Saturday, July 28, 2012

Treachery, treachery & treachery

In RPK's most recent post The principle behind the stand: the lesser of the evils he mused over Malaysian politics being far more complex than the simplistic low-brow Bush-ism of choosing between black or white, which alas, many Pakatan, especially PKR people are obdurately promoting.


I see their current but muddled concept of 'the end justifying the means and thus the lesser of the two evils' as nothing more than an argumentative salvage operation, and then, only after years of blinkered fanatical belief in a non-existent reformasi.

That reformasi fallacy has finally given way to reluctant and grudging acknowledgement that (blast and double blast!) Anwar and his PKR inner coterie may not be so sweet smelling after all.

Yes, it has been a salvage operation, but not unlike its earlier blinkered fanatical belief in, and without remorse about, the now semi-abandoned fallacy of reformasi, it has taken a new life on its own as a nouvelle mantra, ABU, which, with deepest apologies and respect to Brother Haris Ibrahim, as a campaign in the hands of mindless, moronic and muddled-headed fanatics is alas, equally mindless, moronic and muddled-headed.

But that as it may, let's examine one of RPK's hypotheses in his post, where he postulated a not implausible scenario post GE-13, as follows:

Say Barisan Nasional wins 110 Parliament seats in total. The balance 112 Parliament seats are shared between PKR, DAP and PAS. Say DAP wins 40 seats, PKR 37 seats and PAS 35 seats. Who will get to form the government?
Barisan Nasional, a legally registered party, has the most number of seats, 110, compared to DAP, PKR and PAS who all won less than 110 seats each. You may argue that DAP, PKR and PAS can always combine their seats, which means the total would be 112 and hence more than Barisan Nasional’s 110.

Are you sure? What if they can’t? What if His Majesty the Agong wants to see a Memorandum of Understanding signed by all three parties that spells out very clearly and specifically the terms of the ‘Unity Government’ that DAP, PKR and PAS are going to form?

And what if DAP insists that one of the terms of the MoU must be that Malaysia retains its Secular State status while PAS insists that the implementation of Hudud be one of the terms of the MoU?

And because of this conflict, DAP, PKR and PAS end up in a deadlock and cannot sign the MoU and hence the Agong swears in the new Barisan Nasional government.

If you think RPK is pulling a fast one on the MoU, please recall the situation in Selangor post 08 March 2008 when HRH required a form of unwritten MoU along the lines which RPK has hinted at. HRH had then thoroughly interviewed PKR's Khalid Ibrahim and his allies in PAS and DAP?

Obviously, one of several reasons persuading HRH to resort to that was undoubtedly his concerns that the new Pakatan majority alliance might not quite come together to form a viable state government. HRH's concern wasn't far off track if we can be brave enough to admit that intra Pakatan socio-cultural-religious differences and attitudes had led to, without mincing our word/thoughts, Teresa Kok being denied her due rights to be deputy MB (as leader of second largest component party in Pakatan) because of illiberal prejudice against her 3C's, namely, Chinese, Christian and a Chabor (woman).

But either blissfully or deliberately oblivious of reality like an ostrich overfed, overdosed and over-addicted with anwarista-ism wakakaka, one of RPK's visitors (also mine, though he's noticeably less rude and less abusive with his comments at Malaysia-Today, wakakaka) wrote:

actually the above is the best case scenario possible.

Barisan can no longer ramrod through any piece of legislation they like. They in fact have to take in to account Pakatan's wishes for every single piece of law they want to pass.

And if DAP, PAS and PKR so desires, they can carry a no confidence vote through anytime. They have the numbers mah.

We will then see a much more compliant UMNO PM then. 

Wakakaka. The following will be a more realistic and far more likely scenario ensuing from RPK's GE-13 outcome of 'Barisan Nasional win[ning] 110 Parliament seats in total. The balance 112 Parliament seats are shared between PKR, DAP and PAS. Say DAP wins 40 seats, PKR 37 seats and PAS 35 seats.

In a scenario regarding 'Hudud vs Secular State', if we add on to it the situation of UMNO (and cronies) losing power and dominance, we may safely assume that UMNO will persuade PAS and its 35 MP to join them to form a new 'Islamic Coalition', thus with a clear mandate to rule, though just 3 MPs short of 2/3 majority.

Yes, we may also assume that if MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other lesser creatures form part of BN's 110, these serfs will go along with Tai-Koe's embrace of hudud as the new legislative system. After all, WTF do you think they have been doing in the last 30 years?

Besides, won't Tai-Koe say exactly the same thing to its MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc cronies that PKR is now saying, which would be
"Let's get into power first, and sort out the religious issue later" wakakaka.

Now, does anyone for one instant still stubbornly believe this new 'Islamic Coalition' cannot 'recruit' another 3 MPs to have a 2/3 majority in federal parliament to bring into effect hudud?

Do you imagine that the PKR's 'inner coterie' will stay aloof? Au contraire, it'll be a bloody miracle if they don't crush PAS underfoot in their stampede to their Mothership, wakakaka.

Believe me, it's not an implausible scenario where PAS will rationalise their treachery to Pakatan as the overriding imperative of a higher calling to do Allah's will. And right alongside PAS, or more probably ahead of PAS wakakaka, PKR's inner coterie will similarly argue that they have to respect the overriding imperative of 'Malay Unity'.

Of course, while PAS may well be sincerely earnest in their Islamic obligation no matter how insincerely treacherous their allegiance to secular partnership, PKR's bottom line will not be unlike UMNO's, where a truism common to both is that it's always better to be on the familiar old gravy train than off it, wakakaka.

Yo matey, then you'll all be back to Square One wakakaka. The most fertile scenario for such an eventuality will be a hung parliament. You won't only lose what you have been hoping and dreaming of, but you will be traumatically broken-hearted.

Now, slightly shifting to a side track but probably a related issue, the above heart breaking scenario is so probably and plausible that I want to be a wee tng k'ooi (ch'ong hei) and ponder over why Free Malaysia Today (FMT), a news media I suspect of favouring PKR (but not friendly to DAP if you ask sweetie Teresa Kok, wakakaka), has recently published articles and letters quite unfavourable to the Great Man himself. Just bloody unusual.

In its article Whose tune is Anwar dancing to? FMT reported:

Unfortunately, that zeal by Anwar, who is PKR “adviser”, to take the country out of the rut of vested agendas was short-lived, lacking the much-needed stamina to fight off the “powers-that-be”.
What started off as a revolution soon turned into political rhetoric, beginning with the Sept 16, 2008 promise by Anwar of conquering Putrajaya; nothing happened and the Barisan Nasional government continues to lord over the nation, having had a hearty laugh at the “all talk no show” promise made by Anwar.
Now, it is becoming obvious that the 64-year-old Anwar has little interest in championing the people’s cause, having veered off to fulfil an agenda of his own. So much for being the voice of democracy!
The irregularities as far as Anwar’s principles vis-à-vis the revolution disguised as reformation are clear. For instance, earlier on, in an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation, he had said that the laws on homosexuality in Malaysia were considered “archaic” and “not relevant”.
But on July 18, during a High Court hearing of his defamation suit against Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia, Anwar adopted a different tune concerning his views on the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.
(Anwar had filed the RM50 million suit in January following Utusan’s front-page report published on Jan 15. The report referred to a BBC interview with Anwar and alleged that he had said that the laws on homosexuality in Malaysia were considered “archaic” and “not relevant”).
The “impressive” image post-the 1998 reformation Anwar resurrected to hoodwink his supporters both domestically and abroad is fast crumbling. […]
Now, how will Anwar explain the decline in respect for all living beings – coming from someone who once claimed to respect the fundamental rights of one and all and now a homophobic overnight? What is Anwar up to?

Too clever by half as I have always viewed him, Anwar fell into a trap of his own making. In his suit against Utusan, he had willingly uttered in court words which completely demolished his global credentials as a leader in political reforms and human rights, mind you, a credential that was questionable in the first place.

Josh Hong, one of Malaysiakini's columnists, said of Anwar and his words, which flabbergasted and broke the hearts of a big chunk of the Great Man's support base, in an article appropriately titled Anwar changing, again wakakaka. What Josh wrote almost mirrored my opinion of Anwar Ibrahim:

I had always been sceptical of Anwar’s chameleon character, but decided to put aside my differences with him because I then regarded the autocratic regime of Mahathir as a far greater threat to Malaysia’s future. My position has remained unchanged over the years: if you have an issue with your opponent, fight him/her in a fair manner and on an equal footing, and safeguard the dignity of his/her family.
Most important, spare the people the ordeal of skullduggery.
Still, one would have hoped that six years of political and judicial persecution might change Anwar, but it now appears that the man is stepping deeper into the morass of unprincipled politics as he gets closer to the corridors of power.

No doubt Anwar was then and there under enormous pressure to look after his own skin, but as Josh said:

... He could have made clear by saying “I disagree with homosexuals personally for religious reasons, but I am more opposed to discrimination against them”. Instead, he went a step further by endorsing those who are constantly on a lookout to portray homosexuality as a root cause of social ills!

But Anwar has never done well under pressure, as he once demonstrated clownishly, making a complete fool of himself, when he scurried for cover at the Turkish Embassy, all adorned in flak jacket, with pompous claims he was about to be assassinated - a stupendously stupid and spurious self-serving piece of bullsh*t.

Sure, once he was punched in the eye by a former IGP but then, being legally & physically restrained he didn't have any choice, did he?

However, when not under any form of restraint but under pressure, Anwar Ibrahim, icon-ized as Malaysia's Greatest Leader Ever, would botch up, twice already as sadly witnessed.

FMT wrote: ... it is a shame, too, that Anwar claims to have great knowledge on subjects like democracy, freedom, governance, Islam and democracy and the need for accountability, for when the push came to shove, it did not take long for this MP for Permatang Pauh to reveal his true nature.

Okay, tell me, has it been Anwar becoming recently a liability rather than the asset he was once seen as, that FMT, perceived as usually favourable to PKR, has taken to chastising him with articles such as Whose tune is Anwar dancing to? and Anwar trying to ‘buy’ over Putrajaya where in the latter we read (extracts):

Anwar has no desire in building PKR in Sabah and Sarawak and his game plan is to woo the current crop of MPs from BN to jump ship and join PKR.
In other words, Anwar does not plan to win the elections in Sabah and Sarawak. He wants to ‘steal’ the BN wakil rakyat after the next general election and form the government via crossovers. […]
Anwar was also in negotiations with Sarawak MPs from SPDP and PRS as well as those in Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s PBB. And this has infuriated the Sarawak chief minister who suspects that Anwar is trying to do a dirty on him.
Taib’s other concern is that this may end up as Umno’s backdoor entry into Sarawak, something he has been resisting for a long time but may now be possible if Anwar has another deal with Umno up his sleeve.
Of course, if Anwar can pull this off, this is going to be the greatest political coup in Malaysian history. But it is an extremely dangerous game that can backfire and blow up in Anwar’s face.
And for this to work Anwar has to sacrifice the opposition in Sabah and Sarawak, in particular PKR. But the end result would be Pakatan would get to form the next federal government with Anwar as prime minister.”

... and indeed, also letters uncomplimentary to him such as Who and what Anwar is, is still a mystery and Who and what Anwar is, is still a mystery (Part 2).

So, are all these less than the usual flattering articles about Anwar, Asia's Renaissance Man, a result of him been seen recently as a liability rather than the asset he was once, or is it more than that?

More than two weeks ago, in a previous post Rafizi - too little too late in Talam I quoted RPK's post The weak link is getting weaker.

RPK's article had suggested there is an ongoing internecine war within PKR, where Azmin Ali & gang have not only been waging civil war against Dr Wan Azizah's group (Nurul, Khalid Ibrahim, Faekah Husin, etc), but may also be, unbelievably treacherous as it may sound but standard fare in the vicious villainous vipers' pit that is PKR, planning to get rid of Anwar Ibrahim.

That will be truly Kafkaesque for Anwar (one of his fave words, wakakaka) and ironically a déjà vu of his 1998 attempt to remove Dr Mahathir.

Now, after reading FMT's articles and readers' letters which have been so unusually critical of Anwar Ibrahim, I wonder whether the vipers' nest is now writhing with poisonous, treacherous and self-serving interests as the picture of Putrajaya looms bigger in someone's wet dreams, wakakaka.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stuff your 'Either Or'!

Poor Ah Jib Gor, sorry lah, no good news for you. According to Malaysiakini's 'BN could lose more than half of Sabah seats', your fixed deposit plus accrued interests have been withdrawn.

You are in that position which the ancient Greeks called Between Scylla and Charybdis, and which the Christianity-influenced Poms naturally termed Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Today, for reasons unknown, the saying is 'Between a rock and a hard place', obviously not as classical or biblical orientated as the former two.

Scylla & Charybdis

Alas, every f* thing UMNO and its MCA and Gerakan vassals has done to discredit or make Pakatan unpopular have backfired. Syabas attempted wet-works, communist behind every pomelo tree and JI infiltration into Buduland, the attempt to make Bersih illegal or demon-ize Ambiga Sreenevasan, the f* list goes on, have all ended with UMNO worse off.

she's wakakaka-ing at UMNO

Do, kena, don't do, also susah.

Apart from bad fengshui, surely there must be a moral behind all these failures. If you haven't gotten it yet, well, may I offer some advice?

Force, lies and negativism aren't in vogue.

The first, using force to get your way, no longer works. Besides, the opposite camp is no longer uni-ethnic like it was 43 years ago. Are you prepared to accept unpleasant collateral damage?

The second, your lies, can be easily countered in today's multi-media news dissemination.

And your negative campaign is not unlike your 'lies'.

You could try good policy promotions, good governance demonstrations (anti corruption), and truly 1Malaysia (rein in your ill-disciplined warlords who have been sabotaging you).

Admittedly you're running rapidly out of time. I suppose you could roll out the tanks a la Tian An Men Square and try Emergency Rule like your dad did.

Of course Pakatan has its own problems, chiefly (a) Anwar Ibrahim - that's all I'm going to say because I've been saying the same stuff regularly since 2005 when I started blogging, (b) PAS' hudud, (c) PKR's internal war.

As a DAP supporter, I personally (I stress, personally, because many Pakatan supporters don't agree with me) feel the ABU campaign is mindless and won't eliminate the corruption the campaign is supposed to target. Why should I vote in someone in Pakatan who is equally or has the frightening potential to be even more corrupt or unworthy of the people's votes?

Brothers against LGBT

For example, would I ever vote in PAS' Azizan Abdul Razak (current MB of Kedah)? Don't know? See my previous post Another Hasan Ali. It's known he prefers to be cozy with UMNO saudaras rather than non-Malay Pakatan pollies.

In fact I would be urging my friends in Kedah not to. Of course voting against Azizan doesn't mean voting against every PAS pollies. It's known I am very supportive of Nizar Jamaluddin.

He supports the BN legislated University and University Colleges Act 1971

It's precisely the moronic "either or" extremism of the ABU campaign that pisses me off.

Another example - would I ever vote against my Gerakan buddy, Hsu Dar Ren (Darren Hsu)? Mind, I'm not sure whether he is still in Gerakan, wakakaka, but if he is, mate, I'll vote for this good man any time. I can only hope he doesn't stand against the DAP people I support.

Darren Hsu

I am not in Pandan but I'll be prepared to vote in Ong Tee Keat, who has been a constant voice, ever since he was a Deputy Minister, against BN corruption and excesses. And that has been why I was concerned that Pakatan has sent Rafizi Ramli to stand against Ong in that federal constituency - see my previous post The political assassination of Rafizi Ramli?

Ong Tee Keat - Hishamuddin's greatest foe wakakaka

If Azmin Ali is so damn f* clever, why doesn't he stand in Pandan and give Gombak to Rafizi?

Also, why doesn't he give Dr Wan Azizah the state seat of Bukit Antarabangsa and take on Sementa, instead of slyly stating the Pakatan grass roots in Selangor (meaning himself) will decide whether the PKR party president can stand as an ADUN in Selangor? How f* insulting to the party president!

from Malaysiakini

The "either or" bullsh*t is mindless, moronic and meaningless, and insultingly, denies Pakatan supporters the right of intelligent choice.

Supporting Pakatan shouldn't automatically translate into a blank cheque of blind support. If any Pakatan pollie has been, is deemed, or seen as an ar$eh*le, he/she shouldn't receive any of our votes. Otherwise, we'll be just exchanging corrupt rubbish for corrupt rubbish.

As an example, voting against Najib in Pekan doesn't mean we must automatically vote in all Pakatan undesirables.

Likewise, voting against Azmin in Gombak wakakaka doesn't mean we automatically vote in all UMNO undesirables.

You have already been buggered kau kau for the last 30 years (The earlier years weren't that bad). So, do you still want more buggeration wakakaka? If you do, then continue your ABU. But on the other hand, if you want a good government from Day 1, then vote wisely, not ABU-ishly.

And don't give me that bullsh*t about voting everyone in Pakatan in first, and then sorting out the mess later. That'll take another 30 years at least.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More than 1 way to skin a Chinaman

Dear Diary,

Arsehole won't let me demonize the Chinese. Told him that would be the most effective way to unite the Malays, frighten the hell out of the Heartland with images of the Yellow Peril and their avaricious grabbing intent, unite the race under the banner.

So friend, time's running out fast, we must do something, doing nothing is not an option, as we have not only lost the Chinese votes but will also the Malay votes.

MIC assured us they have recovered 80% of their base supporters. No guarantee but hey man, on this area, MIC is probably more reliable than MCA or Gerakan.

And those useless MCA and Gerakan people are upset, saying we're undermining them ..... which incidentally we are hehehe, tough baby, every manjack and cow for himself (itself).

Don't they realize every warlord there is in UMNO is frantically manoeuvring to be nominated and selected as an election candidate, and each one of them knows the quickest way up the ladder, most effective way to warm the cockles of the grass roots is to use our fave punching bag, those damned Chinese. So, mana boleh not to demonize Ah Chong.

Euphemism, disguise, mask - WTF are you talking about?


I see - don't use the word 'Chinese', use instead 'Communist' - and Heartland will straightaway associate communists with Chinese, so serves same purpose of marshalling them beneath the good old keris-ed banner to withstand the coming siege of the Yellow Peril.

Okay, okay ... but wait, there's no more communist in the world except Castro, ...

... and that old man has even admitted that Karl Marx was a bloody dreamer who didn't understand human nature, his selfishness, greed, self-centred ambitions, so communal socialism was dead from Day 1.

Karl Marx

What about North Korea? Those guys there ain't no communists. They're nut cases, at best fascists, well fed at the top, starving below, it's a wonder the top brass women don't have big tits and slim hips.

Ooops, wrong photo, please see below

And those Chicoms* have become what they were/are/will be good at, capitalism. For the last 5,000 years except for a 25 year hiatus.

* Chinese communists

No, not this one

absolutely NOT - do you want our men to seek asylum in China?

No, no, no!

No, yes, no, yes, nooooooo!

Errr ... wait ... alas, I think not
Thank God, at last what we need, the photo I mean

What about the credibility of the communist scare? Okay, in Tunku's days there was one behind every bush.

Surely people will laugh at this communist bullshit. What? Don't give a shit? Because scaring the Heartland is the main objective, without appearing to launch a hate campaign against Ah Chong? So f* the rest?

Okay then, that should sort out the DAP, but what about the Moon Party? Jemaah Islamiyah?

Will that work? What? Hadi Awang said he didn't believe Dr Azahari Husin was a terrorist but a concerned Muslim traumatised by US brutalities in Iraq, hence his anti-West activities?

Wasn't Azahari from MCKK, like Hisham? Recall Hisham wanted to rehabilitate Azahari's more notorious best-mate Noordin Top.

Won't it be embarrassing to Hisham? Huh, he's too dumb to realize? F* him? Okay then.

What about PKR? Moe maan taai? In Part II?

Goodnight dear diary, but I think I'll have another close scrutiny of those Chinese communist soldiers, just in case they're already in Malaysia.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remembering Sabrina Yeap

The Star OnlineAnimal rescuer Yeap dies

O you left us too soon dearest Sabrina
With nary a goodbye, a smile or a wave
Compassionate sweetie like a bodhisattva
Heart of gold, so kind, loving and brave

It’s not just furry friends who’ll miss you
Wondering why they no longer see Sabrina
We too love you dear, and will be very blue
Though we know you have left for Nirvana

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not so sexy

Dear dear dear sweetie Selena Tay, journalist in Free Malaysia Today (FMT). Oh dear, oh dear, oh dearie, sweetie.

We first became familiar with Selena (and thus possibly, her political preference) after her FMT article Pakatan’s ‘shadow cabinet’ list which prompted me to post 'Whispered' shadow cabinet bloated like satiated leech?

In that post of mine, I raised some questions about the reliability of Sweetie's article, such as her claim to have had personal conversations with shadow ministers, their friends or their acquaintances. I had then remarked that there was no shadow minister in Pakatan, other than Anwar Ibrahim as the PM-designate, because Pakatan has studiously avoided having a shadow cabinet for reasons known only to the coalition.

Of course I have my opinion as to why, but the far more important point was my amazement at Sweetie's claim of talking with non-existent shadow ministers ..... unless of course she had the conversation with the self-appointed wet-dreaming shadow Home Minister wakakaka.

Then, in another FMT article The doctor decides …? she claimed to have heard from a 'reporter friend' (but whom kaytee suspects was a PKR source, and wouldn't surprise me if he/she was the the same one as the so-called 'shadow minister' wakakaka) that (extract of her article):

... the doctor has taken over Umno and right now the grassroots reports are being forwarded to him.
But the big news is that the doctor is planning to have the polls held in September. This is because it seems that the doctor has got tired of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s feet-dragging and lack of confidence.
Therefore he now enters the fray in order to have things up and running according to his way.

Of course the 'doctor' was Dr Mahathir, who, according to sweetie Selena, has taken hold of the reins (note: not 'helm' wakakaka) of UMNO and would be going for an election in September.

Unfortunately for the credibility of her source, Dr Mahathir had at that time informed Sinar Harian otherwise, that PM Najib was to be complimented for going the full five year term until as late as the early part of March 2008 before advising HM the Agong to dissolve Federal Parliament and call for the 13th general election.

When the election may be called, provided it doesn’t exceed the constitutionally permitted 5-year term, is, as allowed by the Constitution, the prerogative of the PM.

Obviously it’s in Najib’s interest to delay the election as late as possible given the odds are currently stacked against him, some of which have been caused by his leadership (or lack of) and some by his undermining UMNO warlords including Dr Mahathir.

But, September 2012 to very early March (or late February) 2013 is approximately 6 months or half a year! And we are told a week in politics can be a lifetime. Thus it’s entirely to Najib’s advantage and of course  to Anwar’s disadvantage as UMNO and its apparatus (nudge nudge, wink wink) can do a lot in 6 months to ensure it wins, by hook or by crook, more probably the latter.

For example, we have been clamoring for overseas Malaysians to vote, but now that the EC says okay, that will be done, we suddenly are having second thoughts, because overseas voting can well be another source of phantom voters wakakaka, far better than the military postal votes because accounting for them will probably be far more tricky. And don’t be surprised to discover if there are 5,000 overseas voters registered to vote in the federal constituency of Lembah Pantai and some marginal state constituencies in Selangor, Johor and Kedah.

Naturally it would be to Anwar’s advantage to stampede UMNO warlords into an earlier general election, with each of them greedily and selfishly eyeing their respective prospects within the party. I suspect that was the aim of the source for that FMT article, a discussion reflected in my posting Deceitful Durian of Discord

Now those UMNO warlords are certainly very powerful, cunning, manipulative and ambitious political animals but sometimes one gathers some of them are low brow (like Moo-Moo and Mr Hangman) and might actually believe in such an apple of discord as Dr Mahathir wanting an early election.

Anyway, as if running out of 'whispered news' from her 'Deep Throats', sweetie Sekena has penned an FMT article about Pakatan's sexy 10 wakakaka.

Naturally, now that I suspect the origin of Selena's source, or her political preference or even her political affiliation, I wasn't surprised to read that half of the so-called Sexy 10 are PKR pollies wakakaka. However Sweetie kindly awards poor DAP and poor PAS two places each, while conferring upon PSM one of the Sexy's.

Mind, I don't have difficulty with her grossly unbalanced apportioning (one could quite easily award all 10 places to DAP or PAS) or the personalities she named, save two.

Her 5 sexy PKR politicians are:

1. Anwar Ibrahim (PKR MP, Permatang Pauh)
2. Rafizi Ramli (PKR strategist)
3. Baru Bian (PKR state assemblyman, Ba Ke’la’lan in Sarawak)
4. Fuziah Salleh (PKR MP, Kuantan)
5. N Surendran (PKR Vice-President)

Now, I don't want you readers to jump to the wrong conclusion about the meaning of the word 'sexy' as she intended it, because Sweetie wrote 'sexy' as (in her own words):

The common factor prevalent in all the above politicians is intelligence, guts and having a particular speciality in their cause. Being intelligent is sexy. Intelligence is the new sexy.

Let me tell you why I don't agree with one on the above list, Baru Bian. Sweetie stated that Baru Bian was selected because he fought for the Native Customary Rights issue for a long time, and is the Lone Ranger of Sarawak who has been doing his work quietly for the good of his people.

In a post titled A letter to PKR I wrote of my disgust for Baru, as follows (extract only):

I think it’s high time you guys decide whether your party is a multi-racial one, as you've often claimed, or in fact a two-tier 1Bumi 9Non political organization, not unlike the two-tier BN of 1UMNO 9Others. I ask because your Sarawak state chief has just been pushing the 1Bumi line, arguing that the PR Sarawak state shadow cabinet does not have enough bumis.
If he is so conscious about racial equity, then please be frank and declare your party as one like BN, of 1Bumi 9Nons. But I sympathize with you because its seems Bian can’t make up his mind about his bumi status, as yesterday he challenged DAP to prove its (DAP’s) multiracial credentials.
He wasn't alone in his jealous outburst because I recall that Nik Nazmi, your chief of communications or whatever, had (post-election) jealously sniped at DAP in an article he wrote in The Malaysian Insider, challenging it to stand in a Malay-Melanau majority seat.
Baru Bian, hot one day on multi-racialism and cold the next when he suddenly turned sizzling on ketuanan bumi, not unlike a cacing kena abu or a kera kena belacan, twisting and turning and a hopping around, probably because he wasn't nominated opposition leader, wakakaka.

Baru Bian one of Pakatan's Sexy 10? Pordah dahleeeng!

Now, on to my fave person, dear Mr Manmanlai wakakaka.

There are two reasons why I don't agree to Sweetie nominating Anwar Ibrahim. The first is because of the the literal meaning of the word 'sexy' which his enemies may seize on it make much ado. Besides, it's really bad fengsui to mention the word insofar as Anwar is concerned. And coincidenatlly today we read in FMT of him being involved in allegedly another sodomy.

Anyway, leaving that aside, because that subject doesn't interest me, I do wonder at Sweetie's reason for selecting him as one of Pakatan's Sexy 10, as follows (extract):

Top on the list is Anwar Ibrahim himself. He gets to be in the list for saying that petrol price will be reduced the very next day if he becomes prime minister. Now this is sexy indeed and this columnist is expecting the price of RON95 to be reduced from the current RM1.90 to RM1.40 if indeed he becomes the prime minister. This is a reasonable demand considering the fact that one of Malaysia’s natural resources is petroleum.

Really? To me it's such a pathetic reason to nominate someone for doing better in a Dutch auction on petrol price.

We are all just a wee too familiar with Anwar for promising people the world. We know that he has promised Sarawak and Sabah 20% in oil royalties, which he, when UMNO Finance Minister, rejected appeals from the very same Sarawakians/Sabahans for an increase in the 5% mark.

And what if that promise is financially-economically unrealistic, reckless and irresponsible?

Be that as it may, as we could argue till the NFC cows come home wakakaka, but do we nominate a pollie as 'sexy' just because he promises to lower the price of essential goods?

Let me provide an erudite exemplary example of a sexy pollie. Someone who was willing to risk it all for the betterment and justice of a fellow citizen, someone like Lim Guan Eng who went to prison in 1994 because he spoke out (not about promising lower fuel prices or increased oil royalties) but for the rights and justice of an under-aged Malay girl in Malacca who was statutorily raped, and who said:

If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. And pursuit of human rights, especially women's rights. There can be no women's rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.

Lim GE was jailed for 18 months while Mr Manmanlai was a very silent UMNO DPM of Malaysia. Did DPM Anwar say anything about the woeful injustice against Lim GE? OTOH, sweetie Marina Mahathir bravely said of the alleged statutory rape which the government cited as lacking evidence in its refusal to press charges against the alleged perpetrator:

There are injustices in the law which are mind-boggling ... The lesson is clear - choose your rapist carefully ... As a woman, especially a Muslim woman, I am angry, disgusted and ashamed ... As a mother, I now have real fears for my daughter. What protection can we hope for our daughters if, in the interests of politics, a minor can so easily be sacrificed?

And finally, I suppose we can guess who's sweetie Selena's source because, most surprisingly given her iconic status, competency and charm, Nurul Izzah is not even among the Pakatan Sexy 10. Why not?

If you are still guessing (as to sweetie's source), here's a clue, it's someone who's dead set against 'political dynasty', which may mean anything though I would imagine, was directed specifically against Nurul Izzah assuming the No 1 position in PKR should Anwar fall under a truck; yes, someone who sees Nurul as a clear and present danger to his own position.