Friday, September 15, 2017

Return of Paul Wolfowitz, Anwar Ibrahim's old buddy

FMT - Washington insider: Malaysia likely paid for access to President Trump (extracts):

Paul Wolfowitz (foreground) 

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is known to pay money to enable meetings with US presidents, a Washington insider says in reference to the meeting between Prime Minister Najib Razak and US President Donald Trump.

Paul Wolfowitz, a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who served seven US administrations, suggests that the meeting was arranged by a former Trump aide.

Note the carefully written:

"... is known to pay money ..."

"... suggests that the meeting was ..."

These are words to tip-toe through the legal tulips.

Note also Paul Wolfowitz criticised both Mahathir for his 'paid' meeting with Bush and Najib for a host of things including a golfing game with Obama and the latter's visit to Malaysia, but not Anwar who alone among Malaysian leaders received a 19-gun or 21-gun salute in Washington.

Paul Wolfowitz has been Anwar Ibrahim's best Jewish-American friend. He got Anwar a job as chairperson of the Foundation of the Future an institute which led to a juicy scandal with his Iranian sweetheart Shaha Riza that eventually costed Wolfowitz his job at the World Bank.

Wikipedia reports:

On May 14, 2007 the World Bank committee investigating the alleged ethics violations reported (in part):

  • "Mr. Wolfowitz's contract requiring that he adhere to the Code of Conduct for board officials and that he avoid any conflict of interest, real or apparent, were violated";
  • "The salary increase Ms. Riza received at Mr. Wolfowitz's direction was in excess of the range established by Rule 6.01";
  • "The ad hoc group concludes that in actuality, Mr Wolfowitz from the outset cast himself in opposition to the established rules of the institution"; and
  • "He did not accept the bank's policy on conflict of interest, so he sought to negotiate for himself a resolution different from that which would have applied to the staff he was selected to head."

Wolfowitz appeared before the World Bank Group's board of executive directors to respond on May 15. Adams speculated that "With Mr Wolfowitz so far refusing to step down, the board may need to take radical action to break the stalemate. Members have discussed a range of options, including sacking Mr Wolfowitz, issuing a vote of no confidence or reprimanding him.

Some board members argue that a vote of no confidence would make it impossible for him to stay in the job."

By Wednesday, May 16, 2007, The New York Times, reported that "after six weeks of fighting efforts to oust him as president ... Wolfowitz began today to negotiate the terms of his possible resignation, in return for the bank dropping or softening the charge that he had engaged in misconduct ..."

After expressions from the Bush administration that it "fully" supported Wolfowitz as World Bank president and its urging a "fair hearing" for him, President Bush expressed "regret" at Wolfowitz's impending resignation.

On May 17, 2007 the World Bank Group's board of Executive Directors announced that Paul Wolfowitz would resign as World Bank Group president at the end of June 2007.

The Guardian reported:

The Washington Times called on Mr Wolfowitz to step down as his leadership had been "rendered ineffective" by the scandal. "Mr Wolfowitz has lost the reputation for ethical impeccability on which the World Bank relies."

This man had lost all credibility. 

I had previous blogged on Wolfowitz, saying:

The US government 9/11 Report showed that Paul Wolfowitz had urged the US to attack Iraq after the 9/11 incident when clearly no such evidence of Iraqi involvement existed. The Report continued with the observation that there was no credible evidence supporting Paul Wolfowitz’s argument that Iraq was involved in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Centre.

Wolfowitz was obviously eager for the US to attack and occupy an already weak Iraq, that suffered more than 10 years of crippling US-led sanction leading to several hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children dying of dseases and malnurition. The invasion plan was hardly surprising as Wolfowitz has been a member of the ultra right-wing American think-tank, Project for the New American Century(PNAC), which has urged and strived for US world hegemony. Part of the plan called for the domination of the Middle East region.

And Anwar Ibrahim had backed his candidature for the presidency of the World Bank.

Anwar had said in an interview in Hong Kong on March 18 last year: “I certainly would welcome him to the bank. He passionately believes in freedom and understands the issues of poverty, environment degradation, living conditions and health issues which (are) very much a World Bank agenda.''

This is really unexpected when American Nobel Prize laureate Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist of the World Bank, who is considered one of the most influential economic thinkers, had resoundingly condemned the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz as the president of the World Bank. Even the Bank’s staff had raised their opposition to Wolfowitz’s appointment.

He was also mentioned as the chief architect and strategist for the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

But his war-mongering notoriety has been so repulsive that Europeans have told him he, the president of the World Bank would not be welcome at a World Bank forum (for Africa)!

I couldn’t help sticking it in further by saying what further insult could beat that, when the president of a World Bank has been snubbed and told not to appear at a forum for which his organisation has sponsored.

He now works for the American Enterprise Institute, an ultra right wing think tank of neoconservative, most of whom have been seen to be ultra pro-Israel and very anti-Palestine.

Naturally he would not be friendly to those who had/has been unkind to his best Malaysian buddy, Anwar Ibrahim. Hardly surprising.


  1. wolfowitz buddy is in jail, while yr buddy is the most powerful thief in msia or world, stolen cash that convert to dedak can even turn a islamic party into a racist party, i believe most of us trust this wolfowitz more than the cash king buddy ie u.

    1. Pribumi pun racist. DAP a non-pribumi party lagi teruk racist.

    2. brader, pribumi is just umno2, dap is hypo, i know. the operative word is islamic, perhaps i am the one that being delusional. i support n seek justification on pas struggle since the 90s, turn out that they r not that diff with umno.

  2. Wolfowitz is no longer an active politician.

    He's nowadays an academic - he doesn't just "work" work for the American Enterprise Institute, he's a visiting scholar , who was asked for his input on the issue of possible Najib's paid influence ...which he provided.

    Why such a feral attack on him ?....ah...because Your Dedak sponsor demands it ?

    1. we must know the background, connections and motives of Wolfowitz to know why he said this and that - think matey think, don't just swallow blindly, which most Malaysians are prone to do, wakakaka

  3. One reason why I am always suspicious of Anwar and the PKR is Anwar's friendly association with the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, the chief architect of US imperialism's war on Iraq and of the warmongering Neo-Conservative American Enterprise Institute.

    The idea behind Samuel P Huntington's book Clash of Civilisations was first proposed as a lecture at the American Enterprise Institute before it was made into a book. Well, look at the clash of civilisations going on now and I cannot help feeling that what seems "prophetic" was actually engineered to happen.

    I cannot accept Anwar's close friendship and association with Paul Wolfowitz and that is why I am rather lukewarm with regards PKR, even though there are some good people in it.

    1. he has been a very naughty man. As president of the world bank he got his sweetie a US$200,000 job - for more, see my mid-2007 post titled "Anwar Ibrahim, Paul Wolfowitz & Shaha Ali Reza" []

  4. Wolfowitz is a good friend of Anwar. A zionist Jew. He and his neocon coterie in the Pentagon controlled Congress and Presidents to advance the Israeli plans and to bludgeon Iraq, Libya, and Syria, resulting in the deaths and displacement of millions of innocents. Check it out?

  5. Credible or not, the point is WHO's in charge NOW!

    If not in charge, whatsoever talks r jamban material for goons to play around.

    If in charge, then jamban waste COULD be enforced purely bcoz of the implied power of the shitter.


    U people r just acting naive, out of pure syiok-sendiri-ism.

    Thus, concentrating on past deeds of the have-beens for getting brownies while ignoring the current raging pestilence of the clos&present!

    This is NOT a show of political-correctness. Rather, it's ampu-ism to the tip!

    U guys r really something!!!

  6. CK wrote:-

    "Thus, concentrating on past deeds of the have-beens for getting brownies while ignoring the current raging pestilence of the clos&present!"

    The past does matter to me and does not absolve the fact the fact that Wolfowitz was the chief architect of the was on Iraq and that the Neo-Conservatives are still warmongering imperialists who are still trying to and still do influence US foreign policy.

    I don't rule out that now that Najib is more accommodating to the US than Mahathir was and that the US could well have decided that they rather work with him and no longer need Anwar, however at the same time I do not think that if Anwar were the prime minister, he would have also built such close relations with China, which balances out the relationship both economically and militarily in the reality of today's geo-strategic power play.

    We will only know from Najib's policies vis a vis China and the US from now onwards, whether Najib has sold out to the US or just put on a show to appease Trump and the US as part of the balancing out game.

    As for Trump, it does not look like he has crushed the Neo-Conservatives, as some had expected from his rhetoric during his election campaign but still, I believe that Hillary would be closer to the Neo-Cons than Trump and a worse warmonger had she instead won.

    1. So the past matters & supposedly to be lessons for u to learn/remember!

      Have they???

      Yet, all these conjectures about possible political development!

      U should hold tight to that saying of politic is an art of possibility - inherently there r no eternal enemies but perpetual self interests!

      What u have been postulated, r all based on political interests of THAT period in time & projected forward to current political settings.

      The actual current situation COULD be totally different bcoz now & then r based on multiple different criteria & political interests.

      Current plays r enacted by present power stakeholders. Have-beens have not role, period.

      Remember, friend now foe then & terbalik?

      M'sia's interests lie with a far-sighted, cunning, Machiavellian player, whom pinklips is NOT.

      Worst comes worst, mamak ke, manmanlai ke, both r miles ahead better than that of a kleptocratic, self-serving dwarf like pinklips. & this is NO sopo conjecture!

    2. Current plays r enacted by present power stakeholders but influenced and even structured on past actions, thus the past actions must be analysed and where necessary, call to account.

    3. So have the current players rectify the PAST actions through analysis & call to account???

      Iff they have, then those past actions deemed evil SHOULD have been repealed & corrected!!

      Iff those WHO were responsible r called to account, then mamak SHOULD NOT be the only one to be blamed. The whole cabinet then MUST be held accountable.

      ASK yrself have that been done?

      Don't be selective, act senile & buat tak tau lah.

  7. CK wrote:-

    "What u have been postulated, r all based on political interests of THAT period in time & projected forward to current political settings."

    Well wars and violence initiated by US-imperialist aggression are still ongoing in the Middle East, with refugee crises being created by the like of Soros and his minions, so I have no love for those who call the chief perpetrator his friend.

    Also, if Wolfowitz make a comeback, one does not know how much more death and destruction he will wreak.

    What began in the past is continuing until today.

    "M'sia's interests lie with a far-sighted, cunning, Machiavellian player, whom pinklips is NOT"

    I suppose you mean we need Mahathir instead of Najib. Well even if Najib is the kleptocrat you refer too is Mahathir any better.

    Also if Najib were the kind of Machiavellian you want, many more people will have been detained under the ISA which would not have been repealed.

    Najib is no angel but his style is softly softly, rather than the bludgeon and that seem to upset some people.

  8. wolf wrote an opinion piece published in newsweek, if u people think what he said is bias, lie, n not fact base, u can always rebut, even telling lies saying najib is the most corrupt free pm oso okay instead of all this personal attack n name calling. no wonder there is clash of civilisation, civilise vs no civilise kot wakaka.

  9. Wakakakaka..ISA has been repealed, but replaced with what?

    Or u only care about the initial letters only?

    Najib is no angel but his style is softly softly!!!! Ya ke???

    Remember Et tu Brute?

    Better to face an enemy who acts bludgeonly up-front than a friend's spurious softly softly back-stabbing lah!!

    WRT yr 1st take I have ONLY to repeat this;

    Another episode of the political-correctness of the bleeding hearts!!!

    How many of u understand the art of 乱世治国 (governing a country during a chaotic period)??

    Perhaps, u guys SHOULD revisit Plato's "The Republic" while keeping in mind that Plato had that 'luxury' to indulge in this thesis bcoz Greek's prosperity then was built on the blood/sweat of her slaves!