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Official debt figure is RM648 billion, not RM1 trillion

MM Online - Malaysians raise over RM7m for Tabung Harapan in under 24 hours:

Just imagine, RM7 million within 24 hours.

In one year, assuming each and everyday the public contributes RM7 million, the Tabung will get 7 x 365 = 2.555 Billion, say 2.6 Billion rounded up.

That means Malaysia will solve its RM1 Trillion debt in 385 years (assuming for simplicity sake, the interests remain at zero).

Large donations like RM1 million from Lim Guan Eng's standby bail money will help tremendously. After all, Lim is unlikely to face charges or temporary incarceration thus the bail money, donated by the public, is not longer needed by Lim Guan Eng, thanks in large part to his father who recently told the AG to resign voluntarily.

OTOH, if the national debt is around 650 Billion, then it will be faster.

P Gunasegaram, a pro Pakatan journalist at Malaysiakini wrote Is our debt really over RM1 Trillion? (extracts):

Lim should know that this is not included when the ratio is calculated in international debt figures. But, yes, government guarantees and contingent liabilities should be taken into account in assessing the overall debt picture correctly.

The next one that Lim includes is lease payments under public-private partnerships (PPP) of RM201.4 billion. But is this fair?

Here’s what Lim says: “However, in addition to the above, the federal government is also committed and obligated to make lease payments (including rental, maintenance and other charges), for a whole list of ‘Public-Private Partnership’ (PPP) projects such as the construction of schools, hostels, roads, police stations, hospitals, et cetera.

“The lease commitments which were designed specifically to circumvent the federal government guarantee and debt limits amount to RM201.4 billion (14.9 percent of GDP).’

This does not seem to be in the public domain. I tried looking for the official figures in the Accountant-General’s 2016 report but could not locate them. Yes, there are indications that this may have been on very favourable terms to those who obtained them but it is a legitimate means of reducing the government’s balance sheet practised now in many countries around the world.

Essentially under these arrangements, the private sector undertakes a project, for example, constructing a government office. In return, the government commits to paying rent for, say, 20 to 30 years. While borrowings reduce, as a result, the government’s operating expenditure rises.

Even if including PPP as debt is considered to be the right approach, it will be inaccurate to take into account the full repayments as debt obligations, as payments are made over long periods and include interest charges. Instead, it should be the capital expenditure incurred if the government has to undertake the projects. Damansara member of parliament Tony Pua, who seems to be assisting Lim in these matters, puts PPPs entered into by the previous government at around RM63 billion in value.

There is no denying that PPPs can be problematic. A problem arises if the private sector investors get too high a return, and the government suffers as a result. PPPs will not be classified as debt under most classifications. But, yes both guarantees and PPPs should be taken into account in the overall assessment of the debt and liabilities situation of the government.

No, the official debt figure is still RM648 billion, not RM1 trillion.

I like to think Guan Eng knows his accounts and that he was just bodek-ing his new boss in saying the national debt is RM1 Trillion, when it is RM648 Billion.

The Un-Islamisation Of Malaysia

by Raja Petra Kamarudin

Today, we are hearing many Malaysians (such as those from G25 plus many more) propagate the closing down of JAKIM, IKSIM, etc.

I am one of those who are fiercely anti-JAKIM, mainly because when I was detained without trial in 2008 it was JAKIM that subjected me to sleep-deprivation when they tried to rehabilitate me for being a ‘deviant’ Muslim. In that sense my beef against JAKIM is very personal.

Anyway, it appears that the majority of Malaysians consider Malaysia a Secular State and not an Islamic State. Those who hold to the belief that Malaysia is an Islamic State are in the minority and in a democracy the majority rules.

Hence, since the majority says Malaysia is a Secular State, then we must respect the wishes of the majority. That is what democracy is all about.

In 2008 I was detained for ‘rehabilitation’ by JAKIM

In a Secular State there is clear separation between the Church and State. This is what Napoleon Bonaparte did in France 200 years ago. And, since then, the Church was not allowed to interfere in the lives of the citizens.

Even the role of education was taken away from the church and France set up public schools based on a Secular curriculum. Within 30 years the entire Europe had transformed and before the century was out the various Empires collapsed and were replaced with Republics (or Constitutional Monarchies), Russia being the last one in the early 1900s.

For years I have been writing about this (and because of that some Muslims call me an apostate or atheist). JAKIM even tried to get me to ‘repent’ (taubat) and ‘revert’ to Islam (they considered me an apostate or kafir).

I was so pissed with them that I shouted for them to take their Islam and shove it up their you know where.

They put me in a room with seven Special Branch officers who grilled me for many hours regarding my stand on Islam. The night before that they would not allow me to sleep and JAKIM officers came to my cell to debate me regarding my beliefs (they rotated a new officer every hour so about ten JAKIM officers came to my cell that night).

So I was not in top form when I faced those seven Special Branch officers.

The government is very brutal towards those who do not follow the ‘approved’ version of Islam

One Special Branch officer shouted at me and said as a Muslim I should not be saying what I was saying (and writing). I was so angry I shouted back and said, “I renounce Islam. Now take me outside and chop off my head.”

The Special Branch officers were stunned and did not know how to respond. “I have just murtad,” I shouted at them. “The punishment for murtad is death. Now take me outside and execute me. Cut off my head.”

That was when they decided to end my ‘interrogation’ and sent me back to my cell. Instead of interrogating me for 60 days, like what is the normal procedure, they packed me off to Kamunting after just about a week or so.

They had given up trying to get me to ‘repent’ and to ‘revert’ to Islam. (But they continued with my ‘rehabilitation’ in Kamunting over the next two months or so: JAKIM and Pejabat Agama officers were sent to ‘rehabilitate’ me).

The High Court declares my detention illegal and releases me — RPK 1; JAKIM 0

So, if Malaysia is really a Secular State, as they say, then Malaysia has no need for JAKIM, IKSIM, PERKIM, JAWI, JAIS and the scores of other Islamic bodies and departments that are paid by the taxpayers. I am sure billions can be saved by abolishing all these bodies and departments — not to forget that the 1.6 million civil servants can probably be reduced quite a bit in the same process.

I have said this before many times. We are what we are due to accident of birth. You are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc., because you happen to have been born into a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and so on, family.

Of course, there is a minority who, say, were not born Muslim or Christian but they converted to Islam or Christianity later in life. But those are the exceptions and not the rules.

If you believe in a Secular State, democracy, human rights, civil liberties, etc., then no one should be forced to believe what he or she does not want to believe. And this includes Muslims who no longer believe in Islam.

But the government does not allow freedom of choice and freedom of belief. And this is wrong — unless Malaysia is an Islamic State.

Syed Hamid Albar, the ‘Arab’ Minister who ordered my detention in 2008


Kaytee note:

I just want to disagree with RPK on an issue, and even then, a qualified one, as follows:

RPK wrote: We are what we are due to accident of birth. You are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc., because you happen to have been born into a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and so on, family.

Strictly-religiously speaking as per Buddhism, no one can be born a Buddhist, though many Buddhists themselves do not realise this. Thus RPK has been correct in a (qualified) way, in which many Buddhists erroneously believe their religion is Buddhism because they were born as Buddhists.

No Buddhist monk in the Buddhist world can convert you into a Buddhist, nor can you call yourself a Buddhist even if you believe in Buddhism and its teachings.

There is only one way to be a Buddhist - one must practise the tenets or teachings of Buddhism.

And the teachings of Buddhism or of the Buddha at its simplest definition is to "Cultivate the good and avoid the bad".

Not easy to do that, mateys, yes sirree, not at all easy to do that. Buddhism is probably one of the most difficult religions to follow.

So don't think just because your parents are Buddhists, or you have been 'converted' by a so-called Buddhist monk, you are also a Buddhist. You are only a Buddhist when you practise the teachings of Buddhism, which is, to:

"Cultivate the good and avoid the bad".

In short, Buddhism is a religion of and for actions, not just beliefs.

Bola Sepak Extravaganza di RTM - Siapa Bayar?

New Minister of the Communications and Multimedia ministry wants to entertain us with 47 free World Cup games on the state RTM at the cost of RM40 million.

Rais Yatim, former Minister of the MCMC, wants to know who will be paying the RM40 million. Surely it can't be the government who's so broke that it has now introduced a begging bowl for the public to donate to its coffers.

I wonder what "mode" Rais could be in now? 

Rais Yatim said such an expensive extravaganza would be inconsistent with the government’s austerity drive if Putrajaya must pay for the games.

where is that donated RM1 million for your bail-standby? 

Maybe Lim Guan Eng can donate the RM1 million he obtained through public donations for his bail, were he to have been jailed for his corruption charges. And his financial mentor Daim, a very rich man, can also chip in?

RM40 million? Sap sap suoi 

Or the moronic mafulat-ish multitude of Hell-Hounds could chip in too? Wakakaka.

3 murders - which one will be picked for review?

With apologies to the composer of:

Three coins in the fountain,
Each one seeking happiness.
Thrown by three hopeful lovers,
Which one will the fountain bless?

I have paraphrased the lyrics of the famous song:

Three murders in the nation,
Each one seeking true finding.
Thrown by three hopeful seekers,
Which one will the nation satisfy?

There have been many murders in Malaysia but not to the extent of the USA or other more violent countries eg. Philippines, India, Indonesia etc.

The 3 quite famous ones in Malaysia involved 2 Malaysians and one Mongolian.

But the one most likely to be "re-visited" will be the one involving the Mongolian.

(centre) Shaariibuu Altantuyaa, (right) her lover Razak Baginda,

(left) her murderers (top) Azilah Hadri and (bottom) Sirul Azhar Umar

Why? And why not the ones involving Malaysians?

Those three murders I have identified have been the murders or alleged murders of:

(a) Shaariibuu Altantuyaa

(b) Kevin Morais

(c) the suspected murder of Teoh Beng Hock.

Case (b) is out because Shukri Abdull, the (Mahathir-approved, wakakaka)
 MACC Boss, has already said Kevin Morais was not involved nor related to 1MDB, much as "Saint Teresa" Clare would have liked it after claiming Kevin was her informer on 1 MDB.

Thus reopening his case would be a waste of the government's time and resources in 'fixing' Najib kaukau.

Kevin Morais 

Case (c) would not be re-opened because his assumed murderers would likely be 'orang kita'; you can work out the "mathematics" of it, apart from the obvious fact his murder re-investigation is unlikely to kowtim-rise Ah Jib Gor.

And it will also be an embarrassment to LKS.

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang shook hands with Rohaizad Yaakob, a top Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) official to show the opposition’s solidarity with the MACC

Yet just a year earlier Kit Siang in his article, titled "Malaysians will not rest until justice is done for the killing of Teoh Beng Hock" had said DAP and Pakatan Rakyat would continue to highlight the injustice of Teoh Beng Hock’s unresolved murder at the MACC's Shah Alam office

what utter bullshit

Indeed, much to the shame of ethics, principles and morality, Lim Kit Siang has treacherously supported the MACC just a bloody mere year after he accused that organization of Teoh Beng Hock's mysteriously death or, as DAP supporters suspect, murder.

Even former MCA president Ong Tee Keat, who left/resigned from MCA since 02 January 2017, saw fit to write in a letter to Malaysiakini (extracts):

The loss of life, especially while in the custody of government enforcement officials, is always a serious matter of public concern.

There cannot be no answers for this particular case.

It's simply not acceptable that one can die in the MACC's custody without knowing what had happened

Lim Kit Siang obviously did does not share Ong Tee Keat's righteous and lawful feelings

There I lie having fallen 14 floors from above
not only having lost my young unfulfilled life
I lost my party's loyalty and comrades' love
left with only those from my family and wife

The Altantuyaa's murder will be re-opened if they cannot get Najib through 1MDB. There is a tenuous link between Altantuyaa and Najib, established by the hearsay words of one man, the late P Balasubramaniam - for more, see my posts:

The Genesis of the Altantuyaa's statutory declaration started in Fogles pub and then The Backyard pub in Sri Hartamas when Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR), Americk Singh Sidhu (lawyer), Balasubramaniam (private investigator), ASP Suresh (police), Puravalen (lawyer) were having a few drinks and discussing the Altantuyaa case.

They want to and will get Najib one way or another - and if Altantuyaa's soul has to be disturbed again and again, so be it as the end justifies the means - meaning if a goal is important enough to "someone" (wakakaka), any method of achieving it is acceptable. If 1MDB is enough to get Najib, then that's the end of the Altantuyaa story.

Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again

As I journey through the darkness of cold oblivion
Borne on the back of Shava to meet his master
Assigned to Samsara by cruel nefarious forces
Which ended my karmic forces violently, abruptly

In my odyssey, wandering by the woeful Acheron
Was there a time when I had felt soothing voices
To comfort me amidst my lonely pains and fears
Yes I do, only from the One who is fragrant Pure

But the loudest noises are they calling for ‘justice’
Though, I smile cynically, ‘twas not meant for me
Their shrill proclamations & belated outrage (sigh)
Startled even great Gujir Tngri and the 77 siqar

Grandstanding acrobatics, their excuse to dispense
With all norms, purportedly all for me (wry smile)
I must confess I view with scepticism and distaste
As I would professional chest-pounding mourners

Gnashing Colgate mint-flavoured peroxide-d teeth
Wretchedly wringing manicured Ulan oiled hands
Shedding date-expired plastic bags of lo-salt tears
Proclaiming to be 11th hour paragons of ‘justice’

Even Ataya Tngri rolled his ancient eyes upwards
While Emegelji Eji cackled with caustic laughter
The ancient pair could see abacus shaped hearts
Clicking furiously and shaming Casio calculators

By sheer speed of their computation of advantage
What to extract, exploit, extricate from my name
Squeezing the very last speck of desiccated blood
From my hyper cold shattered fragments of bones

Eager hands raided the ossuary for me to be laid
As stepping stones for the progress of a demigod
On Ardha-Matanga, 4 tasks & seven white trunks
Saluting Brahma, walking to Amarawati by a lake

As the pseudo-pious pirouetting pachyderm crushes
What little good left of my name, what trust exists
In my family’s hope for requital of my cruel murder
I realize those raucous battle cries were not for me

Summoned by conjured justice to now serve Fenrir
To break asunder Gleipnir but only with my death
Re-evoked, for my soul to be murdered a 2nd time
To satiate the burning thirst of Angrboda’s 1st child

Remembering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

One uses a language to teach, one uses a race to divide

MM Online - Mohd Zaini: As long as vernacular schools exist, UiTM will remain Bumiputera-only (extracts):

Hindraf 2.0 de facto leader P. Uthayakumar (centre) at Ilham Tower to hand over a memorandum to the Council of Elders in Kuala Lumpur May 28, 2018. — Picture by Hari Anggara

KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) should continue to remain a tertiary education institution for the Malays and Bumiputeras as long as national-type or vernacular schools exist in Malaysia, said Universiti Teknologi Mara Alumni Association (PAUiTM) president, Datuk Mohd Zaini Hassan.

He said the issue of whether UiTM opens its doors or not to non-Bumiputeras should be consistent with the national education system. [...]

Mohd Zaini said all quarters should not cause incitement in society as Malaysia is a multiracial country.

“We have to respect each other. UiTM can be opened to the various races but the race-based education system such as national-type or vernacular schools need to be changed,” he said

Vernacular school is open to ALL races, UiTM is closed to all except one race, bumiputeras (pribumis).

Vernacular school uses Chinese language to teach, UiTM uses race to divide our society.

Which one would be similar to the behaviour of the former white supremacist Afrikaners?

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

85 grand a month

Mavcom chief Gen (R) Mavcom executive chairman Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad

Couple of my Uncles know him and of him as 'Dollah'.

Bloke was a damn good and quite daring helicopter pilot in the RMAF and well liked by one of the air force chiefs.

He was thus groomed for advancement in the RMAF, switched to F5E fighters (the ones ex Major Zaidi of DAP flew), kept rising up in the ranks and eventually became Chief of the Air Force himself.

Blunt and straight talking, he was also a favourite of Mahathir, wakakaka. Like most military officers, he didn't overtly take sides in politics while he was in the air force. Because of his reputation as a hawkish general, he kept rising in the echelon.

It was ONLY when he was about to retire from the air force that in his farewell message
 he advised air force personnel to vote for the BN, wakakaka again. He caused quite a stir then for being political even when he was one step away from retiring to become a civilian.

At one time my Unc heard of him being the Director of the Civil Aviation Department. Obviously, the government kept his considerable services and experience by putting him as Boss of MavCom.

I sure would like to see what Mahathir will do regarding Anthony Loke's complaint, wakakaka, as our general (retired) has been a favourite of Mahathir. 


MM Online - Under probe Najib doesn’t count as past PM, Dr M says of revoked security:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 29 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s security detail was revoked as he does not currently count as a former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

The prime minister said his predecessor does not share that status since he is currently under investigation for alleged wrongdoings.

“He is under investigation. So he doesn’t represent the past prime ministers.

“But if he is found innocent, he will get the same treatment as other prime ministers,” he said.


Earlier, Najib had on his Facebook page said all his security escorts had been officially revoked except for an aide-de-camp.

I was under the impression that under the so-called democratic laws that the Pakatan government boasts it so cherishes, a man is deemed to be innocent until proven guilty.

But it seems Mahathir believes Najib is GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE, hence Mahathir said if he is found innocent, he will get the same treatment as other prime ministers - tsk tsk tsk.

How about Guan Eng? Is he GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE? Why is Guan Eng accorded protection services when he is still facing a charge?

Yes, his dad has asked the AG to resign, probably to ensure the charges are dead too, but until those charges have been dealt with properly, Guan Eng is like Najib, with charges hanging over their heads, but innocent until proven guilty

How about Mahathir himself who was accorded protection services etc even when he was no longer a PM and especially when he was facing a RCI on the FOREX losses? Wasn't he then in the same shoes as Najib is now?

Mahathir has shown his wicked meanness in extracting retribution every which way against his current bete noire but alas, in such a very mean and unlawful way. It spells rottenness for our judicial due process under the current Mahathir regime, just as it had spelled rottenness for our judicial due process under the previous Mahathir regime (1981 - 2003).

A leopard doesn't change its spots (2)

MM Online - Dr Mahathir plans to develop island in Singapore Strait:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — Malaysia’s prime minister said today the government plans to form a small island on an outcrop of rocks near the eastern entrance to the Straits of Singapore.

Ownership of the strategically located islands in the area was previously disputed by Singapore and Malaysia, with an International Court of Justice ruling in 2008 awarding the Middle Rocks to Malaysia and nearby Pedra Branca island to Singapore.

“It is our intention to enlarge Middle Rocks so we can form a small island for us,” Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said at a news conference. — Reuters

He hasn't changed. Probably still mad at Najib for selling off KTM land to Sing.

OK, no bridge for us, no HSR for you (though Sing travelling to Malaysia brings with it economic benefits (just like tourism).

And to fCk the Sings up a wee bit, build an island which process will cost Malaysia hundreds and hundreds of millions, apart from suggesting the Sing voters may wish to vote out the PAP - what a lovely diplomat worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, wakakaka.

feeling hurt - I thought you bodek-ites was gonna vote for me like you did before

The silly petty inferior-complex one-upmanship against Sing continues.

And the Hell-Hounds plus the dCk-sucking dedak-makan-ing acolytes will blindly defend his sinister silly scheme as absolutely brilliant.

brilliant brilliant fCking brilliant

Wakakaka, the leopard sure hasn't changed its spots.

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A leopard doesn't change its spots

FMT -Now Mahathir says Umno members can join PH (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today the coalition will accept Umno members provided they become “independent” first.

“There are 1,000 applications a day received from people interested in becoming our members. Among them are Umno members.

“Umno members can join us by first becoming independent and then make their stand on the PH-led government and then we’ll decide if they are allowed to join or not,” he said at the PPBM headquarters here today.

This contradicts his statement on May 16, where he said PH would not accept Umno members.

Wakakaka, a leopard doesn't change its spots.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Ch'u-oi Soo Ong (3)

MM Online - Resign now or be prepared to be sacked, Kit Siang tells Apandi (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang today urged Tan Sri Mohamad Apandi Ali to step down as the country’s Attorney-General “honourably” or risk facing a sacking order eventually.

The Iskandar Puteri MP said prolonging the move would only result in further shame for Apandi, who is currently on a 30-day unrecorded leave.

“To save him from further ignominy, Apandi should not exploit the constitutional niceties and loopholes but resolve the three-week constitutional stalemate by submitting his resignation without any ado.

Lim KS is obviously bored and thus looking for trouble, to cucuk, provoke, agitate and stir shit.

He has also called upon UMNO to apologise for Najib's alleged crimes. Should we call upon DAP to apologise for his treachery to DAP principles, for his shameless slutting with Mahathir?

I was born a trouble-maker, one par excellence
Life would be meaningless without shit-stirring
In my career there is no such thing as balance
I fling poo around regardless if that's deserving

I close one eye to "M"atey's humongous follies
To dupe gullible guppies that all is bloody well
Now, tok kok most time is among my hobbies
Masking sonny's f*up to say his work is swell

I am restless because there's less stuff to bull
So I'm gonna make de bloody UMNO apologise
Then shooting off to KK where it is damn cool
To ask de folks there if they'd like to circumcise

I am known as a bloody trouble-making assh@le
It's in my DNA so what I do is grin at other's woes
Though I have lived long in reality I have no soul
Other than to find faults and poke others' noses

I'm the informal Pakatan Minister Plenipotentiary
I can give orders, fCk people up & make policies
Thus I'm warning "resign or be fCk' to Apandi Ali
And promises to find justice for TBH are fallacies

Ch'u-oi Soo Ong (2)

MM Online - Kit Siang's advice to Umno: Apologise for 1MDB charade (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 ― Veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has urged Umno to say sorry to the country for the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal, before it can even consider taking on its role as a credible opposition party.

Umno has found itself in the Opposition for the first time since Independence in 1957, and much of the blame has been centred around the 1MDB scandal and the role of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in allegedly covering it up.

“They have failed the country. They have failed the nation, “ he told Malay Mail in an interview yesterday.

Lim KS should be the one apologising to the nation for closing one eye to his "M"atey's follies, those that he had been raving and ranting about for 30 years. What a bloody hypocrite.

And telling a losing party to apologise for the alleged fault of 1 person must be the lowest kick at a party which has already fallen down. What un-Christian immoral behaviour for a so-called Christian who most certainly lacks charity and faith.

I was born a trouble-maker, one par excellence
Life would be meaningless without shit-stirring
In my career there is no such thing as balance
I fling poo around regardless if that's deserving

I close one eye to "M"atey's humongous follies
To dupe gullible guppies that all is bloody well
Now, tok kok most time is among my hobbies
Masking sonny's f*up to say his work is swell

I am restless because there's less stuff to bull
So I'm gonna make de bloody UMNO apologise
Then shooting off to KK where it is damn cool
To ask de folks there if they'd like to circumcise

I am known as a bloody trouble-making assh@le
It's in my DNA so what I do is grin at other's woes
Though I have lived long in reality I have no soul
Other than to find faults and poke others' noses 

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