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Lee Lam Thye, a Malaysian

The Malaysian Insider - Prioritise welfare of PDRM personnel, says Lee Lam Thye

Lee Lam Thye - indisputably a legend in KL and among older Chinese Malaysians as a quiet, soft spoken but redoubtably effective DAP politician. Borrowing and paraphrasing the popular title of the film 'Singh is Kinng'*, I have no hesitation in declaring 'Lee Lam Thye was Kinng' in Kuala Lumpur, where his electoral constituency was Bukit Bintang.

* the word 'king' was deliberately (mis)spelt 'Kinng' on advice from an Indian numerologist . Not unlike Hong Kong film makers, Bollywood is fussy about good feng shui when starting or launching a film.

The sad part of 'Lee Lam Thye was Kinng' lies in its grammatical tense, namely 'was'. Today, the younger ones, even DAP members (with no clue as to their party's history) hate him for no other reason than he chooses, since his publicly declared retirement from politics, to be a non-political non-partisan Malaysian.

Whoooaa, that won't do in today's Malaysia for current politics has gone 'George Bush II', as per that low-brow Dubya-ish 'you're either with us or against us'.

This (extract on Lee only) was what I wrote in an earlier post Gentlemen in ungentlemanly Malaysian politics in March 2010:

when I read readers’ comments at various places – Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider, my matey Susan Loone’s blog, etc – I seldom see a reasonable and balanced or civil comment. The comments would in general be feral, ferocious, and frightening, not unlike rabid salivating attack dogs unleashed ;-). It seems these are worse at RPK’s Malaysia-Today wakakaka. […]

They adopted George W Bush’s doctrine of "either you’re with us or against us", just black or white with no grey in between.

Likewise the attacks against Lee Lam Thye were scurrilous, sleazy, sickening and by some scumbags whose pubic hair weren’t yet in sight when Lee LT was already performing sterling services in KL.

Lee was virtually a demigod in the eyes of his constituency and woe betide any political challenger for his seat – my uncle told me in each general election he actually felt sorry for those MCA pollies who were ‘nominated’ by MCA leaders to stand against Lee. They were probably unpopular members, good only as cannon fodders wakakaka.

Maybe the following poem by kamikaze pilot, the late Matomi Ugaki, should be dedicated to those foolish or 'pushed forward' to stand against Lee Lam Thye:

Flowers of the special attack are falling
When the spring is leaving.
Gone with the spring
Are young boys like cherry blossoms.
Gone are the blossoms,
Leaving cherry trees only with leaves.

MCA cherry blossoms? Totally crushed by Lee Lam Thye! Wakakaka!

Poppy, MCA's Bukit Bintang cherry blossom

Of course Lee retired from politics but these young punks couldn’t, wouldn’t respect his decision and let him be as he went about his Malaysian way. He was only ‘acceptable’ if he was like them, feral, ferocious and frighteningly moronic in blind hatred against anything and everything UMNO and BN.

Same stuff happened to my matey Hsu Dar Ren in my post Gerakan hopes to snatch a new breath of life. Just because I refer to him as my matey, a commentator called him a ‘running dog’, just as some others had so termed Lee Lam Thye.

Hsu Dar Ren

Though I dislike the BN for its terrible governance and divisive antics, I do have friends in Gerakan, MCA, UMNO and wakakaka even MIC. I don’t see the need to maul them as well though of course I would certainly challenge their political policies if these are not supportive of fairness, transparency, accountability, or just wasteful.

In fact I was delighted to see that Hsu had written a letter to Malaysiakini titled The ascendancy of right wing politics. Read it if you think he is a ‘running dog’.

Some people like Lee Lam Thye and Hsu Dar Ren are gentlemen through and through, civil, soft spoken, well-mannered and treat even their political enemies as fellow Malaysians. In politics one doesn't have to assume one of the extreme positions like the general UMNO apparatchiks or anwaristas.

And I am glad Lee and Hsu aren’t.

Also, in another much earlier post (October 2007) titled The necessary demonization of Lee Lam Thye I wrote (extracts only):

Here is an outstanding former DAP stalwart who was the best performing opposition politician bar none. Neither my political hero Lim Kit Siang nor the late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon could match his popularity and the respect the people of KL of an earlier generation have for him.

Yet to today’s political Johnnies & Ginny’s-come-lately, he is a “hypocrite, a spineless turncoat who goes with the flow. His past actions have clearly shown he is a ‘yes-man’ and ‘brown nose’ and he is certainly not independent nor trustworthy” – see comments on the post.
So, on the above pseudo-logic, for Lee to be trustworthy in the amoebic minds of these J’s-come-lately, he must, according to their tadpole worldviews, be a ‘no-man’. Oh yes, he must buck the ‘flow’ in accordance with their wondrous views of which way the ‘flow’ has been going. Yes, Lee should bloody well conform to their dictates or ‘de facto’ assessments.

What about the critics themselves? Certainly they would say ‘no’ to the establishment! But what would they say to the man who can walk on water.

No, I wasn't referring to Yeshua ben Yusuf, but the bloke whom visitor {zzz} informed me “Didn't you know the guy practically walks on water?” in an earlier post Guess who've been singing that old tune "I'd have been sacked ..."?

Read the above post and see whether Lee Lam Thye or He who walks on water has been a ‘spineless hypocrite’.

And pause to consider whether you critic-wonders of Lee Lam Thye aren't ‘yes men’ yourselves (to He who walks on water, the unelected 'leader')?

And where is it stated that Lee must act or opine in accordance with your Winching Wendy's wishes to be not spineless - oh, don’t you now dare forget to compare Lee with who’s really spineless. [...]

I had questioned the biased criticism that “Lee hasn't made any statement contrary to or critical of government policies without first taking the wind directions” by asking the following:

(1) Must he?
(2) Has that been his style even when he was at his pinnacle?

Visitor {xxx} commented: “You speak with hypocrisy. There're bigger issues at stake now than just bread and butter issues. If he wants to be left alone, it's very easy, he only needs to back out from the panel.”

“Since he allowed himself to be on the panel, he should expect to be scrutinised to the fullest.”

“This is what democracy is all about. Can't take the heat? Get out of the kitchen, or in this case, the panel.”

It’s quite obscene for him (or her) to mouth the phrase “This is what democracy is all about” while at the same condemning Lee, as a citizen who has retired from opposition politics, from accepting an invitation to be a panel member. Hellooooooooo, can Lee be allowed to decide for himself, or should he toe your line?

And as a former opposition politician retired from active politics, if that doesn't make him an independent person, who then is? He who walks on water? Lee as an independent person is under no f-obligations to say things that you only want to hear.

Democracy, my bloody foot - you have no clue what democracy is!

{xxx} continues to show his/her ignorance of the phrase “Can't take the heat? Get out of the kitchen” by applying it to a retired politician sitting on an panel for independent investigation, but WTF, why let facts bother the mealy-mouth attack on Lee.

* {xxx}'s nick can be seen on an earlier post titled Leave Lee Lam Thye alone.

Unlike in the West, in Malaysia there is no room for civility outside (or stand down from) politics, where politicians from both sides of the House could sit down and have a drink or two and laugh about matters ‘off the record’ as colleagues rather than as political adversaries - not even for retired politician who has not taken up politics but wants or is willing to do some public service work.

But regardless, what Lee LT has suggested today, namely prioritizing welfare for PDRM personnel, is all too correct. Though we have come to equate the PDRM as an unpleasant, unsavoury, and disreputable organization, we must make the effort to be conscious of what Napoleon Bonaparte once said: 'There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers', and thus not marginalize a group of fellow Malaysians.

Undoubtedly, most of the PDRM senior officers are of the carma (Samad Said's cari makan) variety, with some more enthusiastic than others in wanting to please their political masters. And we know that some have set bad examples in more than one way - in politics, in their disregard for rule of law (alleged pally buddy with underworld kingpins), in their 'style' of living and allegedly in 'close one eye and open one palm'.

But like ordinary soldiers, the mata-mata are not all that well-paid, and even if we can argue they are, consider their natural urges in the face of some of their officers living lives like the rich at Monte Carlo, or when they ride their motorcycles past a palatial mansion in Selangor styled like a Bali Palace. I wonder whether Dr Mahathir meant this when during his premiership he promoted 'Leadership by example'?

Yes, we most certainly can tell those mata-mata off with a 'that's no excuse' for wanting a similar get-rich-quick approach in the course of their work. But shouldn't we first sack the bunch of those bloody bad examples, staring from the top?

In the meanwhile, we should support what Lee LT has advocated, that we look after their welfare. Remember, they're Malaysians too.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kurang manis budget

Malaysiakini - Anwar: Budget fails to address cronyism, monopolies

wakakaka! How can I not laugh when Anwar Ibrahim lectures the government on cronyism and monopolies. Anyway, let's move on.

Budget-wise or in everyday governing, for me, there are four important issues that I want the government to address appropriately, adequately and in a timely fashion, namely: Security, Health, Education and Rule of Law.

Security - While it's impossible to guarantee 100% security, do Malaysians today feel secure as their families and loved ones go about their businesses, shopping, schooling, etc?

The rhetorical question has to be unfortunately a big NO!

I believe the general short term concerns of the public is internal security where occurrences of crimes are frighteningly at an unacceptable high in our nation's modern history, while their long term concerns would be the presence in our midst of millions of illegal immigrants, both potentially as fifth columnists harmful to our national security and job stealers from our unemployed citizens.

Is she a threat to national security?

Operational expenditure covers the maintenance of the existing police force, who unfortunately have not shown satisfactory performance, wasting away both resources and valuable time on monitoring and harassing non-BN political parties for a purely political agenda, instead of addressing what they ought to be doing, fighting crimes.

However, the blame should go principally to its highly politicized leadership - more of this follows.

At the policy level, the useless Home Minister should be sacked. Unbelievably, he has even failed to deal with (at least investigate into) unacceptable allegations of the former IGP having close association with shady underworld kingpins Goh Cheng Poh (Tengku Goh) and Tan BK while serving as IGP - for more, read Malaysiakini Bizarre case of ex-IGP, AG and an underworld boss.

We get to hear the standard mafulat excuse that there had been no investigation because, now get this bullshit, no one had lodged a report.

We keep hearing this same lame excuse time and time again, as if worrying (to national security) allegations can't and won't be acted upon if the police do not receive any official report  from the public (unless of course, the 'worrying' issue leads to opportunities to harass non-BN parties and supporters).

Are they (the police) robots only to be activated by public reports?

But still, that excuse has been totally demolished by Ramli Yusuff, a former Director of the  Police Commercial Crime Investigations Department, who asserted his point through evidence gathered by the CCID team, a statutory declaration (not challenged) and court testimonies.

In 2007 Ramli Yusuff wrote a letter on the scandalous affair to the Home Minister, a letter which Hishamuddin has acknowledged. But Hishamuddin rejected setting up an inquiry because he (Hisham) deemed there was a lack of evidence.

Thus the lie went from 'no evidence' to 'no report'. The truth then becomes 'no action'.

So acting Law Minister Nazri should swallow his pride, bull and partisanship, and get about doing something on the very serious allegations against the former IGP, since the Home Minister is too busy with regrets he didn't have the opportunity to rehabilitate Noordin Top, one of the World's most notorious terrorist-bomber, or engaged in pampering cow-head hoodlum bigots.

Terrorist-bomber Noordin Top

For more of the Home Minister's wish to rehabilitate people, please see Malaysian prejudice and More than 1 way to skin a Chinaman.

threat to Malaysian national security?

On health I have to be fair and say that, other than doubts about the quality of doctors our universities are churning out, the health facilities are quite decent.

Education? I have already written enough of the current shameful standards - basically, reckless quantity = regrettable quality.

But it's rather annoying the lamentable state of affairs in education has now been further made worse by politicization of secondary school education in the state of Johor where the nature of trial exam questions for students suggests those would be better confined in UMNO's party indoctrination files. 

Yes, Johor UMNO official may be quaking in their sarongs at the possible fate of their federal and state candidates in GE-13 but is this the way for their education kutus to address their concerns? Such is those school authority's pariah mentality that we have to question for what purpose would be their politicized exam questions when those school kid aren't even ready to vote? With such an abysmal lack of intelligence (let alone intellect) I question their fitness to be educators.

Finally, rule of law - wakakaka, indeed it can only be a wakakaka, when the nation's so-called No 1 Law Officer, the AG named Abdul Gani Patail, is surrounded by so many scandals, including alleged fabrications of evidence in Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy I case, black-eye hooliganism, and close family ties with the former IGP. Well, WTF else can we say!

For more, read Probe Gani Patail before he destroys govt's integrity - ex CID chief.

Our judiciary though from (rare) time to time has shown exemplary standards, has in the main been disrespected, distrusted and despised for their politicized nature. 'Nuff said.

Alas, unless and until the above are satisfactorily addressed, no matter how many ang-pows (or peh-pows) Najib cast around like Santa, his budgetary plan won't be accepted as a good one.

However, I must compliment Najib on one point in his budget, namely the reduction of subsidy in sugar, wakakaka. Laughter aside, it's not only a saving in unnecessary public expenditure but a step towards the correct health direction.

Ooops, I nearly missed out on the comment by a politician on Najib's budget, as follows:

Looking at the incentives offered, it is quite impressive but I question... whether it can be implemented or not, because we are almost reaching the maximum (term) of our session.
There are a few incentives that benefit the people, like the RM250 book vouchers for university students, whom we know really need assistance. 
Both Pakatan and the government have offered quite impressive budgets for the rakyat so it is up to the rakyat to decide. 
(The speech attacking the opposition) is something we have never seen in a budget presentation, but we understand that the election is close, so each side will use every opportunity to showcase their agenda, and the PM will have an advantage in this front.

Make a guess who said that, wakakaka.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cocky Arrogant Tokong

Free Malaysia Today (FMT) - Mansor did not deny audio contents

Penang DCM I, Mansor Othman, thought he was safe within the confines, comradeship and confidentiality of a closed-door PKR special (to Chinese echelon leaders) meeting, when he let loose his opinion of CM Lim Guan Eng wakakaka.

And it sure as mafulat didn't help when his CM boss belongs to a different (and potentially rival) political party. Alamak, not brilliant ler for a PKR No 2 saying his DAP No 1 is cocky, arrogant and (considered by Penangites as a) tokong, wakakaka.

As FMT journalist Athi Shanker (who I suspect from his previous writings doesn't like DAP, wakakaka) cleverly put it:

Just when PKR thought the worst was over, the CAT has reared its ugly head again, much to the chagrin of the party’s Penang chief and Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman.

CAT here is not the “competency, accountability and transparency” tune routinely sung by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng about his Pakatan Rakyat state administration.

In this instance CAT means “cocky, arrogant, tokong”, a reference Mansor allegedly made to Lim.

Guan Yu (Kwan Kong) worshipped for integrity, honour, righteousness & brotherhood

Now, we have two types of C.A.T in Penang wakakaka. But really man, I should be pissed as I'm a dog lover and consider cats only good as door stoppers (sorry darling, wakakaka), but jokes aside, as I had written in my post PKR and its arrogant tokong one month ago:

Loose lips sink ships, or in this case, (the potential to sink) the Rocket spaceship. As they say, 'perception' matters in politics and whether there's any truth in PKR Mansor Othman's vocalized opinion of Lim GE, doesn't matter a bloody fig.

Each and everyone of his enemies, from those in MCA to pro-UMNO and ultra anti-Lim GE bloggers (wakakaka), and even those in PKR, will have a field day dissecting, pseudo-analyzing and writing ugly dissertations on Lim Guan Eng's political leadership.

The significant political damage would be to the reputation of Lim Guan Eng among his nascent and growing Malay supporters, while Mansor Othman merely suffers the embarrassment of being exposed for badmouthing an ally and boss, though in a worst case scenario he may have (post the next Penang State election) a frigidly courteous, cold and contentious boss.

But in visualizing the worst case scenario, maybe we're falling prey to Athi Shanker's projection in FMT that:

Whether or not Mansor’s alleged description of Lim was spot on, the Penanti assemblyman has surely fueled Lim’s wrath.

Mansor now faces a tough political future in Penang so long as Lim, from Malacca, hangs around in the island-state.

A PKR source said Mansor, who is a party vice-president, must now move out of Penang to safeguard his political interests, alleging that Lim could be “vindictive and vengeful.”

The source said PKR feared that Lim would order DAP leaders and members not to help Mansor’s campaign in the coming general election.

As I mentioned, Athi Shanker might possibly be not well disposed to the DAP and could be imagining the worst of Lim Guan Eng.

Lim GE is not so small-minded as Shanker has penned, based on his sources. We should remember Lim has been a man who was willing to be jailed for the justice of an (then) under-age Malacca Malay girl. We may say he possesses very high quality values, and would not be a person to be vindictive, much as BN wants us to believe.

And if you believe in God, as Lim GE does, wakakaka (sorry for the wakakaka, just ignore me, kaytee the blooming atheist), then we could say the Almighty has rewarded him for his courageous and Guan Yu-like righteous deed for a Malacca Malay girl and her grandmother.

Now, back to topic, much as it may sound strange for me who's not well disposed towards PKR wakakaka, I personally didn't and still won't place much blame on Mansor for his indiscretion in badmouthing Lim GE behind the latter's back. The brouhaha has been nothing more than just a storm in a Pakatan teacup.

Hey, badmouthing someone behind his back, while in itself is bad, means it's suppose to be a private opinion or an opinion expressed among confidantes, wakakaka, and not intended as a biadap-ish disrespect. Surely most of us at one time or another have mafulat-ishly mumbled & muttered imprecations at someone, even those close to us, privately of course or only in thoughts. There is only one rule when doing so, don't get caught and be publicly exposed, wakakaka.

Mansor Othman's sin had been in naively believing he was secure within the confines, comradeship and confidentiality of a closed-door PKR meeting, but alas, PKR is not unlike a vipers' nest. The hand that has plunged the assassin stiletto into Lim's political back is not that of Mansor Othman, though I have to say he (Mansor) had naively lent his hand to the assassin for the backstabbing job.

Tian Chua? wakakaka

It didn't help when the PKR Chinese faction (supposedly headed by Big Boss Tian Chua wakakaka) was worried about Mansor ceding some state constituencies held or lost (in March 2008) by PKR to DAP, perhaps as a quid pro quo for DAP not to compete with PKR for the State’s Malay dominated seats(?).

That adverse scenario for the anxious PKR Chinese members was further aggravated when the x number of Chinese members wanting to present themselves as PKR state candidates realized there were only x-1 available constituencies for them, the Chinese elements of PKR.

Now, when you become aware you're a loser, or it's made known you'd be one vis-√†-vis the list of candidates for the next election, your sour-grapes vengeful expos√© of a covertly taped conversation with Mansor committing his faux pas, though totally unethical, would not surprise me in the least, given the generally PKR's viperous environment and culture.

And assuming erstwhile PKR MP for Nibong Tebal Tan Tee Beng has been truthful (wakakaka) in stating that, when he was in PKR, Anwar approved attacks against Guan Eng because he (The Great One) considered Lim GE as kurang ajar and desired to "... reproach Lim for his wrongdoings and mismanagement in Penang", it's yet another salutary lesson in being careful of what you say when you are in nest of vipers.

Much as I personally dislike Anwar, and yes, he (The Great One) might have said something uncomplimentary about Lim GE, I doubt he would go to the extent of saying those stuff like what Tan would have us believe.

Okay, say maybe he did, that would then make Anwar's unflattering remarks about Lim a trillion quadrillion quintillion times worse that that of Mansor Othman because of the words kurang ajar and the green light to publicly attack an ally. But as I said, I don't believe Tan 100%.

Tan is the son of Tan Ghim Hwa, a Penang Gerakan Party big-shot at one time. I mentioned the father in an earlier post Analysing Tan Tee Beng's resignation from PKR where I penned:

But this post is not about Tan becoming a frog. If he does that, it won’t surprise me. After all, his family roots are in Gerakan-BN. His father Tan Ghim Hwa was the former Gerakan State Chairman, and known as the sworn enemy of the DAP.

Lim Kit Siang had in 1991 described Tan Ghim Hwa as a political vulture in a matter where phone threats were made against Lim, allegedly by some Gerakan Party members.

This post is more about Tan Junior's attack against CM Lim GE in particular and the DAP in general.

We can of course speculate that his background could have been a possible factor in his latent hostility towards the DAP and the son of Lim Kit Siang, and eventually brought to the boil after some disagreement with CM Lim.

But let us not forget that he came from the Chinese section of PKR, led by (its de facto section leader wakakaka) Tian Chua.

Uncle Lim described his father as a 'political vulture', and for his unethical kiss-and-tell-like revelation about an alleged Anwar's unfriendly but behind closed door indiscretion towards Lim GE, truthful or otherwise, I have to describe him as 'politically vulgar', wakakaka.

Okay, be that it may, obviously with elections around the corner, the BN is in full swing with its char koay teow-ing of the PKR faux pas, aimed to damage and hopefully discredit Lim GE. WTF, after all, it has no policy and nothing else to do, wakakaka.

It would appear that Gerakan Penang has been tasked with the dubious honour of playing the role of the fried noodles hawker - huan cheo chay-chay (minta chili lebih - lat cheow tor tee).

Okay, so Lim GE is C.A.T though the C.A (cocky and arrogant) would be tautological. But I believe in some circumstances, when one has it, why not flaunt it, as some sweeties have done, much to my immense delight.

she's actually a Chinese soldier - love the military wakakaka 

Thus if Lim GE is revered (hero-worshipped and respected) by Penangites a la a tokong wakakaka because of his redoubtably effective and efficient competency in his job as CM, one has to excuse him for being what he is reputed to be, curt, concise but correct.

The supposedly insulting qualities of C.A.T are not exclusive to Lim GE. Wasn't Dr Mahathir like so in his hey-days? Food for thoughts? Okay, mull over that while I serve another example.

Tan Koon Swan!

Yes, Tan Koon Swan was considered by UMNO as cocky, arrogant and virtually a tokong among Chinese.

My uncle who in those days voted mainly for Gerakan supported the rise of MCA's Tan Koon Swan, seeing him as a saviour, a messiah for Chinese Malaysians, a Moses to lead them out of the political wilderness - to wit, a tokong.


Unc told me that UMNO (perhaps even Dr Mahathir himself?) was pissed off when Koon Swan, post his 1982 landslide win in the opposition stronghold of Damansara (an indication of how Chinese, even opposition supporters, were flocking to him), replied to a media question on which cabinet ministerial post he preferred, (words to the effect) that he wasn't concerned whether he became a minister or not.

Not the sweet, sycophantic and subservient words that UMNO expected and desired of a serf. Though Tan Koon Swan was like a nuclear-powered Russian icebreaker crunching, crushing and bulldozing his way through the opposition stand in the latter's own stronghold (and which MCA politician today can ever dream of emulating that?), he was far too independent-minded for the likings of UMNO and therefore a potentially dangerous man for them to have in BN. Thus the story that UMNO did him in had reasonable plausibility.

Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker

Because Chinese Malaysians including my uncle were so shocked and traumatised by Koon Swan's humongous fall from grace, there invariably arose a mitigating myth as to why, a myth that involved his second (? was there a first?) wife, a Chinese Buddhist monk and his dire prophesy of the spirit of a white ravenous tiger confronting Koon Swan with all the consequential bad feng shui, etc. But let's leave that for another posting (once I have more information).

Perhaps now we need to find an Indian politician (but alas, most unlikely in MIC wakakaka) to describe him with qualities of C.A.T just to muhibbah-ise Malaysian politics wakakaka.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No longer any sense of decency

A letter from Ali Kadir to The Malaysian Insider


SEPT 25 – I don’t know about you but I am disgusted with Umno and its sycophants, MCA and Gerakan, and I believe that we have to reject them wholesale for:

1) The culture of idiocy they nurture. There is a difference between BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

Whenever Lim Guan Eng or Khalid Ibrahim is accused of wrongdoing they dont hide. They come out with proof, sue to clear their name and even engage international audit firms. In contrast, till today no one knows how Altantuya Shaariibuus immigration records were erased or why the RM250 million sweet deal was given to Shahrizat Abdul Jalils family or how Cabinet ministers are able to live a life of luxury on RM18,000 a month.

Till today, there has been no rebuttal of the fact that millions of ringgit were paid in kickbacks to the highest offices in Putrajaya from a submarine deal.

Is that Zahid Hamidi?

2) The dumbing down of Malaysia. Umno newsletter, the New Straits Times, reported that local NGOs had received RM20 million to destabilise the government. These journalists must be as dense as their political masters.

And now we have Gerakan politicians going after possibly the cleanest politician in Penang.

See, this is the new strategy of the desperate. if you feel threatened by any individual or organisation just keep on flinging mud at them and hope that some of it sticks.

What Teng Chang Yeow and gang must understand is this: people are aware of the hypocrisy. For nearly two decades, Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan did nothing and played dead when the state was being ravaged by Umno thieves.

Keris-muddin and Keris-Koh Tsu Koon

And now when they are out of power and irrelevant, they are suddenly talking about corruption, etc.

3) The culture of violence. Roughhouse tactics are being used by Umno and their associates to intimidate undergraduates contesting campus elections aligned with the opposition.

There is no longer any sense of decency. They just want to remain in power and want to silence any dissent.

We have a choice: we either put up and shut up OR we kick them out.