Monday, September 04, 2017

The Emperor's new clothes

Remember my post Tai-Koe Talk Tolong Treacherous Traitor?

Then I had narrated imminent danger within PKR for Azmin Ali as his mafulat-ish maverick manoeuvring (to continue 'sucking' PAS) annoyed many including good old William Leong (MP for Selayang).

William was in PKR's political bureau but resigned abruptly from the highest policy-making bureau in PKR because with Azmin stymieing (or sabotaging) every proposals to ignore PAS, PKR was then not going anywhere with its preparation for GE-14.

How was Jee Keen (William Leong) going to work productively with such a PAS-sucker? Thus Jee Keen resigned in utter frustration - at last realising that in PKR only Azmin can have his way.

limpeh beh tahan liao
chi-lay see-kooi-knia mm-sam mm-see


But Azmin was about to be completely marginalised by his own party, and worse, deeply distrusted by many Pakatan activists, as reported by Malaysiakini - though what is a Pakatan activist I have to admit I don't know? Wakakaka

His most dire threat was the loss of party & coalition support in his own coming battle for Gombak.

Worse, Rafizi Ramli then complained of 'fake news' attempting to humiliate him, that he was allegedly reprimanded by the Great Leader for allegedly publicising the party’s infighting - too many 'allegedly' in my foregoing sentence is an indication of probable 'fake news', wakakaka.

Anyway, Tai-Koe saved Azmin from becoming a party-leper by admitting t'was him (Tai-Koe) who told Azmin to continue 'sucking' up to PAS.

But Rafizi, with respect for Anwar, mentioned Anwar had worked on limited (and cherry-picked) information when he issued the tangkal-statement for Azmin.

Rafizi revealed Anwar was briefed by 3 lil' Indians who were all from the Dökkálfar Faction - so there was a wee issue of 'conflict of interests', wakakaka.

Yesterday FT reported:

Rafizi Ramli today claimed that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim was getting limited information on party affairs from his lawyers while serving his five-year prison sentence at the Sungai Buloh Prison.

The PKR vice-president said the information relayed to Anwar had been limited because his lawyers were in support of the party’s efforts to negotiate with PAS to avoid three-cornered fights during the upcoming 14th general election (GE14).

He said Anwar frequently received information through lawyers Sivarasa Rasiah, Latheefa Koya and N Surendran, who are all PKR members.

“The three of them are supporters of the proposal to cooperate with PAS to prevent three-cornered contests,” Rafizi said in a statement today.

Latheefa & Surendran 


Strangely, it has to be acknowledged that Azmin must have worked some magic on Sivarasa, the man who is always behind the scene for anything to do with PKR's campaign of sensationalising the saga of Altantuyaa and SD-expert Private Investigator Extraordinaire P. Balasubramaniam.


Najib, you're in trouble - they're coming after you


Despite being 'abandoned' by Azmin during his recent chewing-up by HRH Selangor (and I felt sorry for Siva), Sivarasa is still 'loyal' to Azmin, wakakaka.

His fellow tambee Surendran is a bright lawyer and an earnest politician but I heard he may allegedly be in trouble in his own constituency of Padang Serai. He had replaced Gobalakrishnan (former Chief-Anwar-Bodek-er but now Chief-Hater of the de facto leader) as PKR candidate in the 2013 GE.

The story is voters in Padang Serai have not been satisfied with his performance there. Does this mean he has to change seat for GE-14?

I recommend the Batu federal constituency for him if Tian Chua is disbarred from contesting in GE-14 after being found guilty and fined for mouthing obscenities against a policeman, wakakaka. I must admit I am quite curious to know what Tian Chua had said, wakakaka again.

Surendran's greatest performance was being made a PKR Vice-President even way before he became a parliamentarian, much to Gobalakrishnan's immense jealousy. But too late liao, Gobala realised he shouldn't have f**ked around with the powerful Dökkálfar Tokong of PKR, our dear Azmin.

Even more reckless, Gobala must have been so pissed off by Anwar not remembering him for the VP post (which as mentioned went to a non-parliamentarian Surendran) that he told Anwar to resign and give way to Nurul Izzah.

He subsequently lost Padang Serai to Surendran (by party elimination and as an independent in the 2013 election), and two months ago has rejoined his old party MIC after 18 (wasted?) years in PKR.

As for Latheefa Koya, she is an Azmin loyalist and had even allegedly accused Rafizi Ramli of being an UMNO mole. I wonder whether she is related to 'someone' (wakakaka) as she was born in Kerala too.

But Anwar in making the tangkal-statement to 'protect' & teflon-ised Azmin after being fed info only by Azmin-loyalists (the 3 lil' Indians) could be guilty of being The Emperor "wearing" New Clothes, wakakaka.

But wait a mo' if you think the saga has ended. Didn't I just say 'someone' always want to have it his way? And he hasn't yet have his way, wakakaka.

The Dökkálfar Faction has now seized on Anwar's tangkal-letter as an imprimatur to perpetuate its dark wish, that is, to continue slutting with PAS and thus to possibly ignore whatever promises it has just made to Pakatan Harapan - for more, see Malaysiakini's article Anwar's letter re-energises bid to resume talks with PAS, wakakaka.

As I mentioned in my post PKR - still unreliable:

We can understand William Leong's frustration and hair pulling because no decision in PKR's political bureau could ever be reached UNLESS those decisions were made or accepted by that recalcitrant "... someone ...".

But most shockingly, that "... someone ..." had dared to fib that his personal decisions to continue negotiating with PAS were based on a party decision 
(it was not but rather his own personal decision).

The man is not a trustworthy person and should be placed under the most stringent observations and the closest scrutiny.

So, can PH even trust his current words when he said PKR will now desist from sucking PAS?


  1. fake writes from a faker wakaka

    1. sorry, but the TRUTH hurts, always, for PKR, wakakaka

    2. the truth is u r a fantastic scriptwriter, u shd have better carrer advancement to work in bollywood instead of aussie.

  2. I am NOT a politician. But if I am one I will want PKR and PAS to join BN. Anwar must retire from politics. We still need the opposition and that will be from DAP and PAN and PRIBUMI. The PM can be from UMNO but the DPM (perhaps 2) will be from other BN component parties. I can see political stability and continuity. It may not be the ideal (which you will never get it anyway) but core wish list aside that's my way forward.

    1. and there are such similar proclivities from PAS and PKR, wakakaka

    2. Just so the ketuanan freaks can continue their syiok-sendiri dream of dulu, kini dan selama nya.

      Zombies & blur-sotongs can be the cheering spectators on the continuing March to failed state hood.

    3. At least I will stand a chance to be the MB or perhaps a minister or perhaps a DPM. I will still be serving the people and the country. That will be my political ambition.

      Don't mind retiring like Lee Lam Thye or perhaps to serve as an ambassador for a term or two or the Chairman of a GLC.

      On hudud let it go through the parliamentary process and it should be decided by poll rather than by show of hands.

    4. See...see...the display of syiok-sendiri-ism!!!

      Even if it's a failed state? Wakakakaka...

      Tau APA tu riak ke???

    5. Failed State? Nonsense!

      I would agree with Dr Bruce Gale - "Economic Reform In Malaysia: The Contribution of Najibnomics”.


    7. 'economist' comes out from an unknown setup - used to mine a livin, perhaps!! After this piece, maybe a grant or a chair to tie over his sol from ahjibgor?

      Where's the rigorous researches backed with crossed references??

      A dimple twisted talk on the cause of the recently escalading country debts give his 'expertise' away le!

      For one of him, THERE r many from the research camp that those local mouthpieces refuse to acknowledge just bcoz the papers r out of tune with the pinklips setup!!

      That's the problem with these zombies, ketuanan freaks. Anything that sing in tune with their idea IS godspel!

      At least the blur-sotongs can be excused for been ignorance for their simple interpretations of trashy propaganda.

    8. Oh kalau begitu IMF/World Bank/Rating Agencies/FDI report semuanya tak betul lah? Kau jer yang betul? Otak kelintik tikus punya orang! Haha...

    9. Kalau u tau parameters yang di gunakan olih IMF/World Bank/Rating Agencies/FDI dalam reports mereka mengenali M'sia, mungkin u tak akan tulis macam tu!

      Apa nak jadi?

      Orang yang tak latih dalam economic, nak pagi comments mengenali economic!

      Itu lah maksud otak kelintik tikus punya orang! Tambah bodoh sombong juga. Pariah!!