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Wow, a 3rd party MASTERMIND in Azmin-Haziq story - Unbelievable lah!!!

From Finance Twitter:

Azmin In Deep Trouble Over Sex Video Scandal – And He Has Nobody But Himself To Blame

At best, Azmin Ali is a bisexual. At worst, he’s a homosexual. Either way, his extraordinary sexual preference is unacceptable to the conservative Malays in the country. And that alone means his political career will surely take a massive hit. He can forget about becoming the next prime minister, if that was indeed his ambition from the beginning.

After the explosive revelation of a sex video clip, people have been putting their creative and investigative skills to work in speculating the real mastermind behind the incredibly bold admission of Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz – that he was the man indulged in the gay sex with none other than Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali, the blue-eyed boy of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Those who believe the sex video was an inside job have argued that the PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim is definitely the mastermind. It’s no brainer to point Anwar as the culprit due to his rivalry with Azmin, his once loyal minion. In the same breath, Anwar is the stupidest man on the planet, if indeed he masterminded the sex video and thought he could get away with it.

The only reason Anwar would go to the extent of killing off the political career of Azmin, hence infuriating Mahathir, is when the prime minister pissed off the PM-in-waiting with truckloads of bullshit excuses and refused to set a tentative timetable to hand over the premiership, despite rounds of talks behind closed doors. But so far, there have been no hints of such arguments.

However, it’s also true that nobody could or dare pulling such a stunt except Mahathir himself. After all, this is the same man who started (even created) the homosexual phenomenon back in 1998 when he accused his deputy – Anwar Ibrahim – of sodomy. With Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador now behind him, Mahathir has all the resources to bring down Azmin.

Just because Mahathir condemned the sex video as fake, despite the fact that his premature declaration would invite criticism of a possible cover-up by the police, did not mean the premier meant what he said. After all, this is the same old man who had thrown his support behind his deputy 20 years ago only to make a U-turn and sacked him anyway days later.

True, Mahathir deliberately appointed Azmin Ali as the powerful Economic Affairs Minister as part of his “divide and rule” strategy to check on Anwar, whose party – PKR – won the most parliamentary seats after last May general election . But that did not mean the prime minister treated Azmin like a prophet who must be crowned as the next prime minister.

So far, Azmin’s performance as the economic affairs minister has been pathetic. It appears he has done nothing to boost the country’s economy except screwing around in posh hotels. His accuser, Haziq, was arrested on Friday (June 14) at the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) en route to Manila. But he was later released on police bail and is allowed to leave the country if he desires.

Kevin Nguyen, a digital forensics expert from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, reportedly had analysed the sex videos implicating Azmin Ali but did not find the clips to be digitally modifiedsuggesting that the videos could be genuine after all, although the experts could not confirm if Azmin was the superstar featured in the video.

The biggest hint that Mahathir wasn’t as gullible as some may think is when Rais Hussin, a supreme council member of the PM’s own party, took offence of Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman’s idiotic defence of Azmin Ali. Mr. Rais, also the strategist of PPBM party, exposed that Azmin did not actually support Mahathir as the PM before the 14th general election.

Yes, both Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad have their own reasons to finish off Azmin Ali’s political career. At best, Azmin’s meteoric rise must be stopped, at least temporarily. At worst, Azmin cannot be trusted. Azmin is an opportunistic who would sell his wife for the right price, not to mention a double agent and a snake oil salesman who has no problem sleeping with anyone.

As early as 2014, when PAS Islamist Party endorsed Azmin Ali as the state of Selangor’s Chief Minister, despite everyone wanted Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah, to become the chief minister in the controversial “Kajang Move” political manoeuvre, it has been established that Mr. Azmin would be forever grateful to the extreme Islamist party for their support.

Perhaps that was the message Rais Hussin tries to send across when he tweeted that Azmin wanted now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat more than Pakatan Harapan. PAS was part of Pakatan Rakyat until its president, Hadi Awang, was bribed RM90 million by ex-PM Najib Razak to leave the coalition in order to split the opposition parties.

Apparently, Azmin was also very close with Hishammuddin Hussein, the cousin of former PM Najib Razak. Eyebrows were raised when Ameer Azmin, eldest son of Azmin Ali, posted a photo of the families of Azmin and Hishammuddin holidaying in Morocco last year. After the photo – with the caption “reunited after so long” – went viral in the social media, it was taken down.

It doesn’t matter whether the mastermind behind the disgusting gay sex video was Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir Mohamad or someone from UMNO. The most important question is whether the video is real or fake. If the video is real, which seems like the case so far, it won’t matter even if Anwar is found to be indirectly involved in the so-called gutter politicking.

Mahathir would be seen as a hypocrite for protecting “Azmin the Gay”, when the premier had proudly rejected gays and lesbians when he declared that Malaysia will not recognise LGBT culture or same-sex marriage in the country as it does not subscribe to “Western values”. The elder statesman will also have difficulties explaining his support for Azmin now, but not Anwar in 1998.

In 1998, Anwar Ibrahim was given a 9-year prison sentence when he was accused of engaging in homosexual acts, despite claims of police brutality and witness torture. Today, Haziq voluntarily admits of being the man engaged in homosexual acts with Azmin Ali – together with video clips to prove their happy moments at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah.

Azmin Ali can put up a brave face for all he wants. But his reputation and integrity have taken a plunge. Azmin’s case is different from Anwar’s. Anwar’s sodomy allegations, first in 1998 and then in 2008, were seen as a poorly scripted political assassination due to lack of strong evidence. Azmin’s gay sex allegation comes with the “unnatural sex” video clips as proof.

Even if the police subsequently announce that the sex video clip is real, but the man was not Azmin Ali, how many would believe it? It would make people believe more that Mahathir ordered the police to cover-up because Azmin is the blue-eyed boy of the prime minister. People would believe that the man who screwed Haziq (and vice-versa) in the homosexual acts was Azmin.

Like it or not, Azmin Ali has lost the perception war when he refused to sue Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz from the moment the latter exposed that both individuals were not only took turns bonking each other in a hotel room, but also the accusation that the Economic Affairs Minister was a bloody corrupt minister. And Azmin has nobody but himself to blame.

Mr. Azmin had gotten big-headed and incredibly arrogant upon his promotion as the economic affairs minister. He thought that under Mahathir’s protection, he was invincible hence burning his bridge with Anwar. Not only did he disrespect Anwar as the PM-in-waiting and his former boss, Azmin had also insulted the family members of Anwar.

In March, Anwar’s daughter, Nurul Izzah, expressed that it wasn’t easy working with an ex-dictator (Mahathir) who was the source of so much damage in the past. Azmin, sucking up to his new boss Mahathir, said – “This country needs doers who are prepared to tough it out all the way, not cry babies. Whatever it takes, we must make it work. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Perhaps karma comes early for Azmin. Despite the gutter politics in the country, Azmin will be judged whether he can take the heat as a result of the sex scandal, or get out of the kitchen like a cry baby – moaning, whining and bitching after caught having sex with another man. Had he kept a low profile and be humble and stop counting the chickens before they hatch, he would not be where he is today.

Whisper sweet nothings

From FMT:

Now, a YouTube clip of a phone call in KL hotel

An audio recording of a conversation allegedly between two men planning to meet at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kuala Lumpur was uploaded to YouTube. (Facebook pic)
PETALING JAYA: After several video clips stunned the nation with allegations of gay sex involving a federal minister, several clips including an audio clip have been uploaded on YouTube.
Descriptions accompanying two of the clips claimed they were recorded at the Pullman Hotel in Kuching in October 2018, during the height of the PKR elections.
Another clip consists of a 46-second audio recording, claimed to be an extract from a telephone conversation between two men planning to meet discreetly at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kuala Lumpur in March this year.
The sender of the clips claims the voices belong to Mohamed Azmin Ali and Muhammad Haziq Aziz.
Haziq, a PKR Youth division leader from Sarawak, had claimed to having sexual intercourse with Azmin, and named himself and the minister as the men in several video clips which have gone viral since last week.
Azmin has strongly denied the allegation, saying it was a plot to kill his political career. Police have meanwhile launched a probe into the video.
Following his shocking video “confession” last week alleging he and Azmin had sex last May at the Four Points hotel in Sandakan, Haziq claimed that they also had three other hotel sex romps.
He had also named Grand Continental Kuching, Pullman Kuching and Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.
“I thought I would be free after 2 hours,” a man is heard talking in the audio clip.
“It’s okay, I’ll go down first. Later I’ll take them for a drink inside, then I’ll let you know.”
“Alright, sure,” says the other man in the clip.
A description accompanying the audio clip claims the conversation was recoded at the Grand Hyatt when Azmin was in charge of the Brunei sultan’s official visit to Malaysia.
FMT could not verify the identities of the men in the clips.

Life is unfair ... for non-Malays

From Malaysiakini:

Is hoping for meritocracy futile?

Published:   |  Modified: 
“Age was respected among his people, but achievement was revered. As the elders said, if a child washed his hands he could eat with kings.”
- Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

COMMENT | On a working visit to England, prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said: “Whose hands would we leave the fate of this nation to, if not to the young generation? Let us work together and unite to create a bright future for Malaysia.”
Politicians like to claim that “young people” are the future of this country. What they really mean is that young people are potential voters to keep the system in place. 
Meanwhile, a young Malaysian wrote a letter to the media about the harsh reality of education in Malaysia that exemplifies all that is wrong with the system.
What I liked about it was that it was devoid of polemics.
It was a measured reflection of an unpleasant reality facing non-Malay young people in this country. Here was a young Malaysian who did everything by the book, so to speak. This young Malaysian had the “noble” values Mahathir and other politicians like to talk about, but they mean very little against a system designed to cultivate resentment, among other things.

This writer excelled in his education and dutifully turned to the system to help in his advancement of the Malaysian dream. To be a productive citizen, the system says do this and do that and you will reap the rewards.
However, the system failed this young Malaysian. It was not a mistake. It was not an anomaly. It was just that this young Malaysian missed the quota system for his community. Perhaps the system was originally not designed to marginalise the non-Malays, but it evolved into a system where the main purpose is to see to the “uplifting” of the Malay community at the expense of the non-Malay community.
This is why the education minister has to walk back on statements he made about the systemic discrimination in the private sector, or when Malay politicians claim that the special rights of the Malays go on in perpetuity.
Take this paragraph from the letter: “Again, I worked hard at IMU and managed to graduate as a top student in my graduating class. I was elated, but the joy was short-lived when I found out that, despite being the best student in the class, I was not eligible for the PTPTN loan exemption due to a different assessment system and crude conversion method.”
We read commentary about young people not paying back their PTPTN loans. We read about how the government is in a dilemma attempting to rectify this situation. Whenever I speak to the parents of young non-Malays who have secured loans, they always remind their children to repay the loans because it is drummed into their heads that there are consequences for not repaying loans or if it is from the government, they are depriving other children of opportunities they received from the government.

Are there exceptions to this kind of thinking? I am sure there is. However, my point is that young non-Malays, especially if they come from backgrounds where tertiary level education is not a given, but something that has to be earned and achieved by hard work – by the child and the parent - borrowing money to secure a better future through education is a road well-travelled.
Indeed, the writer makes two important points which reflect the reality of young non-Malays in this country and something that should be repeated and often.
The first: “Nonetheless, my amazing parents devised a solution for me to further my education. They dipped into their retirement fund (they reached retirement age at the end of my secondary education) and also borrowed a hefty sum from my uncle.”
This is an important point and something that has become a sort of weapon for proponents of the system that perpetuates the kind of injustice that has become an acceptable component in mainstream Malaysian politics.
This idea that non-Malays will always find a way to achieve their ambitions. They do not need the system, hence the system should reflect the needs of the majority. In other words, the hard work and sacrifice of the parents are used against them to rationalise the inequalities of the system.
This enables corrupt politicians to shape anti-inclusion narratives that receive very little pushback, because, to do so would jeopardise the political power of non-Malays, which over the decades has diminished anyway.

This meme that some young Malays progressives like to go on about, is that it is not the politicians who foist ideas of Malay privilege on the community, but rather the majority in the Malay community want their entitlement when it comes to social, educational and economic programmes, so the "urban" educated non-Malay mainstream is getting it wrong.
That may be true, but what does this mean? It means that nobody is really interested in equality and that non-Malays should stop thinking of themselves as citizens of this country, and whose existence is merely to prop up a system which disadvantages them.
Which is fine, but this means that the only cathartic thing to do is to leave this country, or vent on online forums.
The second point of this young non-Malay write is in this: “Looking back now, I probably should have sought cheaper alternatives in universities, but I knew that my parents would want to provide the best for me.”
This should be a familiar situation for most young people and their parents. Even though you are one of the best, life is unfair and you should lower your expectations because what you do after you fulfil your educational goals, is what is important.
I have no idea if pragmatism is a “noble” value, but it does point to the different values young Malaysians have, which is shaped by the way they engage with the system. These conflicting values will eventually become flashpoints of unrest, no matter how the non-Malay political elite attempts to justify the system in place.
The writer ended the letter thus: “Insanity is doing something over and over again, but expecting different results. One can only hope for a silver lining in the cloud of challenges confronting Malaysian students now.”
All I can say is, more often than not, hope is a form of delusion.

Cool 'Cat' says Azmin Ali should step down

From Sun Daily:

Azmin should step down if evidence against him, says Anwar’s pol-sec

PETALING JAYA: Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali (pix) should step down if the evidence is overwhelmingly against him, PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s political secretary said today.

Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak was referring to the gay sex video which Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz had confessed to be in. Haziq alleged that the other man was Azmin.

“This whole fiasco is turning into a circus, and they are implicating everyone, including me,” Farhash said when contacted by theSun.

“It is time those responsible own up and put the matter to rest, so we can move on to more pressing issues.”

Farhash also denied that he has gone into hiding. “I am around. I never went missing and have always been in the country. It is just that I am not active on social media, so people do not know my whereabouts,“ he said.

“I have been flooded with calls and messages. There is nothing for me to say for now. It is best we let the police do their job.”

Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, the so-called 'missing man' from among the PKR leadership group, apart from being Anwar's political secretary, is the PKR Perak Chairman.

Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak

His rather flowery and nice sounding name hints of a 'connection' with either Spain (including South America) or Philippines or even Egypt though we can discount the last as quite a few other Malaysian wannabe Middle-Easterners have adopted or were given Middle-Eastern names without any blood relations to that location.

So take your pick as to which you prefer to believe his 'connection' could be, Spain or Philippines, wakakaka.

His Perak PKR deputy chief, M. A. Tinagaran, informs us Farhash is NOT 'missing' as speculated in a sinister manner by some Dwarfs, but on holiday. With due umbrage, Tinagaran asked why Farhash's absence is being scrutinised vis-a-vis the sex tape scandal when the video involved "someone" else, wakakaka.

But Azmin Ali has earlier accused the alleged PKR 'insider' responsible for the scandalous revelation as someone with 'connections' to Philippines, which coincidentally Haziq was about to travel to prior to his apprehension by police for questioning. RPK had earlier written of Haziq seeking 'refuge' there.

Anyway, Farhash has now up the ante in calling for Azmin Ali to step down, move aside or eff-off so that PKR and thus Pakatan can put the matter to rest, and move on to more pressing issues (like the promised 'handover'? wakakaka).

Meanwhile, Wan Azizah said she won't quit her DPM position until Anwar becomes PM which we believe, if Mahathir honours his commitment to Pakatan, is in less than a year's time.

don't make me angry or I wave it furiously 

The key for the success of the 'handover' seems to be the DAP even though it really isn't. Although Lim KS has vowed to step down for good if Mahathir does NOT honour his commitment to hand over to Anwar in a decent time frame (less than 1 year by our reckoning of 2 years from 05 May 2018), do you think Mahathir cares?

LKS ranted & raved about a lot of things but achieved none

Thus Lim's pompous gesture is meaningless and really, quite ineffective, because by then he'll also be 79 and overdue for retirement - not every person wishes to be like power-crazy vengeance-driven Mahathir who still wants to cling on to power as PM even at 94 years old. So what's the point of saying he'll step down by then when he in all likelihood will be doing so regardless of whether Mahathir hands over power peacefully or otherwise?

And as far as Mahathir is concerned, Lim KS can even do bungee jumping from Twin Towers for all he cares. Au contraire Mahathir may even be pleased.

But back to Farhash's exhortations to Azmin Ali, really, Jambu Boy should be at least as honourable as the dishonoured but still-Honorable Chua Soi Lek, wakakaka, who knew when to go quietly.

Veni Vidi Vici - he cum, saw and conk-her
yet on own accord, unbidden, left honorably
so stop tokking ayam waiting for Madhatter
leave, 'ere we see you turn into Saiful Bukhari 

Azmin Ali effectively clears UMNO of complicity in sex video clips

From FMT:

Azmin points to the Philippines connection in sex videos scandal

Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali.

SHAH ALAM: Mohamed Azmin Ali today said he was convinced that several gay sex video clips targeted at him were the work of certain PKR members with links to the Philippines.
This comes four days after the police arrested Sarawak PKR member Haziq Aziz at klia2 on his way to board a flight to Manila.
“Let the people judge. Now the perception about who is behind this slander and conspiracy has become clear,” Azmin told reporters while attending a signing ceremony for an affordable homes project here today.
There has been speculation that a state-level party leader has been missing since last week, which was when several clips showing two men engaging in homosexual acts went viral on social media.
Haziq, who is an aide to Deputy Primary Industries Minister Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, named himself and Azmin as the pair in the videos, a charge strongly denied by the PKR deputy president.

Annual Report Card on Pakatan govt - 3 out of 10 only

From Malaysiakini:

Zuraida's ex-aide Soffian drafting 'critique' against gov't

Anne Muhammad  |  Published: 
INTERVIEW | Ahmad Soffian Mohd Sharif, who recently resigned as press secretary to Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin, disclosed that he is in midst of drafting a ‘critique’ of the Pakatan Harapan government.
Soffian (photo, above), who had worked for the minister for more than two years, said he was not receiving any payment for his writing, but considers it his civic duty to the country and the people.
“Let Allah decide what I will receive. I think my resignation and what would follow is a service to the nation and would be a professional critique.
“I will speak frankly for myself, with no (backing from any) political party. I am acting on my own accord and I don’t know how far will my voice be heard. But I will try because it is like a calling based on my experience working in government.
“What I want is for the critique to be useful and be something that the government and the people can see, and if it proves useful, they can use it,” Soffian told Malaysiakini in an interview yesterday.
He had earlier resigned, citing a loss of faith in the Harapan-led administration.
The 33-year-old said although he still holds Zuraida (photo) in high regard, the same cannot be said about the Harapan government.
“We can sort out the problems within our ministry, but when people ask about other things, we cannot answer.
“So, I think it is better for people like me not to serve under the government.
“That is not to say I am criticising the government to put it in bad light. I’m not like that; I’m more into intellectual arguments. I want to do my own studies, and give my views freely and transparently,” he said.
Soffian added that his decision to resign was also influenced by the government’s decision to drop his wife, lawyer Syazlin Mansor, from the inquest into the death of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.
Failure to deliver election promises
Other issues, he said, include Harapan’s failure to deliver its election promises and in finding a solution to the loans given out by the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN).
The UiTM law graduate also gave Harapan a measly score of three out of 10 for failing to achieve what it should have accomplished within a year in power.
“In my view as a layperson, the first year is for formulating good policies that will see us through for the next three to four years.
“Although some ministries have certain policies, we don’t know what they want to do in the three or four years to come. Most ministries don’t.
“What they have are development plans, but there is no proper action and it is simply rebranded by attaching ‘Harapan’ to its name,” Soffian said, with a chuckle.
He added that he could not openly criticise the government during his service in the Housing and Local Government Ministry, even though something was amiss, in order to protect the government’s image.
“If I openly criticised while serving the Harapan government, I would be seen as not doing my job.
“I had a responsibility to protect the government, and because of that, I think it is better for me to step away and say what I want because I would not be held responsible for my actions outside the government,” he said.
The Johor native also said that all leaders should accept criticism with an open heart, for everyone’s benefit.
“People say that blind faith in politics is not only found in BN but also in Harapan, to the extent of thinking that what the leaders say is maksum (perfect). That can’t be allowed.
“We have to have space to criticise the leaders, and the voice of the people should be heard,” Soffian said.

Anwar Ibrahim - 'Almost but Never PM of Malaysia'?

From FMT:

PKR risks losing top posts in power play, says analyst

Some analysts cast doubt about Wan Azizah making way for Anwar Ibrahim in the Cabinet.
PETALING JAYA: A political analyst speculates that PKR could lose its grip on the top two posts in the country if Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail makes way for her husband, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, in hopes of speeding up his claim to take over as prime minister.
Azmi Hassan of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia said “this strategy is fraught with danger” as PKR might not only lose the DPM’s post but also the PM’s post, referring to Pakatan Harapan’s agreement that Anwar would take over from Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister.
There have been growing calls for Mahathir to make clear when the transfer of power would take place. Wan Azizah has also been urged to give up the deputy premiership as a means of securing Anwar’s claim to succeed Mahathir.
“But this strategy is only applicable if the handover is a sure thing,” he said.
Azmi Hassan.
Azmi had doubts that Mahathir would make way for Anwar soon, in the light of the sex video scandal implicating Cabinet minister Mohamed Azmin Ali, who some believe to be Mahathir’s preferred successor.
“Given that Tun’s grasp on the post seems more tighter than before, I don’t see that Wan Azizah will relinquish her DPM post with all the uncertainties, either,” he added.
Mahathir was supposed to hold office only for two years; in May, he stated that he would hand over the reins to Anwar as promised but no timeframe had been set for the transfer of power.
Azmi said the prospects of Anwar succeeding Mahathir now appeared to be more of a “distant dream” rather than a foregone conclusion.
It is not a good idea for Wan Azizah to step aside. “With her still in the Cabinet, some sort of internal pressure can be applied to Tun to fulfil his obligation regarding the PM post.”
Oh Ei Sun.
Singapore Institute of International Affairs senior fellow Oh Ei Sun said Wan Azizah’s resignation would force Mahathir’s hand, but Mahathir could very well replace her with somebody else such as Azmin.
“What is happening now is anything but smooth and ordinary,” he told FMT. “It is abundantly clear that Mahathir has no intention of having Anwar succeed him.”
Kaytee notes:
Mahathir is right up to his USUAL Machiavellian self. I have often written that he hates three people with a vengeance, his INVINCIBLE hate, white heat hot hatred, and these 3 unfortunate blokes are (a) Anwar Ibrahim, (b) KJ (wakakaka) and (c) Najib Razak.
Thus assuming he would honour his agreement to hand over the PM post to Anwar without any black & white safety assurances, despite perceived half-hearted grudging promises from him is presumptuous, yes presumptuously naive and akin to believing in fairy godmothers and tooth fairies.
Mahathir is known for his bravado stubbornness and two-fingers attitude to the world ('Jews have hooked nose' etc) and with such an obdurate defiant eff-you attitude cum his innate hatred of Anwar, he would now dig in EVEN further with the news of his blue-eye jambu (believed to be his heir-anointed) being now under scandalous siege, true or otherwise.
If the majority Pakatan coalition sticks with him and this includes part of PKR (the Dokalffar Dwarfs faction) and the DAP leadership (Lim KS' vow to resign notwithstanding), then Anwar Ibrahim can wave goodbye to his future as the 8th PM of Malaysia, and he can thank his own PKR people plus indeed the DAP leadership for abandoning him.
As Chinese would say, 'uu lang bay cheh tian' (adanya orang yang ta'ada nasib menduduk singgasana) (there are people NOT destined to rule).
Some notables in history have been Hilary Clinton (USA), Kim Beasley and Bill Shorten (Australia), and our own Ku Li. Anwar Ibrahim may yet join them in the immortalised phalanx of 'The Almost (but never there)'. And it'll be Fate's very cruel trick played on him.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Mahathir was TOO HASTY to dismiss video clips as fakes

From FMT:

Digital forensics experts not convinced that gay sex videos are fake

Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Aziz (right) says he had sex with Mohamed Azmin Ali, a claim the minister has strongly denied.

PETALING JAYA: At least two experts have questioned claims that several video clips targeted at Mohamed Azmin Ali were doctored using artificial intelligence technology or what has come to be known as “deepfake”.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Kevin Nguyen, who previously provided content verification for news giants such as the BBC and New York Times, came to this conclusion this after analysing three videos.
“At an image level, forensically it checks out. I ran a number of forensic analyses… across the three videos and at the six points I checked there was no evidence of photo or image manipulation,” he told Australia’s SBS News.
He did not rule out the videos as being deepfake but said if they were, they were “very good”.
Siwei Lyu, a media forensics expert and professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Albany in the US, also concluded that the video clips could not have been fabricated.
“Barring the compression artefacts, there is no definite trace of deepfake algorithms such as inconsistent face orientations, or ‘floating’ of faces,” he said.
Another video verification expert, Denby Weller from the University of Technology Sydney, said the clip could have been recorded using a mobile phone, but doubted if it was done discreetly.
She said the video was shot from a slightly elevated position, which is not easy to do without the use of a tripod.
“So if the uploader is claiming it’s a ‘hidden camera’ scenario… evidence seems to me to say otherwise. This is not conclusive, but a strong hint,” she told SBS.
KT note: In other words, there is high probability the video clips might be genuine

BEST political statement 2019 (3)

Malaysia - 'Azmin preferred Pakatan Rakyat to Harapan, didn't back Dr M at first' (selected extracts):

Rais Hassan
Pribumi Supreme Council member & Party strategist 

Seemingly peeved at Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman's strong defence of the beleaguered Mohamed Azmin Ali, Rais Hussin has taken a swipe at the latter's contributions to Pakatan Harapan.

Rais, who sits on Bersatu's supreme council, took exception to some of the claims made in his party colleague's opinion piece entitled 'Azmin Ali, the politician I know.'

"This is a new narrative." he tweeted over the weekend. [...]

[kt note: Rais Hassan was virtually saying Syed Saddiq BS-ed in the latter's glowing praise of Azmin Ali, wakakaka]

Rais said ....., however, that the "truth must be told as it is. Please."

He also retweeted former minister Zaid Ibrahim, who said that he was "tired of listening to hypocrites expressing horror about 'gutter politics'."

"Firstly there is no gutter politics, only gutter politicians. Second, is the video real or fake? That’s all I want to know," Zaid's tweet read.

Zaid Ibrahim
(used & 'discarded' by DAP) 

I deem Zaid Ibrahim's tweet (as follows below) as the BEST political statement 2019 thus far: 

"[I am] ... tired of listening to hypocrites expressing horror about 'gutter politics'." 

"Firstly there is no gutter politics, only gutter politicians. Second, is the video real or fake? That’s all I want to know."

This is the 2nd time this year Zaid has won my post-awarded title, wakakaka.

Best political statement (2019) series:

(1) BEST political statement 2019 (1)

(2) BEST political statement 2019 (2).

An intriguing 'tho not unprecedented story

From Reuters:

Malaysian switched at birth wants to switch religion

Sales executive Zulhaidi Omar (C), flanked by his natural parents, father Teo Ma Leong (L) and mother Lim Sai Hak, poses in Johor Bahru, February 2, 2007

Zulhaidi, 29, switched at birth in a hospital mix-up, wants to change his name after being reunited with his ethnic-Chinese biological family and become a Buddhist

REUTERS/New Straits Times Press

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A Malaysian Muslim man switched at birth in a hospital mix-up wants to change his name after being reunited with his ethnic-Chinese biological family and become a Buddhist.

In multiracial Malaysia, ethnic Malays, who are mostly Muslim, form a majority of the population of roughly 26 million, while ethnic Chinese and ethnic Indians account for about 25 percent and 8 percent respectively.

Sales executive Zulhaidi Omar, 29, was raised in an ethnic Malay family, and discovered his true origins only after a Chinese woman at a supermarket where he worked noticed his features were similar to those of her father, newspapers said.

“The girl who was always looking at me was actually my elder sister who suspected that I was her brother because of my striking resemblance to our father,” the Star newspaper quoted Zulhaidi as telling reporters.

Three visits by the girl and her parents convinced him to take a DNA test that confirmed the ties, he added.

Zulhaidi, who unwittingly spent 20 years just a few miles from his real family, now lives with them in Batu Pahat in southern Johor state. But it took him six months before he began to call his parents “Mum” and “Dad”.

His natural father, Teo Ma Leong, 66, said he had always suspected the fifth of his six children was switched at birth, because the boy had a dark complexion, the Star said.

“A check with the hospital gave us no clues, so we brought him up as one of our own, although we knew our actual son was out there somewhere,” Teo added.

As a child, Zulhaidi said, he was teased about his Chinese-like features and never felt accepted by the family in which he was brought up, so he left them when he was 13.

“My Malay father had left us when I was three,” he said. “My mother remarried, but I could not get along with my stepfather, so I left.”

He waited on tables and worked at a car wash to put himself through school, eventually ending up with a diploma in business administration.

The other changeling, Tian Fa, 29, was brought up by the Teos, married a Chinese woman, and has no intention of seeking out his biological parents, the Star said.

Now Zulhaidi wants to renounce Islam and take a Chinese name.

Whether Muslims can convert to another faith is a tricky legal question in Malaysia, where Islam is the official religion, although freedom of worship is a constitutional right.


KT notes:

Though an old story (12 years ago) I just read in in FB and thought of sharing its interesting 'web of intrigues' with you.

Gobind Singh represented him in court when/where he sought to change his name and religion.

Last known 'changed' name was Eddie Teo, but his attempt to change his religion was objected to by many (Muslim) sides, although whether he succeeded in the end is not known.

And I wonder too whether the 'other' son, Tian Fa, the 'real Malay-born', was hunted down by the usual suspects to revert back to being a Melayu and Muslim, though from news reports he ignored the 'switch' as he's now happily married to a Chinese woman?

The moral of this story I wanted to share with you is, it's not what your blood, flesh and bones, meaning your ethnicity (and of particular interest in Malaysia, your religion) might have come from, but the correctness or mistakes of a mere mortal like a hospital staff (most probably a nurse) who determined whether you live the life of either a Malay or a Chinese. Some may say t'was the Almighty.

I wonder whether Zulhaidi Omar (now Eddie Teo) grew up as a Malay disliking or suspicious of the Chinese, and whether Tian Fa (his 'counterpart') grew up as a Chinese disliking or suspicious of Malays. Haven't their lives, loves, happiness, sorrows and thoughts been lessons for all of us Malaysians?

Maybe yes, it might only have been an Almighty who would play such a mischievous game of life, love, dislikes and emotional sufferings or/and happiness.