Sunday, September 24, 2017


From Malaysiakini's Not of Keralan descent, yet father of Indian development:

"Even though my father, grandfather are not from Kerala, I am called the father of Indian community development"


Today MM Online publishes Najib says stood ground in appointing Indian Customs director-general much against the objections of a Malay NGO which wrote a letter of appeal to HM the Agong to make Zulkifli Yahya the Custom DG instead of the by-far more senior Subromaniam Tholasy.

Subromaniam Tholasy 

Extracts of MM Online article: ... the Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) had allegedly submitted a memorandum to the Yang diPertuan Agong calling for a Malay candidate, the current Customs deputy director-general Datuk Zulkifli Yahya, succeed Khazali.

kaytee's note: How the f**k does such a racist organisation dare include the word 'Humanitarian' in its NGO moniker?

The alleged memorandum sighted by Malay Mail Online and dated March 20, 2017 stated that MHO preferred Zulkifli as he was Malay, Kelantanese and would be the best candidate when it came to protecting the interests of Malays and Muslims in Malaysia.

The memorandum added that Zulkifli’s appointment would also “indirectly” ensure that the Islamic agenda within the Customs Department would be preserved.

The group denied sending the memorandum to the Agong.

Shortly after the denial, Istana Negara confirmed receiving the document from the MHO, but declined to comment on its contents.

Thus Istana Negara proved the so-called Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) has been not only racist, but also a coward, lying to the end in denying it wrote that letter of objection.

And the worst of the lot, MHO attempted to appeal provincially in the ultimate shameful narrowest sense to HM the Agong that their preferred candidate is a Kelantanese. What a bunch of bigots. Insha'Allah Tuanku ignored them.

But Malaysia surely has many Bapa's, wakakaka, but with many truly deserving of the honorific title, as follows:

Tunku Abdul Rahman - Bapa Kemerdekaan

Tun Razak Hussein - Bapa Pembangunan

Tun Hussein Onn - Bapa Perpaduan

Tun Mahathir Mohamad - Bapa Permodenan dan Forex, Maminco, Proton, Perwaja and lain2

his best matey, wakakaka 

Tun Ahmad Abdullah Badawi - Bapa Pembangunan Modal Insan

Najib Razak - Bapa Transformasi Malaysia dan juga Pembangunan Anak Hindu

eat your hearts out Waytha, wakakaka 


  1. With religious duggus like these,it is no surprise that the country is going backwards,towards the stone age.Soon this dunggu of a pondan and his gang of 'chempedaks' will be wearing tin cans for panties.Even Myanmar is laughing at Malaysia.

  2. We should ensure we give Ktemoc's best matey credit where credit is due....
    Bapa 1MDB, Bapa Arab Donation, Bapa SRC, Bapa KWAP, Bapa FGV dan lain-lain...

    He should also not be bashful about how he stood his ground to ensure the appointment and power of the Chinese financial boy genius Jho Low.
    For that Ktemoc's best matey deserves the title Bapa Pembangunan Anak Cina.

    Never in the history of Malaysia has 1 Man owed so much to so many.....Bravo !