Sunday, September 03, 2017

Tai-Koe Talk Tolong Treacherous Traitor

Did someone run to the De Facto Leader to voice support to his maverick politics?

He was about to be completely marginalised by his own party, and may even lose in his own federal seat in GE14 if party and coalition support were being withheld?

This became apparent as Rafizi Ramli complained of 'fake news' attempting to humiliate him, that he was allegedly reprimanded by the Great Leader for allegedly publicising the party’s infighting - too many 'allegedly' is an indication of probable 'fake news', wakakaka.

Many blamed BN for the 'fake news' but the sinister seditious source was more closer to home, emanating from the notorious vipers' nest itself, wakakaka.

Rafizi shot back by criticising his own party "colleagues" for painting the wrong picture to the media, in that the alleged ('fake') reprimand of Rafizi was by the party rather than by an individual.

He said: “There are several PKR leaders who like to give the wrong impression to the media by hiding under the pretext of being a ‘source within the party’ to ensure that their view is taken as the majority view although it contradicts the actual discussion and decision by the political bureau or the leadership council”.

Rafizi was reported as saying that as long as these ill-disciplined 'leaders' disseminate 'fake' information to the media and the party members, PKR would continue to be in disarray.

Yessir, that 'leader' was in deep shit, with Malaysiakini reporting that Harapan activists no longer believe in him. The whole issue could be traced to his slutting behaviour with an arrogant PAS. It was embarrassing to see him beg to suck.

So he fell back (once again) on the one man who has never failed to help him pull his fingers out of the fire.

Throughout his career Tai-Koe had helped him in numerous situations and on several occasions, and once again Tai-Koe has done it despite being 'somewhere', wakakaka.

Yes, Tai-Koe still has a bit of use for him.


  1. It is the case of the political master and mentor coming out publicly to help ease pressure off his protege and one time sex toy.Or else why is the master doing it for?Especially when the blue eye boy dwarf is on the faction opposing his wife and daughter.Or maybe it is difficult to read or understand the intentions of crazies inside PKR?

    1. as Rafizi himself said, lack of discipline within party has put the party into DISARRAY, wakakaka

    2. in pkr we have dissent like rafizi, in dap we have hmmm semua dah disappear.

    3. in pkr you have sinister machiavellian-ism, in dap we have principles (except for lks, wakakaka)

  2. A party in disarray will shatter the unity of his own party into a million pieces. Look into the mirror RR – your stupid ‘Langkah Kajang’, you breached the BAFIA, and you broke the cog in 1MDB wheels. Where is your DoJ? And Najib is meeting Trump on September 12.