Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The god of MEN

TMI - The men of God by Zaid Ibrahim

I've always liked Zaid Ibrahim despite my hero Karpal Singh once condemning him when Zaid left PKR. I then wrote Zaid Ibrahim - suffers no fool gladly to give my take on why Zaid was compelled to leave that nest of vipers.

Incidentally RPK informed us that Zaid standing as a PKR candidate in the Hulu Selangor by-election was sabotaged kau kau by a PKR pygmy (thunderous applause please, wakakaka). According to RPK, the pygmy provided UMNO with photographs of Zaid Ibrahim jollying, wakakaka.

Poor Zaid, stabbed in the back by his then-party people. Apparently Eli Wong also suffered the same internal party sabo from the same pygmy. It must be a wonderful party where the musuh is dalam selimut, with members killing off each other rather than the external (real) foe - not unlike someone attempting to knock off the Sifu wakakaka - see my April 2006 post The Master & The Disciple.

Eli Wong

Zaid wrote in his article:

AIS is preparing to take action against the four Muslim girls who participated in the Miss Malaysia World 2013 beauty contest in contravention of an earlier fatwa banning Muslims from taking part in beauty pageants. I am writing to appeal to the department to desist from doing so.

Any action by the religious authorities to enforce this fatwa will end up in another controversy that will yet again embarass the Muslim community at large. I am not against the religious council issuing fatwas on any subject they deem fit, but as in the olden days, these fatwas are meant to be opinions of the learned jurists that are issued to guide the conduct of Muslims.

The fatwa should remain an opinion or a guide, as they were when Islam was at its pristine best. In those days Muslims either followed these guides voluntarily or they did not. But they also engaged with the ulama on many societal issues and as a result, these fatwas were sometimes modified based on the community’s feedback. No one was interested in punishing the recalcitrant or the wayward. They focused on finding the right path for the community, because Islam encourages questioning and thinking in search of the truth. The relationship between the community and its religious leaders then was therefore positive, constructive and dynamic.

We are obviously living in a very different era. Power is infectious: the politicians and the rich have it, as do the police and even the members of the underworld. So
it’s not a surprise the ulama also want power, which is why they have created so many rules. This gives them the opportunity to enforce these rules, hence exhibiting power and command. But these attempts to flex their authority always fall flat.

I checked and found Zaid correct in fatwa being only a guide or learned opinion by an expert and is not binding in Sunni Islam. The literal meaning of fatwa in Arabic in fact is 'opinion'.

But as Zaid correctly mentioned, the religious department wants to project its power and flex its muscles. We have heard of the saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I hope we would never ever arrive at a point when the religious department and its enforcers enjoy absolute power.

But hang on a minute! Wasn't Salman Rushie condemned to death by a fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini? Indeed he was. So why then isn't fatwa binding on Muslims?

It seems that in contrast to Sunni Islam, Shia Islam considers a fatwa as binding! That's why Salman Rushie had to go into hiding when the Ayatollah issued that fatwa of death for him.

But as we can see below, JAWI has proclaimed a fatwa is binding on Muslims, even in the Sunni Islam (Shafi'i school of thoughts) practised by Malaysia.

Malaysiakini reported: The Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department said it will be questioning Nur Amirah Shiekh Nasir, Wafa Johanna De Korte and Kathrina Redzuan, according to a Berita Harian report today.

This comes after an initial meeting with the contest organiser Anna Lim and another contestant Sara Amelia Muhamad Bernard.

sweetie Sara Bernard fatwa-ed

Jawi director Che Mat Che Ali said the investigation is a reminder against anyone questioning fatwas that are binding on Muslims and to protect the sanctity of Islam.

But isn't Shia the only branch of Islam which considers a fatwa as binding?

Now, which is which, or what is what? We only want to learn in preparation for TITAS. Can some kind Muslim, preferably a sweetie like Sara Amelia Muhamad Bernard wakakaka, help kaytee improve his knowledge on Islam?

Or has Shia Islam and its practice and beliefs infiltrated our Malaysia so deeply?

We need to ask those men in JAWI, JAIS etc. Though Zaid described them as The men of God, I prefer my post to be more appropriately titled 'The god of MEN'.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chinese - there's one behind every Mahathir's bush

A month ago I wrote The Chinaman's REAL dilemma in which I stated:

... I believe two principal reasons convince the Chinese Malaysians today to cease the strategy of 'making noise in the East while behaving with decorum in the West'.

The first came about during AAB's term as PM, when ironically due to his quite relaxed attitude towards the online media, the Chinese public saw with their own eyes on TV and read on both hardcopy and online media the vile vicious vitriolic ultra racism exhibited during the UMNO Party General Assembly as several wannnabe leaders showed off their credentials as defenders of bangsa, agama dan raja,and bloody f**k negara. They frightened the Chinese.

Yes, most Chinese were shocked at the unbelievable words and antics of those wannabe ethnic heroes. It was no longer the UMNO they had been comfortable with,
a politically dominant UMNO which no doubt favoured UMNO Malays excessively but which was also an UMNO that was reasonable, rational and reachable (accessible).

The second factor was/is the generational change among the Chinese, where the younger Chinese, born as 3rd, 4th or even 5th and 6th generation Malaysians have different values to their elders.

They believe in and would vocally assert their Malaysian rights, and sometimes in their western cultured democratic practices appear as biadap to conservative and elderly Malays who haven't been exposed to the more robust style of democracy seen in Western countries like UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Thus the dilemma, the real dilemma of the older Chinamen was whether to join the younger Chinese in being more vocal in their opposition to BN and its less than admirable behaviour and practices, or to lie low as before and continue their 'making noise in the East while behaving with decorum in the West'.

I suspect what might have tilted them over to the former (see above paragraph) has been their conviction that the UMNO (and thus MCA, Gerakan etc) today is not the UMNO they had been comfortable with in the past.

They fear that by remaining politically equivocal or worse, silent, they will suffer more from increasing racist marginalization than they would by being vocal and bringing themselves to UMNO's nasty attention.

And then of course the very epitome of all this new UMNO viciousness was tragically perceived by Chinese in the untimely unwarranted and (arrogantly) unexplained death of Teoh Beng Hock, a man who was killed on the eve of his wedding day. The tragedy and more importantly its aftermath encapsulate all the worries of the Chinamen.

I wonder whether naughty Dr Mahathir might have plagiarized my post title, wakakaka, and turned it into a different type of Chinese Dilemma where he stated:

"For more than half a century of independence, the Chinese have shared wealth and power with the Malays. The idea for a Singapore-like Malaysia seems tempting and Penang has shown the way."

"The dilemma for the Chinese is whether to make a grab for political power while dominating economic power or to adhere to the principle of sharing, which has made this country what it is today.

"This is the Chinese dilemma."

His take is sheer bullshit because how can 24% of the population grab political power?

And it's not just an ordinary 24% of the population, but a 24% without control of the armed services (military, police, secret service agencies) and civil services. Dr M has been scare-mongering, and shame on him.

Shame on him again for daring to even brazenly suggest there was a principle of sharing, well, definitely not under his latter terms when that so-called 'sharing' became one of 'handouts' (of crumbs).

Lim Kit Siang accused Dr M of pitting Malays against Chinese ahead of Umno polls, summarising his (Dr M's) reckless racist fulmination in the following words:

"Mahathir is again up to his mischief ... concocting the dangerous and false myth of the 'Chinese dilemma' of the Chinese making a grab to oust the political power of the Malays in Malaysia and trying to set the agenda for the coming Umno party elections."

At the risk of sounding naughty in this post I'm reminded of what RPK wrote in one of his recent post When this happened 35 years ago:

"... it has been reported as the Muslim (or Malay) headmaster asking the Hindu (or Indian) students to eat in the changing room. Hence it is no longer about the silly or inconsiderate act of the headmaster. It is now a racial and religious issue."

"The headmaster may have done something silly and should be punished for this silly act. But we have done even worse than what the headmaster did. We have turned this into a racial and religious issue. Hence our crime is worse than the headmaster’s by far."

"And now we have been forced to take sides."

Absolutely correct, but then when we have Dr Mahathir and his regular racist 'ketuanan Cina' bullshit, we are immediately reminded of one of his many insincere slogans, namely, 'kepimpinan melalui teladan'. So RPK, don't blame us, blame Dr M for his terrible example.

Anyway, let's get stuck back into the core of the issue, namely the most important political event in Malaysia, the UMNO election, one far far more important than any general or state elections.

I believe Najib and Muhyiddin are safe. It's the VP elections that have captured observers' rapt attention. 

Shafie Apdal as the sole UMNO representative from East Malaysia should be safe. Hishamuddin is the most stupid and hopeless of the 3 current UMNO VPs and on merit should be chucked out, but alas, he is Najib's cousin and I suspect will somehow be kowtim-ishly retained.

That leaves the remaining VP Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on tenterhooks. But why when Ali Rustam has already been sabotaged kau kau by his UMNO mateys, though the bloke (Ali Rustam) blamed it on the bloody Chinese, wakakaka?

Ahmad Zahid is like a 'cacing kena abu' because young Muhkriz Mahathir will, I suspect, be making a bid for a VP post if he (or rather his dad) dreams of (him) becoming PM.

And there are only 3 VP positions.

As we are all aware, Ahmad Zahid as Home Minister has recently been jumping up and down the 'ultra' ladder like a kera kena belacan because he knows he is the unfortunate VP in the way of Muhkriz's ascendancy.

Muhkriz must go for it this year while daddy is still in his (dad's) king-maker prime. He is a nice boy but without daddy, he will be like a babe in the woods to feral creatures like Ahmad Zahid, Ali Rustam, and of course KJ. He must become VP before daddy loses his powers.

Thus the f**king Chinese must do their loyal duty and allow themselves to be bashed for darling Muhkriz. Daddy is doing it now, but Muhkriz will take over as the UMNO elections approach.

Now who says the f**king Chinese are useless when it's obvious they are of great use, wakakaka.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Seri Pristana shame worsened by seditious lies & intimidation

The Malay Mail Online - Cop denies Utusan report on sedition probe over Seri Pristana photo

PETALING JAYA, July 26 ― Selangor acting police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan today refuted a report claiming he said authorities will investigate for sedition the distribution of photographs showing students eating in a primary school bathroom.

According to Chinese-language newspaper Sin Chew Daily, Thaiveegan denied saying or inferring that the Sedition Act may be used in the case or related incidents.

Although he did not expressly name the offending newspaper, Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia had published an article yesterday that quoted him as issuing such a warning to users of social media.

Naughty naughty Utusan, though it's not the first time the UMNO media mouthpiece has indulged in creative news-making, with the emphasis on 'making' rather than responsibly reporting or analysing news.

We can only speculate that Utusan's aim seems to be to intimidate critics of the changing-room-canteen disgrace at Sekolah Seri Pristana into silence. Why go to such naughty extent?

one of Utusan's many 'achievements' 

Initially, we had lies that the school canteen was closed for renovation, the room had been used by the school students and not just the non-Muslims, etc which all sound so much alike the lies of the so-called indelible ink of the notorious EC, where subsequent lies made to cover (or substitute for) earlier lies made all the lies stand out worse.

Then we have a (staged?) photo where a raya makan was held for adults in the changing room, obviously to prove that the headmaster was not callous in consigning small kids to an inappropriate place for meals, yes, in the same way that so-called 'victimised' patients of alleged racist Chinese doctors were found (many days after the terrible racist lie) to narrate their recollections to mitigate the libellous, irresponsible and seditious naughtiness of an UMNO ADUN.

Instead of chastising the offenders the whole BTN-ized machinery went into full gear to defend at all cost the lamentable UMNO institutions. In Bolehland it seems, to paraphrase Erich Segal, "being UMNO means never having to say sorry."

And when the lies (supported by a lackey deputy minister) failed, the intimidation begins, even straying into the seditious placing of words into police mouth, when commonsense would tell us that those photos of the changing-room-canteen could never ever be considered 'seditious'.

It's so silly and brain-baffling bullshit to even imagine so, thus it was hardly surprising that Selangor Police Chief Thaiveegan repudiated the pathetic Utusan seditious bullshit.

The editors of Utusan should instead be charged for sedition for attempting to threaten critics of the headmaster of Sekolah Seri Pristana.

But the defence of these BTN-ized 'UMNO institutions' has been ratcheted up, with now a Facebook fan page set up not only to defend Mohamad Nasir Mohd Nor the headmaster of Seri Pristana, but also to urge 'the police and the authorities to take immediate action and to "arrest" the individual who reportedly first shared the pictures of the shower room in social media circles, inviting media attention.'

Instead of dealing in a mature manner with the headmaster's inconsiderate and uncaring callousness towards his pupils, the lies and now the intimidation against justified critics are piled on.

Not only has the parent of the report against the shameful meal-in-changing-room been threatened but her daughter has been bullied by both her teachers and fellow pupils into a terrible state of depression. 'Wonderful' teachers we have at that school to threat their pupil in such a manner.

Ironically, by such lies and intimidation, the situation has been moved more towards all too apparent racism. 

Lamentably or laughingly in a sort of way, some Chinese chi-kut-teh bullshit attempts to defend the Alvivi naughty but highly insensitive prank of buka puasa bah-kut-teh should be placed in the same category of lies, though I have to say, not of intimidation because they lacked the (backing of) barrels of guns.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Tapioca Tale

FMT - Surviving on tapioca, decades after Merdeka

KLANG: During the Japanese Occupation, food was so scarce and poverty so widespread that the typical Malaysian survived on tapioca (ubi kayu) and suffered the consequences of malnutrition.

The Japanese occupiers are long gone and not many are left of the generation that lived through those lean years.

But even as our politicians speak of turning Malaysia into a high-income nation within a few years, there is a family in Kampung Delek, Klang, that has been surviving on tapioca for the last 20 years or so.

poor Malaysia?

Kamariah Mohammad’s family has no stable source of income and struggles every day for even one decent meal.

“We plant tapioca around our house for food,” she told FMT. “We’ll eat anything we can find.”

Apparently, even eggs are a luxury.

Raya buffet feast at KL hotel

Kamariah, who is jobless, lives in a rundown home with her seven children, five of whom are still in school. Some years ago, her husband, a lorry driver, took a second wife and practically abandoned her and her children.

“He does visit us at times, but does not provide any material support,” she said.

Raya buffet feast at KL hotel

Time for another uncle story by kaytee's uncle, wakakaka. Unc chatted with me a while ago and related to me our family's tapioca years during the Japanese occupation of Penang and his personal experience with a university 'professor' during a forum which he attended as a delegate of his department.

Apparently, according to the professor, while he was conducting research along a Perak river in the deeper recess of the state, he came across a family like Kamariah Mohammad's, who ate tapioca for years without any access to rice, not unlike my family's experience during the Jap days though my family suffered the diet for only 5 years.

Worse, that Perak family possessed no plate, bowl or even a spoon. They ate off from either banana or yam leaves.

This was the part while shocked and then riled my uncle - the professor immediately launched into a lengthy railing, ranting and raving against Tunku Abdul Rahman as a 'useless' PM for allowing a Malay family to be in such a position where they didn't even own a basic plate or spoon in their shack by the river.

Before the end of the professor's railing, it became clear who was actually his real target, the Chinese Malaysians. His vitriolic rant against Tunku was based on his perception that Tunku helped only the Chinese and not the Malays.

From thence, his diatribe against Tunku slid seamlessly into one against the Chinese for 'robbing' the Malays like the riverine family of their basic needs (rice) and amenities (plate, spoon). Unc said even the Malay participants at the forum were embarrassed by the professor's very vocal racial prejudice, and many apologised to him for the racist rants.

Khir Toyo's 'Bali Palace'

His invincible hatred for anything Chinese extended to the events leading to Malaya's independence movement and even unto the Sino-Vietnamese border war, one in which he praised the brave Vietnamese for thrashing the Chinese army kau kau. His sick mindset enjoying racist vengeance through surrogate targets was not unlike some Malaysian 'nons' who took delight in Israel bombing and killing the Palestinians - sad, sick and sorry people.

The above FMT story made my uncle wonder whether that professor is still alive, and if he is, whether he would be now blaming (in the absence of Tunku) the Chinese for Kamariah Mohammad & family's tapioca diet, or even her husband's abandonment of them for a second wife?

'Satay King Palace', Klang

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Children of a lesser god

Malaysiakini - Non-Muslim students forced to eat in shower room

School canteen is closed for puasa so the above happened.

flame of forest
better to eat under such a tree than in a bathroom

In my days, during Puasa, Muslim students were given access to the library during meal recess; some of them gathered beneath the canopies of the several flame-of-the-forests (butea monosperma, parrot tree) that grew in my school to chit chat until class resumed. The non-Muslims continued their use of the school canteen as per non-Puasa times.

Today, the 'nons' are banished to the confines of a shower room, next to a smelly and filthy toilet.

One distressed mum said: "The bathroom is full of bacteria and smells ... and the toilet next door has a horrible smell."

Apparently, when parents complained to the school, the school administrators merely told the students to go to another bathroom or a store room.

Why couldn't they be allowed to use the canteen. Afterall that's what a canteen is for. No one was asking for the Muslim students to join in. Why must 'nons' be denied due access to the appropriate facility for meals?

From the Malay Mail Online, she was reported to asked:

“Is this fair? Can school treat like this. No food serve and no canteen. That bathroom is full of bacteria and smell because it's a bathroom and next door 
[to a] toilet with the horrible smell.”

“Is it fair for a Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Pristana treatment our non Muslim children like this during puasa month?”

The mum continued (as reported by Malaysiakini):

"As a mother, I am in tears and sadness. How many times do they need to run ...? Dear Malay friends, is this fair to you? Does your Allah allow this?"

No Mum, Allah swt does NOT countenance such inequality. It's man who proposes and in Malaysia, also man who disposes (such callous injustice).

Monday, July 22, 2013

The truth behind the Alvivi bah-kut-teh

I read RPK's Chinese hypocrisy at its best and Bak-kut-teh is NOT chik-kut-teh with much amusement and, alas, a wee spot of shame because RPK's condemnations of the hypocrisy of some Chinese Malaysians have been spot on.

The issue revolves around the notorious Alvivi Duo who recently stirred steamy shit with their bah-kut-teh buka puasa provocation.

Some Chinese Malaysians in a kniasu attempt had jumped swiftly into defending the naughty duo, arguing pathetically on semantics, namely that the Chinese-Hokkien word 'bah' literally means 'meat' and should not be taken to imply 'pork' whence it could then have meant 'chicken' or even 'beef', and thus there was no insult in the duo's Facebook greetings to Muslim to buka puasa with a bowl of delicious bah-kut-teh.

One of the kniasu group had even argued that bah-kut-teh refers to the herbal ingredients rather than the meat they flavour.

That's not only kniasu attempts but arguments of pure grade bullshit, wakakaka. Incidentally on a side issue, the Ah Beng word of kniasu always reminds me of Miss Muppet, wakakaka but sorry lah, I can't tell you why, wakakaka again.

'Bah' (meat) in the context of bah-kut-teh and in many other compound words prefixed by the 'bah' word are all cooked with and consisted of mainly pork despite no 'pork' word in them, like:

  • bah-knua - Malaysian pork jerky, sometimes written as bakkwa or bahkua though there must be a nasal sound when pronouncing it hence my insertion of a 'n' in the Penang Hokkien word to reflect the correct pronunciation
  • bah-hoo - Chinese pork floss which makes wonderful Chinese bah-hoo sandwich or goes well with rice porridge
  • bah-chang - Chinese pork dumpling. The sweet version which Chinese nyonya (like my late mum) make are called tnee-chang
  • bah-eu - pork lard
  • bah-pu-oh - pork crusting
  • bah-pu-oi - pork skin
  • bah-moi - pork rice porridge. Incidentally, regarding the socio-cultural significance among Chinese Penangites of bah-moi vis-a-vis kay-moi (chicken rice porridge), please read my KTemoc Kongsamkok post Secret soup (4) in which I wrote:

    As I last posted in Secret Soup (3), the terminology of kay moi also carries a cryptic (Da Vinci-ish) social code for Penangites.

    When Penangites spot their relatives, neighbours or friends all dressed up as if for Sunday church, they would casually ask: “Cheah kay moi ar baa moi?” (are you going to partake of chicken or pork porridge?)

    Though the word baa just means meat, common usage in Penang makes the terminology pork rather than beef or lamb.

Please note that I wrote the Secret Soup series back in 2007, six years ago, when I explained the significance of the word 'bah' (then spelt by me as 'baa') in the above last phrase (in yellow highlight).

Even Hokkien words suffixed with the 'bah' word, like lor-bah (deep fried 5-spice pork roll), tau-eu bah (soya stewed pork) are pork dishes.


If chicken is used, then we would get labels like the quasi-Anglicised chi-kut-teh or the Chinese kay-moi (as opposed to just bah-moi).

RPK also raised the example of char siew pau (barbecue pork dumpling) versus kai pau (chicken dumpling) - all Canto terms, thus 'kai' instead of the Hokkien word 'kay'.


There is no literal language indication of pork in the description of char siew (literal translation = skewered barbecue), but every Chinese in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia and southern China (and perhaps even elsewhere) knows the char siew dumpling is stuffed with barbecue pork.

Why then have some Chinese attempted to bullshit their way (on behalf of the Alvivi duo) through the bah-kut-teh fiasco?


If you'll allow kaytee his usual Freudian indulgence, the kniasu attitude can be traced to the traumatised (younger generation) Chinese Malaysians who want to 'strike back' at those they perceive as their arrogant oppressor.

It's not unlike the lamentable spew of anti-Muslim emails I receive almost everyday, most of which originated in the USA. Some Yanks still angry over the 9/11 incident (but ignoring their nation's despicable oppression and exploitation of many Arab countries), and probably frustrated with their nation's non-nuking of everything Arab or Muslim, gave vent to their invincible hatred for their turbaned foes through such hate emails, YouTube videos, cartoons, etc involving fabricated allegations, insults and wilful fantasies.


They seek emotional relief in their media acts of masturbation.

And that's what the younger set of Chinese (and at times, Indian) Malaysians do. You can see some Chinese (and Indian) Malaysians automatically supporting rightwing Dutch or Israeli bashing of Arabs and Muslims, without being aware that those rightwing thugs hate them (Chinese and Indians) just as much as, if not more than, the Arabs and Muslims.

Those Malaysian 'nons' seek surrogate targets for their anger at what they see as ketuanan Melayu arrogance and 'oppression', and thus would gleefully join in or support any US-European-Australian-Israeli media-bashing of Arab and Muslim.

char siew = skewered barbecue
are we going to argue these are barbecue chicken?

They even revel in bullshit fantasies such as Japan not having any diplomatic relations with Muslim countries (what an ideal country for Chinese, one responsible for the Rape of Nanjing) or Robin Williams (a most liberal American) delivering a fabricated anti-Muslim warning.

Thus it's no surprise that some would automatically defend the Alvivi duo's bah-kut-teh provocation in a syiok-sendiri emotional masturbation.

But in doing so, they violated one of the traditional Chinese cautions (or advice), namely, 'don't use a long bamboo pole to knock everyone down'.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Denial of rights for the 'nons'?

The Star Online - Sex bloggers denied bail

did their parents give them enough attention when they were kids? 

Why are Alvin Tan Jye Yee and Vivien Lee May Ling being referred to as 'sex bloggers' when they have been charged for their provocative bah-kut-teh antic and not any sex antic or anything to do with sex?

Has this been done with an aim to aggravate their wrong-doings or has it been a mere case of sleazy journalism, with a hope that the referred 'sex' would adds to the flavour of the bah-kut-teh article?

If I'm not incorrect about the law, as an example, a prosecutor cannot argue in court that a man who is charged with murder is likely to have committed the crime because he has a notorious record of stealing.

Thus the Star headlines has not been helpful at all.

Be that as it has been, let's move on to that "sparkling icon of darkness" that Malaysians know as the Attorney General, Abdul Gani Patail. The Star reported him saying the decision to pursue a case against sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee without offering bail is due to the couple’s tendency to incite the public.

How was your last trip to Mecca?
Did you fly 1st Class?

I wonder whether he blushed when he said that, or his skin is so thick that we couldn't detect his face being flushed with embarrassment for his double standards, or he has absolutely no sense of guilt or/and embarrassment?

Okay lah, f* him, let us know read what Vivegavalen Vadi Valu has written as guest columnist for Malaysia-Today in Race and the Ordinary Malaysian - relevant extracts follow:

The problem, contrary to what many think isn't in fact the special rights accorded to one class but the denial of rights of another.

Here we see a form of institutionalised oppression that has led us to not only mistrust but also dislike other races for reasons hitherto known. This should have been evident enough to the politicians then when even within a family, favouritism causes siblings to often be envious among each other, which then naturally leads up to a clash. [...]

The politics of the country is such that we have inadvertently taken the whole divide and rule concept to a whole new level. Malaysia has successfully managed to create literally a class within a class whereby the Malay elite continue to subjugate the rural workers and the Indian and Chinese upper class who benefit directly from government transactions ignore the plight of their community and serve to fool the very people who trusts them to protect their affairs. [...]

... in other words, the already known story of UMNO betraying the Malays.

Coming back to the present day, we are presented almost on monthly subscription, doses of racial bigotry and religious intolerance.

Who can forget the cow-head incident, or the threat to burn bibles and the ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu’ farce?

Recently of course is the whole ‘Alvivi’ fiasco which has caused rage among the muslim community. While I absolutely abhor and denounce their actions, I take issue with the reaction generated and subsequent punishments intended to be meted out. There can be no grey areas for where the Law is concerned and equality of standing in the course of justice has to be ensured if we are to attain consistency.

The problem of course isn't the reaction or lack of reaction from the ruling coalition but rather in which selective persecution is often the norm in particular where race is involved.

That a matter of blatant stupidity should be clamped down, denied bail and prosecuted with the full force of that a threat to national security is not only uncalled for but deeply troubling. 

It is even harder to swallow the AG’s reasoning of further provocation from the defendant when a simple silence order would have sufficed. Even as we speak, comparisons are made to the rape incident involving a grandfather who was allowed bail despite the severity of the allegations.

If we are to transcend this path, what then of Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin? In what legal spheres are the slanders committed not an act against national security and racist in nature? How is it that the same act, nay a significantly lesser act committed by A is wrong whereas B is allowed full leeway without the fear of prosecution?

And then there was retired Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah who sowed hatred and discord at a forum on the GE13 results in May by warning (or threatening) a backlash from the Malay community after being 'betrayed' by Chinese Malaysians who voted against the BN.

He said: "For the Malays, the pantang larang(taboo) is to be betrayed, because when they are betrayed, they will react and when they react, their dendam kesumat tidak tersudah-sudah (wrath will be endless)."

What about Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister, who voiced his racist support for Ibrahim Ali on the latter's Bible-burning remarks.

During this Holy Month UMNO and its apparatus have shown an utter lack of respect for the religion they brazenly claim to embrace and defend.

And thus I had asked in my previous post Siapa yang sebenarnya menghina Islam?

Only UMNO ...

... in the same way as it has insulted the rulers it hypocritically claim to defend, as I wrote in Insulting the Rulers, UMNO-style.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Siapa yang sebenarnya menghina Islam?

The Malaysian Insider - My case has nothing to do with sex bloggers, says youth who was abducted

The youth who was abducted and assaulted by a group of men in Shah Alam and had the words “Saya hina Islam” written on his body said his case had nothing to do with the hot issue involving the controversial sex bloggers’ Ramadhan photograph.

Ng Mun Tatt, 21, said he was abducted for money and that the words ‘Saya hina Islam’ were a tactic by his assailants so that he would be beaten by the public if he tried to escape.

Ng said he is stunned how his photograph taken at a police station was leaked and went viral on Facebook even before his statement could be taken by the police.

“I was more shocked when the police said yesterday my case was triggered by the sex bloggers’ case,” he said at a Press conference in Klang today.

“I don't even know anything about them, nor have I offended anyone recently.”

It was the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar who told reporters in Bukit Aman yesterday that Ng’s case could have been triggered by sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee's controversial Ramadhan greetings photograph of bak kut teh on Facebook.

Sooner or later this and more would have happened. The racial-religious-political climate in Malaysia is now so tinder dry which makes such event inevitable.

And I cannot help but wonder whether the campaign for GE-13 is really over, or has the campaign for GE-14 already started?

Recent events haven't help like the Vatican in undiplomatically raising the Allah word issue again when we have both the Home Minister and IGP under pressure, one from his party election campaign and the latter from strident public calls for his immediate resignation in the criminal case of a death-in-police-custody, and a Malaysian public on steroids through daily dosages of racial-religious incitation and blatant fabrications.

Then a couple of idiotic publicity hounds added to the simmering likely-conflagration by posting provocative photo and remarks in Facebook, though I have to say the proposal to invoke the Sedition Act in their provocation was way over the top and if processed, would be a gross abuse of the law.

Naturally the BN-government's and police's double standards in going after the idiots while ignoring their own provocative idiots have been breath-taking, but then this is BN's Malaysia Boleh.

Back to Ng Mun Tatt - Not only was he beaten up and accused of insulting Islam, his photo taken by police with the words "Saya hina Islam" scrawled on his chest was posted on the Net and which went viral.

I wasn't aware that police have this role of posting as-yet unsubstantiated accusations on the Net?

And a besieged IGP (besieged for his bull about a death-in-custody case) made some rather irresponsible as-yet unproven connections between Ng Mun Tatt's case and the idiotic Alvivi duo.

A TMI commentator by the moniker of MyNation stated: If this fella happened to have insulted the Muslim, I can says, Serve You Right!! To those who abducted, and beaten him, You also have to face the law as you have done something that shouldn't be done.

I would not be surprised that the mindset of commentator MyNation would be the mindset of a number of Muslims, in that Ng Mun Tatt has been 'found guilty' and shall remain guilty until proven innocent.

MyNation then hypocritically made some meaningless dispensational comments on justice by criticizing the attackers-kidnappers but obscenely only after delivering a padan muka to Ng Mun Tatt without even allowing the case to be first investigated to determine whether Ng had in fact 'hina Islam'.

I suppose it's a case of f**k that anyway presumably because MYNation must be thinking: why let inconvenient facts and evidence get in the way when non-Muslims are automatically guilty of insulting Islam.

But quite frankly and don't be surprised by my revelation, that what had happened to Ng Mun Tatt is not unusual or new.

Unless you have been sleeping for the last 30 years, you would know that this sort of duplicity in exploiting religion, one of offenders using religious incitation to mask their crimes have been going on in the BN government and party, where not only agama had been exploited to divert the attention of Muslims away from their corrupt and nefarious activities on to selected 'targets', but also of bangsa dan raja.

And these have been believed by people like MyNation.

You must be wondering "Siapa yang sebenarnya menghina Islam?"