Saturday, September 23, 2017

Another Indian Party

Even though the Minorities Rights Action Party (Mira) has been transformed from the former NewGen Party, which purported to champion the rights of all ethnic minorities, it is essentially an Indian party.

Rajaretinam Armuggan - chairperson Mira 

It wants to ally itself with Pakatan Harapan, promising to deliver the Indian votes in constituencies such as Cameron Highland, Kulim-Bandar, Lembah Pantai, etc.

Mind, MIRA has cleverly said it's not asking for any seats, not that it could get any, wakakaka.

Waythamoorthy - Hindraf
once a BN deputy minister but now ...?

I wonder who is representing the Indian Malaysians - MIC, IPF, Hindraf, HRP, Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP), MIUP, PSM, MIRA etc but of course whichever it is, the political party with the most number of Indian representatives is the DAP which has been accused of being a Chinese-based party.

The DAP has a total of 21 Indian MP, ADUN including a Deputy CM, and a Senator, a number which far exceed those in MIC, wakakaka. Perhaps, based on numbers of Indian representatives, the DAP is the true Indian party, wakakaka.

Dr Ramasamy (DAP) - DCM II Penang 

Mind, the political party which Indians should steer clear of is PKR, an extremely dangerous place for Indian politicians wakakaka - don't believe me, ask Nallakaruppan, Gobi, Manickavasagam etc etc etc, and soon (if they're not too careful) Surendran, Sivarasa and Xavier Kumar, wakakakak again.

dei Zahid, what are you complaining about - after all you admitted to sleeping with an Indian before



  1. 21 mp adun n dcm pun tak mampu tolong indian folk kat kampung buah pala, tak tahu sudah mabuk kah atau tidur, or tis 21 is for show only.

  2. Such fragmentation of the Indian vote is not good at all for the community's representation.

    Never mind the various poll results. The actual outcome of GE14 will be interesting and will reveal the current state of Malaysia's politics.

    Malaysia could end up with a hung parliament and an increasingly dysfunctional democracy, where everyone is saying something but no one is doing anything to move Malaysia forward.