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Japan asks US military to ground Osprey aircraft after fatal crash

Japan asks US military to ground Osprey aircraft after fatal crash

This file photo taken on August 23, 2022 shows a US military Osprey aircraft at the US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in the Okinawa prefecture. — AFP pic

Thursday, 30 Nov 2023 6:07 PM MYT

TOKYO, Nov 30 — Japan said it has asked the US to suspend all non-emergency V-22 Osprey flights over its territory after one fell into the sea yesterday in western Japan, marking the country’s first fatal US military plane crash in five years.

The US Air Force said the cause of the mishap during a routine training mission, which killed at least one person, is currently unknown. Search and rescue operations to find the remaining seven crew are still ongoing.

“The occurrence of such an accident causes great anxiety to the people of the region... and we are requesting the US side to conduct flights of Ospreys deployed in Japan after these flights are confirmed to be safe,” Minoru Kihara said in parliament on Thursday.

The Japan Self-Defence Forces (SDF), which also operates Ospreys, will suspend flights of the transport aircraft until the circumstances of the incident are clarified, another defence ministry official said.

A spokesperson for US military forces in Japan did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Our focus is on the ongoing search and rescue operations, and we’re praying for a safe return,” Rahm Emanuel, the US ambassador to Japan, said in a post on X.

Witnesses said the aircraft’s left engine appeared to be on fire as it approached an airport for an emergency landing in clear weather and light winds, media reported.

Developed by Boeing and Bell Helicopter, the hybrid V-22, which can land and take off like a helicopter and fly like a fixed-wing aircraft, is operated by the US Air Force, Marines and Navy, and the SDF.

The deployment of the aircraft in Japan has been controversial, with critics of the US military presence in the southwest islands saying it is prone to accidents. The US and Japan say it is safe.

Japan hosts the biggest overseas concentration of US military power, with the country home to the only forward-deployed US carrier strike group, its Asian airlift hub, fighter squadrons and a US Marine Corps expeditionary force.

In August, a US Osprey crashed off the coast of northern Australia while transporting troops during a routine military exercise, killing three US Marines.

Another crash-landed in the ocean off the southern island of Okinawa in December 2016, the first such incident in Japan, prompting a temporary US military grounding of the aircraft.

The last fatal US military aircraft crash in Japan was 2018, when a mid-air collision during a training exercise killed six people, according to the defence ministry. — Reuters

Spain PM Sanchez says he doubts Israel respects international humanitarian law

Spain PM Sanchez says he doubts Israel respects international humanitarian law

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said today that, given the number of casualties among civilians in Gaza, he doubts Israel is respecting the international humanitarian law. — Reuters pic

Thursday, 30 Nov 2023 5:04 PM MYT

MADRID, Nov 30 — Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said today that, given the number of casualties among civilians in Gaza, he doubts Israel is respecting the international humanitarian law.

“The footage we are seeing and the growing numbers of children dying, I have serious doubt (Israel) is complying with international humanitarian law,” he said in an interview with Spanish state-owned broadcaster TVE.

“The indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians, including thousands of boys and girls, are completely unacceptable,” he added. — Reuters


kt comments:

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is so correct. Netanyahu and his mob are feral beastly animals, not human beings, hence they cannot be expected to respect humanitarian laws.

U.S. Struggling to Finance Middle East Military Surge: Budgetary Crisis Threatens Pentagon Supply Chains

Military Watch:

U.S. Struggling to Finance Middle East Military Surge: Budgetary Crisis Threatens Pentagon Supply Chains

U.S. Marines in Saudi ArabiaKyle Talbot

The Untied States has struggled to finance its large military buildup in the Middle East, which began in early October in response to the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and various Palestinian militia groups based in the Gaza Strip. 

A primary issue has been a gridlock in the U.S. Congress, which has been unable to approve new funding due to disagreements between the Democratic and Republican parties over whether to include tens of billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine in new spending packages. 

This has left several federal agencies, including the Department of Defence, operating under stopgap funding bills, which freeze all types of defence spending at levels seen in 2022. Such levels are considered insufficient to cover the U.S. Military’s expenses particularly due to the significant costs associated with overseas operations on such a large scale. 

Pentagon spokesman Chris Sherwood informed Politico that since the massive redeployment of U.S. forces to the Middle East was not planned in advance, the military “had to pull money from existing operations and maintenance accounts.” This resulted in less funding being available for previously planned exercises and deployments elsewhere. “We’re taking it out of hide,” he concluded.

U.S. Navy Supercarrier USS Gerald Ford

American defence officials have repeatedly warned that the lack of funding resulting from the congressional impasse could harm shipbuilding, procurement programs, and the industrial base itself.

This followed multiple government reports highlighting that the sharp decline of the American industrial base over the past 30 years has seriously undermined the country’s ability to compete in defence. 

Deputy Under Secretary of Defence Radha Plumb warned to this effect of an “additive domino effect of delays” which could be devastating for firms across the Pentagon’s supply chains. 

Under Secretary of Defence Bill LaPlante highlighted that a lack of Pentagon funding could lead to further layoffs in contractor firms. 

Difficulties financing the Pentagon budget, as well as maintaining spending in the hundreds of billions of dollars to sustain the war effort in Ukraine, have contributed to the more than doubling of the American budget deficit which reached $2.02 trillion for the fiscal year through September compared to just $1 trillion for the preceding year. 

Massive debt accumulation has meant that by some estimates 2023 will be the first year where the costs of servicing the interest on American debt will alone exceed the entire Pentagon budget.

U.S. Air Force F-35s at Al Dhafra Airbase, UAE

Regarding the scale of the American military surge in the Middle East, among the most notable assets deployed have been a Marine Rapid Response Force led by the amphibious carrier USS Bataan, two U.S. carrier strike groups led by Nimitz and Gerald Ford class nuclear powered supercarriers, A-10 attack jets from the 354th Fighter Squadron, F-15E strike fighters, Patriot and THAAD air defence systems, and a range of other aerial warfare assets. 

While American officers are confirmed to have been deployed to advise Israeli forces on the ground, and drones have been deployed for the first time for operations over the Gaza Strip, American special forces are also reported to have engaged Palestinian militias in combat. 

The United States has simultaneously maintained significant commitments elsewhere, with personnel deployments to Ukraine having surged in 2022 and deployments both covertly on and overtly around Taiwan increasing significantly in 2023.

'Are you saying you were ineffective?' - PKR MPs hit back at Ramasamy

'Are you saying you were ineffective?' - PKR MPs hit back at Ramasamy

Former Penang deputy chief minister II P Ramasamy’s recent remark about Indian interests being sidelined in multi-racial PKR and DAP did not sit well with several MPs.

Some are questioning Ramasamy’s role during his 15 years in the government.

Batu MP P Prabakaran said while anyone has the right to form his own party, Ramasamy's (above) statements called into question whether he himself was neglecting Indian issues during his time in power.

Batu MP P Prabakaran

"He was the deputy chief minister of Penang for over 15 years and represented DAP. Is he saying that he was neglecting the community's issues all the while and was unable to advocate for its interests?

"I think it's very wrong to say that multi-racial parties cannot address issues of minorities. Our role is to highlight issues affecting all Malaysians particularly the marginalised poor of all races and religions.

"This will also include issues like Mitra (Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit) and Tamil schools, unemployment and welfare, most of which affect the Indian community," Prabakaran said in a brief telephone interview with Malaysiakini.

He added that his belief that viewing issues through a racial lens was not effective.

"To me, the old system of race-based parties is on the way out. Malaysians must view themselves as part of the larger community and you cannot divide us on race.

"While I wish him all the best, I think creating another Indian party in an already crowded field that includes MIC, Makkal Sakthi Party and P Waythamoorthy's party (Malaysian Advancement Party) will just serve to divide the community further," said Prabakaran.

On Saturday, Ramasamy announced the establishment of a new party, Parti Bersepakat Hak Rakyat Malaysia (Urimai), saying he had lost faith in the concept of a multi-racial political party.

"The multi-racial political parties that exist now do not represent Indians. For example, DAP and PKR are multi-racial with many Indian members.

"But, what is the state of Indian members in these parties? They (Indian leaders) cannot speak. They need to obey the leadership's instructions. The party's leadership is more focused on their respective races," he said.

‘Walk the talk’

Prabakaran's PKR colleague, Segamat MP R Yuneswaran also took issue with Ramasamy's claims.

"To start a new party is the right of all citizens as constituted in the Federal Constitution but saying PKR or DAP never voices out for Indians, is simply not true.

"All issues and concerns of all Malaysians, especially the Indian community, are always the top priority. We have passed the first year of government with many policies that enhance and improve the quality of life and progressive governance for Indians," he told Malaysiakini.

Segamat MP R Yuneswaran

He also questioned why Ramasamy took this line after being dropped from DAP's line-up.

"Just because they left the party that they were in for so many years, suddenly to say the rest is wrong and only they are right is not acceptable.

"I have massive respect for Ramasamy as a very vocal leader with vast experience. We should engage with all Indian leaders in and out of Parliament to champion community issues and not attack those who have different political stands or opinions," he added.

He suggested that Ramasamy come out with more inclusive policies and plans to uplift the Indian community's socioeconomic development, alternate plans for job creation and SME financial aid plans instead of complaining about other parties.

"Definitely, no parties are perfect, but the current government under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim is tackling issues and moving forward to resolve the problems faced by the people and the country.

"I wish them all the best and hope they can walk the talk to champion the issues and be a third force to check and balance. If not, they will be just like other talkers," he said.

Pendang rep claims Bukit Gantang MP, family threatened him

Pendang rep claims Bukit Gantang MP, family threatened him

PARLIAMENT | Pendang MP Awang Solahuddin Hashim (Perikatan Nasional) has claimed that he was threatened by Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal (PN-Bukit Gantang) and the latter’s family.

Speaking in the Dewan Rakyat today, Awang (above, left) alleged to have received a phone call from Syed Abu Hussin two nights ago and was threatened by the latter.

However, he fell short of divulging further details after Dewan Rakyat speaker Johari Abdul asked him to file a motion on the matter as the alleged incident did not happen today.

“I will file the motion that I was threatened by Bukit Gantang and his family at that time.

“I don’t mind, I have to face it. I’m just afraid that we may get distracted as we still have many issues left unresolved by the Parliament.

“MPs need to be given protection,” Awang added.

Dewan Rakyat speaker Johari Abdul

Earlier, he raised Standing Order 95 and proceeded to read out Section 9 of the Houses of Parliament (Privileges and Powers) Act 1952 (Act 347).

Johari interjected Awang and proposed for him to file a motion, arguing that it would be unjust for him to make an immediate decision without having prior knowledge of the alleged incident.

“YB (Awang) will have to write it in black and white and I will investigate. We can’t do this in the Dewan Rakyat. I don’t know what has happened.

“My decision is (for Awang) to file a motion,” Johari said.

‘Lodge a police report’

Meanwhile, Chong Zhemin (Pakatan Harapan-Kampar) called on Awang to lodge a police report instead of raising the matter in the august house.

“If you were threatened, please lodge a police report. Don’t create a perception in the Dewan Rakyat. Go out and file a report so that they can investigate it.”

In a bid to explain what had happened, Awang then stood up again in the august house and said Syed Abu Hussin was dissatisfied with the former for opposing his support for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

“I stood up to oppose it because he (Syed Abu Hussin) embarrassed PN in front of the Parliament.

“In the Constitution, it is stated that the Parliament has to provide protection to MPs. It’s not just to me, I’m afraid it would involve him (Syed Abu Hussin) too. I want to defend myself.

“So the speaker has to take note that there are specific provisions to protect MPs,” he added.

Malaysiakini has contacted Syed Abu Hussin for his response.

On Tuesday, Syed Abu Hussin announced his support for Anwar.

He was the fifth lawmaker from that party to “switch” allegiance to the government to date.

He made the announcement during the Prime Minister's Question Time at the Dewan Rakyat, where he also called on other opposition MPs to work together with the government.

US-Led NATO Got 200,000 Ukrainians Slaughtered; Ex-Zelensky Advisor Threatens ‘Strong Counterplay’

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

US-Led NATO Got 200,000 Ukrainians Slaughtered; Ex-Zelensky Advisor Threatens ‘Strong Counterplay’

By Vijainder K Thakur

In his latest Telegram post, Oleksiy Arestovych, Former Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine, claims that Kyiv had won the war at the end of March 2022, when Boris Johnson pressured the Ukrainian leadership to continue fighting Russia.

The Ukrainian leadership’s decision to accept Boris Johnson’s advice resulted in an additional “couple of hundred thousand people” dying.

Arestovich’s startling acknowledgment of 2,00,000 Ukrainian fatalities is painfully in line with objective casualty estimates by many analysts. Arestovich squarely blames US/NATO’s failure to supply Ukraine weapons to win the war against Russia for the unnecessary Ukrainian fatalities and the failure of the Ukrainian forces to defeat Russia.

In his post, Arestovich refers to the recent interview by David Arakhamia and General Zaluzhny’s article in the Economist. Speaking to journalist Natalya Moseychuk, David Arakhamia, faction leader of Servant of the People and head of the Ukrainian delegation at the peace talks in Istanbul in March-April 2022, revealed that the Russian delegation promised Kyiv peace in exchange for refusing to join NATO. However, when the delegation returned from Istanbul, “Boris Johnson came to Kyiv and said that we would not sign anything with them at all, and let’s just fight.”

Ukraine’s Army Commander-in-Chief, Valery Zaluzhny, in his article acknowledged that Ukraine’s counteroffensive had totally bogged down in the trenches. “There will most likely be no deep and beautiful breakthrough,” the commander said.

Arestovich interprets the article as stating that the “army did what it could, and the politicians are responsible for the continuation of the war. They should look for a way out of the strategic impasse, and when they find it and formulate it, the army will execute it.

Johnson with Zelensky

Timing Of The Revelations

Arestovich alludes that the Boris Johnson revelation was orchestrated by Zelensky.

“Zelensky seems to have decided to divide responsibility (for Ukraine’s battlefield reversals) between Johnson and Zaluzhny,” he writes in his Telegram post.

Responsibility For Ukrainian Reverses

Arestovich then alludes that it’s not anyone in Ukraine who is responsible for Ukrainian reversals along the battlefront, rather, it is the West that goaded Ukraine to continue the fight.

“The real responsibility lies with those who promised us, Ukraine, real support for waging a real, big war and did not provide it.”

Victory Claim

Arestovich then goes on to pull a rabbit out of his hat, claiming that by the end of March 2022, Ukraine had won the war with minimal Western support.

“We broke the personnel army of the Russian Federation and the invasion plan, with minimal help from the West: the first Rammstein – as early as April 26, the first serious deliveries – the end of June.

“This war of ours could well have ended with the Istanbul Agreements, and a couple of hundred thousand people would have been alive.”

“And then the second war began,” he adds.

“And this second war, we could not have won without airplanes and long-range missiles and a five times larger volume of supplies for the Ground Forces.

“All this was not there.”

Image for Representation

Western Betrayal

Arestovich contends that Ukraine “paid a huge price” because the West misled Ukraine over the nature of support. He feels there is more bad news for Ukraine – it will now be pressured to sign a peace agreement that involves ceding four of its provinces.

Finally, Arestovich says that the burden of resolving the conflict must fall on “those who threw us into a big war, promised full support, and left us without it.”

Ominously, Arestovich ends his post by saying, “But this situation gives us an opportunity for a strong counterplay.”


Arestovich’s reference to an “opportunity for a strong counterplay” was made in the context of the US/NATO refusal to give Ukraine what it needs to win the war.

As such, it is likely intended to pressurize the US/NATO. It’s conceivable that the veiled threat had backing – If not of Zelensky, then a powerful Ukrainian faction that is ready to lock horns with the US/NATO!

Vijainder K Thakur is a retired IAF Jaguar pilot. He is also an author, software architect, entrepreneur, and military analyst.

Israeli forces shoot dead two Palestinian children, aged eight and 15, in Jenin camp raid

A screen grab from a video of Israeli forces’ killing of eight-year-old Adam Samer al-Ghoul (left) and one from a video of the killing of 15-year-old Basil Suleiman Abu al-Wafa (right). – Screen grab pic, November 30, 2023

Israeli forces shoot dead two Palestinian children, aged eight and 15, in Jenin camp raid

Eight-year-old shot in the head during attack on refugee camp in West Bank

"You shall not delay the offering from your harvest and your vintage. The firstborn of your sons you shall give to Me."

- Exodus 22:29

KUALA LUMPUR – Two Palestinian boys were shot dead by the Israeli army when the forces raided the Jenin refugee camp in the north of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said eight-year-old Adam Samer al-Ghoul was shot in the head and 15-year-old Basil Suleiman Abu al-Wafa died after being shot in the chest.

Still under PAS’ shadow, Mat Sabu says ‘race to do good’ and shunning extremism set Amanah apart

Still under PAS’ shadow, Mat Sabu says ‘race to do good’ and shunning extremism set Amanah apart

Eight years after its formation, Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu still believes in positioning his Parti Amanah Negara as an alternative for voters who are looking for an Islamist movement — but one that eschews racial and religious extremes. — Picture by Firdaus Latif

Thursday, 30 Nov 2023 7:00 AM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — Eight years after its formation, Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu still believes in positioning his Parti Amanah Negara as an alternative for voters who are looking for an Islamist movement — but one that eschews racial and religious extremes.

Keen to present his party as different from the more vocal fringes that dominate headlines by imposing their religious requirement on others, the man called Mat Sabu points to an Islamic concept called “fastabiqul khairat” or being competitive in doing good deeds.

“For Amanah, we based every action on a Quranic verse with ‘fastabiqul khairat’, which means the race to do good,” he told Malay Mail in a recent interview.

Mohamad was referring to two verses in the Muslim holy book, 2:148 and 5:48, where Allah commanded His adherents to “compete with one another in doing good”.

“Islam is not just jurisprudence. Islam in its universal form, which we see the focus should be on improving the image of Islam,” he said, expounding on the Islamic view that Amanah subscribes to.

Inevitably, any talk on an Islamist party in the country would bring comparison to PAS — of which Amanah is a splinter.

The former PAS deputy president was quick to denounce the Perikatan Nasional component, pointing to how PAS is now playing with dangerous religious sentiments that is adversely impacting ethnic harmony.

He pointed to how Pahang Mufti Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Osman had in 2016 declared Amanah's ally DAP as “kafir harbi” and it would be a “great sin” for Muslims to support the party — and has yet to apologise for the remark.

Muslims categorise infidels who oppose Islam and regarded as enemies of the faith as “kafir harbi”, in comparison to “kafir dhimmi” who are infidels that should receive protection in an Islamic state.

“Then came the Pelangai by-election where Barisan Nasional won, and the Pahang PAS Commissioner said ‘Congratulations to the Pelangai people for choosing to stay in hell’. This type of sentiment is in the mind of their leaders and they have no effort to prohibit or reduce this kind of element,” Mohamad related.

Kepala Batas MP has an analogy, where DAP leaders are linked to Chin Peng, which was wrong. But there was no disciplinary action against her. So this element of the ‘takfiri’ element doesn’t suit us,” he said, using the Arabic term for the practice of accusing another Muslim of being an apostate.

Mohamad said after all these years, he hopes Amanah will continue to be a party that stays far away from religious extremism.

“Thank God, so far this is the eighth year. We are still surviving and the members are growing and we hope we’ll be an alternative in the future.

“God’s blessing is for everyone, we must keep the peace. Amanah is neither just for Malays nor for Muslims only, but for all races and religions,” he said.

Amanah was formed in 2015 by former PAS leaders of the so-called “Erdogan” faction, named so for their progressive views on Islam and fondness for Turkiye’s Recep Tayyip ErdoฤŸan’s ideologies from that time.

They left PAS after the party election in 2015 which saw Mohamad Sabu and other figures such as the late Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, Datuk Husam Musa, Datuk Mahfuz Omar, Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad, Datuk Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, Dr Mohd Hatta Md Ramli, and Khalid Samad ousted.

Salahuddin died following surgery for a brain aneurysm in July this year, and Mohamad paid tribute to his former deputy — calling him “a great man”.

“I delivered many party matters to him. He was the chairman of the Amanah election candidate selection for GE15. That's not easy work but he performed the tasks with full commitment,” he said.

On his achievements as party president, Mohamad said he would leave it to the members to decide his performance.

“I leave it to the members. I don't want to give lengthy comments because since I was in my former party, I only work and work. My evaluation as president is up to the members to decide,” he said.

Amanah will hold its party election to choose its next leadership line-up this December, in conjunction with its 2023 national convention.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Israeli tank gunner reveals orders to fire indiscriminately into kibbutz — report


Israeli tank gunner reveals orders to fire indiscriminately into kibbutz — report


New disclosures add to the growing body of evidence indicating many Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by the Israeli military. Meanwhile, the Israeli government has muzzled captives freed from Gaza to prevent further damage to the official narrative.

Firsthand testimony by admittedly inexperienced Israeli tank operators reveals orders to open fire upon Israeli communities when Palestinian militants breached the fences encircling Gaza on October 7.

A glowing profile of an all-female tank company by Israel’s N12 News network contains admissions by the 20-year-old captain — identified only as ‘Karni’ — that she was ordered by a “panicked” soldier to open fire on homes in the Holit kibbutz whether they contained civilians or not.

Ten Israelis were killed in Holit on October 7; no children were among the dead.

“The soldier points and tells me, “shoot there — the terrorists are there,”” the captain recounts in the newly-released footage, noting that when she asked “are there civilians there?,” her compatriot simply replied, “I don’t know,” and ordered her to “just shoot” a tank round into the buildings anyway.

Ultimately, she recalled, “I decided not to shoot” as “this is an Israeli community.” Instead, she said, “I fired with my machine gun at a house.”

WATCH The story of the female @IDF Armored Corps fighters who fought against Hamas terrorists and saved an entire kibbutz. @N12News

While the Israeli government and its army of international propagandists have blamed Hamas alone for a range of grisly killings on October 7, along with unsubstantiated claims of rape, torture and beheading babies, the comments in N12’s report add to a growing body of evidence demonstrating that shelling by Israeli tanks was responsible for many of the casualties incurred in Israeli kibbutzim. According to the soldiers interviewed, others killed by the tank company in question include supposed Palestinian militants whom they say they crushed to death with their vehicle.

“My driver spots two terrorists on the road and reports it,” the captain tells her N12 interviewer. When “I tell her to run them over, she simply runs over the terrorists and moves on,” she explains blithely.

The female tank company appears to have been trained on the least advanced vehicles in Israel’s arsenal, and given only border defense duties. In the chaos of the Hamas assault on October 7, they were forced into more advanced vehicles equipped with a remote controlled weapons system (RCWS).

In the N12 report, Brigadier General Raviv Mahmia admitted that taking on a band of militants in Kibbutz Holit was a “very complex” task for which the young tankers were “in many ways…not trained to fight.”

“They fired in Israeli communities, driving on plain roads,” he noted.

Reporting by The Grayzone has revealed that many of the bodies found burned beyond recognition inside southern Israel’s so-called Gaza envelope were likely victims of the Israeli military – which recent admissions seem to confirm.

On November 26, The Grayzone cited eyewitness testimony to document how an Israeli tank opened fire on a home in Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7, killing 12 Israeli noncombatants including Liel Hetzroni – a posterchild of Tel Aviv’s international anti-Hamas propaganda campaign.

Evidence of friendly fire deaths on October 7 also arrived through the disclosure by Haaretz that Israeli attack helicopters likely killed many attendees of the Nova electronic music festival, and that Hamas was unaware that the festival was taking place at the time.

Muzzling freed Israeli captives to salvage the narrative

Revelations that Israeli troops were ordered to open fire indiscriminately on Israeli communities come as the country’s security services make desperate efforts to control the narrative of the Gaza war.

Following a temporary ceasefire arrangement which saw dozens of Jewish captives released from Gaza beginning November 24, Israel’s Channel 12 revealed that authorities in Tel Aviv have instituted new rules demanding that the freed Israelis be closely monitored when giving interviews.

Those released from Hamas custody “are expected to receive close supervision, and they will be instructed on what to tell the media and what not,” the report explained.

At the time of publication, none of the recently-freed Israelis had spoken publicly with any media outlet. Appearances by the captives on Israeli media have become increasingly rare since the release of 85-year-old Yochaved Lifshitz, who was fiercely criticized for shaking the hand of one of her Hamas keepers and acknowledging that they “treated us gently.”

Another major blow to “israel’s” propaganda machine Sharon Lifshitz, daughter of the released elder who shook the hands of her Hamas captors during the hand off, Yochaved Lifshitz “My mom is saying that they were very friendly toward them” ON BBC! IN PLAIN ENGLISH! #Gaza

Recent comments from a relative of another elderly Israeli woman released November 24, Ruth Munder, seem to validate that account.

Describing the Israelis’ time in Gaza, the family member said: “Fortunately, they did not endure any unpleasant experiences during their captivity; they were treated in a humane manner.”

“Contrary to our fears,” Munder “did not encounter the horrifying stories we had imagined,” and ultimately, the captives’ custodians “did not harm them,” the family member told Israel’s Jerusalem Post.

Similarly, the sister of a Thai worker taken hostage in Gaza told international media her brother had been “taken care of very well,” and “seemed happy” when he was released.

A guest on Israel’s Channel 13 News acknowledged, “it’s important to mention that many accused [Israeli former captive] Yochaved Lifschitz [of disloyalty], but she stated these very things. She faced bad treatment and was described as causing significant media harm, accused of lying due to her husband being in captivity, that Hamas has influenced her, brainwashing her before her release. But every word she said was true, and these people are making the same statements.”

As she left Gaza for Israel, the Israeli captive Danielle Aloni left a letter for her captors in Hamas thanking them for “the unnatural humanity that you showed towards me and to my daughter Emilia. You were like parents to her, inviting her into your room at every opportunity she wanted.”

She concluded by expressing gratitude for, “the kind act you showed here despite the difficult situation you were dealing with yourselves. And the difficult losses that befell you here in Gaza. I wish that in this world we could be friends.”

During her time in captivity, Aloni appeared in a video lacerating Netanyahu for his failure to negotiate for her release and those of fellow hostages.

While the Israeli government would likely claim Aloni had been coerced into authoring the letter under extreme duress, it has yet to allow her to speak publicly about her experience in Gaza.

Al-Qassam Brigades release letter of "Israeli" captive: To the generals who have accompanied me in recent weeks, it seems that we will part tomorrow, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For your unnatural humanity that you showed towards me and to my daughter Emilia,… Show more