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Kacang lupa kulit

Guardian (extracts):

Kacang lupa kulit

‘In Washington DC, Suella Braverman railed against migration and multiculturalism.’ Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

... the most toxic departure from what should be unshakeable conservative values came in a speech delivered in Washington DC on Tuesday by Suella Braverman. The home secretary railed against migration and multiculturalism, describing the first as “an existential challenge” and the second as a failure. Naturally, liberals deplored it. But a genuine conservative would have been just as shocked.

Because Braverman had in her sights not just asylum seekers, but the European convention on human rights and the United Nations refugee convention of 1951. (She especially dislikes the way those documents protect gay people and women who fear discrimination.) These are binding agreements, treaty obligations entered into by the UK – and yet, when asked if the government would consider breaking from them if it did not get its way, Braverman refused to say that Britain would honour its commitments. Instead, she said the government would do “whatever is required”.

That violates what should be another core conservative principle: the rule of law. Talk to today’s disenchanted or former Tories and they’ll insist that even when Margaret Thatcher was at her least conservative, radically tearing up the postwar settlement, she had an unbending respect for the law.

She would hardly recognise this government, in which the likes of Braverman – like Thatcher, a lawyer herself – are ready to break commitments enshrined in law, domestic or international. Recall the unlawful prorogation of parliament or Brandon Lewis’s cheerful admission to the house that the internal market bill would “break international law in a very specific and limited way”. It’s tempting to think these were excesses of the Boris Johnson era, now passed. But Braverman’s speech – and Sunak’s indulgence of it – are proof that that sorry chapter has not ended.

Indeed, Sunak’s failure to defend the Commons, by refusing to cast a vote of censure against Johnson’s lies to the house, points to one more torching of conservative principle. Conservatives are meant to protect the sovereignty of parliament. Instead, they have made a mockery of it.


kt comments:

Suella Braverman's parents are Indian migrants (Dad from Goa and a Christian whilst Mum was from Kenya and a Hindu). Suella is currently the Home Secretary for Britain and is very very very much right-wing.

Amazingly, for a child of migrants to Britain, she rails against migrants, migration and multiculturalism. She was quoted as taking a hardline approach to immigration.

Memang kacang lupa kulit, and talking about kulit, well ... wakakaka she is not unlike our RTA, Amin!

Sikit-Sikit Ada Baik, Ramai-Ramai Kurang Baik


Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sikit-Sikit Ada Baik, Ramai-Ramai Kurang Baik


 Please read my comments.



My Comments :

Bangla jadi Perdana Menteri? Too late. Kerala sudah first. 

Well Bangla Bhai, di mana bumi dipijak di sana langit di junjung. 

In Bangla, Google translate says :

যেখানে পৃথিবী পদদলিত হয় সেখানে আকাশ সমুন্নত থাকে

The solution to his anger is simple just go back and cut grass in Bangladesh. Go back and sweep the drains in Bangladesh. Go back and work in the factories in Bangladesh. Why aggravate yourself bhai?

The same thing I say to all those "Mozlems" who run away from their shithole countries and escape with their lives (literally) to Europe and other western countries. Once they arrive in the West they start cursing and complaining because they cannot fit into modern society (I refrain from using western society).

Then they start demanding for things like sharia law which they never ever had even in their own countries back home. Very confused.

But lets talk a bit more not only about the Banglas but also Arabs, Pakistanis and other migrants who are here now. Lets compare to the other immigrant communities we have in our country the Chinese and Indians. What is the difference?

The difference is history, communications and putting down roots.

Unlike the Banglas, Arabs, Pakistanis etc the Chinese and Indians have a very long history in these regions. Chinese and Indians, especially Tamils have been populating South East Asia for a very long time in history.

The oldest and still functioning Chinese temple in the country is 378 years old. 
The oldest and still functioning Hindu temple in the country is 242 years old. 
The oldest and still functioning Tamil Muslim mosque is 275 years old. 
The oldest Christian church in Malaysia is 502 years old.
An entire Hindu civilisation existed in Kedah dating back more than 2,500 years.

So there is a very long history.

However due to distances, poor communications, wars, difficulties, out of their own choice etc the immigrant Chinese and Indians laid down roots in South East Asia. In Thailand and the Philippines you almost cannot differentiate the Chinese from the local peoples.  

Many Indians in Malaya, especially Muslims, married into the local populations and can still be differentiated by their mixed DNA. You can say they really put their roots down.

For a vast majority of them migration was a one way ticket. Otherwise we will not have the tens of millions of Chinese throughout South East Asia or the millions of Indians in Malaysia (exact numbers not known because the Census does not count things right).

Today it is entirely different. Today the Bangla, Pakistan, Arab fellows are on WhatApp video call with their families back home on a daily basis. Free of charge. My Bangla grass cutter can tell me exactly how much cow's milk his father sells on a daily basis. Then there is Fly By Night airlines which can take the Banglas home for a holiday for less than a month's grass cutting salary.   

So they are not here on a one way ticket. The links with home are intact and very strong. The constant communication with their own people, their own society and their home country neutralises the pull factor to stay here.

There is also something else going on. Economic prospects in Malaysia are deteriorating vis a vis their own countries. Many Indonesians have gone home never to return. They can make a living in Indonesia. Same with Bangladesh. Manufacturing is taking off in Bangladesh - although it is only one industry, textiles. But opportunities are growing and Bangladesh's per capita GDP now exceeds that of Pakistan. So there are strong pull factors back home that negate staying here in Malaysia permanently. 

There is no quick solution to the huge immigrant workforce in Malaysia. Locals do not want to work. Some university girls came to do housecleaning (with a housemaid company). Very enterprising I thought. But they quit after two visits. Too much tension? Penat? The part time Indon maid does a wonderful job - for over two years now. 

Yesterday I was watching a young fellow loading a delivery lorry. He closed only one door at the back of the lorry and left the other door swinging open. And they took off down the road. Of course they had to pull over again and fix the swinging door. They did not kill any motorcyclists. The Banglas dont make such mistakes.

You can only put lipstick on a pig for so long, its still a pig


Saturday, September 30, 2023

You can only put lipstick on a pig for so long, its still a pig



Here are a few comments about my post yesterday about the CIA etc by a friend of mine "Sam" - a Melayu and a successful CEO of an oil and gas company. Sam is also a "Gator" - graduate of U of Florida. Bro, at Purdue we knew U of Florida as a 'party school'. 

Anyway he says:

The global renewal energy and climate change scam will have an end-point. You can only put lipstick on a pig for so long, its still a pig.

Our people, so called intellectuals and policy makers dont really read. All they do is regurgitate mainstream orthodoxy of western socio-politics. Ikut jub_q orang without having their own thinking.

BTW I agree that the US is only interested in its self interest irrespective of who is in charge. Its a superpower doctrine. And the CIA is best at it even when it results in screwing their "partner(s)".

China will also be no different. There is no such thing as a benevolent power. It does not exist.

My Comments :

We cannot be naieve and expect anyone to be benevolent just out of the goodness of their hearts. There is no such thing. We have to keep our eyes open.

But China does have a department somewhere inside their government which studies international perception to China's presence in other peoples' countries. They keep track whether Chinese investors appear arrogant or obnoxious overseas. And how to go about avoiding these type of issues.

For instance there are over 1.0 million Chinese expatriates and investors all over Africa but they hardly stand out.  Often not noticeable. They are low key and they go about their business.

There are over 1.0 million Chinese expatriates and investors living and working in Russian Siberia and they hardly stand out either.  They are low key and they just go about their business.

In contrast there were hardly a few tens of thousands of mat salleh colonials in Africa (except for 20th century Algeria with two million French and South Africa with four million whites)  yet the mat sallehs made themselves highly visible. They could be seen everywhere with their whites only clubs and institutions.  The famous Coliseum in KL was a whites only joint. So were many restaurants, hotels and swimming pools throughout Malaya. The few whites really made their presence felt.

In Singapore the Chinese from the mainland create problems when they chain their bicycles to a lamp-post or along a sidewalk. Some have been found crapping on the grass and their kids piss in styrofoam cups at the McDonalds. But that is not arrogance, just the old Cina-bukit behaviour.

My friend Sam also sent me the following graphics. This is about Top 10 global FDI flow countries.  In 2021 and 2022 Singapore was No. 3 after USA and China.  

This chart goes back to 2012. Malaysia is nowhere in the Top 10 for the past TEN YEARS !!  

Folks you know what I am thinking ? I think someday a Bangla grass-cutter will become prime minister of Malaysia.


Ukraine War is a catalyst in changing the world. How should we be prepared?

 From 'Murmurs of the Heart' blog:

The Ukraine War will be remembered as a key event that is changing the world's order. 

Looking back, the Western civilization has been the center of world's power for thousands of years since the collapse of Islamic empire.

The world benefited immensely with principles of separation of power, rule of law, freedom of speech and etc. Wealth and standard of living increased greatly. 

This has also helped to spread Western influence deep, far and wide throughout the world, in almost all aspects of life like economy, trade education, media and etc.

Unfortunately, over time, greed takes control. There is now blatant abuse of power. Those who do not conform to the ruling elites are punished, be it, individuals, companies and other countries.

Many are disgruntled but chose to stay mostly silent as they do not want to bear the brunt of being punished. Yet deep inside, many harbour the desire to be more independent.  

The Ukraine War is changing this.

Russia is putting a strong resistance against Ukraine and the collective Western power. They seem to be gaining the upper hand as war drags on. The overwhelming power of the collective West which has until now been undisputed, seems at least vulnerable at some point.  

The war is coming into the second year, while it was assumed at the start that Russia would crumble in two weeks and Putin would be ousted internally. 

The strength and influence of the collective West is waning. Many countries that condemned Russia initially are now openly defying the demands of the collective West to punish Russia. They are choosing a more independent path.

The Ukraine War is a catalyst that is changing the world order. The collective West is getting weaker, Russia stronger and other countries more independent in charting their own paths. 

How should we be prepared for what is coming?

Foreigner Claims 'Bangladeshi Children Will Become Malaysian Prime Minister' - Stirs Controversy Among Malaysians

Foreigner Claims 'Bangladeshi Children Will Become Malaysian Prime Minister' - Stirs Controversy Among Malaysians

In a viral video shared on TikTok, a Bangladeshi man has expressed his belief that children from Bangladesh living in Malaysia have the potential to become members of the Malaysian Parliament in the future. This bold statement has ignited a heated discussion among Malaysians.

The man, whose identity remains unknown, pointed out the significant contributions of foreign workers to Malaysia's economy. He emphasized that Malaysia's prosperity, in part, is owed to the contributions of foreign workers, who work in Malaysian factories and engage in various labour-intensive tasks such as farming, drain cleaning, and waste collection.

"People from Bangladesh and other foreign nationals are hardworking. They work tirelessly and are skilled at making money, unlike some others," he asserted.

Furthermore, he predicted, "One day, Bangladeshi children will become members of the Malaysian Parliament. Remember, I'm saying that Bangladeshi children will become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Mark my words."

The man did not stop there. He also criticized Ustaz Sophian, a figure known for causing disruptions in businesses owned by foreign nationals. He questioned why there haven't been similar actions taken against businesses owned by Indonesians and Thais in Penang, highlighting the presence of hundreds of such establishments.

"In Penang, there are hundreds of Indonesian and Thai-owned businesses. Why aren't they targeted? It's ridiculous. Thai people operate tom yam and grilled fish businesses (without permits). Why aren't they raided?" he exclaimed angrily.

The man's comments have generated mixed reactions from netizens. Many disagreed with his views, stating that such statements could negatively impact other Bangladeshi workers trying to earn a living in Malaysia.

The Truth Behind the Myth of the 'Tiananmen Square Massacre' - Opinion Piece By Dr. Dennis Etler

Military Watch:

The Truth Behind the Myth of the 'Tiananmen Square Massacre' - Opinion Piece By Dr. Dennis Etler

Chinese People's Liberation Army Type 59 Battle Tank - artwork

Dennis Etler is a former professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College, California, and an expert on Sino-U.S. relations.

Although it has been well established that no “massacre” actually took place in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, the term is still widely used to refer to the violence that did occur in Beijing that fateful night. 

As is well documented the violence was instigated by agents provocateurs, mostly unemployed youth who were set adrift as China transitioned from the command economy of (Chairman) Mao Zedong era to the socialist market economy of the (Chairman) Deng Xiaoping era. Mobs of these disaffected young people were set loose, firebombing PLA vehicles, incinerating their occupants and torching whole convoys of army vehicles sent to secure order in the capital. 

There should be no doubt in any thinking person’s mind that agents of the U.S. CIA and the Taiwan based Guomindang were involved in recruiting them. But what led to this insurrection that the West refuses to let go of?

Protesters Set Fire to PLA Army Armoured Vehicle

After the Cultural Revolution, but before Deng’s economic reforms kicked in, China was betwixt and between, without any ideological moorings. The old ways of doing things were discredited but new approaches to organizing the economy and society were not yet fully developed. 

Western liberal ideas of “freedom” and “democracy” found support among a growing segment of students and intellectuals. Many others were fearful of losing the social and economic benefits, known as the “iron rice bowl” that they had become accustomed to when the state fully controlled China’s economy. The times they were fast changing. The Soviet Union and the socialist bloc were imploding and China seemed to be the last Communist state standing. 

If China succumbed it was unlikely that the other surviving socialist states, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba would last much longer. Thus, the U.S. was chaffing at the bit, hoping to push China over the precipice like what was happening in the USSR and Eastern Europe. 

They were looking for a Chinese Gorbachev, and they found him in former Chinese Premier and then current General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Zhao Ziyang. As will be seen the U.S. was well placed to foment what would later be called a “color revolution” in China. So, let's delve a bit deeper into the cast of characters behind the scenes of what would eventually be called the 'Tiananmen Square Massacre.'

James R. Lilley, top CIA Asia operative, was U.S. ambassador to China before, during and after the Tiananmen incident. George Soros, instigator of later "color revolutions" had a China based NGO called the Fund for the Reform and Opening of China that supported the protests and General Secretary Zhao Ziyang - a neo-liberal in waiting who would later be called China's Gorbachev. 

Ambassador Lilley had a fascinating history, being born in China to a U.S. oil executive stationed there in the pre-WW2 years. He had a Chinese nanny and was thus a native speaker of Chinese. Returning to the United States before the U.S. entered WW2 he subsequently went to Phillips Exeter Academy prep school and Yale University. His fluency in Chinese and upbringing led him to the CIA where he became its top Asian operative. 

"As a CIA operative, Lilley worked in countries across Asia, including Laos, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. In Laos, he worked to undermine the Communist insurgency, and he helped to insert a number of CIA agents into China. By 1975, Lilley was appointed to the position of national intelligence officer for China, which made him the highest-ranked expert on China in the American intelligence community.

Early in the administration of Ronald Reagan, he was appointed to the National Security Council, where he served as the senior expert on east Asia. From 1981-1984, he served as Director of the American Institute in Taiwan, which serves as the unofficial diplomatic liaison to the government of the Republic of China.." So much for Lilley.

James Lilley, CIA operative in Beijing and future U.S. ambassador to China

George Soros' anti-communist credentials are also well-documented and his sponsorship of neo-liberal causes, think tanks and NGOs well known and documented. 

"Soros is a well-known supporter of progressive-liberal political causes. He played a significant role in the peaceful transition from communism to capitalism in Hungary (1984–89) and provided one of Europe's largest higher education endowments to Central European University in Budapest. Soros is also the chairman of the Open Society Foundations." 

As documented by Godfree Roberts in 'Tiananmen Square, 1989 – Revisited': “In 1986 Soros endowed his Fund for the Reform and Opening of China with one million dollars – a huge sum for China those days – to promote cultural and intellectual exchanges with Zhao’s Institute for Economic Structural Reform. 

In 1988 the National Endowment for Democracy opened two offices in China, gave regular seminars on democracy, sponsored select Chinese writers and publications and recruited Chinese students studying in US. In February 1989, two months before the CIA launched its Tiananmen destabilization campaign, President Bush paid his first and only visit to China.

“When the student protests erupted in late April the NED mailed thousands of inflammatory letters from Washington to recipients in China and aroused public opinion through Voice of America (VOA) shortwave radio broadcasts, in Mandarin, across China on the days of the protests. 

In Nanjing, university students had boom-boxes turned high as the VOA described events in China. “Deng had CIA strategist Gene Sharp arrested and expelled to British Hong Kong, whence he directed the insurrection, as he recounts in his memoir, Non-Violent Struggle in China. Another CIA operative, VOA’s Beijing chief, Alan Pessin, provided encouragement, provocation, strategic guidance and tactical advice in round-the-clock broadcasts and students who were there still talk of the VOA’s promised land of “freedom and democracy”. […]” So much for Soros.

Zhao Ziyang, former Chinese Premier and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China at the time of the Tiananmen protests was China's Gorbachev.

Zhao in his memoir stated that "China should adopt a free press, freedom to organize, an independent judiciary, and a multiparty parliamentary democracy." He also called for "the privatization of state-owned enterprises, the separation of the Party and the state, and general market economic reforms." 

Some of his economic program was implemented, but his complete economic and political package of reforms would have led to the formation of a multi-party social democracy to replace the unitary socialist state ruled by the CPC. So much for Zhao.

Zhao Ziyang and U.S. President Ronald Reagan

Thus it can be seen that Lilley, Soros and Zhao formed a perfect triumvirate both inside and outside the CPC that was extremely well-placed and well-versed in destabilizing and overthrowing established socialist states, by hook or by crook. 

To think that when the Soviet Union and other socialist states ruled by Communist parties were imploding the likes of Lilley, Soros and Zhao Ziyang were not actively conspiring to bring down the PRC and convert it into a vassal state of the U.S. is beyond the bounds of credulity. 

So what would have been the result if the CPC had not intervened and quelled the unrest and Zhao Ziyang and his supporters, both foreign and domestic, had been able to implement their “pro-democracy” agenda? 

According to David Shambaugh, a so-called “China expert,” China would be a better place if Zhao's neo-liberal economic and political reforms had been enacted. To quote, "Had Zhao remained in power and been able to pursue this twin-reform strategy, it is an open question whether he and China would have wound up with the same fate as Gorbachev and the former Soviet Union, or whether this strategy would have worked in China, where it did not in the U.S.S.R." 

But, as far as the U.S. and the West in general is concerned the strategy did work in the USSR. And, they would have done everything possible to have made sure it worked in China as well if Zhao had implemented his counter-revolutionary agenda. Luckily the "éminences grise" of the CPC were able to thwart the machinations of Zhao's puppet-master George Soros of color revolution fame.

What would China be like today if Zhao Ziyang had retained power? It would be a compliant vassal of the U.S. in East Asia.

As Shambaugh et al. state, China would have a "much more open civil society and media (i.e. controlled by U.S. neo-liberal NGOs and corporate conglomerates); tolerated some dissent (i.e. anti-communist quislings); enfranchised the eight “democratic parties” (i.e. allowing them to be infiltrated by foreign agents) and empowered the National People’s Congress and provincial people’s congresses (i.e. destroying China's system of consensual democracy); established a Hong Kong-style professional civil service (i.e. allowing anti-communist sinecures to metastasize within the state apparatus); separated Party from state (i.e. ensuring the collapse of Party control and the establishment of an oligarchic "representational democracy"); made the military beholden to the state and constitution rather than a tool of the Communist Party (i.e. allowing for a military coup whenever the U.S. felt it necessary); more strictly controlled opportunities for corruption and strengthened the non-Party control mechanisms (i.e. by making corruption an integral part of the system as in the U.S. and other Western democracies); encouraged greater “inner Party” feedback mechanisms (i.e. encouraging factionalism); and (finally) proceeded with gradual direct government elections up to and including central-level officials (i.e. allowing politicians to be bought and sold to the highest foreign bidder). 

In other words a neo-liberal's wet dream. China would have descended into the hell that overtook the Soviet Union and remained as underdeveloped as the world’s largest democracy, India.

Thus, if the Tiananmen protests had succeeded and the program of Lilley, Soros and Zhao had been fully implemented, the state led economic miracle of the last 30 years would have been stillborn and China would have been neutered as a potential rival of the U.S. as it is increasingly becoming. That is why the U.S. and its captive media still rue the day that the CPC came to its senses and derailed the U.S. inspired counter-revolutionary movement that the Tiananmen protests had become. And that is why the Western media and politicians continue to harp on its suppression 30 years later.

New evidence in Radzi’s case, says Azam


New evidence in Radzi’s case, says Azam

MACC chief commissioner Azam Baki says he will leave it to the agency’s investigation team on when to call up Putrajaya MP Radzi Jidin for questioning.

Azam Baki says the agency needs more time to investigate Putrajaya MP Radzi Jidin and his alleged link to an RM80 million book project undertaken when he was education minister. (Bernama pic)

KAJANG: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Azam Baki says there is new evidence pertaining to its investigation into Putrajaya MP Radzi Jidin and his alleged link to an RM80 million book project undertaken when he was education minister.

“I have been informed by the investigating officers that a lot of new evidence has been collected. So, we will continue with the investigation,” he said.

“So, please give us some time (to complete the investigation),” he told reporters at a MACC event held at the Kajang prison.

However, Azam refused to confirm if MACC would call up the Bersatu vice-president to record his statement, saying that he would leave the matter to the agency’s investigation team.

Last week, MACC arrested two individuals, including the former political secretary to a former minister, on suspicion of soliciting and receiving bribes for a RM80 million project involving a ministry.

An MACC source said the first suspect, in his 20s, is a former political secretary to a former minister, while the second is the owner of a company in his late 50s.

Both are alleged to have conspired with the former minister to solicit and receive a bribe in return for the approval of a book project through direct negotiations.

Last Saturday, Radzi released a statement denying that he had approved the project via direct negotiations and alleged that the arrests by MACC were ordered by the authorities following his outburst in the Dewan Rakyat last week.

Radzi lashed out at Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim during the winding up of the 12th Malaysia Plan mid-term review in the Dewan Rakyat on Sept 19 after repeatedly demanding that Anwar retract his remarks against him and Perikatan Nasional (PN).

He was subsequently ejected from the House, with his fellow PN MPs then staging a walkout in solidarity with him.

Azam previously said that there was “no pressure from any parties” leading up to the probe on Radzi.

Russian attack hits site in western Ukraine, evacuation ordered


Russian attack hits site in western Ukraine, evacuation ordered

Officials reported a hit on an ‘infrastructure site’, sometimes used to refer to power facilities.

Authorities ordered a partial evacuation of Kalynivka in western Ukraine following an attack by Russian troops. (AFP pic)

KYIV: Authorities in the western Ukrainian region of Vinnytsya ordered an evacuation early on Saturday, saying an infrastructure site had been struck in a Russian attack.

“At this time there is no need for a general evacuation, apart from the immediate area around the site of the hit, said Vasyl Polishchuk, head of administration for the town of Kalynivka, according to the town’s website.

It did not say what target had been struck or what weapon had been used.

Regional governor Serhiy Borzov had reported the hit on an unspecified infrastructure site, a term Ukrainian officials sometimes use to refer to facilities involved in power generation or other industries.

Malaysia must keep up pace with Thailand in tourist arrivals

Malaysia must keep up pace with Thailand in tourist arrivals

Letter to Editor

IN 2014, Malaysia received a record high of 27.44 million tourist arrivals. The number could have exceeded 30 million had it not for an airplane that disappeared after departing from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and our refusal to grant visa-free entry to citizens from key Asian countries.

In 2014, Thailand received 24.81 million tourist arrivals, but the number shot up to 29.92 million in 2015, 32.53 million in 2016, 35.59 million in 2017, 38.18 million in 2018, and 39.92 million in 2019.

From 2015 to 2019, arrivals to Malaysia dropped to 25.72 million, 26.76 million, 25.95 million, 25.83 million, and 26.10 million respectively, averaging 26 million per year. In contrast, Thailand received an average of 35.2 million arrivals annually during the same five-year period.

In 2019, 11 million Chinese tourists visited Thailand and spent 544 billion baht (RM70 bil). In the same year, 3.1 million Chinese tourists came to Malaysia and spent RM15.32 bil. Also in 2019, 155 million Mainland Chinese spent US$255 bil (RM1.2 tril) overseas.

(Pic credit: China Daily – Global Edition)

While countries around the world have their doors opened wide to welcome Chinese tourists, ours were half-closed by requiring Chinese nationals to obtain visas, although citizens from 163 other countries could enter Malaysia visa-free and stay for up to 14, 30, or even 90 days!

The writing was on the wall and prompted the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) to issue a press statement in December 2014 with the heading “MATTA Calls on Home Ministry to Stop Stereotyping China Tourists”, which was reported by the local media.

MATTA had called on the government to grant visa-free entry to citizens of China and allow them to stay for up to 14 days to boost tourist arrivals.

It fell on deaf ears and our lackadaisical attitude allowed Thailand to leapfrog us in tourist arrivals, leaving us trailing far behind.

In recent years, I have written numerous articles that citizens from China, India and Bangladesh be granted visa-free entry to Malaysia, as each of these populous countries has a huge middle class keen to travel and they offer the biggest potential in tourist arrivals to our country.

My articles included “Sound visa policy accelerates economic recovery” and “Why deny Chinese nationals 14-day visa entry?”, both published in August 2022; “Tourist arrivals likely to reach 10 million” in December 2022; and “Is Malaysia tourist-friendly?” in August 2023.

On September 25, Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin was at Bangkok’s international airport to hand out gifts and posed for pictures as his tourism minister and other VIPs greeted about 300 travellers from Shanghai. The event was widely covered by the international media.

Videos showed arriving passengers were entertained by Thai traditional dancers and drummers. It was the first day of a new five-month visa-free entry programme and the Thai government is pulling out all the stops in boosting tourist arrivals and expenditures to revitalise the economy.

Thailand aims to draw 28 million tourists and generate 1.4 trillion baht (RM 180.2 billion) this year. In 2019, our northern neighbour attracted 40 million tourist arrivals and earned 1.9 trillion baht (RM244.6 billion). In 2019, we received only 26.1 million arrivals and RM89.4 billion.

National Tourism Policy 2020 – 2030

(Pic credit: Reuters)

Are we going to remain passively as bystanders or bold enough to take the bull by the horns? Are we going to remain as world champions in government planning but last in its execution? Are we content to take a back seat while Thailand is being proactive to stay far in front of us?

One of the four strategic actions to enhance demand sophistication under the National Tourism Policy is to remove impediments to high-value tourism.

In 2019, Chinese tourists were the fourth biggest spenders in Malaysia per capita and moved to third in the first half of this year.

One of the four strategic actions to strengthen governance capacity is reinforcing high-level coordination to monitor the implementation of the National Tourism Policy 2020-2030 through dialogues between the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry (MOTAC) with other ministries.

The latest development in Thailand in relaxing visa requirements should give MOTAC further impetus to engage with the Home Ministry once again on granting visa-free entry for citizens from China, India and Bangladesh for up to 14 days stay.

It can start off with a six-month trial period. If implemented next January, Malaysia will be starting 2024 with a bang and we will receive no less than 24 million arrivals for next year, up from 18 million expected this year.

Not only that, but arrivals will also climb steadily to 30 million in 2025, 36 million in 2026, and 42 million in 2027 and this is where it is close to saturation point, realising our full potential. If not, arrival figures will continue to be around 26 million annually as in pre-pandemic years.

At the very least, we must keep pace with Thailand’s tourist arrivals. But more importantly, we should not miss the immense benefits that a great number of foreign tourists bring as large numbers of our people could be gainfully employed and the expenditures boosting our economy. – Sept 29, 2023

YS Chan is master trainer for Mesra Malaysia and Travel & Tours Enhancement Course as well as Asean Tourism Master Trainer. He is also a transport and training consultant and writer.

Friday, September 29, 2023

American CIA Pouring Fuel In Our Waters. They Are Already Making Fools Of Our Boys.


Friday, September 29, 2023

American CIA Pouring Fuel In Our Waters. They Are Already Making Fools Of Our Boys.


A few days ago when I first read this report by Murray Hunter I was quite shocked. Actually terkejut tergempak. For the first time ever detailed and obviously top secret and classified information about a joint CIA and Research Division covert operation were being made public. 

At first I thought Murray Hunter was going to get into hot soup for divulging classified information.  Then I read that Murray Hunter has taken the information from an Indonesian website

"According to Darilaut.ID and other sources, the Research Division of the Prime Minister’s Department, also known as the Malaysian External Intelligence Organization (MEIO) is undertaking joint operations with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)"

Click here to read Murray Hunter's original article in full.  

Malaysia Today (click here) has also reproduced this story.

I realised straight away that the CIA is already making fools of our boys. Rest assured that it was the CIA who leaked all this information to that Indonesian website about this joint operation by the CIA/Malaysia in the South China Sea. (I dont think our Research boys leaked the information - which would be a serious offence).

CIA 1 - Research 0.

Here is the shortened version of Murray Hunter's article:




Research Division aka Malaysian External Intelligence Organization (MEIO) 
joint ops with US CIA in South China Sea adjacent to Sarawak
to maintain Malaysian sovereignty in disputed areas 

continue US operations to enforce ‘rules based order’

Chinese incursions into disputed territories 
tension between China and United States 
for Malaysia covers surveillance needs 
support from P-----s, and S'wak Coast Guard 

(OSTB : support? This means we paid for the ops. Duit kita lah. Kita bayar. CIA's covert ops but using our taxpayers money. Banyak cantik. Tell the CIA to pay for their own covert ops.)

CIA 2 - Research 0.

to track Chinese, Vietnamese and Philippine vessels
Markers set on P-----s sea platforms
markers laid by China, Vietnam removed
(OSTB : So we are in cahoots with the CIA to conduct surveillance on our ASEAN neighbours Vietnam and the Philippines as well)
defence minister said deploying more than naval forces to undertake surveillance 
Ops Hadir joint ops Research Division and CIA carrying out direct activities 
rather than maritime, military and coast guard usually responsible

(OSTB : What do you mean by "more than naval forces"? So how much more money was spent? Duit kita lah. Kita bayar. CIA's covert ops but using our taxpayers money. Tell the CIA to pay for their own covert ops. )

Research/CIA activities through third parties 
such as S'wak Forestry Dept, general aviation contractors (?)
program with US to protect Malaysian sovereignty
for US part of their containment of China  
for US important that Malaysia assisting its defence policy
Similar operations going on in Philippines with Philippines govt
(OSTB : Do you seriously believe that the Americans care about Malaysian sovereignty? You cannot be that naieve brader. The CIA has now "recruited" Malaysia to assist in American defense policy against China. So that the USA can  enforce their ‘rules based order’.  That is what they have done). 
CIA 3 - Research 0.
covert ops known to Chinese through infiltration of PM's Dept by United Front  
and their surveillance of South China Sea to confirm their HUMINT in Malaysia

OSTB :  Alamak! United Front in the PM's Department!! Really?

Folks, the United Front refers to the Communist Party of Malaya's formation of the "united front" government in Singapore with Lee Kuan Yew's PAP from 1959 to 1961. Refer  "The Open United Front: The Communist Struggle In Singapore, 1954-1966 by Lee Teng Hui".

Ini cerita lama-lah, from Singapore during the time of the Malayan Emergency from 1948 to 1960. I think some half-baked CIA analyst from the University of Texas or Louisiana State wrote that up, after a quick trip to the Malayan Emergency section at the CIA library.  There is no more "united front" in Singapore or in Putrajaya. 

This is just the CIA trying to stir up "anti-China" shit. Do not forget  almost one third of our population are also Chinese - who are loyal, hard working and taxpaying citizens. 

CIA 4 - Research 0.

small investment in Ops Hadir yielded great diplomatic results
Malaysia may not have achieved without the operation
Ops Hadir more advantageous to M'sian govt than US anticipated

(OSTB : Really? You think so? I am sure the CIA wrote up this one too)

Wa Akhirul Kalam  : To the Research people, you have a duty to protect our sovereignty and our territorial integrity. I am not going to tell you how to go about doing this.

But bear in mind that the CIA is the Great Satan. You mess with them they will really mess you up. They will mess all of us up.

They have only one interest in mind - their own interests. 

If you think that the CIA cares about our sovereignty or our territorial integrity then you must be dumber than you cannot have possibly thought.

For those of you who are interested please click on this link and read about the exact same covert ops the CIA is undertaking against China together with Philippine President Marcos Jr.

  • And rest assured the CIA is also helping the Filipinos conduct covert surveillance on Malaysia.
  • Just like the CIA is helping Malaysia conduct covert surveillance on the Philippines.

The CIA is just stirring up shit everywhere. Jangan jadi bodoh tau.