Saturday, September 23, 2017

'God provides' to irresponsible people?

10 days ago, on 14 September 2017, 21 school children with ages ranging from a mere 7 to 17 perished horribly in a fire outbreak at the Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah.

During all these time, the tahfiz school principal Mohammad Zahid Mahmood did NOT see fit to even meet and talk with the parents of those 21 school children.

21 of people's children died horrendously at his school, and yet for 10 whole days he did NOT bother to see those parents at all.

Now that some broken-hearted parents have engaged a lawyer to demand some truth from the school administration, mind you NOT to even sue the school but to just demand the truth about the fatal fire outbreak, school principal Zahid Mahmood has started to tok-kok, saying the families and kin of victims of the horrendous school fire should discuss with the school management before taking any action.

10 whole f**k-ing days he did nothing - now he's telling those parents not to do anything before speaking to him.

And what f**ling action did those take other than to only want the truth which the school principal had not even care to provide, talk to and console them let alone tell the truth.

All that f**k-er did was to acclaim their poor lil' children died by the will of Allah swt to become mati-syahid.

He bull-ed that he or the school was unable to meet the parents due to time constraints during the 10 days since the fire killed those children.

Presumably in his cockroach mind, his constraints by time obviate the need to explain to parents why their children, entrusted to him for boarding & education, were burnt horribly to death, yes, 10 days ago at his unsafe premise.

Time constraints my bloody foot?

Thus, faced with the demand for truth, he now makes pathetic excuses.

Can you trust your precious children with such a callous contemptible
 cruel-hearted man?

Meanwhile in Penang, Mohd Yusni Mat Piah, the information chief of PAS Penang, ranted against Abdul Malik Abul Kassim (PKR), the Pakatan-led religious affairs committee chairman, for declaring that the state government would take strict action against tahfiz schools that ignored safety protocol, including cancelling their permits and closing down the centres.

Yes, PAS is angry that the state government has the bloody nerve to close down tahfiz schools that ignored safety protocol.

To him, f**k the safety protocol. The tahfiz schools, no matter how unsafe they are, must not be closed down at all.

FMT reported: At a separate press conference before PAS’ statement was issued yesterday, Malik said the state government had no plans to close down tahfiz schools, and was merely advising operators to follow the law.

“Our mission here is to help these schools reach the highest safety standards possible. We will engage these operators to rectify problems as they occur,” he said.

Malik said there would be “no compromise” on tahfiz operators who ignored safety standards if they refused to heed the advice given.

Currently, he said, there were 67 tahfiz schools in the state including 20 unregistered centres.

Malik said the Penang government would also consider beefing up existing state laws to punish tahfiz school operators that flouted basic safety and building laws.

He said with the powers vested under the Control of Islamic Religious Schools Enactment (Penang) 1989, it currently had the authority to deregister schools which were found to be unsafe.

Malik said he was also shocked to hear that some tahfiz schools invited to attend fire safety programmes by the fire department did not show much interest.

He gave the example of a two-day programme held at the Perai fire station on Aug 8 and 9, which was only attended by 25 tahfiz schools although 50 had been invited.

Likewise, a northern region programme held by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) in Alor Setar on Sept 13 and 14 was only attended by 18 of the 36 schools that had been invited.

Somehow Mohd Yusni Mat Piah, the PAS info-chief, gives me the impression he doesn't care two f**ks about safety as probably in his kutu-infested mind, Allah swt will take care of such silly things.

That presumption about a tidakapa attitude among tahfiz schools was seen manifested in only 50% of tahfiz schools attending a two-day programme held at the Perai fire station last month.

As I once heard a Christian evangelist tell me glibly why he could support himself without a job: 'God provides'

He forgot to add that the compulsory Christian version of zakat kept him fed, clothed, boarded and with pocket-money. What an arse-hole.

some churches (eg. in Scandinavia) levy tithe as much as 50% of monthly income 


  1. under najib, anything done in the name of their religion is fine. I still dun understand y u keep barking up the wrong tree?

    1. you don't, but consider this - who declared Malaysia a fundamentalist Islamic nation in 2002?

    2. ayoyo anhea, u ni tak habis2 dgn that stupid declaration. i wud say again & again, binatang tu tidak pernah masok parlimen. are u suggesting or admitting that u believe in whatever said by bapak penswastaan?

  2. Can you trust your precious children with such a callous contemptible cruel-hearted man?????

    The blur-sotongs favour these zombieic incubators bcoz:

    1) they provide arabialized doctrines that they considered r the true Islamic values

    2) they help to 'jaga' the kids while they r doing whatever they r supposedly doing - surrogating their parental responsibility

    How naive can u be!!