Wednesday, October 31, 2018

No Messiah of Malays

NST - 'Can Malays, Bumis compete if 3 million Chinese nationals come here?' (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad voiced his fear that Malays and the Bumiputera would not be able to compete if Malaysia welcomes a flood of traders and entrepreneurs from China.

The prime minister said the traders and entrepreneurs differed from the Chinese who have been in Malaysia for generations, who were originally involved in small businesses and started out as labourers.

“Today, the children of our Chinese people have achieved success. Some have become millionaires, their businesses have grown while they also own skyscrapers.

Indeed, how to compete against such poor new villagers who worked like ants and bees? 

“If we bring in another three million people from China, what will happen to us? They are strong, able, knowledgeable in business; they come not as labourers but as successful entrepreneurs.

“Can we compete with them?”

Dr Mahathir was speaking during a question-and-answer session at the Congress on Future of Bumiputera and the Nation 2018 at the KL Convention Centre on Saturday.

Dr Mahathir said the presence of numerous traders and entrepreneurs could also see the Bumiputera and Malays lose their place.

“I am certain that if we bring in three million more people from China, we will lose our place. The rich among them will buy our land. We will be moved further from the city until we have to live next to the jungle.

“This is what I am seeing. Singapore was once ours, and now we cannot dominate Singapore because our people cannot compete with the Chinese,” he said.

Indeed, how to compete against such poor new villagers who worked like ants and bees?  

Meanwhile, Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said the government will review the Forest City development in Johor as the terms of sale of its residences do not bring any benefits to Malaysia.

Azmin said the project, with a projected investment of US$100 billion (RM411 billion) could also open to floodgates to an influx of Chinese nationals

In point form:

(1) Even ignoring the various rumours about his earlier life in Singapore while attending university and his alleged unpleasant experience there with Chinese, we have witnessed from time to time his immense dislike (perhaps even hatred) for Chinese Malaysians.

(2) If you read the article above, his speech at the recent Congress on Future of Bumiputera and the Nation 2018 at the KL Convention Centre, you would note he didn't differentiate between Chinese Malaysians and Chinese from China.

It may appear at first glance there is a difference but read his speech in full, as follows:

... the Chinese who have been in Malaysia for generations, who were originally involved in small businesses and started out as labourers.

“Today, the children of our Chinese people have achieved success. Some have become millionaires, their businesses have grown while they also own skyscrapers.

“If we bring in another three million people from China, what will happen to us? They are strong, able, knowledgeable in business; they come not as labourers but as successful entrepreneurs.

Note his “If we bring in another three million people from China, what will happen to us?.

"Another" 3 million people from China, meaning on top of those children of our Chinese people have achieved success. Some have become millionaires, their businesses have grown while they also own skyscrapers, doesn't that tell you his mental thoughts and attitude towards those "very rich Chinese", Malaysian citizens or foreigners?

For my Chinese mates and me in Ayer Itam, Penang, and elsewhere, who grew up in poverty and struggled as we saw how our parents and relatives struggled to survive, we find it galling that this once-scion of a middle class Malay, whose children are all billionaires, and whose progenies live in the lap of luxury, resents Chinese Malaysians who became wealthy by hard work, frugal living, careful saving, and wise livelihood.

Mukhriz's house 

Mukhriz's house  

Mukhriz's house  

guess who? 

(3) then his resentment in his “This is what I am seeing. Singapore was once ours, and now we cannot dominate Singapore because our people cannot compete with the Chinese,”, confirms his perpetual resentment against Singaporeans, ignoring the facts of history.

What nonsense in his Singapore was once ours?

Singapore or Singapura is by its original moniker in Sanskrit (सिंहपुर, Siṃhapura) where siṃha is "lion", pura is "town" or "city", hence indicating Indian influence or as linguist James Matisoff termed it, Indosphere, indicating areas of Indian linguistoic and cultural influence such as Majapahit, Sriwijaya and Siamese (Thai) Kingdoms.

Subsequently, the island known as Temasek (meaning 'Sea Town'), a trading port under the influence of both the Majapahit Empire and the Siamese kingdoms, when it merited a mention by that appellation in the Nagarakretagama, a Javanese epic poem written in 1365.

The Portuguese and Dutch were running around the region, though the island was nominally (meaning:
 in name only; officially though perhaps not in reality) under the control of next-door Johor but became a British settlement in 1824 after the British gained possession of it through a treaty with the Sultan of Johor for protection services.

So, how did Mahathir arrived at the notion that Singapore was once ours?

(4) He tok-kok as if Malaysia on allowing Chinese tourists to visit the country will permit those Chinese nationals to do business here like Malaysians. Is that what he is willing to do or he thinks his Home Minister, Mat Sabu Moody, will do?

He should instead ask himself of Indons and Filipinos allowed into Malaysia to stay permanently during his earlier prime-ministership (1981 to 2003).

(5) Finally (only in this post, wakakaka), by frightening the Malays of the Yellow Hordes of Alibaba experts, 3 million of them according to his Mamak brain, using emotional words like until we have to live next to the jungle, he has insulted the capabilities of the Malays, making them believe they are no march for Chinese.

For years (1981 to 2003) he has de-motivated the Malays into believing they must be spoon-fed from womb to tomb, whilst he rules with their blind support while his family and cronies become obscenely rich.

22 years of his rule and yet nothing substantial was achieved by the majority of Malays other than by himself, his family and cronies.

He is definitely no Messiah of the Malays.

Chinese mute stung by hornet 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pribumi recruiting now

FMT - Is PPBM trying to be Umno? by TK Chua:

Tok Pa became a frog,. expressing his "gratitude" to Mahathir & Pribumi for accepting him

for him to be accepted, presumably he must be a rare "clean" ex-UMNO person

Some pundits cautioned earlier that once Dr Mahathir Mohamad assumed prime-ministership, he might stage a “coup” to entice Umno MPs to join PPBM.

It looks like the process has begun, and I think it is going to be ugly and destabilising.

MM Online - Dr M: ‘No way’ Umno will be welcomed into Pakatan

I have nothing personal against Mustapa Mohamed, but why are they arguing about who is acceptable from Umno and who is not?

Did Mustapa express anything before the election? As far as I know, he was very much an Umno leader and a minister before Umno was defeated.

Why are we accepting and believing whatever he says now, after Umno’s defeat?

I accept that in life we may change positions or even principles. But surely we must also look at all this with circumspection, especially when political circumstances have changed. To me, regardless of who they are, everything must be taken with a heavy pinch of salt.

Do we know what the beauty of Pakatan Harapan (PH) is? It is a four-party coalition that respects each group as equal regardless of size. PKR and DAP have never exerted more than their power permits. I really hope PPBM and Amanah will learn to appreciate this. Everyone is doing the best they can to support the prime minister from PPBM.

So tell me, why is PPBM recruiting Umno MPs? Is it to become “independently” strong? Why is Amanah so quick to support the move? Do its leaders feel more secure riding on PPBM?

Is PPBM pushing to become Umno? Have its leaders not learned that a Barisan Nasional (BN) dominated by Umno ultimately failed?

BN was never a coalition in spirit and intent even during Mahathir’s first tenure as prime minister. BN was essentially Umno in disguise. BN was Umno masquerading as a power-sharing multiracial coalition.

Is PPBM going to behave like Umno in PH, a dominant party getting ready to bulldoze other partners in the coalition?

When a party in a coalition becomes dominant, many things happen. First, accountability and checks and balances are thrown out of the window.

Second, corruption and race-centric policies may set in. Third, minor coalition partners may no longer enjoy support.

The four partners in PH have stayed together through thick and thin to fight for a new Malaysia. At the very least, they must give themselves the opportunity to work through what they believe and promise to the people.

I urge caution. Don’t start a process that will destabilise everything we fought for.

son. just focus on your Sudoku, don't say anything like "you promise not to accept UMNO" or ..... 

Monday, October 29, 2018


FMT - Don’t mess with me, Guan Eng tells DAP leaders who accepted titles (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today issued a stern warning to DAP’s elected representatives and councillors who accepted titles and awards.

He threatened to take stern action against those who do.

In a fiery speech, Lim said these DAP representatives should not challenge the party or leadership.

“Some people think that if they become a state Exco member, they can become a Datuk; they feel it’s their right. That is not right.

“Don’t mess with me. Regardless of your position, I will take action. You were elected to represent the rakyat, not yourself,” he said when officiating the 2018 KL DAP convention. [...]

Lim’s warning comes a week after Berita Harian reported him as describing Melaka DAP chief Tey Kok Kiew as being “stubborn” for failing to apologise over his acceptance of a “datukship”.

According to the Malay daily, Lim said two other leaders who accepted their titles had apologised for not consulting the party first, namely Bemban assemblyperson Wong Fort Pin and Sandakan MP Stephen Wong

While it may be the DAP Party's policy not to accept royal (or state) awards of 'Datukship' while in active service, and no outsider should interfere with such a policy, yelling out such a policy publicly in a threatening arrogant way is not advisable in monarchic Malaysia.

Because Guan Eng voiced his disfavour to title-awards so publicly, it may inadvertently misrepresent a 'quasi-republican' DAP who spurns royal titles with apparent disdain, thus misbehaving in what may be seen as a disrespectful biadab-ish manner to the Malay royals.

The DAP has for years strive to represent the Malays but how would such an impression, misrepresented as it is by Guan Eng's bloody big fat heavy jackboots stomping all over his party members, appeal to the Heartland.

Guan Eng could have done it in an internal party memo, circulated amongst DAP members. Even if that leaks out, the Malays would have been more appreciative of a DAP which is respectful to Malay royalty and Malay sensitivities.

Guan Eng might want to flex his party muscles to DAP members a la you-tahu-kah-LIMPEH-siapa but alas, at what cost to its external image, especially to Malays.

Once someone said Guan Eng is not the brightest bulb on a chandelier, and I can see why.

Tai-Seow, Boe Tua Boe Say. Lau Peh Boe Kar See.

[Si Bodoh, Biadab Sangat. Kurang Diajar Olih Ayah]

[polos = 'plain' as in 'plain discourteous' or 'plain rude']

Malay War?

There is currently a war amongst the Malays, a political war that is, but with PAS standing by the sideline waiting to be dedak-ised and to join the winning side.

It is the BIGGEST war amongst Malays since Hang Tuah fought with Hang Jebat in the 15th Century. This time the royals are not directly involved though I can make an intelligent guess who they would be rooting for.

OTOH, some say that 13th Century war has still been going on until today.

The cause for the current phase?

Maddy currently stands on shaky grounds with only 13 Pribumi MPs (as many as midget Amanah's 11). Most of his Pribumi MPs have been force-laboured into becoming ministers, wakakaka, because in his Kingdom (currently) of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man or Woman is king.

Thus you get an unknown politician like Rina Harun becoming the powerful Minister of Rural and Regional Development with wealthy GLCs under her, a young chico becoming Sports-Min and a last minute recruit, Maszlee being made Edu-Min because the public outcry against Maddy holding two ministries forced the old fox into having what seems to be a puppet on a string in a very important ministry.

anyone knows her? 

Why not made Dr Bari (DAP, currently an ADUN in Perak), who is an education expert, a senator and Edu-Min?

No, that would have made the DAP far too powerful. Has that been the reason Maddy also created a new ministry of Economics to dilute the Finance Ministry's powers. The Econs-Min gets the majority of rich GLCs with him being chair of the powerful Kahzanah. See my post Has Mahathir limited Finance Minister's powers because he's Chinese?.

With that old fox, you can never be sure except that he is always up to 'something'.

No doubt his principal support comes from the DAP but alas, a party which is mainly 'non'-dominated and thus not 'desirable' unless absolutely necessary, because to control politics in Malaysia, Malay support is not just necessary but absolutely vital. Ethnic-wise stuff like this has not only to be done but also to be seen.

As for PKR, his support from this party at best would only be around 50% but conditional upon the help of his nephew, Azmin Ali - perhaps a bit more if Azmin comes to power. But like him, Azmin has a way of working in unexpected ways, usually for his own lonesome self, wakakaka.

hmmm, now who shall I kowtim next?


Maddy knows Anwar Ibrahim is waiting in the wing, rather impatiently due to a combination of decades of political frustration, lust for political power, personal grievance and grudge, a sense of suffering from injustice since 1999 and that alter ego of Malay (so-called) loyalty, to wit, Malay vengeance (dendam).

But alas, PKR is itself steeped in the turmoil of internecine warfare between the Pandan Cats and the Dökkálfar Dwarfs. Soon the official result of who becomes deputy party president will emerge but also soon immediately after that the unofficial internecine warfare continues a la guérilla.

dwarfs above, cats below 

Thus PKR as a party will either be weakened when a considerable number of its members including MPs and ADUNs move across to Pribumi, or alternatively it becomes stronger as the opposition within the party is kowtim-ed kaukau including dedak-isation (although it won't stop a few migrating to Ketuanan Pribumi due to their untenable situations).

Nonetheless, Maddy can't be assured of 100% Malay support from PKR.

In the meantime, contrary to his earlier pompous policy, Maddy recruits-invites UMNO people to become his pet frogs before Anwar Ibrahim does likewise.

Mahathir's henchmen have shown their dis-coordination as one boasted of 40 'thieves' emerging from their cavern to Maddy's 'Open Sesame', whilst another went into 'Ops Salvage' as he (out of the blue) made known that UMNO members will not be accepted unless they are 'clean'.

For more, see:

(b) MM Online's Kadir Jasin: 40 Umno MPs met Dr M, may join PPBM, and

(c) Star Online's Bersatu will only accept ex-Umno members who are clean says Marzuki.

Apart from Maddy's pomposity to capati, pray tell us what is meant by 'clean' in the UMNO (and even Pribumi or PKR) context?

Yessir, Maddy will tell you he is 'clean' as will Daim Zainuddin, Muhyiddin, Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Najib Razak, Ahmad Zahid, etc.

By the way, all above names are from UMNO, bred in UMNO's nest and nurtured on UMNO's breasts.

Rumours, and Malaysia has many, tell us Maddy is currently on 'Ops Pecahkan UMNO' for obvious reason, to rebuild the broken pieces of his former party into an UMNO yang most Baru. Let's say Maddy is in a bit of rush.

Sadly, I suspect some (or at least one) in the DAP is helping Mahathir in that operations.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Malaysian Half-Breed

The online dictionary tells us that the term:


[haf-breed, hahf-] Disparaging and Offensive.

a contemptuous term used to refer to the offspring of parents of different racial origin, especially the offspring of an American Indian and a white person of European descent.

of or relating to such offspring.

Origin of half-breed
An Americanism dating back to 1750–60

In short, it is a vile racist term which we as civilised people should never use. Originally, that was, in America, it refers to "persons descended from Indian women by white men" and is usually used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting, implying that a 'half-breed' is somehow different or inferior.

Kaytee suspects the term 'half-breed' refers to the 
white' part of the person's breed, where the 'non-white' part is not worth considering as a 'breed' or of animal or non-human characteristics.

A Facebook acquaintance used it to describe RPK. Whilst I realise RPK is much detested by Pakatan people for his socio-political posts (which they once adored very much and had even at one stage proposed him as PM of Malaysia, wakakaka) I was nonetheless shocked that a supposedly "educated" person as that FB acquaintance would even see fit to employ such a vile abusive description of a political 'enemy'.

That would have been akin to calling Mahathir a half-breed too, which much as I dislike him and fear his political policies, is horrendously wicked and malicious. While referring to Mahathir as Mamak has been a naughty jab or reminder of his Indian-religious origin (rather than his 'half' of whatever his genes may be), I would be very much against extremely horrendous racist terms such as half-breed.

As a quiet protest, I informed that FB acquaintance that I, kaytee, am also a half-breed. If he likes to use such a disgusting racist term, he should at least be aware of my ethnic status or composition, wakakaka.

Urassaya Sperbund

of Thai and Norwegian heritage

alas, poor kaytee, though with tomyum running in my veins, does not look as gorgeous as her, wakakaka

But Eff me if my ears fail me - I heard that bloke (FB acquaintance) explaining condescendingly why a half-breed like me, of Asian plus Asian genes, is far far different from RPK's half breed nature, which is half Pom (Mat Salleh) and half Melayu.

In his racist eyes and sadly, muddled thinking, I am supposedly far more superior to RPK, although in truth I am, by his lamentable fondness for that description, also a half-breed and as that contemptuous term implies, of an already gene-diminished status (only half pure lah, wakakaka).

I wonder whether I should be "grateful" to his "generous" gene-assessment of poor half-breed me being 'superior' to half-breed RPK, apart from his presumption I am Asian plus Asian type of half-breed, wakakaka? For all he knows, I could be also half Mat Salleh and half Taiwanese aborigine, wakakaka again.

Nancy Kwan Ka Shen

of Chinese Hong-Kongite, Scottish & English heritage

entirely my type, wakakaka  

But don't forget what I said above, that I suspect the term 'half-breed' refers only to the 'white' part of the person's breed, where the 'non-white' part is not worth considering or of animal or non-human characteristics - that effectively means my 'Asian plus Asian' genes work out for me as having 100% animal or non-human characteristics, grrrrrowl, wakakaka.

Next he used the normal (colloquial) Chinese Hokkien term, 'chaap-cheng' (mixed breed), perhaps an iota above 'half-breed' as it doesn't imply only 'half' of proper breed. But it is still a derogatory abusive term. A very racist term loved by racists and early Chinese Malaysian society.

In earlier days, we called offspring of happy unions between Europeans and Asians politely as 'Eurasians' (eg. like Nancy Kwan) but it seems even such an innocuous term has been deemed unacceptable in today's world, thus evolved the world 'Pan-Asians'.

Nancy Kwan Ka Shen
I adore her 

But in appalling repugnant offence, I suppose nothing beats the FB bloke's use of 'half-breed'.

Nadine Chandrawinata
Miss Indonesia 2006

Indonesia, Chinese & German heritage

(but which type of Indonesian? Javanese, Sundanese, Bugis (Sulawasi), Balinese, Sumatraan? but who cares) 

Root cause of rotten taxi services - Mahathirism - Mahathir and taxi drivers (extracts):

It is understandable that these taxi drivers would get frustrated now that Mahathir has been elected their MP and even PM but has failed to meet their expectations.

You may argue that the taxi drivers only have themselves to blame for the poor service quality.

I do agree that our taxi service is of a quality way below that of Singapore, Taiwan or even Thailand. The issue is not their service quality per se but their relatively better systems.

The utterly rotten taxi service in Malaysia can be attributed to our rotten system, and this rotten system is closely related to Mahathir himself.

When Mahathir was the prime minister in the 90s, the country's taxi operation was monopolized by a small group of privileged companies, and only those with special connection can get a taxi permit.

Those who want to drive a taxi would have to apply with these taxi companies which would leased their vehicles to the drivers.

A big chunk of these drivers day-to-day earnings went to the taxi companies, leaving them with not much after paying for fuel and maintenance.

And these so-called "taxi companies" never performed their obligations of training the drivers and improving their service attitude, nor providing them an efficient vehicle hailing system.

Because of such a repressive system, many drivers could hardly make ends meet. In the end, they had no choice but to tax their passengers.

When every finger is pointed at taxi drivers, does anyone ever think who created all this mess, or who issued the taxi permits and allowed the establishment of "taxi companies"?

Were the taxi drivers going too far by asking Mahathir's help?

In this whole thing, taxi drivers are the oppressed lot, and consumers the eventual victims.告

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mahathir's 2nd Destruction of UMNO

FMT - Clear message to jump ship during meeting with Dr M, says Zahid (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today admitted that he and other senior party leaders had met with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Zahid said at the meeting, the message was clear.

The message is very loud and clear that we must jump ship and join PPBM.

“We must dissolve Umno,” he said after delivering the keynote address at the 72nd MIC general assembly at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

Zahid said also present at the meeting was his deputy and Umno’s vice-presidents.

He was responding to questions by reporters on whether he had been personally asked by Mahathir to jump ship.

Zahid, however, refused to elaborate further on the meeting with Mahathir.

Previously, it was reported that Mahathir had welcomed Umno members who wanted to join PPBM.

[kaytee note: FMT published PH won’t accept Umno members, says Dr M on 16 may 2018 whilst Bernama published PH will not accept UMNO - Dr Mahathir on 14 September 2018]

[Was that to prevent PKR getting UMNO frogs first?]

[two taxi sapu's in competition? wakakaka]

Zahid also refused to comment on Umno veteran Mustapa Mohamad, better known as Tok Pa, who officially submitted his membership application form to join PPBM to Mahathir, who is the party’s chairman, last night.

“Who is Tok Pa? I don’t know who’s that,” was his response when pressed by the media.

Earlier in his speech, Zahid, who is facing 45 charges related to criminal breach of trust, money laundering and corruption involving more than RM100 million, said he was sure he would not have been charged had he decided to jump ship together with the other Umno leaders who had done so.

He claimed that he was slapped with so many charges because he had refused to jump ship and dissolve Umno and BN.

“I have never seen anyone being slapped with 45 charges. It is a new record in the country and I must congratulate myself.

“I will never jump ship and dissolve Umno and BN. I have to stand firm on this

Not surprised though it makes it more clear why Lim Kit Siang has been constantly harassing UMNO in particular, despite the old Malay party already losing badly in GE14.

And by bizarre stark contrast Lim Kit Siang keeps mum on far more important national issues such as untimely and unnecessary deaths as results of Penang landslides, alcoholic poisoning etc etc etc.

And less than a week ago, Mahathir was reported by the Star of flabbergastingly saying that Zahid:

... must show proof that he has not done anything wrong, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic), who insists that the case is not politically-motivated.

“Show proof if he did not do anything wrong, if the 45 charges are made up. If he shows that he did not steal any money and that people were the ones that gave him the money, then show proof and the documents.

I was under the presumption, incorrectly as it seems, that our Malaysian laws work on the principle of a man being innocent until proven guilty.

Also a reminder that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: "Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence."

It seems now, under the rule again of the Father of Ops Lalang it shall be the other way, to wit, that Zahid is guilty until he (Zahid) can prove himself to be innocent.

While UMNO leaders haven't been angels since 1981, it makes it clearer and clearer each day that the current persecutions (not just mere prosecutions) of UMNO leaders are beyond mere justice, unless of course like Mustapa Mohamad (Tok Pa) they kuai-kuai jump from UMNO to Pribumi (to be canonised).

I am so grateful to Tun for accepting my application to Pribumi for membership 

Hell hath no fury like a Father scorned.

Yessir, no one fCks around with (or neglect-ignore) Maddy's kids.