Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't

MM Online - MCA accepts decision to reject holding Better Beer Festival 2017 (extracts):

MCA has accepted the decision of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) which rejected an application to organise the Better Beer Festival 2017 in the federal capital for security reasons.

MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said he raised the issue in the Cabinet meeting today and was informed that the decision was made for security reasons as advised by the police.

“I am satisfied with the information given during the meeting and as a responsible party and government, the safety of the public has always been our top priority,” said the Transport Minister when met by reporters after attending the Cabinet meeting here today. [...]

“To organise such an event, we must place utmost importance on public safety first and we should respect the decision and advice made by the authorities and police,” he said.

Whatever Liow said about the DBKL prohibiting the staging of The Better Beer Festival, he is totally f**ked.

Though the Malaysian problem is about beer festival and the Burmese about the persecution of the Rohingyas, one could say Liow is like Aung San Suu Kyi, damn if he/she complains, damn if he/she doesn't.

Suu Kyi's problems are graver, where the Burmese military could 'fix' her kau kau. Western critics have failed to understand her current precarious position which is markedly different from her previous incarceration by the military.

It would have been a terrible step backwards to now annoy the military (the real powers in Myanmar) and lose all, after having won so much, after having made much progress in the face of stern military powers. She needs to be tolerant and exploit what little confidence the military has in her to make another 'advance'. 

But back in Malaysia, somehow the cabinet came up with a security angle to avoid issues of uber Islamic interference, perhaps to save Liow's face and inevitable accusations of boe-laan-hood, wakakaka.

Thus Liow should also don the longyi like Suu Kyi, wakakaka.

But this is not to say there is no security considerations where dissatisfied ultras may take it into their silly heads to possibly 'kacau' (disrupt) the Festival.

But the security issue seems a bit of an after-thought due to DBKL recalcitrant silence and reluctance to provide reasons for the prohibition of the Festival earlier. FT Minister Tengku Adnan was earlier also tight-lipped, tip-toeing through the tulips.

It would have been a different story if the anti-Festival people had first brought up the need to consider possible violent disruptions to the Festival, hence better and safer to ban it.

The reality is, with GE-14 just around the corner, no political party, be it UMNO, Pribumi or even the DAP, dares to question the ban on the Beer Festival as no one wants to annoy the Muslim voters.

Only individual politicians whose constituency won't be much affected by Malay voters or who are so ideologically 'pure' (like kaytee, wakakaka) dare to demand that DBKL backtracks from its prohibition of the Festival.

Taan Koo Koo Ler (tunggu selama2nya), wakakaka.


  1. u talk sense tis round, as a chinese n minority, we would never submit, lets try again next year, n every year. i dun take beer, i dun gamble, but i must learn to respect the rights of others to do so as long as not against the law.

  2. It's also the time for those 'enlightened' & silent majority Melayu to prove a point.

    It proves that such entity as an inclusive, liberal would not tolerates vocal idiotic minority to claim religosity championship on their behalf!

    Is anything raised in the name of Islam by zombie must be 'strictly' obey, comes good, bad & urgly?

    Meaning DO u have a mind of yr own & can realise the fraud of the zombieic doctrines that fall outside the Truth teaching of Islam.

    All it needs is some Melayu with teloq, to rally against the DBKL's prohibition for the staging of The Better Beer Festival.

    G25? Siti Kasim? SIS??

    Or ALL of u r just a group of well domesticated bleeding hearts le?

  3. if the cabinet acted under professional advisement from the police then I guess for the sake of security it is better for everyone but on the other hand if the alert came from some bigots or extremist elements in the police force then it's far worst than the purported threat outside

  4. It is most inaccurate to burnish up Liow Tiong Liar as a Good Guy who is caught in a tough situation.
    That's Bull-dust.
    MCA and its President are just sycophants milking the system for whatever its worth.

    Its most inappropriate to equate Liow Tiong Liar to Aung San Su Kyi in any form of equivalence.
    The Lady has a record of decades of courage and sacrifice against daunting odds, for democracy in her country.
    Liow Tiong Liar ? Wakakakaka... I dub him Liar after his lying flat out about the Bersih 2 incident where FRU tear gassed the Tung Shin Hospital.
    There were scores of witnesses, including some of the most respected senior medical specialists in the country.

    You also accidentally or deliberately skipped over an important point.
    For Liow Tiong Liar to make his embarrassing U-Turn, he would have been overruled by someone who outranked him and told to Shut The Fuck Up.

    Guess by who ? Najib the Religious Extremist.

    I call a Spade a Spade.
    Najib is an Islamic Religious Extremist.
    He panders to Religious Extremists.
    He promotes Religious Extremists.
    He protects Religious Extremists.