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Why is Mahathir protecting a very dangerous foreigner?


To Be Booted!! – Zakir Should Preach & Unite The Arab Muslims To Prove He’s Not A Snake Oil Salesman

As expected, Zakir Naik, the controversial Indian Islamic preacher accused of spreading hate speech, laundering money, and funding terrorism by the Indian government was quick to use “misquoted” and “out of context” excuses to defend himself when his pants caught fire. Amusingly, the previous corrupt Barisan Nasional government often used them too whenever they screw up.

But there’s one thing the arrogant Zakir hadn’t learned – apologise. Instead of apologising, the hate preacher retaliated and argued that his remarks were a response to calls for him to leave the country by certain individuals, clearly refer to writer Anas Zubedy and DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang. Still, his message remains the same – that ethnic Chinese are “guests” and should leave for all he cares.

He had an impression that Anas Zubedy and Lim Kit Siang were the only two Malaysians wanted him to leave Malaysia. That explains why he happily and boastfully claimed that only a small number of Malaysians were unhappy with his presence in the country, and the majority of non-Muslims – ethnic Chinese and Indians – liked him very much as if he is the best invention since toast bread.

Armed with the false illusion, Zakir went on a rampage – accused the Hindu Malaysians of supporting the Indian government more than Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. In the same breath, the defiant preacher ignorantly said the Malaysian Chinese aren’t born in the country so they, as the “old guests”, must go back to China first before he (the “new guest”) can be asked to leave.

Comically, the genius hadn’t a clue about citizenship in Malaysia. Zakir thought any Chinese or Indians whom he doesn’t like can be expelled like a pariah. In this country, citizenship through operation of law cannot be revoked unless it was obtained by fraud or the person possesses double citizenship. His permanent resident status, meanwhile, can be cancelled with a snap of a finger.

In reality, almost all Hindus and Chinese wanted Zakir Naik to be deported yesterday. On top of that, moderate and right-thinking Malay-Muslims also wanted the fugitive to leave. Even Rais Yatim, infamous for his fiery defence of Malay rights and Islam supremacy, could not stomach the extreme Indian-born preacher. Mr. Rais could see through that Zakir is a dangerous man.

It takes a thief to catch a thief. So, Rais knew that if a preacher as radical as Zakir is not repatriated back to his home country, or elsewhere, the interracial and interreligious formed after centuries of hardship could be destroyed beyond repair. One must realise that Rais’ past display of extremism was merely a political drama to fish for Malay votes – part and parcel of the job as a politician.

Heck, even Hishammuddin Hussein, one of the most racist UMNO warlords whose infamous Keris-wielding speech asking for non-Muslim blood was incredibly alarmed with the dramatic changes in the country’s landscape. In his plea for unity, Hishammuddin said Malaysia as a country was built on the founding pillars of tolerance, compromise and optimism – certainly not hatred.

Understandably, in a multi-racial country, the sensitivities of everyone must to be taken into consideration irrespective of race or religion to ensure social harmony. Politicians like Hishammuddin and Rais knew that once the country is engulfed in chaos and instability like Afghanistan, Yemen or even Hong Kong, it won’t matter anymore who walks the corridors of power.

That was why Hishammuddin apologised in 2008 for wielding and kissing the Keris (Malay dagger) at the UMNO party’s annual assembly, a controversial move that upset the non-Malays in the country – which led to the disastrous performance of Barisan Nasional in the 2008 General Election. He knew when to stop playing the drama designed to gain Malay vote bank.

Zakir Naik, on the other hand, plays a different game altogether. He profits by instigating Muslims against non-Muslims – the bloodier the better. He doesn’t encourage his followers to play toy guns, but real suicide bombers. Islamic terrorist leader and bombing mastermind Moulvi Zahran Hashim, who was responsible for the Sri Lanka Easter bombing, killing 259 people, was inspired by Zakir Naik.

The despicable Zakir Naik, whose sermons are already banned in Canada and the UK, was also known as the Muslim preacher who inspired the terrorists who killed 22 people at a Dhaka restaurant on July 1, 2016. In one sermon uploaded to YouTube in 2009, he was asked by an audience member if a suicide attack could ever be justified.

He answered that suicide bombing may not be “haram (forbidden)” if the situation demands it, lecturing the situation where suicide attacks are allowed – “If the situation demands, like in Palestine … and they cause a damage to the opponent, as a last resort, with guidance from a scholar, so with guidance from the Koran, as a last resort, it can be used”.

The preacher had once claimed that Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was not a terrorist. He said – “If Osama-bin-Laden is fighting enemies of Islam, I am for him. If he is terrorising America – the terrorist, biggest terrorist – I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist. The thing is that if he is terrorising the terrorist, he is following Islam.”

The snake oil salesman also justified keeping sex slaves, claiming such practice are permitted in Islam. He said in 2010 – “There are many verses in the Quran which say you can have sex with your wife and with whatever your right hand possesses.” So, are these the paths that Malays and Muslims in Malaysia plan to take – if Zakir Naik preaches them to do so?

Emboldened and encouraged by the protection accorded by the half-senile Prime Minister Mahathir, Zakir has clearly ventured into domestic politics. Amazingly, Hadi Awang, president of the opposition PAS Islamist party, has pledged to mobilize 1-million members to protect their beloved preacher. Hadi declared that Muslim brotherhood is above fellow citizens.

Mr. Hadi seems like an idiot who hadn’t a clue that religious violence in India, generally involved Hindus and Muslims, is quite common. That is precisely the culture that Zakir is trying to bring to Malaysia. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is a terrorist in preacher’s clothing. He had even incited the Muslim world to fight the China over its treatment of Muslim Uighurs in the Xinjiang region.

Actually, the preacher has already radicalised some local Malay Muslims. A man threatened through social media posts to behead Syahredzan Johan, a prominent Malaysian civil liberties lawyer, if Zakir Naik is deported. The message said – “You expel Dr Zakir Naik, I will hunt you until I find you, and I will separate that pig head of yours from your body.”

Curiously, why did Zakir Naik choose Malaysia as his destination of refuge, and not 10 other Islamic nations that he boastfully claimed had offered him citizenships? That’s because Malaysia is a multi-racial country where the majority is the Muslims, a perfect place for his experiment where he can belittle, mock and insult the minorities to boost his credentials.

It’s interesting that he chooses to preach in Kelantan and Perlis, states where Malay Muslims constituted 95% and 80% respectively. Why did he preach to the converted and not go to cities like Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru or Penang to convince and convert the unconverted? In fact, he should think big, stop hiding in rural Malaysia and go to the U.S. to convert the Christians.

Yes, if Zakir Naik is indeed such a great preacher, he should stop wasting time instigating and inciting Muslims against non-Muslims. He would be more respected if he could unite the 1.8-billion Muslims around the world. Hadi Awang talked about Muslim brotherhood, but why didn’t he ask Zakir the reasons Sunni and Shia Muslims cut each other’s throats every day.

For 1,400 years Muslims have been fighting Muslims. Even as we speak, Saudi Arabia, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, is busy slaughtering fellow Muslims in Yemen. Should not genius Zakir go to Saudi and lectures the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that the Yemeni War, which he started in 2015 must be stopped as close to 100,000 Muslims have been killed?

Was it not Zakir who talked about the peaceful spread of Islam in the Malay Archipelago before he told ethnic Chinese to go back to China? So, should not the powerful and influential preacher do something more meaningful like preaching to the Saudis and the Iranians that Islam is a peaceful religion; therefore, they should hug and kiss instead of killing each other?

Now that he is facing the prospect of deportation, the shameless preacher has the cheek to sue and demand an apology and compensation from 5 politicians, including Human Resource Minister Kulasegaran. It’s hard to imagine how PM Mahathir could still protect the troublemaker. Between 7 million taxpaying Chinese and one radical Indian Muslim preacher, the choice are obvious.

Mahathir has numbers for Lynas approval

NST (extracts):

Yeo: My view on Lynas remains the same

Yeo Bee Yin (inset) today maintained her view that Lynas Corporation Ltd (Lynas Australia) must ship out radioactive wastes accumulated at its rare earth processing plant from Malaysia


By Adib Povera, Suganthi Suparmaniam

KUALA LUMPUR: Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin today maintained her view that Lynas Corporation Ltd (Lynas Australia) must ship out radioactive wastes accumulated at its rare earth processing plant from Malaysia.

Yeo said she shared with the Cabinet her views on the matter, which was also supported by ministers from DAP.

She added that renewal of the Australian rare earth producer’s permit for another six months, which was announced by Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) – a regulatory body under the ministry, was the final decision made by the Cabinet.

“My views on Lynas remain the same as what I have previously mentioned. I have conveyed my views to the Cabinet and was supported by DAP ministers.
“The one announced by AELB yesterday (Thursday) is the final decision made by the Cabinet. And we abide to the collective decision made by Cabinet,” she told reporters after the launch of Top Glove Corporation Bhd’s green product, BioGreen Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves.

The AELB announced on Thursday that Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s (Lynas Malaysia) operating license has been renewed for another six months. However, it said the company must comply with three conditions imposed by the government.

Basically, Sweetie Yeo has revealed that the anti Lynas faction in the cabinet have been from the DAP, meaning they are:

  • Lim Guan Eng (Finance)
  • Yeo Bee Yin (Energy, Science etc)
  • Anthony Loke (Transport)
  • Kula Segaran (Human Resources)
  • Teresa Kok (Primary Industry)
  • Gobind Singh (Comms & Media)

and various deputies.

Leaving aside Parti Pribumi and five (5) PKR Dwarfs, who would all have sucked up to Mahathir, and Waytha a senator who might not be able to vote on policies, what about:

  • Wan Azizah (DPM & Women's)
  • Saifuddin Nasution (Domestic Trade)
  • Mat Sabu (Defence) plus 4 Amanah

Are these 6 pro Lynas?

I feel sorry for Sweetie Fuziah Salleh because as a deputy she has no say in the final decision-making.

That Mahathir got his way with Lynas proves the inaccuracy of the earlier news information that MOST of the cabinet ministers were anti Lynas.

And I feel sorrier for Sweetie Yeo because as Minister of the Environment she had demanded Lynas demonstrates its ability to ship out radioactive wastes accumulated at its rare earth processing plant from Malaysia before any approval would be given, but alas, Mahathir has the numbers.

In the cabinet the DAP has 6 ministers, Pribumi 6, PKR 7, Amanah 5, Warisan 3 and Hindraf 1 (Senator Waytha).

Pribumi + Dwarfs + Warisan = 14
DAP + Cats + Amanah = 13, assuming Amanah even supports DAP

Mahathir had been deviously prescient in having Azmin Ali and 4 of his Dwarfs appointed as full ministers whilst allowing only Wan Azizah and Saifuddin Nasution from the Cats faction.

That is assuming that even the Cats and Amanah support the DAP.

Mahathir has eff-ed Malaysia once again with his A.R.E Redux.

And a snapshot of some extracts from Yoursay in Malaysiakini:
Apalah: This anti-Lynas issue was part of the Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto.

If Harapan under Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad reverses this stand and to the loud objections against Lynas after we experienced a similar environmental catastrophe at Bukit Merah, Perak, then we can only conclude that Harapan - together with PKR and DAP - has not lived up to their words.
Is Harapan playing into the hands of a self-implosion engineered by a dark force within the coalition’s corridors of power? Think, PKR; think, DAP. And then take corrective actions to counter this dark force.
Kangkung: It is time for DAP to leave Harapan even if it means Umno/PAS will come into power. DAP's dignity should be preserved. And forget about the Malay leaders from PKR and Amanah.
Lynas, khat, Zakir Naik and the rest are issues purposely engineered by Mahathir and Bersatu for political reasons.
Mahathir knows all these issues will destroy DAP and he is working to ensure Umno/PAS Malay support for him and his party.
Anonymous_63975706158502: Yes, DAP, please leave Harapan ruling coalition soonest before future generations curse you like how we curse MCA now.

Stick to your principles and we will continue to support you even if you are in opposition. Don’t be so power-crazy as it only brings you more hatred, especially with the way Mahathir is running the government.
Roger 5201: So much for righting his 22 years legacy of corruption, cronyism and nepotism. Mahathir has gone nuts in his drive to outdo Umno and PAS in destroying DAP.
Does he seriously believe this will see the ascension of his son, Mukhriz? Does the rakyat's interest, social harmony and well-being even count for anything anymore?
Ipoh PP: So many issues detrimental to the country. All because of one silly old stubborn man. DAP should consider quitting the government if these acts of sabotage to the party continues.
At least in this way, your voting base stays intact.
Caripasal: It is obvious Mahathir and his Bersatu have a different dream from DAP/PKR/Amanah despite sleeping in the same bed.
Harapan, like the previous Pakatan Rakyat, might suffer the same fate due to, once again, one particular racist party in the coalition.
It is time for DAP, PKR and Amanah to stand firm to protect their manifesto. It is time to offer strong support to DAP, PKR and Amanah to fight the racist.
It is time for us to show the trio the full support to fight the racist, like what we did after the split of Pakatan Rakyat. Do not give the racist any opportunity.
Jaya Janam: Give the ultimatum. Either he, Mahathir, toes the Harapan line or you leave the coalition.
Let him make a comeback again under an Umno/PAS/Bersatu alliance as he seems to have unfinished business before his time is up.

Friday, August 16, 2019

PM's Ayatollah-ish Powers?

Malaysiakini - Insubordinate ministers must quit or be axed - PAS (extracts):

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan 

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad should remove members of his cabinet who are often opposed to his policies, according to PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan.

He cited Article 43(2)(b) of the Federal Constitution, which stipulates that a cabinet minister is appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the advice of the prime minister.

“Therefore, cabinet ministers cannot adopt a stand which is different from the prime minister on matters related to national policies, especially after it is decided by the government through cabinet.

“Such action is a violation of ministerial responsibility and can even be considered insubordination,” he added in a media statement this afternoon.

Therefore, Takiyuddin urged cabinet ministers who are not on the same page with the prime minister to resign to prevent chaos and instability in the nation.

“PAS also feels that if the prime minister finds any of his ministers being frequently opposed to the policies which he intends to bring forth for the interest of the nation and people, then the prime minister must advise the Agong to revoke the ministers' appointment based on the above mentioned article,” he added.

Takiyuddin was among the opposition leaders who met Mahathir in Putrajaya last month to reportedly pledge their support for the latter to continue serving until the end of his term.

Of course Takiyuddin was 'char koay teow-ing' and it's not even halal (politically). He was deliberately causing 'grief' to the Pakatan cabinet by stirring shit amongst them, casting the golden apple of discord as Eris, the Greek goddess of strife and discord, did to plant the casus belli for the Trojan War.

Eris, the Greek goddess of strife and discord 

In a Westminster parliamentary model, the PM is known as the 'primus inter pares', which means 'the first among equals'. Note in particular the key word 'equals'.

In other words, the PM is not superior to the other ministers even if the Constitution lays down the procedure for building up and thus appointing personalities to the cabinet. He is given the No 1 position in the cabinet, thus making him the First or by consensus the leader but only among equals (elected representatives).

But there is some truth in what Takiyuddin said, that if any of his ministers has been frequently opposing the cabinet agreed policies which the PM intends to bring forth for the interest of the nation and people, then the PM has a right to advise the Agong to revoke the ministers' appointment.

But poor Takiyuddin left out some vital points to the condition of the PM revoking appointments of ministers, namely:

(a) in the first place the policies must be agreed by the cabinet, and not just the unilateral decision of the PM alone, wakakaka. I believe through our reading of current news, most cabinet ministers did (do?) NOT agree with the PM on the cases of Lynas, Zakir Naik, Dong Zong, Khat, Car No 3, etc.

But what could they do when Mahathir might have threatened to play 'silly boy' and take his soccer ball home if the team doesn't agree to him being centre-forward. He does have at least 13 MPs which is a critical number in a coalition without 2/3 majority. By merajuking, Mahathir could bring down the Pakatan government.

So if ministers still disagree or oppose the PM, but watch helplessly as the PM's policies are nonetheless being issued, it's the PM (not those ministers) who needs to watch out, resigns or STFU.

(b) the cabinet decision must be consensual which we doubt considering Mahathir's character and proclivity for unilateralism (discussed above), but by Takiyuddin's own words, those policies must be brought forth for the interest of the nation and people, which we all know, the cabinet has been vociferously questioning on those (absence of) purported merits, eg. Lynas.

Would the PM dare to take that issue to the final end? He may find his own appointment revoked instead.

But in the end, we know Takiyuddin has been 'char koay teow-ing' in a most un-halal way, wakakaka. Naughty naughty.

More importantly for us, let's read the subtext of Takiyuddin's message. He has at the same time unwittingly projected his mentality (and no doubt those of his PAS colleagues) a scenario of the unquestioned, unchallenged and supreme Ayatollah-ish powers of a PM. And that's what frightens me to sh*t.

If PAS ever comes to majority rule in Malaysia, bye bye Democracy.

Why Mahathir should not and must not be believed

FMT - Deconstructing Mahathir’s racist rage against Dong Zong

The prime minister has called Dong Zong (the National Chinese School Committees’ Association) racist because of its opposition to the inclusion of khat in the primary school Bahasa Melayu curriculum.
According to Dr Mahathir Mohamad, “if the education organisation continued to instigate and incite people to fight against each other, it would be going against the law… If you look at the background of Dong Zong, it has never fought for Malaysians. It has only fought for one race in this country.”
He cited the instance, during his first tenure as prime minister, when the idea of Sekolah Wawasan was mooted to bring students of national and vernacular schools together in one place, but was opposed by Dong Zong at the time.
“They objected to that because it would cause Malay children to mix with Chinese children. It is a very racist way of thinking. What is wrong with Malays, Chinese and others going to school together?” Mahathir said, adding that such an assembly where all three school types were together is “anathema” to Dong Zong.
Mahathir’s chop logic
The prime minister calling Dong Zong racist because they oppose the inclusion of khat in the primary school Bahasa Melayu curriculum is patently obscurantist when the whole country knows there are so many Malay academicians and even his old comrade-in-arms, Rafidah Aziz, who also oppose this unwise decision.
To extend his specious argument by another falsehood that Dong Zong has never fought for Malaysians but only for the Chinese is spreading inexactitude.
For one thing, Mahathir knows full well that Dong Zong was the organisation that led so many other associations to submit their “Suqiu” memorandum during the 1999 general election. That memorandum covers many of the promises in the Pakatan Harapan GE14 manifesto.
Even before that, in 1985, Dong Zong led the other major associations to submit the “Joint Declaration” to Mahathir’s government. This declaration was another across-the-board memorandum that demanded, on behalf of all Malaysians, irrespective of ethnicity.
Mahathir knows this for among my “Allegations of fact”, in my Operation Lalang detention, was that I had drafted this “Joint Declaration”. The prime minister can also ask his Special Branch to compile all the press statements by Dong Zong since the 1980s in which he will see Dong Zong voicing out the grouses of workers, farmers, indigenous peoples, women, the environment and other public policies through the Civil Rights Committee.
Mahathir’s twisted logic on ‘Vision Schools’
The prime minister attempts to twist Dong Zong’s opposition to “Sekolah Wawasan” in 2000 into the vile allegation that Dong Zong does not want to see Malaysians of different ethnicity mixing together. This is easily disproven when we confront the fact that Dong Zong has welcomed Malaysians of all ethnicity into the Chinese schools through the years – Malays, Indians, Orang Asli and other indigenous peoples of East Malaysia.
The figure for non-Chinese in Chinese schools is close to 100,000 today and these are mainly Malay, which shows their faith in Chinese schools. In schools such as those where there are Orang Asli settlements, the Chinese school authorities even proffer scholarships to these students.
These are the facts surrounding why Dong Zong opposed the Vision Schools:
In 2000, the government had given the impression that Vision Schools would be additional Chinese and Tamil schools. However, it turned out that the Vision Schools proposed were not additional Chinese or Tamil schools. They were first and foremost new Malay-language schools but their Chinese and Tamil component schools were relocated existing Chinese and Tamil schools.
Most importantly, the Chinese and Tamil schools would lose their autonomy in these Vision Schools. At the time, the five Chinese schools which had been included in the Vision Schools programme were not properly consulted beforehand.
There was a previous controversial Integrated Schools Project in 1985 after which Dong Zong held consultations with the education ministry and agreed to the “Programme to Integrate Pupils Toward Unity” in 1986.
This involved various activities to promote interaction between different schools. After a promising start, the education ministry decided to halt this programme. Dong Zong stands committed to this programme which we believe is a more meaningful means of promoting integration and inter-cultural understanding. Thus, it is totally irresponsible of the PM to tell the nation that Dong Zong does not want to see pupils of different ethnicities mixing.
I for one have always advocated creating “Education Precincts” in order to promote integration and to make the most of scarce resources.
This involves having the different language schools built close to each other so that they can share scarce quality resources and facilities such as the library, playing field, park, sports complex, stadium, computer labs, etc.
The annual sports day and other competitions could be jointly organised. The same can be done for artistic and cultural events. This will not only promote integration but will surely improve the quality of our athletes and performing artistes.
The main difference between this concept and “Vision Schools” is that in the proposed education precinct, all the different language schools maintain their autonomy as in the status quo.
Mahathir should pause and ponder before casting the first stone
Thus, if I were the prime minister, I would be wary of accusing others of racism or racial discrimination. After all, he is the supreme leader of a party that is strictly for only one race, the “Pribumi”, even though the definition of “who is a Pribumi” is an anthropological puzzle.
Then again, his magnum opus, the “Malay Dilemma”, is grounded in the racist paradigm which is an embarrassment in most academic departments of the world.
Finally, how can he accuse Dong Zong of being racist and not wanting Malaysians to mix when he champions the “Bumis Only” policy at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), which is the closest we can get to an apartheid policy in this country!
Kua Kia Soong is Suaram adviser.

Irredeemable Recalcitrant Dictatorial Mahathir


Yoursay: Unbecoming of Dr M to answer suggestions with sarcasm

Yoursay  |  Published:   |  Modified: 
YOURSAY | ‘Mahathir is back. Back to his old self.’
Gerard Lourdesamy: The prime minister works on the basis of primus inter pares, first among equals, in the cabinet. Not the PM being superior to or more equal than other members of the cabinet.
Cabinet decisions must be made through consensus or by a majority vote where there is no consensus. Consultation is very important on key policy decisions.
Dr Mahathir Mohamad is behaving like a one-man show. He makes up his mind, then issues a statement, and after that expects the cabinet to toe his line. This is neither fair to the rest of the cabinet nor good governance.
Lynas may be good for the economy but not for the environment and public health. Why doesn't Western Australia want to take back the waste if it is so safe as claimed by Lynas?
With regard to khat, why is it so important or urgent now when the public education system is in shambles? Instead of teaching more in English and introducing relevant subjects to prepare us for the Industrial Revolution 4.0, we are still stuck in the racial rhetoric of the 1960s.
As for controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, is he a national icon or symbol of unity? He is a permanent resident with Saudi citizenship. Why is Zakir's presence so important to the Malays/Muslims in the country when he is not a Malay, and cannot speak Malay?
Aren't there enough Muslim preachers out there who can do a better job at dakwah activities compared to Zakir? Why must a wanted fugitive and alleged money launderer be regarded as the saviour of Islam here?
Being sarcastic is not going to improve the economy and the political and social situation in the country.
JW: As a leader in a society that aspires to be diverse and democratic, Mahathir should be more consultative and open to different ideas.
That means he has to win the hearts and minds of others. It is when you don't care to listen to others that you become a problem in a society that aspires to be diverse and democratic.
It’s high time that Mahathir got rid of his stubborn, backward thinking. A democracy is not based on just what he feels, likes and says. It is also bringing all that to the relevant stakeholders and making as strong a case of it as possible. Why should he have a problem with that?
It is not just DAP leader Ronnie Liu. Many others are thinking the same as Liu. It is thus unbecoming of Mahathir, as a democratic leader, to take this sarcastic swipe at a member of a party in the Pakatan Harapan coalition.
Hmmmmmmmm: To think that I shed tears when Harapan defeated BN in the last election. I thought Mahathir was going to redeem himself by undoing all his past mistakes and lead us back on the right path.
It never crossed my mind that he still thought of himself as an eagle among the pipits (to borrow a phrase).
Shanmugam Subrayan: Perhaps we should have the recordings of his election campaign speeches replayed to jolt his memory.
To him, nobody is equal to his status and intellect. He seems to have forgotten about his pledge to make collective decisions after consulting all parties.
Appum: Mahathir, it looks like your despotic nature and style from Umno days are showing again. This is Harapan and not Umno-BN. You are leading a coalition of a different nature and style.
DAP leader Charles Santiago is bold enough to say what many on the ground are feeling.
You can take yourself out of Umno, but you have not taken Umno out of you. You condemn Umno and PAS for playing up race and religion, but you show the same kind of behaviour.
Anonymous_1527925538: Mahathir is wrong when he says foreign investors will not come if we terminate Lynas.
Just as foreign investors understand that we needed to renegotiate the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project because of costs, they would also understand that we would need to terminate Lynas because of the health risks it posed to our citizens.
If there was any leak of the accumulating radioactive toxic wastes into our groundwater, rivers or seas, we would have an environmental disaster that could cost us many more times the investment benefits we get from Lynas.
Vent: Mahathir should be reminded that he is prime minister again only because of the largesse of the non-Malays who helped sweep away the previous regime.
But true to his previous form, he is calling all the shots now that he is securely ensconced because he has managed to whip up sufficient support for a Malay base through the Islamist Ministry of Education's introduction of khat, and the harbouring of Zakir.
Cocking a snook at Liu and the principled Santiago is pitiable, to say the least.
Nicholas Lim: All Santiago said was for the decisions to be brought up for discussion with the leadership council, and not just be dictated by the head of the executive.
It should be a group effort in consultation with partners. Isn't that what a partnership is supposed to be?
Fair Play: At the rate Mahathir is digging his heels in, he would lose the plot and become irrelevant sooner rather than later.
He doesn’t realise, notwithstanding his long years in politics, that he cannot just take on the rakyat and expect to win all the time.
I don’t think Mahathir needs to consult Liu or Santiago, but certainly he needs to appease the rakyat.
Apanakdikato: Mahathir has answered his own question. He has always asked why his race and Islamic civilisation have been left behind. The answer is a lack of wisdom. Although he is a nonagenarian, wisdom does not commensurate with one's age and experience.
Much hope had been placed on his leadership since the Harapan government took over the helm of the country for a ‘New Malaysia’.
One by one, the promises spelt out in the Harapan manifesto have been demolished, not by the opposition parties but by Harapan itself.
Mahathir has failed to rally the component parties within Harapan to a common cause. Rather, he has pursued his own hidden agenda and "unfinished business."
His favouritism towards certain ministers who have proven themselves to be incompetent, with questionable morality and integrity, reflects on his short-sightedness.
The education standard in the country is in shambles, and the solution is irrelevant policies such as black shoes and khat.
The country's economy is in dire straits with the value of the ringgit depreciating to a worrying level, but there is no clear direction in the economic policies and programmes.
Increasingly, we see racial and religious topics being played up by elements within Harapan, not just the opposition, and this includes Mahathir himself. Harapan does not need the opposition to kill them as they are doing a great job themselves.
There is no difference between BN and Harapan. Why should there be when Harapan, through Bersatu, has become the recycling centre of Umno politicians?
The future of Malaysia will be bleak unless there is a new leadership which has the wisdom and political will to steer the country away from racial/religious polemics and focus on things that really matter.
BRoch: Dr M is back. Back to his old self.
The only reason Umno and PAS are backing him is because they know, with him leading Harapan, the ruling coalition will lose GE15.

New case for MACC but warning as it involves someone's son

Extracts from Malaysiakini:

Accused of 'conspiracy to defraud', S'wak legal advisor drags in Mukhriz

Legal advisor to the Sarawak government Fong Joo Chung has accused Mukhriz Mahathir of obtaining a logging contract from Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud in 1994 when his father Dr Mahathir Mohamad was serving his first tenure as prime minister.
This was raised by Fong when addressing allegations of a conspiracy to defraud made against him by London-based website Sarawak Report.
On July 27, Sarawak Report published an article citing court documents which allegedly implicated Fong and current Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Awang Tengah in the matter.
The pair were alleged to have conspired against one Tan Yak Soon, who was previously the owner of Tanjung Tiara Sdn Bhd - the company which won a 1,000 hectare logging contract.
Tan, according to Sarawak Report, successfully obtained an award of RM285 million from his fellow Tanjung Tiara business partner Ha Tiung Noon, who allegedly turned to Awang Tengah and Fong for assistance.
According to Fong, who never named Mukhriz and instead referred to him as a "well known West Malaysian politician", said Sarawak Report should have been "transparent enough" to name the politician.
In response, Sarawak Report, in an article yesterday, said it never intentionally omitted Mukhriz' name.

From Sarawak Report:

Claiming in a public statement that Sarawak Report’s reporting on the various allegations in the case were defamatory the former state attorney general and present state legal advisor then suggested that Sarawak Report knowingly concealed an irregularity in the granting of the original lease by his own boss, the then chief minster and minister for resource planning Taib Mahmud, following a personal application letter dated 21 January 1994, from the chairman of the company Tanjung Tiara, whom he describes as “a well known West Malaysian politician”.

Sarawak Report has now established that the politician he is referring to is Mukhriz Mahathir, MP for Jerlun and son of the Malaysian prime minister. He is the former chairman of Tanjung Tiara whom J C Fong accuses Sarawak Report of intending to “shield” by omitting to mention his application letter to Taib.J C Fong has even challenged Sarawak Report to lay the matter before the MACC for investigation, thereby implying apparent wrongdoing on the part of his own boss and Mukhriz as the recipient of the lease for an alleged “low premium”:
"At the time of the publication of r original articleSarawak Report was not in fact aware of the existence of such a letter nor were we aware that at the time of the granting of the original lease for the disputed plantation, Mukhriz was the chairperson and co-shareholder of the company, together with the present plaintiff seeking payment," said the website.
Sarawak Report said it has  obtained a letter, after learning of its existence through Fong, confirming that Mukhriz was indeed the chairperson of Tanjung Tiara at the material time and had corresponded with the Sarawak government on the logging plans.
Responding to Sarawak Report's queries on the matter, Mukhriz, who is now Kedah menteri besar, claimed that he was unaware of any improprieties involving Tanjung Tiara.
"I was involved in a small way with a plantation company in Sarawak over 30 years ago and cut ties with them just a few years after," he told the website.
Mukhriz had only become politically active in the 2000s and first entered public office in 2008. In 1994, he was 30 years old. 

Zakir Naik has Malaysia by the guli's


The hijacking of Malaysia

Soon after Pakatan Harapan (PH) won the 14th general election, I wrote that the three issues that will continue to plague Malaysia will be religion, race and the economy.
The video images of Dr Zakir Naik standing tall on the back on a Land Rover, escorted by police outriders entering the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium in Kota Baru on Aug 10 must have created fear in the PH leadership and the concerned public. Such grand welcoming ceremonies are normally accorded to our Yang di-Pertuan Agong and sultans when they inspect a parade.
Naik has hijacked Malaysia using Islamic fundamentalism to control the minds of the majority of the populace. Naik has now placed himself in a commanding position to influence the country’s politics through his brand of fiery Islam.
The PH leadership is now caught in a bind. Rejection of Naik will alienate Islamic fundamentalists and PAS supporters, and will translate into a loss of votes. Malaysia, by its own making, has created a monstrous juggernaut that cannot be stopped. Naik is riding a wave of popularity and adulation not seen before in Malaysia.
Unlike the Umno and Barisan Nasional gatherings with paid sponsors, people came voluntarily to see and hear a foreigner, and a fugitive at that, speak on Islam.
Outspoken local muftis, such as Asri Zainul Abidin, pale in comparison as they can’t even fill a town hall, what more a stadium. Islamic fundamentalists now prefer to listen to a foreign fugitive speaking in English than their own state muftis.
In the October 2018 edition of“Psychology Today”, Dr Bobby Azarian, a cognitive neuroscientist and journalist wrote, “In moderation, religious and spiritual practices can be great for a person’s life and mental well-being. But religious fundamentalism— which refers to the belief in the absolute authority of a religious text or leaders — is almost never good for an individual. This is primarily because fundamentalism discourages any logical reasoning or scientific evidence that challenges its scripture, making it inherently maladaptive.”
Using an analogy, he went on to say, “It is not accurate to call religious fundamentalism a disease, because that term refers to a pathology that physically attacks the biology of a system. But fundamentalist ideologies can be thought of as mental parasites. A parasite does not usually kill the host it inhabits, as it is critically dependent on it for survival. Instead, it feeds off it and changes its behaviour in ways that benefit its own existence”.
By praising Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad as courageous and fearless against the West and a defender of Islam, Naik has already inhabited host country Malaysia and is using neutralised Malaysian leaders for his survival.
Given permanent residence in Malaysia to ply his trade, Naik is now feeding off his host and changing the behaviour of susceptible Muslims to his way of thinking.
Have any of our leaders wondered why Naik is not plying his trade in Indonesia which has a bigger Muslim population, and the middle eastern countries where his brand of Islam would be most welcomed? Why Malaysia? Are our leaders and muftis so gullible that they cannot see that our country is being hijacked by a fugitive wanted in India and banned from entering countries like the United Kingdom and Canada?
Naik is a disrupter. Eventually, he will turn moderate Islam and religious tolerance on its head. The preacher is not talking about comparative religion as espoused by some who are smitten by his charisma. Comparative religious studies provide learners with knowledge of the world’s major religious faiths. The study provides a framework for a liberal arts education, exploring subjects like science, psychology, literature and culture in relationship to various world religions in an intellectual setting.
Naik on the other hand, disparages other religions such as Hinduism to stress his point in the public space. Through his Peace TV, he has used the media effectively to lecture to a bigger audience. Naik is no different from the TV evangelists we see in America who hold sway over thousands of followers.
For Naik, Malaysia is a great place to be. Malaysia is a multi-religious and multi-cultural country. Islam is the country’s official religion and it’s easy to exploit the suspicion and mistrust between the races. The decision to introduce khat lessons is a good example of how the teaching of a subject has riled so many people and turned it into an emotional subject and a national debate.
Taking another example, in December 2018, Education Minister Maszlee Malik, in Parliament, urged Islamic religious teachers stationed in Sabah and Sarawak to use their positions as “medan dakwah”. His speech drew a lot of flak from East Malaysians. Maszlee later clarified that his remarks were misinterpreted but many East Malaysians are sceptical of his explanation. East Malaysians, who are living harmoniously and are tolerant of each other’s religions, are naturally sensitive to such public statements, especially coming from an education minister.
East Malaysians do not want the kind of Islam propagated by Naik and PAS to cross over to Borneo.
The Sabah Legislative Assembly, on Aug 6, passed a bill outlawing deviant interpretations of Islam in the state to ensure the teachings of the religion are “pure”. State Law and Native Affairs Minister Aidi Mokhtar, who tabled the bill, pointed out that the state did not want any deviant teachings or interpretations that could disrupt the unity of the people.
He told the house that based on recent developments, some Muslims had quarrelled on issues pertaining to the teachings and branches of the religion that subsequently threatened the unity of the faithful. He said Islam was a religion that united the people and shunned any division or fights, adding that any thinking, action or practice that caused divisions among the people must be avoided.
Kudos to the Sabah government on this progressive bill. My only concern is that the definition and interpretation of “pure” can vary between the enforcers, scholars and competing groups.
The PH government needs to be decisive in curbing Naik’s growing popularity. They need to stop playing the religious and race card like the previous government. We voted for change and we didn’t get it. All we got is the same stuff all over again.
There is never a day when small and irrelevant issues like the teaching of khat consume a nation. Fighting fires of our own making, day to day, on small issues is a waste of time and energy. PH needs to govern properly with the popular mandate given and deliver on its promises. At the moment it seems to have lost all direction. Naik, for example, is a problem and we to need to deal with it.