out from important cabinet positions including that of the PM (unless it's the very person of Pak Haji Hadi, wakakaka).

Think about my proposal.