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Azmin Ali's Chinese “Empty Fort Strategy”


Azmin Is Bluffing – He Does Not Have The Number For Mahathir To Continue As Prime Minister

Mahathir should not have had sent a boy to do a man’s job. Azmin Ali, his errand boy recruited to weaken the position of prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim, has been caught not only engaging sexual activity with another man but was also sued by a travel agency over unpaid family holidays. That speaks volumes how bad Mahathir is at judging people.

But knowing Mahathir, it had always been his intention to deliberately hire or appoint dumb and corrupt people so that they could be controlled. The names like “Black Shoe” Education Minister Masz­lee Malik, “Flip-Flop” Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq and “Flying Car” Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof are the infamous “Three Stooges” of Mahathir’s party.

Hence, it’s not surprising that a person like Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali is considered a rare gem to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Actually, the job of Azmin was pretty simple – to act as a check and balance against Anwar. It screams treacherous that Azmin, deputy president of PKR, agrees to work for Mahathir to counter his own boss, PKR president Anwar.

Mr. Azmin knows nuts about the country’s economy, the same way Maszlee is clueless about world class education system and Redzuan’s inability to differentiate about a drone and a flying car. After Mahathir suffered a humiliating defeat in the Tanjung Piai by-election, he is under tremendous pressure to resign and pass the leadership to Anwar.

Suddenly, Azmin arranged a “secret dinner meeting” on Monday (Nov 17), just two days after his political master Mahathir was given a bloody nose by angry voters in Tanjung Piai. When confronted by journalists, the blue-eyed boy of the prime minister claimed there was nothing unusual about the meeting held at his official residence in Precinct 10, Putrajaya.

Mr. Mahathir, as expected, pretended that while he “heard” about the meeting, he nevertheless insisted that he didn’t know what the participants talked about. Sure, his trusted spy was having a secret meeting with the enemies in the middle of the night without his knowledge but he wasn’t furious at all? He should stop insulting people’s intelligence.

Apparently, about 22 MPs (Member of Parliaments) – 17 from UMNO and 5 from PKR – braved the heavy rain to attend a dinner called by Azmin. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows Mr. Azmin called for the meeting on behalf of Mahathir. Only by throwing the name of Mahathir that the sex maniac Azmin could mobilise opposition UMNO MPs to his home at such hour.

If indeed the chief executive was kept in the dark about the meeting, he should reprimand Azmin’s action for jeopardizing the unity and integrity of the Pakatan Harapan coalition government. Does it make sense that the senior minister misused his name in plotting a grand plan with the opposition parties and yet the prime minister is cool about it?

Basically the dinner gathering has cleared any doubts that Azmin is the traitor of PKR and Hishammuddin Hussein is the betrayer of UMNO. But the meeting was actually another boring session where the errand boy tries to convince the 17 opposition MPs to continue to support Mahathir as prime minister, despite the dwindling public support for the 94-year-old premier.

However, the dinner drama has revealed a more damaging message – Mahathir does not have the number to stay as prime minister. The purpose of the meeting was to send a message to Anwar that Mahathir has sufficient MPs to support him. The burning question is this – why was the so-called “secret meeting” deliberately leaked so that journalists would camp near Azmin house and broadcast it?

If Mahathir’s camp has the number, or was seeking to secure the number, such meeting should have been held in utmost secrecy to maintain the element of surprise. The only time when you scream your lung out to alert your enemies that you’re strong is when you’re actually weak, but you want the enemies to think otherwise.

Yes, it appears that Azmin was trying to deploy the “Empty Fort Strategy” made popular in the Chinese ancient military strategy which involves using reverse psychology (and luck) to deceive the enemy into thinking that an empty location is full of traps and ambushes, and therefore induce the enemy to retreat.

More importantly, if Mahathir has the number and wanted to get rid of Anwar’s PKR faction and allies DAP and Amanah to form a new government consisting of only Malay parties (PPBM, UMNO, PAS and Azmin’s faction in PKR), they would have done so yesterday, and certainly not after the devastating Tanjung Piai election, which Mahathir admitted he had expected to lose.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. Mahathir’s party, PPBM, won only 13 seats out of the 222 Parliamentary seats in the May 2018 General Election. The party managed to double the number to 26 seats through defections of UMNO MPs. After it lost the Tanjung Piai to the opposition over the weekend, its number is reduced to only 25 MPs.

Hishammuddin only managed to bring 17 UMNO MPs with him to the secret dinner meeting. Last month, Azmin had arranged for all 18 PAS MPs and 6 UMNO MPs to express their support for Mahathir to remain prime minister for the full electoral term of 5 years. It’s unknown if the same 6 UMNO MPs had also gone to Azmin’s residence on Monday’s night.

Assuming the 6 UMNO MPs didn’t attend the dinner party, Mahathir’s camp would have 25 PPBM MPs, 18 PAS MPs, and 23 UMNO MPs. Azmin was supposed to bring in at least 15 MPs from PKR. But there were only 5 PKR MPs at the dinner. That means only 71 MPs are willing to support Mahathir. Even if Azmin could eventually persuade 15 PKR MPs to defect, the number is still 81.

To form a simple majority government, Mahathir needs support from at least 112 MPs. So he’s either short of 41 seats (if Azmin could only bring 5 frogs from PKR) or short of 31 seats (if Azmin could secure 15 PKR defectors). Even if the entire opposition Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition supports Mahathir, which is quite impossible, his camp has only maximum 99 seats.

Yes, that’s the message which has been spreading in the social media – 41 MPs from BN, 18 MPs from PAS and 25 MPs from PPBM (Bersatu) together with 19 MPs from Sarawak’s Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) and 9 MPs from Azmin’s faction would be strong enough to destroy Anwar’s dream of becoming the next 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

That’s a wishful thinking because the equation assumes UMNO crooks currently being charged by Mahathir like Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Tengku Adnan and other UMNO warlords like Nazri Aziz and Khairy Jamaluddin would blindly throw their support behind the prime minister, the same man who had destroyed their gravy train in the last year’s general election.

Just because the 17 UMNO MPs agreed to attend Azmin’s secret dinner does not mean all of them support Mahathir’s premiership. Some of them might be spies sent by Najib and Zahid. That explains why neither former UMNO president Najib nor UMNO president Zahid was surprised or frustrated that almost half of the party’s MPs had gone to the enemy’s house for a dinner.

If Najib and Zahid decide to support Mahathir, it could only mean that all their criminal breach of trust (CBT), money laundering and abuse of power charges would be dropped. For that to happen, Mahathir must be absolutely senile as it will be an admission that Najib didn’t steal a single penny from 1MDB sovereign fund and was wrongly accused by the old man.

One has to remember that when all the 41 UMNO MPs (means Najib, Zahid and other crooks) declare their support for Mahathir, the line would have had been drawn and the Pakatan Harapan coalition would have already collapsed. At that time, Mahathir would be hugging and kissing with protégé-turn-nemesis Najib as they happily form a new Malay-only government.

Besides, there’s no guarantee that all the 19 MPs from Sarawak’s Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) would support Mahathir after his government broke its promise to pay 20% oil royalty to the Borneo state. It’s also not a guarantee that Azmin could swing 9 MPs to make up the 112 seats, let alone 15, to form a simple majority government.

Heck, even Mahathir isn’t sure if his own party would support him 100% in the event he kicks Anwar’s faction out of the coalition. His deputy, PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin, might switch sides and bring some PPBM MPs to join and support Anwar. As a Johorean, Muhyiddin’s loyalty is more with the state of Johor than PPBM, arguably a political party set up by Mahathir for his family.

Unlike Mahathir’s open cold war with the Sultanate of Johor, Anwar has a closer relationship with the monarch, when he gladly kissed the hand of Johor Sultan Ibrahim last year. That’s one of the advantages of not having a dominant party too strong that it could bully, suppress, oppress and corrupt the system. Mahathir and Anwar have entered what is known as a Mexican standoff.

Azmin obviously screws up when he hastily scheduled for another meeting on Tuesday after his Monday’s secret dinner had invited criticisms. It was an afterthought that the second meeting was made, under the pretext of meeting with his fellow party MPs. If Azmin was absolutely sure he has the number, he didn’t have to arrange so many unnecessary meetings.

The simple fact that Mahathir hasn’t gone for the kill proves that he does not have the numbers, if indeed he was the hidden hand behind Azmin’s multiple meetings with opposition parties. Like it or not, the embarrassing loss of Tanjung Piai parliamentary seat has effectively made it more difficult for Azmin to convince and swing more MPs to stand behind Mahathir.

In order not to rock the boat, the Pakatan Harapan coalition might just allow Mahathir to rule for the time being while a serious transition process is discussed. He might be given a third and final chance to do the right things after wasted 18 months of silly politicking and engaging in racial and religious extremism. Anwar does not have to force Mahathir to quit.

Azmin desperately wants Anwar to sack him so that he could cry being victimised. Instead, the smarter Anwar is giving enough ropes for Azmin to hang himself by refusing to fire him. The PM-in-waiting also realises that Mahathir must be allowed to resign with dignity and respect. After all, it was Mahathir, who had successfully secured rural Malay votes to topple crooked Najib Razak.

If Anwar makes his move now, it may backfire as he would be accused of being rude and ungrateful, even seen as bullying an old man – something which is unacceptable in the Malay culture. It would bring back the memory where the people were disgusted at Najib regime’s childish stunt of cutting Mahathir’s posters during the 2018 election campaign.

Religious extremism In India as in Malaysia

54 years of selfless service of Sister Enedina in Odhisa rewarded with expulsion from the country

image source: the wire 

Sister Enedina, 86 years old, belonging to the Daughters of Charity Congregation, left India on 20th August to Spain after the Indian government denied renewal of her visa on August 11.

Sister Enedina had come to Berhampur in Ganjam district in 1966 from Spain and after 5 years of social work there, she shifted to Aliganda village in Gajapati district of Odisha state to treat the people affected with TB which was rampant in the village.

Sister Enedina Costilla had a degree in medicine and surgery from Madrid Capital Medical College and she was engaged in serving the poor and needy by providing health care and other services from the last 5 decades. Her patients were mostly Dalits and Tribals from the surrounding villages that are mostly Maoist affected.

Apart from starting a dispensary, Sister Enedina also started four schools for the children. The services were provided for free of cost to the people and thousands of poor people benefited from these services.

Sister Enedina’s compassion for the poor and her dedication touched the lives of the people in the village who bid her a sad farewell when she departed from the village to go to Delhi from where she flew to Spain.

Like all law-abiding citizens sister Enedina used to renew her visa on time and never over stayed. But this time when she applied for renewal, the Ministry of External affairs refused to renew her visa and gave her 10 days’ time to leave the country.

She has applied online for the visa renewal and paid the fees but her application was rejected and no reason was given.

It is alleged that Hindu groups had been demanding expulsion of foreign missionaries from India accusing them of converting the poor tribal and Dalit people into Christianity.

Not just the people even her long time colleagues and other missionaries across the country have expressed their sorrow at the departure of Sister Enedina who had rendered great service to the people.

Many even referred this act of expulsion of the nun to the fact that the overstay of several illegal immigrants in India who are allowed to stay on while a honest nun who contributed to the Indian society with her service has been asked to leave. They termed this as an unfortunate thing and a huge loss to the Odiya people.

The dispensary which she ran is now without a doctor and the other nuns are on the lookout for someone to take charge and run the hospital. Her patients are all distraught and heart broken. Sister Enedina held a place in the hearts of many a patient who saw a ‘mother’ in her.

She had learnt the local language and knew her every patient by name. Her departure from India has left a void in Berhampur. With no means of communication with Sister Enedina all that the people have are rich memories of Sister Enedina.

The Daughters of Charity, to which Sister Enedina belonged, was founded in France in 1633, serving people through hospitals, orphanages, old age homes and educational institutions. In India the Daughters of Charity arrived in 1940 and is working in 14 dioceses with 232 members of the congregation living in 42 houses.

Kereta dibuat di China, Menteri dibuat di Parti Pribumi


Raja Kerbau yang Ta'Malu 

The 'flying car' is a shameful fiasco

by Wong Kah Woh

MP SPEAKS | Let me state my disclaimer first. I am writing this not in my capacity as the Vice Chairman for PAC, but in the capacity as the MP for Ipoh Timor.

As I am bound by the Standing Order of not divulging the evidence taken in the PAC, my views below are solely based on news reports, and the Parliament Hansard that has recorded what the Minister of Entrepreneur Development Redzuan Mohd Yusof has said openly and officially.

For the record, the Parliament Hansard on March 28, July 2, Oct 17 and Oct 31 of this year. 

Wong Kah Woh - MP Ipoh Timor 

The Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) has given a no-go to the demonstration flight which was originally scheduled today.

What I can conclude from the whole fiasco, from the first announcement by the Minister early this year, until the no-go notice by CAAM, is only one word: Shameful.

If you want me to add another word, I can: Shameful.

Our Minister has on many occasions said that not a single cent of the taxpayer's money is being used, and this is a private initiative.

It is not a government project.

He has said in Parliament that it is the Ministry’s duty to assist entrepreneurs in (realising) their innovative ideas. I fully agreed that is the duty of the Ministry.

We cannot kill off good ideas.

In fact, the idea is good. The technology is already quite common out there in other nations. Good for our own entrepreneurs to explore into it. But it becomes a huge problem when it comes to MED.

In the past one year, our Minister has appeared to take the flying car as his baby.

Chinese saying: Using China's kahchnooi's skin as his own face skin 

He keeps talking and keeps promoting it in a wrong way without realising that it also irritates the people who voted for us.

The best part is - at the early stage, a lot of people were asking me why our third national car project is going (to be a) flying car.

The perception is that the Government is doing this as a national project, which in fact is not. Everyone is confused.

Since it is not a national project, don’t talk like it is one This could be one of the many private initiatives that the Government and ministries receive every day.

I have asked a few of my lawyer friends before. On the road, we have the Road Transport Act. For civil aviation, we have the Civil Aviation Act.

If at all the flying car is to fly, do we have laws regulating the same? The answer is in the negative.

The Minister has also said it only take one hour from Kuala Lumpur to Penang by the flying car. Taking a Fokker plane will take one hour now, does it mean that a drone can fly at the speed of the Fokker? The people are not stupid.

And now, CAAM has given a no-go. Clearly, it is not ready, we are not ready. Why is the Minister talking every day as if everything is ready?

The opposition is making a joke out of it whenever the issue is brought up in Parliament.

I am not worried about the joke, I am worried about the people out there and how they see us as a Government because of this project which has nothing to do with us in fact?

Thursday, November 21, 2019

PKR must sack Azmin, but how?

Star Online:

Azmin will continue to cause trouble until sacked, says PKR Youth secretary

Carthago delenda est

Cathage must be destroyed

- Cato the Censor (234–149 BC)

PETALING JAYA: PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali will continue to create issues until the party is forced to sack him, says PKR Youth secretary Ahmad Syukri Che Ab Razab.

Syukri said this was so that Azmin and his faction would be perceived as heroes who were sacked merely for telling the truth.

"In fact, they are back door instigators who always cause troubles," he said in a statement on Wednesday (Nov 20).

Syukri said Azmin was testing the patience of the PKR leadership, adding that he had breached various disciplinary codes.

He also noted that the secret meeting between several Barisan Nasional MPs at Azmin's house was nothing to worry about.

"This is one of Azmin's gimmicks to show that he is still relevant in today's politics," he said.

It was reported that Azmin met with 22 Umno MPs, including former Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, at his house in Putrajaya late on Monday night (Nov 18).

Syukri said these instigators** were the ones who previously were not comfortable with establishing Pakatan Harapan.

** PKR instigators

He also claimed that at the time this group was vocal in opposing Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the Prime Minister candidate by the Pakatan leadership.

He said they claimed that Malaysia needed a younger leader.

younger than Mahathir, so he reckons he should have been Pakatan's PM


Syukri described the stark differences between them and PKR advisory council chairman Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

He said Dr Wan Azizah was offered power after the last general election as the Istana Negara was more inclined to choose her as the Prime Minister, but she turned it down due to loyalty and in order to honour promises that were made.

Syukri said the recent shenanigans were due to a "back door" leader's huge desire to become prime minister, and who was trying to obtain Dr Mahathir's support.

"Due to (that desire), he praises Dr Mahathir whom, once upon a time, he had disagreed with. He also tries to demonstrate his strength when he shows that all the Umno MPs are under him," he said.

It's not easy for Anwar to sack Azmin because of the minimum 112 MPs Anwar needs to (a) be PM and (b) keep Pakatan as the ruling majority.

Precisely because of that, Azmin has again showed his and his Dwarfs' insubordination by not attending the PKR political bureau last night despite party advice and warnings, and that the party has just said no disciplinary action has been raised against Azmin, despite such overt mutinous defiance.

Needless to say and everyone who is sympathetic to Anwar is fuming at the rat's open contempt for both the party president and party rules. He and his Dwarfs keep on deliberately breaking them.

That has also been the reason why Mahathir doesn't give two hoots about doing just what he wants and as he wishes, knowing that if Anwar's PKR or the DAP twitches on the matter of him remaining as PM, he will either:

(a) pull his PRIBUMI out of Pakatan, with of course Azmin Ali & his Dwarfs following suit - yes, the treacherous PKR deputy president has to as he won't have a political life anymore in PKR, or

(b) advise the Agong to dissolve parliament.

Mahathir is astutely aware that both Anwar and DAP are reluctant to let go of majority rule, hence they won't dare challenge him unless and until Anwar has 112 MPs behind him.

Four days ago I posted Post-Tanjung Piai - What now, Mahathir & Anwar? in which I did a bit of simplistic number-crunching. I have tried to updated those numbers here to take into account Anwar won't have PRIBUMI and the Dwarfs behind him):

Assuming (100% when push comes to shove) Azmin frogs out of Pakatan with his godfather-uncle to the 'Malay Dignity Party' or elsewhere, but the non-Malays and even some Malay Dwarfs remain with Anwar, DSAI can count on:

(i) PKR's 50 MPs - say, 8 Dwarfs = 42

(ii) DAP's 42

(iii) hopefully Amanah's 11

(iv) also hopefully Apdal's Warisan's 9

(v) Madius Tangau's UPKO 1

That gives Anwar 105 which means he needs 7 more. 

I am not sure of the lie of the land in Sarawak but GPS is less friendly with Mahathir since it didn't get the 20% oil royalties it demanded. However I did suggest Anwar coopt some UMNO (not frogs in PRIBUMI) who are friendly to Anwar like Nazri Aziz (who coincidentally hates Mahathir).

Even Muhyiddin from PRIBUMI could be recruited together with his party faction as he and Anwar were OK.

While Anwar may have cohorts still in UMNO, he may find that enticing some to join him in a new Anwar Ibrahim government will be a lot more difficult than before, now that the Tanjung Piai disaster for Pakatan has emboldened UMNO-BN to believe it may have a chance on its own (plus PAS) to win majority rule again.

Mahathir & Lim KS were silent for 24 hours after Pakatan's humongous loss in Tg Piai 

PAS will be a close-door to Anwar because Hadi hates the DAP and also personally dislikes Anwar.

Thus Anwar's sole source for the extra 7 MPs will/must be from Sabah and Sarawak (GPS), and possibly Muhyiddin and macai's, bearing in mind I have already included Warisan and UPKO in the 105 MPs (he may even have less than 105 if these two parties won't join).

There is one more alternative, a drastic one which requires nerves of steel - withdraw support from Mahathir, cause the Pakatan government to dissolve and bring about a general election.

UMNO-PAS for sure will NOT support Mahathir, notwithstanding the kerbau-offload Hadi Awang has said about supporting the Old Man for the full term (just char koay teow-ing Mahathir and Anwar). Indeed, why would they when they may win the GE to be the government themselves rather than support a much-disliked Mahathir to continue as PM.

In fact this is the best option as Azmin will continue to bugger Anwar as long as the Chief Dwarf knows he can't be touched (except by Mahathir), thus Pakatan will continue on its unstable course.

It is also a good way to remove Mahathir and his useless Parti PRIBUMI as it's shown neither he nor his party enjoys Heartland support. PKR and Amanah can sapu PRIBUMI's seats.

There is always a risk - UMNO-BN-PAS may win, but then what is the point of retaining majority rule in a very unstable ideologically-incongruous coalition which will see Azmin Ali's continuing his shameless defiance and insubordination to the party president.

But I fear Lim KS, Lim GE and some DAP leaders may baulk at the very thought of going for broke in a new GE - they are enjoying their pitiful powers far too much by now, and "political power addicts" have difficulty giving up their bit of political kingdom. Podah.

Parti PRIBUMI a liability for Pakatan's Malaysia Baru


Addressing non-performers? Message for Kadir Jasin:

tolong pass message to Mahathir, wakakaka 

Last week, Bersatu PRIBUMI supreme council leader Kadir Jasin wrote that “the non-performers, laggards and ‘guntinglipat dalam’ (those who can cause harm) types must go” in response to the air safety rating downgrade by the US’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to our Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). This puts us among countries such as Costa Rica, Curacao and Ghana.

Just hours later, Pakatan Harapan (PH), under a Bersatu PRIBUMI candidate had not only lost the Tg Piai by-election – but it was the single worst election loss for a sitting government in Malaysian history.

This is not the first time that Bersatu PRIBUMI has lost a by-election. They had also lost the marginal state seat of Semenyih to Barisan Nasional earlier this year. But no one in PH expected to be dealt a 15,000-majority loss in Tg Piai–a result so shocking that it took Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad over 24 hours to issue a public statement.

Those who were hoping for a sobering reaction from the old man, however, were certainly left disappointed. Not only did he not acknowledge his party’s second failure to retain a seat, he blamed his coalition instead. Certain leaders within his party have also gone full throttle in blaming everyone but themselves for this outright rejection by the voters of Tg Piai.

For example, Johor Bersatu PRIBUMI chief Mazlan Bujang placed responsibility for the loss at the feet of certain individuals within government – ignoring the fact that given he is the state leader, shouldn’t he have taken steps to make sure that his party toes the line.

Of course, we should expect as much from Mazlan – who is only his position because of the continued interference from those outside of Johor. Nor should we have ever expected much from a party that comprises of discarded Umno members and opportunists.

Just in these past few months we have seen the party position itself as a chauvinist party of the highest order. Ranging from the refusal to deport controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik back to India, the Malay Dignity Congress, the belligerence of its leaders and their backtracking on key manifesto promises such as the UEC have done nothing but fuel anger among non-Malays.

only 59 years, subject to HOLISTIC study

The actions of Bersatu PRIBUMI’s leadership were a central factor not only for the continued erosion of youth support, but the massive loss of support Chinese and Indian voters across the board in a previously competitive seat. Nor have these actions bolstered Malay support for the party.

According to one analyst, Malay support for PH did not transform, from 22.3% to 18.6%. Blame should be placed onto the leadership of PH whose subservience towards Dr Mahathir have done nothing but destroy public support for their government.

Despite this, Bersatu PRIBUMI is unashamed of using patronage politics, which while always been in the fabric of the Malaysian political scene, it is something that many Malaysians thought would have been swept away after May 9, 2018.

Core economic issues take a backseat to the jostling of power over the succession issue (that unsurprisingly comes from your party). All the while the government remains unable to mitigate the rising cost of living and weakening economy.

Where is the rise in the minimum wage? Where is the fairer PTPTN repayment scheme? Where are the social safety nets? What about the 1 million jobs promised for the youth?

Fulfilling and resolving these issues are what they should prioritise and what the people of not only Tg Piai but the entire nation expect from PH.

Kadir Jasin, it is time to speak truth to power – your party continues to be a liability for Malaysia Baru and it’s time to meet actions with words.

Rakyat hates Pakatan-DAP more than fears BN-PAS

PH is waiting for its Doomsday


The PH coalition must throw in some drastic changes now instead of passively waiting for its own Judgement Day to come

Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

Thanks to powerful public wrath that has culminated in a consensus to "teach PH a lesson”, the ruling coalition suffered a major setback in the just concluded Tanjung Piai by-election, bagging only 26.7% of the votes in its worst ever by-election performance so far.

The frustration of Chinese voters has far exceeded their fears for Umno-PAS alliance as well as their attention in Umno's racist inclination and corruption cases involving the party's leaders. Nothing comes more pertinent now than using the ballots in their hands to teach PH a lesson and vent their anger.

No doubt PAS' theocracy is very much dreaded, but when the emotion is running high, the voters will not bother that much.

For example, during the 2013 general elections, DAP campaigned for PAS, then still a component of the Pakatan Rakyat alliance, and many Chinese voters indeed voted for the Islamist party because all they wanted was to topple the corrupt and incompetent government.

The same goes for the situation today. Due to the incompetency of the PH government as well as its racist measures of enforcing Jawi calligraphy in Chinese primary schools, organising the Malay Dignity Congress, sheltering highly controversial Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, and delaying the UEC recognition, etc., the public have grown so frustrated with the government that they would rather vote for BN in this by-election, no matter how much they hated it in GE14.

The voters voted for MCA not because they loved BN or MCA, but because they totally abhorred PH.

As such, we should not take things for granted that DAP will always enjoy undivided support from Chinese voters because the party used to fight a racist government for so many years. Unfortunately, after it becomes a part of the new government, it fails to deliver what it promised the voters, who now want to teach the party a lesson, as they did to MCA in the past.

DAP must come to the realisation that the voters are not always ready to be exploited by politicians.

DAP has been unrealistically confident of itself that it will always retain the loyal support of Chinese voters despite having done so many things contrary to their interest, such as drastic cut in UTAR's allocations

A string of events took place prior to the nomination at Tanjung Piai, including the arrest and prosecution of two DAP assemblymen for alleged involvement in LTTE terror activities, the ban of “Belt and Road Initiative for Win-Winism” comic by Hew Kuan Yau, and denying Azmin Ali to officiate a PKR Youth congress on the eve of election.

why don't the police arrest Mahathir for promoting "communist" loving literature? 

The ruling coalition believed they could still win the by-election by pledging generous allocations and financial assistance during the campaign period, without taking into account the feelings of local residents.

Some may feel that a 50% drop in Chinese support for PH in Tanjung Piai is only an isolated incident. The applause from the participants when PH leaders announced the coalition's defeat at a dinner proves that its approval rate can slide further if it continues to slacken.

It is still acceptable if PH has lost only by a narrow margin, but not by a huge margin of 15,086 votes. This shows that PH has already become a government that lacks popular support. The ruling coalition will have a much tougher journey ahead over the next three and a half years, as the opposition will invariably exert much bigger pressure on it.

So, who should be held responsible for such a humiliating defeat? Indeed every component party has its own responsibility to bear, but as the coalition's chairman and prime minister of this country, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has the biggest responsibility to shoulder because all major government policies have been decided by him while the cabinet members have all been handpicked by him. Tun Mahathir has an irrefutable responsibility especially for the miserable performance of PPBM ministers.

During last year's general elections, PH chanted the slogan of saving the country, but now it not only has failed to save this country but has sunken it deeper into the crisis. PH only has itself to blame for its thumping defeat in Tanjung Piai.

There isn't much choice left for PH now. If it continues to try to outdo Umno-PAS in racism, it will not only lose the hearts of Malay voters, but will also see more non-Malay votes drain away. There is only one thing PH can do right now: to revert to its original multiracial roadmap in order to retain its non-Malay support base through which it won the last general elections. Why should Malaysians support another coalition which is not any different from BN?

While adopting a middle path may cost PH some rural Malay votes, at least it can retain the support of young, urban and non-Malay voters. There is still chance if it cooperates or ties up with more moderate political parties in East Malaysia. Anyway, this is still far better than losing both Malay and non-Malay votes and waiting passively for its own Judgement Day to arrive.

PH must throw in some drastic changes such as abolishing racist policies, deporting fugitive preacher Zakir Naik, cancelling the Jawi calligraphy curriculum, terminating Lynas' operating licence, reinstating UTAR's allocations, abolishing the quota system and embracing meritocracy in a bid to revitalise the national economy and restore public confidence over the next three years.

PH leaders must be humble in listening to the people and conscientiously serving their needs.

Having said that, it may not be easy for PH leaders to change their attitude, not to mention the fact that many people are actually fearful of change. It remains questionable whether PH can eventually deliver itself out of the doldrums, given the human weaknesses as well as entrenched internal conflicts within the coalition.