Monday, September 18, 2017

PAS successfully interfered in non-Muslim event

Star Online - DBKL pulls the plug on beer festival (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: The Better Beer Festival, which has been held five years in a row, has been officially cancelled this year.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) confirmed it has rejected the organisers’ application to hold the event, which would have been Malaysia’s largest craft beer festival.

In a statement on Monday, DBKL corporate communications director Khalid Zakaria said that it received the organiser's application to host the event on Aug 28 but decided to reject the application.

"The application for the activity at the place, time and date was not approved. If the organiser goes ahead with the event, DBKL can take action," he said.

The Better Beer Festival was supposed to have taken place from Oct 6-7 at Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, featuring 250 different craft beers from 43 breweries worldwide.

The DBKL announcement came a week after PAS central committee member Dr Riduan Mohd Nor spoke out against the event, calling it a “pesta maksiat” (vice party) and claiming that it would turn Kuala Lumpur into the “largest vice centre in Asia”.

“It is with disappointment that we, the organisers of The Better Beer Festival 2017, would like to announce that the festival, slated to be held on Oct 6 and 7, will not be proceeding as scheduled,” said festival organiser MyBeer, a craft beer distributor,

“At our meeting with DBKL officials, we were instructed to cancel our event as there are issues with the licensing.

“We were further informed that the decision was made due to the political sensitivity surrounding the event.

PAS has successfully interfered in non-Muslim event, namely, The Better Beer Festival. Never trust those hypocrites unless it's for them to play spoilsports.

For 5 yam-senging years we non-Muslims enjoyed the Oktoberfest-like festival. This year we won't as PAS has successfully interfered in the event which has now been cancelled by DBKL due to pressure from PAS.

The cancellation of The Better Beer Festival is a harbinger of worse things to happen under PAS c*ba* interference in non-Muslim affairs.

Watch out for Hadi Awang's proposed amendments to ACT 355 (UDD355) of the Constitution which seeks to give greater powers of punishments and awards of fines to the Muslim courts.

Non-Muslim MPs must vote against it or suffer what non-Muslims in Aceh have suffered.

And Lim Guan Eng should take over The Better Beer Festival from KL. Let's have it in Penang and staff the event with Aussie, Koreans, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Pinoy and Penang PR & beer ladies dressed gorgeously in Dirndls (traditional Bavarian dress for Oktoberfest).

I drink beer much better with 'healthy' looking women serving the golden brew to me, yummy.

Prost Mein Herrs


  1. For the record, Oktoberfest has been celebrated in Kuala Lumpur for the last 30 years.
    In fact it used to be listed in the Malaysian Tourism Ministry's official calendar of tourist events.

    For non-Muslims only, of course.

  2. i fully agree,lets support mahathir lks, azizah n m sabu. we cant let najib to continue, we must make sure pas oso out.

    1. I am not sure whether this comment is on track (thread) with this post? But trust HY to sneak in a word or two of support for his idol

    2. pas talked, in fact every year, one that cancel the event is dbkl, lead by mayor, a bn mp, under najib. r u again trying to divert the blame not on najib, but only pas?

      929 u blame only mahathir. like monsterball asked, how many std u have?

  3. The Selangor gomen under balless Azmin is being held hostage by an impotent PAS.Just imagine if an impotent PAS can call the shots in Selangor,then what is Azmin?Maybe he is doing Kaytee a favor by living up to his aka "DWARF".

    Azmin,please do Selangoreans a favor, jump into the nearest bush and go shook senderi.Then get lost and never show your cowardly face in the Selangor state building again.Good riddance to bad garbage.

  4. These PAS religious fakes outside were thumping their chests like they just had their first ejaculation.But privately they were cursing themselves for missing the sights of the beautiful busty beer models serving drinks.They will surely miss bumping butts with these beautiful ladies,and must be lusty and now shioking senderi in the ladies restrooms.Wakakaka.

  5. Because of these PAS fakes,many beer enthusiasts cannot knock butts with many of the beautiful beer models,that would otherwise be present if the event was not cancelled.Including Kaytee and myself.

  6. As I have said, the nons can have their best beer festival in Genting Highlands. They can booze till they whatever lah.

  7. CBMF, why can the Nons booze till they whatever lah in KL?

    Zombies own KL ke???

    1. Publika too near the mosque and palace.

    2. yes, we non-Muslims are thoroughly f**ked

  8. "PETALING JAYA: DAP, PKR and MCA have condemned the decision by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to disallow The Better Beer Festival 2017, scheduled for Oct 6-7."

    Simple solution - hold The Better Beer Festival 2017 in Petaling Jaya, the PJ City Council can erect a big tent on the field in front of Amcorp Mall for the event.

    I'm sure lots of Selagoreans will love it and vote Pakatan.

    1. Azmin Ali is now slutting with PAS so how would he dare to offend

    2. regardless how, azmin is a muslim, yr suggestion that lge n pg state govt to take over the beer festival is a good idea, lets see if lge have the ball to do it or not.

  9. PAS had the right to oppose , like anybody else, as long as they do it peacefully.
    PAS is not in power, it was up to the wisdom (or otherwise) of the authorities to allow the event to proceed or to stop it.

    Why are the authorities not being held accountable for putting a stop to this event ?

    There is virtually no urban locale in Malaysia that is more than 500 m away from a mosque or surau. If the standard is universally applied then this basically proscribes ANY future event that is deemed to be non-Halal.

    1. I have to agree with you on this one, that DBKL has acted on opportunistic political instructions from above, but it does indicate that non-Muslim event deemed not approved by Islamic standards will be henceforth interfered with at the ulamak's convenience and suka-sendiri, in other words, non-Muslim affairs will be governed by Muslim clerics and authorities

  10. I have seen banners and leaflets promiting the festival.
    It means DBKL had in fact earlier given a "no objection" go ahead for the event.

    An event organiser can get into hot water for advertising a non-approved event.

    That actually means DBKL has done a U-turn rescinding the approval.
    "DBKL decided to reject the application." is a bull story.