Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year to all, be safe

Mr BakeApple

Dei, don’t belittle muftis for political gain
Always trust your pollie, and also a mufti
You'll get no benefit, no joy but only pain
For your sick blasphemy, you bad Kuttie

Everyone knows who to blame 4 MemaMi
For the sad killing of already sick people
No, not Musa Musang but Mr No-Apology
And Mister I-wasn't-there, Mr BakeApple


The 6.5 hour life lie of an Apology

From MM Online:

(1) Dr M: I’m sorry for everything I’ve done at
01:46 PM on Saturday 30th December 2017.
(2) Dr M: Saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t mean I was wrong at 08:20 PM on Saturday 30th December 2017.

you are a bunch of goofy gullible guppies
to believe I'd ever apologise sincerely
f**k you lot

When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it - John 8:44 [KJV]

Environmental smelly-nothing

FMT - Wan Junaidi says more study needed on call for second DPM (extracts):

A federal minister from Sarawak says that a proposal by his party colleague for the cabinet to have a second deputy prime minister from Sabah or Sarawak needs further study, The Borneo Post reported.

Environment and Natural Resources Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar was referring to a statement from Batu Kawa PBB branch chairman Ahmad Ibrahim, who told the Sarawak-based daily yesterday of the grassroots campaign being mooted by his branch.

... you see, water flows here and there and also up and down so it depends where the limits of Malaysian territorial waters is at a particular moment.

And the recent floods in Penang might have drifted the Island nearer to Indonesia.

All these may affect having a second deputy PM in Sarawak because if Penang has drifted into Indonesian territorial waters that means Sarawak may have drifted into Sibu and Kuching might have drifted into Bekalalan ...

For more, read Abracadabra of Wan Junaidi Jaafar.


the minister is brilliantly catching with my scatological product

Saturday, December 30, 2017

One liners on Mahathir

MM Online - Dr M: Saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t mean I was wrong:

We know you were insincere when you apologised earlier but also aware you have been desperate enough to do so for sympathy votes.

Star Online - Pribumi AGM wants Dr M as PM (extracts):

Mukhriz said, “We (Pribumi) don’t want the prime minister position because of glamour. But it is because Dr Mahathir is seen as the most capable person to steer Malaysia out of its problems now.”

just a coincidence I nominated him 

PAS wants Hadi Awang as PM,
Amanah wants Mat Sabu as PM,
DAP wants Lim KS as PM, and 
PKR wants ... er ... f**k, we can't make up our minds whether to go for Wan Azizah, Azmin, Nurul, Anwar or Rafizi, wakakaka.

... Mahathir ... today renewed his criticism against the sale of land to foreigners, especially in the Forest City reclamation project in Johor.

Speaking at the first PPBM annual general meeting here, the 92-year-old party chairman said he hoped the project would end up being inhabited by creatures like monkeys and baboons.

“I hope Forest City will truly become a forest… Its residents will consist of baboons, monkeys and so on,” he said.

"Nice" sweet old man, he hasn't lost his viciousness with words and wickedness despite his apology (albeit an insincere one) just a while ago, so please vote for him.

The 1985 Memali tragedy would not have happened if muftis had challenged the Amanat Hadi, said Bersatu chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said muftis seemed to agree with PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s speech as they did not speak up against him.

We know you were/are "never ever" wrong which is why you're blaming the muftis as you once blamed Musa Hitam for Memali in the way you had blamed the IGP for Ops Lalang in Oct 1987, and which is why we know your recent apology has been full of bullshit.

Desperado at wit's end

MM Online - Dr M: I’m sorry for everything I’ve done:

If Mahathir had apologise earlier, I would have respected him. But he had then hung on and on and on minus his apology, even when he met Anwar Ibrahim and/or family, showing his non-repentance.

Yes, he was previously so obdurately unapologetic, refusing even once to concede a mistake and apologise for that. 

Had he ever apologised to the Judiciary, until now and even then, in a very general way? At least AAB was a real gentleman who did, on advisement from Zaid Ibrahim.

Dr Kua Kia Soong has not too long ago demanded Mahathir apologises for Ops Lalang which was traumatic for many innocent Malaysians, but the Old Man ignored Dr Kua, instead blaming the IGP at that time.

Why has he now apologised other than he must be so bloody desperate he has started to eat humble pie. But there is no sincerity in his apology, other than an act of desperation to seek political support for his racist party Pribumi in GE14.

In a way it's sad to see this proud old man swallow his foolish pride and do the things he hated once (and probably still does), namely, allying himself to the people he hates or dislikes most (Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, the Chinese, Bersih, etc) and now, apologising.

Mahathir is at his wit's end, meaning he is so distressed, worried or confused that he doesn't know what to do next, in his campaign against Najib and for his son Mukhriz.

Mahathir and the Judiciary

From FMT:

Mahathir says if Pribumi wins GE14, his party Pribumi will restore the independence of the judiciary, stating:

“The separation of powers between the executive, legislature (Parliament) and judiciary will be restored."

“We will also ensure that the government, especially the prime minister, will not be able to control the judiciary.”

I'm gonna sue FMT for making me wakakakakakakaa until I almost have a couple of broken ribs.

What next, he will promote walking rather than driving in a Proton?

Mahathir a desperado?

MM Online - Clarify claims Mukhriz contesting in GE14 under BN, Dr M told (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad must clarify whether there are discussions underway to allow Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir to contest the 14th general election under a Barisan Nasional ticket, Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim has said.

The former Transparency International-Malaysia vice-chairman said such a move, if true, was proof that Dr Mahathir had no faith in Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Mukhiz’s chances of winning a seat under an Opposition ticket.

“This could be part of his tactical arsenal, and for him to make such a U-turn shows that he is now in desperation,” NST Online quoted Tunku Abdul Aziz as saying yesterday.

“Dr Mahathir must now come forward and explain whether such allegations are true and if they are true, then he should clarify what this is all about,” he added.

Everyone knows that Mahathir's fight-to-the-death against Najib has conscripted the proud Old Man forcefully, unwillingly and indeed regretfully towards an alliance with the very people he hated and in all likelihood still does, people like his previous bĂȘte noire Anwar Ibrahim (who he has NEVER forgiven, hence has NEVER apologised to), Lim Kit Siang (putative leader of the most disliked Chinese) and Amanah (offspring of PAS, another bĂȘte noire) ...

... save of course those chong-ed gullible guppies who saw him in his implausible volte-face political realignment as a political Messiah a la His Lord's Second Coming, wakakaka.

Those politicians (eg. Lim Kit Siang) who know why Mahathir has politically back-flipped so radically, even traumatically a la the Boxing Day (2004) earthquake (world's most humongous) have their own political interests/agenda compelling them into silence.

But a post-PM Mahathir is worried for his sons, politically for Mukhriz and business-wise for the two elder billionaire ones, and also for his prime-ministerial legacy.

Mahathir had in his own own overconfidence left his sons and legacy unprepared, perhaps believing as Emperor-for-life he has sufficient time and power to deal with his sons' affairs even after his so-called retirement. His fierce ability to deal effectively with and curtailed AAB's 'independent-minded' policies to an extent lent confidence to his belief.

Thus he again believed his 'second successor'** Najib would also comply kuaikuai - moe maan t'ai or as Ozzies would say (grammatically incorrect), 'no worries'

** which retiree ever has two successors, except one who believes it's his prerogative to keep appointing 'successors', such has been his conceit, hubris and arrogance in his continuing powers as a retired PM

Mahathir even had the brazen nerve to complain PM Najib did NOT report to him for 6 months. Did Mahathir report to Hussein Onn?

But f**k Najib and his even stronger, nay, almost Herculean resistance to Mahathir's incessant harassment, threats and browbeating, that punk refuses to concede defeat and give way to Mahathir's desire to have his son Mukhriz among the vital top 3 of UMNO, the vice-presidencies, an imperative step towards being party president of UMNO and consequentially, the PM of Malaysia.

Thus the war against Najib began.

Take an example of Mahathir's pre-war and post-war actions - Altantuyaa Shaariibuu was murdered in 2006 and we hardly hear a squeak from Mahathir, but ten years later in 2015, when Mahathir began turning against his erstwhile mentee, the Malay Mail reported:

Mahfuz, who is Pokok Sena MP, revealed to reporters in Parliament yesterday that he had arranged a meeting between Sirul’s mother and Dr Mahathir and will be arranging a phone session with the fugitive and the former prime minister next.

The PAS parliamentary whip said that the phone call would provide Sirul the chance to tell Dr Mahathir his “side of the story.”

He said while Dr Mahathir did not promise anything during the meeting yesterday, he appeared attentive when listening to Sirul’s mother.

Over the weekend, the former prime minister urged the police to investigate the former police commando’s claim that he killed Altantuya under orders, saying it was “grossly unfair” to send hang Sirul for obeying instructions.

Dr Mahathir said Sirul, who is now in Australia, should be allowed to state his case as he had already said he was only carrying out orders.

FMT also reported in 2015: Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who was also served by the convicted killer, has demanded that Najib reveal who directed his bodyguards to kill Altantuya. “They didn’t kill anybody when I was Prime Minister,” said Mahathir. “Why should he (Sirul) be made into a scapegoat when he was only following instructions? Whose instructions?”

Whether Najib Razak or Razak Baginda or whoever else has been guilty in Altantuyaa's murder is not the issue in this post (we can discuss in a future post), but rather, why has Mahathir acted only AFTER 10 years or, rather, after his acrimonious breakup with Najib began?

I'm gonna get you young punk 

As late as post GE13 in May 2013 he was still giving advice to Najib, to wit, to forget about the Chinese who did not support BN and to focus on the Malays. But with Mukhriz losing the UMNO VP race in late October that year, t'was the start of a chilly winter season for Najib, wakakaka. 

Thus we can see how and when Mahathir turned against his mentee Najib.

And thus I'm inclined to believe Tunku Abdul Aziz's call to Mahathir to clarify the currently circulating story that Mukhriz may contest GE14 under, whoa wow, hallelujah, a Barisan Nasional ticket, allegedly as a quid pro quo for Mahathir to cease his political battles against Najib, may have legs.

This sounds like a story of desperation but then Mahathir (ever since Mukhriz lost his VP race and since Daddy made no headway in his efforts to unseat Najib) has been living a life of desperation, yes desperate enough to embrace hated Lim Kit Siang, hated Pakatan and worse of all, hated Anwar Ibrahim his arch-foe.

The Face Of A Desperate Man 

- Poem by Kelvin Rush

Lead the blind into the sea
Control the mind so easily
It's all a game for them to play
This hell on earth we face each day.

Believe the news and watch TV
Stay confused and refuse to see
The world in all its misery
If you don't wake up you'll never be free.

The desperate calls the endless pain
As the nation falls we watch the ball game
Drinking beer high on dope
Society implodes there is no hope.

The elite control and relinquish blame
They pursue their goals immune from shame
They ride so high without protest
They own the world they are the blessed.

Never believe anything you're told
Question everything do not be sold
Like a dumb ass slave evoked by fear
Weak and predictable a loan musketeer.

Rise from the ashes like a dominant storm
Call to the masses unite and transform
Evolve and dissolve the desperation in the air
Count your blessings and never despair.

Shake the disease and begin once more
Fall to your knees as you open the door
The time has arrived it's a fight you must win
The devil is waiting do not fail or give in.

Follow in the footsteps of your father's dreams
Avoid the self-delusion all the cries and screams
Don't languish in the gutter do the best you can
And never be the face of a desperate man!

Friday, December 29, 2017

PKR's insecurities via 3 conditions to Mahathir

The Malaysian Insight - PKR sets 3 conditions to make Dr Mahathir interim prime minister (extracts):

dei, don't forget to say in your speech I'll be the PM-designate

you mean 'interim-pm' designate, my hubby will be pm

PKR has set three conditions that must be met for it to consent to making Dr Mahathir Mohamad the opposition pact's interim prime minister ahead of the 14th general election.

According to a party insider who attended the party’s political bureau meeting on December 19, the first condition is that de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is immediately released from jail and installed as the prime minister within a year of the opposition coming into power.

“The second condition is that PKR be allocated the most federal seats to contest in GE14. PKR wants around 60 seats in Peninsular Malaysia.

“The third condition is for Dr Mahathir to agree to reform key institutions in the country," said the source.

First of all, regarding the designated 'INTERIM' status of a notional PM Mahathir (after victory in GE14), PAS has the following to say (as reported by Malaysiakini):

Takiyuddin Hassan

The proposal of having an interim prime minister (PM) is both unhealthy and unconstitutional, said PAS today.

... PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan said ...

"PAS is of the opinion that the proposal by a certain political party in Malaysia to appoint an interim prime minister if it wins the 14th general election, is unhealthy and unconstitutional," he said.

He pointed out that Article 43 of the Federal Constitution stipulates that only the Yang Dipertuan-Agong had the discretion to appoint a PM, out of the 222 Members of Parliament, and who, in the Ruler's discretion, "can command the confidence of the majority of Dewan Rakyat members."

He added that Clause 2 of Article 40 of the constitution also states that the king has the prerogative to appoint the PM, without heeding the advice from others.

"Should there be a situation after the election, where no party has won the majority, or the seats won are still not enough to form a government, PAS believes the Agong can then use his discretion to choose a prime minister from either the majority-winning party or a minority party.

"A 'locum' prime minister is not a good practice and does not reflect a strong and stable governance," said Takiyuddin.

Takiyuddin could be right that it's unconstitutional to have an 'interim' PM because there is no such creature mentioned in the Malaysian Constitution.

It's 'PM', take it or leave it.

Now, that means danger for PKR as Mahathir may decide to stay on once appointed as PM. And if anyone were to bother, bugger or beg him to leave, he might resort to what I had posted in Mahathir's legacy - a Greater Pribumi?.

leave? after all my efforts? 

besides, I forget easily 

and there's my boy to look after until he becomes pm - in fact I'll make him pm before I leave

In that scenario, one of the post GE14 outcomes (assuming PH wins) could see Mahathir breaking his Pribumi party loose from PH, and forming a completely newer (wakakaka) alliance, in which he unites his Pribumi with his UMNO (Baru) and the Sarawak BN parties plus some of PKR including Azmin Ali (but excluding the Anwar family and gang) to form a Greater Pribumi tulin coalition to rule, and f**k DAP.

It's a possible scenario regardless of whether the Pakatan designated PM is 'interim' or otherwise. That's because Mahathir did not join PH to get rid of Najib. His main objective is to install his son Mukhriz as the PM of Malaysia. 

Thus there is no room for Anwar to become PM within a year of a PH win. No, not remotely likely in the secret book of Mahathir. There cannot be two tigers on one mountain.

As for Mahathir agreeing to the reforms of key institutions, what would those institutions be?

For me, No 1 would be the Election Commission, wakakaka. It's the MOST evil organisation in Malaysia.

No 2 should be the Constitution where we should go back to its un-disturbed form that existed before 1981, that's right, before Mahathir started mutilating it.

With No 2 done, then we reform the Judiciary and various important public service institutions.

Then make Petronas answerable to Parliament which means make it audit-able.

But all these reforms mean Mahathir will have to un-do all his errors, sins and 'naughtiness', and worse (for him), acknowledge he was wrong, thus I doubt he will.

The 3rd condition is a bit flabbergasting where PKR demands the most number of federal seats to contest in GE14, approximately 60 in Peninsular.

I thought Pakatan consists of 4 parties so even if Mahathir wants to bullshit PKR, what will the DAP and Amanah say?

And that's precisely what Associate professor at Universiti Malaya's Socioculture Department Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi said of PKR's insecurties.

Dr Awang asked: "If PKR sets three conditions, does DAP, Bersatu and Amanah have to do the same?"

Perhaps PKR has forgotten there's also DAP and Amanah in Pakatan, thinking Pribumi is now the Tai-Koe and can decide?

But you know what, in the end I put my money on Mahathir refusing to leave after he becomes PM. He will launch his expresso strategy for his son Mukhriz. I know him having observed him for so long, wakakaka. Besides he may not have much time left.

Abracadabra of Wan Junaidi Jaafar

MM online - Proposed reclamation far from international maritime border, says Penang exco (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN, Dec 29 — The proposed Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project is located far from the country’s maritime border with Indonesia, state executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow said today.

The local government committee chairman said a map from the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency’s website shows this clearly.

“The proposed PSR project is located at a very shallow area of less than -3.5m CD (depth) on the continental shelf of Malaysia and it is well within the three nautical miles radius from the existing shoreline of Penang Island ’s south coast,” he told a press conference held at Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s office in Komtar today.

He added that there is also no possibility of the project shifting the continental shelf and encroaching into maritime international border.

He said reclamation projects in Johor and Malacca are much closer to international waters.

Chow was responding to a statement by Environment and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Jaafar that the project could encroach into international waters and change the continental shelf.

you see, water flows here and there and also up and down so it depends where the limits of Malaysian territorial waters is at a particular moment
and the recent floods in Penang might have drifted the Island nearer to Indonesia
I know all these as I'm the Environment and Natural Resources Minister

Everyone who has been to school knows what is 'territorial waters', which means the Environment and Natural Resources Minister might not have, wakakaka. Dei, menteri balik sekolah lah.

With his piss-poor geography learning, he might of course have mistaken Singapore for Penang Island, wakakaka.

But his bullshit has not been meant for the general public but only for the 'converted', to appease his Heartland constituency that he is going to 'fix' the bloody DAP up kaukau.

OTOH, Wan Junaidi Jaafar might borrow a leaf out of the Election Commission's 'Book of Tricks' and abracadabra-alakzam-ali oop delineate Malaysian territorial waters shift to a nearer distance (at least temporarily) to Penang Island to make his humongous bullshit 'fake-valid'.