Tuesday, September 30, 2008



The peacock & his missing egg!

Well, my old mate, Dean Johns is back to form, at his playful yet caustic best as he lambasted the BN and its draconian ISA, and worse than the ISA per se, the UMNO party leader’s wanton use of the Act for political rather than national security interest.

In Malaysiakini Waiting for Hari Raya Rakyat his theme was ‘eggs’ as well as the associated ‘fowls’!

Some snippets:

And the very sight of salted telur might have made me sick to my stomach at the memory of Umno Youth’s making a police report against Ms Kok for not only casting aspersions on prison catering but also allegedly insulting eggs.

At first I thought the Umno juniors were only yolking, if in somewhat bad taste, but of course they were totally serious, squawking like panic-stricken chickens in frantic support of the increasingly lame-duck Barisan Nasional regime. […]

The more they egg the police on to persecute and punish the opposition, and the more openly they display their bigotry, thuggery, and intellectual beggary, the sooner and harder the government is likely to fall. […]

… if Malaysia’s economy comes a cropper as a result of the crash of the biggest, lamest duck of all in the world right now, the George W Bush administration. To mix metaphors as madly as he and his neo-con hawks have mismanaged the US in the past eight years, he’s let the bulls, bears and buzzards run so wild on Wall Street that they’ve started looking like a bunch of turkeys.

But alas, Dean like a number of well-intentioned Malaysians had placed all their hopeful eggs in the Anwar basket … Dean had waited for Anwar’s 916 which as we know didn’t hatch, but many sure got a jolly blast of hydrogen sulfide - the 916 was as foul a floater as could be.

As I have often reminded Dean, that bloke is just a rotten egg, repackaged as pei-tan (century old eggs), and Mr Boastful now has eggs all over his face for his world 'famous'(?) in-egg-xact deadlines.

Joe Fernandez wrote of a political secretary describing Anwar in Malaysiakini Malaysia enters realpolitik era in days:

"This guy, having been fed on a Bollywood diet, loves to dwell on the theatrics too much for the entertainment value. No wonder he had himself photographed Rajnikanth-style as ‘Anwar the Boss’ – actually Bachelor in Social Science – in posters for his daughter (Nurul’s) March 8 campaign in Lembah Pantai.’ (Rajnikanth is a popular hero in Tamil and Hindi movies who fights for social justice).

Instead of dealing with his Kulim bad egg, which he promised to crack more than a month ago, he has shown he is worse than UMNO who had at least dealt with Ahmad Ismail, light as that may be but it’s better than the no action of (or refusal to take action by) Anwar against Zulkifli Noordin.

Well, if my mate Dean is reading this, let me tell him a Chinese saying about eggs and foul fowls.

After a turtle lays hundreds of eggs (very silently), the creature quietly crawled away back into the sea without any funfare or boasting.

… whereas when a hen lays just one egg, wow, the racket would be incessant and raucous, just to make sure everyone knows of her achievement.

Guess which, turtle or hen, best describes the world's greatest political reformer who wants to seize power through the subversion of the ballot box a la Sabah 1994?

Actually neither - because they couldn't beat the de f-egg-to premature crowing, when not even an egg (foul as that may be) could be found!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teresa Kok - Whose bête noire?

Yesterday Malaysiakini reported Petrol bomb attack on Kok's home, where in an unprecedented incident, an unknown wannabe assailant threw two Molotov cocktails (spiked with nails as shrapnel) into Teresa Kok’s family home at the unholy hour of nearly 3 a.m.

Teresa’s family are living there. Her father recovered a threatening note full of vulgarities directed at Teresa. The coward sped away on a motorcycle after committing the crime.

Fortunately no one was hurt, as the petrol bombs didn’t explode.

Recently Teresa Kok has been painted as a chauvinistic anti-Melayu anti-Islam Chinese (additional horrors – she’s a woman too!) and accused of intimidating a Selangor mosque to tone down its broadcasting of the azan.

Despite the mosque authority coming out to clarify that the loud speaker in the mosque was not working, the unholy trio of the Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia, its senior editor Zaini Hassan and former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo continue to target her as anti this and that.

I recall in the press conference after her release from the ISA detention, a reporter from Utusan Melayu asked whether she was prepared to take a lie detector test against the accusation she had intimidated the mosque authority into toning down the azan bradcast.

Yesterday when Malaysiakini reported the crime of which Malaysia had hitherto been fortunately free from (but no more), and whilst even BN leaders such as Gerakan Koh Tsu Koon condemned as a barbaric act, guess what Utusan Melayu reported?

Teresa kurang sopan pakai skirt di masjid!

What arseh*les!

It reported that Zakariah Isa, the Deputy Mufti of the Federal Territory criticised Teresa for lacking manners in wearing just a skirt while attending the breaking fast get-together with the imam and the members of the Masjid Nurrusaadah committee at Cheras Baru.

However, Zakaria Isa tap danced around a bit by also stating: "Mungkin juga Teresa baru balik dari majlis lain dan singgah sebentar ke masjid itu untuk memenuhi jemputan berbuka''.*

* Maybe she had just returned from a meeting elsewhere and on the way back, stopped at the break-fast to which she was invited

He chided the organisers too, that they could be a bit more responsible and anticipate the likely dressing of non-Muslim visitors and arrange a jubah (cassock) for Teresa to wear.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

More limericks but from Kelantan

There is a nice bloke from KayBee
Whom we respectfully call Pak Haji
He heard about our dear Teresa
Who was forced to eat nasi ISA
So he sent flowers to our sweetie

wow, Pak Haji, you're turning out to be a real smoothie ;-)

There is another bloke from KayBee
Once we'd affectionately call him Li
He wants just one more, a last stab
At the No 1 spot which is up for grab
Alas, no one seems to hear his plea

There is one other bloke named Ali
Who wants to play only with sub 50
He claims the dangle of his meat
Depends on the temp of the heat
Or he needs to wank himself fiercely

There is a stuff called yummy budu
That will send your ‘bro’ real cuckoo
You don’t need any sub 50 sweetie
To make a ‘real’ man out of poor Ali
Just get the wanker a bottle or two

Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't misuse the King!

In Malaysiakini King and politics, ball is in the royal court the author, Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, seems just too eager to involve HM the Yang Di Pertuan Agong in politics and, as I see it, on the side of Anwar Ibrahim.

He wrote:

It appears that the public now seems to think that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong should intervene to put certainty and order back in the country. Some quarters however felt that such is not desirable, arguing that it is not appropriate to get the king involved in it.

Apparently this view fails to take into consideration various facets of the king’s role and functions under the constitution. On top of that the intervention seems the only available option given that the prime minister has already refused to consider, let alone allow, the convening of parliament to see whether he still has the majority behind him.

What nonsense! Don’t 138 MPs beat 82, or can’t the esteemed professor of law at the International Islamic University Malaysia count?

Why would or should the political ball be in the royal court when it's obvious the BN holds majority power in parliament. And I thought he was familiar with Westminster parliamentary system?

Indeed, given that it's patently clear which party holds the majority in parliament, why would the PM bother to convene parliament on the say-so of a man who claimed but couldn’t demonstrate he has the numbers.

In fact I am shocked that Dr Abdul Aziz hasn’t made a single comment the onus should be on Anwar Ibrahim to prove he indeed has the 31 BN MPs on his side, as he so boastfully announced to the entire world. Perhaps the good professor has inadvertently overlooked this fundamental process?

If Anwar Ibrahim really possesses those numbers, all he has to do would be to call for a press conference, to include especially the presence of the international press, and introduce those 31, 41, 51, or 101 BN MPs to the media. Then we can see whether AAB would have the bloody nerve to harass those MPs who indicate they have switched.

Thus Anwar should throw everything or everyone out into the open instead of playing poker bluff. If he wants to take the stake, he must reveal the 5th card. Otherwise he's just bluffing. In fact those 31 BN MPs, alleged to have switched over to PKR, will be safer that way.

Even setting aside the disgraceful bull of having Muhyiddin Yassin on his list of frogs, would it be too much for Anwar Ibrahim to practise this fundamental transparency?

The sad and annoying fact is Anwar has zilch, but alas, the good professor might have missed considering this damning point.

He continued: In the light of democracy and constitutionalism the issue now is not whether the king’s involvement is political or otherwise. What matters most is that something needs to be done in order to put the country back on the democratic process which at the moment means the testing of the claim made by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim that he has got the numbers to form the new government. As parliament has been denied the opportunity, the ball is now at the king’s court.

I have never heard such poppycock. If he wasn’t a professor of law, I would even suspect him of being an anwarista who is indirectly encouraging the King to step in when it’s obvious the BN has been and still is the political party with the majority in parliament. And I do wonder how he could talk about putting “… the country back on the democratic process.”

This is not the first time the professor has urged appealing for (or resorting to) royal intervention. Last week he penned in Malaysiakini Anwar's takeover - king or Parliament? about Anwar playing the constitutional game of taking over the government through the vote of no-confidence in parliament … yadda yadda … being a futile effort because of "... the legal and political culture prevalent in this country."

... of course without even commenting on the fact that Anwar couldn’t demonstrate his claimed majority.

Take as an example a country like Italy - There, small parties leaped around from one side to another without keeping their sitting members anonymous, or expecting the ruling party to just take the opposition's words the latter has the majority.

And that has been what the professor had virtually expect AAB to do, to convene parliament because Anwar demanded it on the mere verbal claim he possessed the numbers.

I am utterly shocked the good professor hasn’t mentioned this fact about defectors remaining under wraps whilst expecting the PM to accept Anwar's mere words he held the majority in parliament.

AAB may not be clever or an intellectual but he isn't as stupid as those people who have bought Anwar's claim wholesale without even demanding from Anwar some accountability and transparency. Dei kawan, the proof of the pudding is in the eating lah!

And some even rationalized Anwar's abject failure of 916 had been a brilliant tactic - wakakaka. I've never witnessed such blind idiocy.

He said: It seems that the option preferred by Anwar was recommended by advisers close to the palace. Yeah, right!

Sources told that they had some misgivings about Anwar going straight the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the king, to get the permission to form the new government. It was pretty obvious that they wanted to avoid the king from being dragged into the murky waters of politics.

Too right mate! And no one should ever misuse or mis-coopt the King into a political camp please.

Then the professor put in his argument, coincidentally benefitting Anwar’s cause - mind you, just a coincidence, that’s all.

The advisers have apparently ignored the guardianship role of the king; something that is common in all Westminster democracies.

And this is not only limited to kings or sultans: even in republics like India ceremonial head of states may assume some extraordinary powers in crisis situations. Indeed some allusions to such a role were also apparent in the Reid Commission Report.

However given that this is the first time we have a regime change at the federal level

'Regime change'? I am amazed by this professor of law who has already accepted as a fait accompli the PKR leader would be the PM of the 'new regime'.

And to close, I have a piece of advice for the good professor: don’t try to be too clever and open the royal Pandora box.

Limericks revised

When I posted 31 3 limericks I was told that limericks should be 5-liner rather than the 4-line attempts I made. I did a bit of research and accept that critical comment. Thanks.

I also found out that my a b a b rhyming was not correct, where limericks take on a a a b b a structure.

I have now revised my limericks to confirm conform (thanks, Penang larng). Enjoy ;-)

There was a man from Batu
Who was exiled to Timbuktu
He claimed he spoke to AMNO
But his leader said ‘not so’
Wasn’t that just bloody malu

The man who had thirty one
Now thinks it’s no longer fun
He says deadline's not an issue
I guess he now needs a tissue
Sob sob! He actually has none

The princessista kissed a slimy froggie
Hoping to turn it into Prince Reformasi
So hubristically she started to gloat
But was shocked to get instead a toad
She didn’t, couldn’t see the deformasi

To make amends I have written 2 more, with one daringly in Bahasa (hope you’ll be kind to my try)

I’ve cast a fine web of bullshit
Admit it man, it’s quite a feat
Every minute there’s one born
Lapping up my chong and con
I'm grateful for their .. er .. wit

Aku yang mempunyai 4 kepala
Syok dengan umat2 yang berbuta
Kalau aku kata putih adalah hitam
Mereka jawab, wahai, dah malam
Untuk mu kita sedia ber-intifada


Thursday, September 25, 2008

31 3 limericks

There was a man from Batu
Who claimed he spoke to AMNO
He was exiled to Timbuktu
When his leader said
‘not so’

BTW, Timbuktu is in the nation of Malu … oops … sorry … Mali – wakakaka

The man who had thirty one
says deadline not an issue
He thinks it’s no longer fun
So can you give him a tissue

BTW, he has ‘re-formed’ his deadline – Malaysiakini said he changes tune - wakakaka

Having kissed & kissed a froggie
The princessista started to gloat
Thinking she’d get Prince Reformasi
She didn’t expect an ugly toad

Quote "In this country it does not happen because there is a blatant disregard for democratic values and democratic principals." - Values? Principles? - wakakaka

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eleven-foot pole required!

Scene: House on a beautiful island

Actors: Son and father


Son: Ah Papa, will you be passing by the hardware shop when you go out for your walkabout?

Father: Yes, what do you want from the shop?

Son: I need an 11-foot pole.

Father: 11-foot? The standard length is 10 feet what! Why non-standard one?

Son: Aiyah Papa, haven’t you heard of that saying?

Father: What saying?

Son: Alamak, common one lah, no one would want to touch him with a ‘ten-foot pole’.

Father: Ah, I see. Yalah, and also blast that bloody bullsh*t Batu larng lah!

Son: We better distance ourselves. Our own larng oledy pissed off with our fraternization.

Father: KNN, limpeh oso fed up lah. Boe been liao*. Real tua hau siow one.

* no face

Son: Just act dunno lah, especially on that Kulim bigot.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Humbug mathematics

Change change change
The mob cheered, spurred on by their proclaimed reformasi

Roused by incited fervour

In chucking out the bathwater they threw away the poor baby

Burning with opiate rage
Befuddled, besotted, bewitched by the hypnotizing siren call

The ugly crowd ignored
Having a hard look at themselves in the mirror on the wall

In pompous self righteousness
Exempting themselves through pseudological propaganda

From all rules, proof and ethics
Forgetting what’s good for goosey should be good for gander

Their democracy is a poker game
Upping the ante with bluff, bluster and bamboozling antics

Where 82 is somehow greater than 138
Spinning out a new doctoral thesis on humbug mathematics

50% wishful hope, 50% hopeful wish
And another 31%, 31 parts, 31 tonnes, just 31 of anything

Why not 31 plastic Taiwanese frogs
To realize their dreams of making 4-face Brahma the King

De facto, De ceitful, De vious
His ‘Majesty’ demands democracy must close one bloody eye

The end justifies the means
16 Sep, 23rd, Hari Raya, Christmas, New Year, man man lai

Sedition? Depends on who you are

Malaysiakini tells us that the Cops grill Negarakuku rapper, who's more popularly known as Namewee.

He is of course Wee Meng Chee, who became the target of UMNO apparatchiks when he rapped his own version of Negaraku with a social-political message. Weren't they just delighted because they were looking for a jolly good ‘punching bag’ ... and it was delightful (for them) that Wee fulfilled all their desired 'qualifications'.

That was quite some while ago, and the affair should have been correctly consigned to the dustbins of history, so I wonder what purpose is there now in the police interrogating him or making him translate his version of Negaraku into Bahasa, as if those men in blue don’t have Chinese language translators …

… if not to just show the heartland that UMNO is ever vigilant.

We call on the police to deal with those people who incite or have incited inter-ethnic hatred, acrimony and suspicions among Malaysians, rather than a youth who had taken some creative socio-political liberties with the national anthem ... which is not unlike flying the Malaysian flag upside down.

Why wasn’t Ahmad Ismail dealt with under the Sedition Act?

And what about that Kulim Wonder, Zulkifli Noordin of PKR?

Besides the police non-action, why hasn’t Anwar Ibrahim taken any disciplinary action against his party thug?

C’mon reformasi towkay, why haven’t you taken action against your party’s MP for his unacceptable hooligan-ish conduct?

Don't man man lai in this required reformasi action ... unless you condone and thus accept his bigotry?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Abolish ISA ceramah - 23 September 2008

posted as a kaytee public service

American military annihilated Iraqi family

al Jazeera US raid 'kills Iraqi family' reported:

A US air raid has killed eight members of the same family near Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, the executed Iraqi president, according to police and witnesses said.The pre-dawn helicopter raid on Friday occurred in the village of Al-Dawr where Saddam was captured by US forces in December 2003.

"Eight people, including five men and three women, were killed by a US air strike targeting their home. They are all members of the same family," Firaz al-Duri, first lieutenant of Al-Dawr police said.

al Jazeera also reported in Pakistan condemns US attack that on 08 September 2008:

... a US missile attack in the North Waziristan tribal region destroyed a school and houses associated with a veteran Taliban commander, killing 20 people, including some women and children.

As to be expected, when US military kills women and children as it did repetitively in Iraq and in its ally's territory, without the permission nor knowledge of so-called sovereign Pakistan, the Yanks would claim that there was an al Qaeda (or Taliban) operative inside the house.

The not-unexpected assigned label of 'al Qaeda operative' to one of the hapless Iraqi victims has been meant for US domestic consumption, just in case the good folks back home start to ask awkward questions.

The American military's litany of lies about their callous careless criminal killings started with 'collateral damage' in Vietnam to 'terrorist suspect' in the early days of the Iraqi occupation to now 'al Qaeda operative', depending on how semi-illiterate or insular-minded Americans would react.

Fabrication of sinister militant/terrorist labels for the victims of US military wanton murderous attacks on innocent Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistan women and children are designed to help salve the conscience of the good folks back home.

Many Americans actually believe their troops, all good American boys who love God, baseball and mum's apple pie, wouldn't hurt a fly and were undoubtedly busy handing out balloons and sweets to foreign kids and helping the poor Afghan and Iraqi farmers improve their lives with good olde fashion American farming techniques. Perhaps they were even teaching them the good game of baseball.

Once an Aussie soldier told me that the rules of engagement for Australian, British and most countries' soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan are "when in doubt, don't shoot", whereas for the Yanks, it's "when in doubt, f* shoot!".

Afterall, to the Yanks, WTF, the victims are only rag heads or camel jocks only.

And my American friends in Colorado wonder why the world hates them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

AAB beset by man man lai bullsh*t in a hoefaitee world

See Malaysiakini article PM under new pressure to quit.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, once Bao Gong now despised or at best, sneered at.

Anwar Ibrahim, once despised or at best feared, is now (to some) Bao Gong.

Ironically, the former has liberalized a lot of things under his PM-ship including the judiciary, but is seen as draconian.

Historically, the latter has put the draconian screws on* (or threatened to do so to) a lot of issues, but is now perceived as a political reformer.

* including Apcet II, the concept of Bangsa Malaysia with a Bahasa Malaysia, vernacular education particular Chinese, Islamization of schools to affect non-Malay/non-Muslim school children, supported iSA during Ops Lallang, the ringing of bells in Hindu temples, Cina balik Tiong Sun, etc

Under the former, the conduct of the general elections were such that the opposition could win 5 states and more than one-third of the seats in Parliament.

Before the latter has even assumed power (or hopes to), he has already openly boasted of subverting the ballot box, reverting to his 1994 Sabah modus operandi, to seize rule via his preferred avenue, the back door.

The former holds 140 seats in Parliament (inclusive of SAPP’s recent departure from the BN, which still translate into a majority of 58 seats) yet is dismissed by so-called intellectuals and the so-called reformasi party as the legitimate PM.

The latter heads a loose coalition of 82 MPs (where’s the proof he has more?), yet is seen as if he has been denied the rule of government.

The former has suspended an UMNO divisional leader for 3 years from party activities for bigotry, yet his action has not satisfied people.

The latter has not taken any action at all against one of his PKR MPs for bigotry and thuggish behavior in barging into the Bar Council forum despite promising to do so more than a month ago, yet is allowed to get away with (by virtue of his non action) his continuing acceptance of that MP’s bigotry and thuggish conduct.

Who says that world has been fair to AAB? And who says it has to be fair to him?

Oh? Did someone say “what about corruption?”

;-) remember 1998?

Now, why has AAB suffered such a seemingly unfair public image?

Let’s enumerate some of them:

(1) He heads a divided UMNO, where chief torturer Dr Mahathir has been the principal undermining influence and mind you, a humongous influence at that too. An ambitious Ku Li who sees his last opportunity for a stab at the post he thought was his eons ago, has been equally sabo-ish.

A house divided is of course a house screwed – as was proven in the recent general election, an election that reformasi politics tell us cannot be and will not be permitted to be over until Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM.

(2) He permitted the 4th Floor* too much influence, with their advice and decisions in some aspects also too un-Melayu and too un-UMNO – basically they made exactly the same mistake as the Anwar Ibrahim mob did in the period leading up to 1998 – you work it out what I mean.

oh, incidentally, when we talk about the 4th Floor, you may want to know what I learnt, that while SIL has been one of them, he wasn’t and isn't exactly the head honcho in NO 4

(3) He and his advisors haven’t prepared well for changes like the global economy and oil prices which by themselves (economy and oil) could have been managed, but not so when so many other factors (mentioned) are pressing on him at the same time.

(4) He is an ‘old world’ Malay leader who has not taken easily to the new Age of Faiteelah, where everyone (including public servants) wants to be rich real quick (hoefaiteelah), and not just rich but really really stinking rich.

That has been why at some of the recent UMNO general assemblies, those members who see party and consequentially political positions as the chop-chop faiteelah avenue to wealth had behaved like renegade Hang Tuahs on steroids so as to enhance their candidature prospects. That hasn't endeared AAB at all to the non-UMNO public.

Even in opposition politics, Anwar Ibrahim wants to be hoefaitee (and definetely not man man lai) in becoming the PM, regardless of the fact that he has not (is unable to) shown he has majority support.

If you ask Anwar for proof that he indeed has sam sap yet (tiga puluh satu) he’ll probably tell you “don’t bugger me with facts! Besides the 31 prefer to remain anonymous.”

'Anonymous'? Perhaps until the next general election? wakakaka!

(5) Precisely because AAB is an ‘old world’ Malay leader he thinks he has all the time in the world to plot, but alas, today Machiavellian politics moves at the speed of the Internet, though mind you, it still stinks with the same foul cesspool odour.

But many blinded by hope, hate and hunger for change cannot detect that same cesspool odour emanating from the man who wants to be PM, because they have been seduced by the man man lai bullsh*t in a hoefaiteelah world.

(6) Etc etc – you work it out.

But when is Anwar Ibrahim going to take action against Zulkifli Noordin, PKR MP for Kulim?


If he still refuses to take disciplinary action against the Kulim Wonder, then he must be deem to condone or accept such bigotry and thuggish behaviour. Therefore he isn't fit to be considered as the alternative PM!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Was Teresa Kok fed dog food during detention?

When my dear friend and Penang-larng, famed blogger Susan Loone, posted Teresa treated like a dog, RPK unhappy with pig food, I thought that was just shockingly terrible.

Leaving aside the unjustified draconian use of the ISA just for a second, the purpose for detaining a person (say, a suspected terrorist) under the ISA would be to prevent his/her possible threat to our national security, and not because of criminal activities where adequate laws exist to deal with the latter.

When even a criminal behind bars shouldn’t be and usually won’t be treated like a dog, how could they do that to a non-criminal ISA detainee, let alone the fact that she is an elected Member of Parliament?

Teresa's mother had, after visiting daughter, informed the ‘outside world’: “I hope she can regain her freedom and come out as soon as possible and continue to live an ordinary life instead of being detained in a cage like a dog. They locked her up once she walked into that room which is only 6′ x 8′. She is not allowed to read newspaper or any other reading material. She lost all her freedom!”

“I feel so sad. Yes they gave her three meals a day, but the food is bad! She had diarrhea this morning and her blood pressure plunged!”

Now, note that based on Mrs Kok’s main point of complaint on the treatment meted out to Teresa, namely “detained in a cage like a dog”, we had just focussed on the disgraceful caging of the MP for Seputeh as if she had been a wild animal.

But alas, we had not given enough attention to Mrs Kok's following point, that Teresa was given ‘bad’ food!

So … on the business of food, while Malaysiakini tells us that all China milk products have been banned, the Star Online came up with more sensational news in Govt to investigate Teresa Kok’s ‘dog food’ claim.

Yes, f*-shocking man!

Teresa was not just treated like a dog BUT she suspected she was given DOG FOOD to eat.

T. Murugiah, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, is now in damage control. When informed of the alleged scandal, he said he would get more detailed information from Teresa.

He would also visit the police station where Teresa had been held in detention, to investigate into who had bought the food, where it was bought, how much it cost, what the allocations are for meals for detainees, and what type of food was supposed to be served.

He said the usual... that anyone arrested should be treated with respect and given proper food ... yadda yadda ...

If true, it bespeaks a new low in police conduct where there could have been a vicious devious malicious program to ‘punish’ Teresa.

And it's hardly surprising that this could have been a misguided action, considering those vicious provocative lies about Teresa being a so-called anti-Islamic bespectacled female Chinese racist, who allegedly demanded of a mosque that it was to tone down the azan call.

Those lies were spread by some so-called Muslims in the month of Ramadan, regrettably with Utusan Melayu still being provocatively insinuating at her post-release press conference, by asking her to take a lie detector test on her alleged anti-Islamic actions.

Considering her mum said poor Teresa had suffered from diarrhea after taking the food provided by the police, I wonder what other ‘punishments’ had been covertly delivered unto poor her.

But if it has been true as alleged, that the police, mostly Muslims, had fed Teresa Kok, an ISA detainee but still a serving Member of the Malaysian Federal Parliament, dog food in the month of Ramadan, well …

… I leave it to Muslims to advise us of the severity of their sins.

UMNO suspended Ahmad Ismail - PKR mollycoddled Zulkifli Noordin

During the Permatang Pauh by-election, Ahmad Ismail of UMNO Penang made a bigoted statement against the Chinese, dismissing these Malaysians as nothing more than 'squatters' in their own country. Needless to say, there was hue and cry, and rightfully so, against such insensitive publicly expressed racism.

AAB stepped in to aver Ahmad Ismail won't do it again, but he (AAB) was rightfully shot down as not doing enough.

After a day or two of waffling, AAB had the UMNO supreme council decide which ended up with Ahmad Ismail being suspended from the party for 3 years.

Oh no, for many in PKR that just wasn’t enough – there was outrage that AAB didn’t sack Ahmad Ismail!

Now, compare (or more correctly, contrast) the action (or non action) of Anwar Ibrahim towards the Kulim Wonder, demagogue Zulkifli Noordin, the PKR MP who incited the storming of the Bar Council forum a la Apcet II - see Who had insulted Islam?

Incidentally, Haris Ibrahim of the Peoples Parliament forum had
accused Zulkifli Noordin (and Salehuddin Ayub) as 'lying, deceiving and manipulative politicians' for fear-mongering about Article 11.

Anwar’s right hand man, Azmin Ali said he accepted Zulkifli Noordin’s explanation, without revealing what was 'acceptable'. For all you know, that Kulim Wonder could have said "Fuck you, Ali!" but he's still being indulged.

Huhlooooooo, I haven’t heard the same outrage against Azmin Ali or Anwar Ibrahim which those PKR hecklers had heaped on AAB when he said Ahmad Ismail won’t do it again.

And may I point out that at least UMNO has suspended Ahmad Ismail – which of course wasn’t good enough for those hecklers.

But what happen with their noisy protests and objections, which they had shelled out so generously to AAB, but not so to Anwar Ibrahim’s non-action against the Kulim Wonder - no sireee, not even one teensy weensy itsy bitsy query.

Why are those PKR Wonders so deafeningly silent as if they have purple brinjal (terung) rammed down their normally vociferous throats?

When is Anwar Ibrahim going to deal with Zulkifli Noordin as he had so grandstandingly promised, as reported by Malaysiakini in
PKR leader: Action will be taken against errant MP.

Then I had praised Anwar Ibrahim – yes, me! kayteemoc had praised Anwar Ibrahim for making such a real leadership statement about dealing with the Kulim bigot.

I blogged on that in A bouquet for Anwar Ibrahim where I complimented him, stating “At long last he has dropped his man man lai nonsense and got on to real leadership business.”

That was more than a month ago, and thus far he has done f*-all with what he had promised.

See! Even kayteemoc was fooled by him – what more for you poor suckers!

Man man lai, man man lai. The leopard cannot change its spots.

I have to admit I made an error in being taken in by his bullsh*t. I hereby withdraw my earlier compliment of Anwar Ibrahim.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Release Teresa Kok

Teresa Kok is a Member of the Malaysian Parliament. She has been elected by the Seputeh federal constituency to represent the Malaysian rakyat in our national legislative body, and with the biggest majority recorded for the general election.

The Malaysian rakyat demands the immediate release of Yang Berhormat Teresa Kok from her unjustified detention under the ISA.

Teresa and joyous mum - Malaysiakini photos

UPDATE: The sorry episode came to a close at 1:00 pm today, 19 September 2008, when Teresa was released unconditionally, after being held under the Internal Security Act for seven days.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" - John 8:32

We love you Teresa

Thursday, September 18, 2008

'Convincibility' - A letter to Yang Amat Berhormat

Dodgee Con-Sultan e-Solutions
916, Jalan Bodek
Taman Kamunting
Pulau Pinang

Yang Amat Berhormat
Datuk Seri Alvis Isley

My dear dear Yang Sangat Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri,

(I have to address you by the pseudonym of Alvis Isley because of clear & present dangers – I am Sure you understAnd)

Congratulations on your most magnificent victory in the recent by-election, despite the disgraceful EC cheating you out of some 33,000 votes. But all is well that ends well.

My cousin (from my father’s side) who voted for you has been utterly rapt with blissful joy and honour at the privilege of having you as her parliamentary representative, and soon to be ... (nudge nudge wink wink – I won’t say a word as the Internet has ears and eyes).

However, she and I have been extremely incensed by the outrageous treatment Encik Elegant Silence has disrespectfully meted out to you, the future ... (nudge nudge wink wink) and more importantly, your ‘future’ which shall be also our ‘future’ and Malaysia’s ‘future’.

Oh my dear dear Yang Sangat Amat Mulia Berhormat, I could go on and on about everyone’s future but suffice to say, you as our ‘future’ has assured, insured, ‘future-d’ Malaysia despite those irksome who have censured your rise. May they be tonsured.

But I am not here just to heap high praises, which you undoubtedly earn every bit and more, but also to offer you our world renowned strategic solutions to your tactical manoeuvres so that, strategically speaking, your tactics may assume strategic values with tactical outcomes.

Enough said, dear Amat de f Berhormat – on with my proposals.

One of the teensy weensy itsy bitsy deficiencies, if I may have the temerity to even describe it as such, that I notice in your letter and the list of sam sap yet (coded of course to confuse undesirables from peeping into this strategic proposal) has been a teensy weensy itsy bitsy hesitancy and lack of preparation ... yes, just a wee bit.

But before I get into it, I must congratulate you on your God-given talent. You have what has been described rather as a highly prized ‘---ability’.

Now let me explain what precisely is this prized ‘---ability’. In the entertainment world like television, it has been described, rather graphically, as ‘fuckability’.

Let me quote what they say in Hollywood – oh yes, that place where Elvis the other ‘King’ (nudge nudge wink wink) was.

It has been said that ... in Hollywood they have a term for the essential quality in a performer or presenter. A forum in the intellectual magazine Salon discussed this recently: "One of the prime qualities a leading movie star must have is fuckability … Do you honestly think that it's talent alone that puts them into 'leading' category, as opposed to 'character actor'? Falling in love with the hero or heroine of the movie is often what it's all about. If that doesn't happen for you, then the movie won't work for you." Apparently fuckability is a combination of looks and an elusive quality called "presence".

In Australia this term of ‘fuckability’ entered the vocabulary of the local industry, when John Westacott, news director of Channel Nine, allegedly told colleagues last year: "To make it in this industry, you gotta have fuckability."

And he was not just referring to women.

Well, that’s the entertainment world. In politics we need not go near such a word though someone in Kelantan might like to use it to separate women into the fuckability age of sub-50 or non-fuckability age of above 50.

Instead we use ‘convincibility’. Yes, Datuk Seri you have oozes of it, the C-factor.

Even right now, journalists and columnists in Malaysiakini are convinced (see what I mean) you have not just sam sap yet but (another code) sam pak mmarn, sam pak sam sap sam ch’een, sam pak sam sap yet. *

* believe me, that was a labour for me - I should have an expert in those codes do them for me but I wanted to impress you with my personal touch

Even one who writes in a Malaysiakini column has been sufficiently convinced (yes, wonderful mesmerizing effect you have) to blame the 1994 Sabah election outcome, which saw poor Joseph Pairin winning the election but ending up as opposition leader, on the nefarious meddling of Dr Mahathir as if he was the Barisan Nasional campaign director (nudge nudge wink wink).

Then there was the deliberate decisive destructive abortion of Apcet II which again convinced (sweet, isn’t it) people that Dr Mahathir, who was actually away in Ghana, was responsible, as if he was the one who, after Apcet II was abandoned, proudly declaredOur mission was to stop the conference and we did just that (nudge nudge wink wink).

The C-factor is very very vital. Not only does it sell your position, it ensures that in the face of required proof, you automatically (okay, notionally) have it, and buys you time, and as they say, one day in politics is a long long time, long enough for your requirements to topple who you want to topple.

Many people do not realize that the C-factor has several secret layers, and that ‘convincibility’ is only the surface characteristic; beneath that ‘convincibility’ there are of course charm, charisma, cunning, craftiness, cultism (the quality to promote same), confusion-ability and chaos-ism (or the ability to spread those), but the heart of it all, unbeknownst to all but only the initiated (and I am offering this knowledge gratis out of respect and a desire for strategic relationship with Yang Amat Berhormat), is ‘chong-ability’.

I need not go too deeply into ‘chong-ability’ at this stage, save to say it is another of those arcane Chinese terms like MML (nudge nudge wink wink). We must not get tangled up with mere terms but rather, the implementation of the concept they represent.

Oh dear dear, my dear dear Yang Sangat Amat Berhormat, I think I see several police cars just arriving outside my house. Thus I have to end this letter to you here ... and If God permitS, I will continue lAter with what I was going to propose to you.

Yang běnar,

Dodgee Dimsum

p/s they are knocking at the door but before I am taken away, would you like my firm Dodgee Con-Sultan e-Solutions to represent you on matters of public relations and to develop political strategic solutions for your political needs (nudge nudge wink wink).

p/p/s My other company Dodgee Electronics carries an impressive range of items that can be useful to your needs, such as GPS, iPODS, Camrecorder (wonderful device), etc – all available with the usual concession to Parliamentarians.


The Yum-Cha Chronicles:
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(8) Bahasa Mělayu - a letter to Yang Běrhormat

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

916 - the morning after

Tonight you're mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow?

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment's pleasure?
Can I believe the magic of your sighs?
Will you still love me tomorrow? [...]

– The Shirelles

The song by The Shirelles was damn slinky, sexy and suggestive for its days, implying the regrets of ‘the morning after’ (a torrid intimate ecstasy), where the sweetie agonized over the stone cold possibility that she was 'used'.

Well, 916 has come and gone … so, do you feel ‘used’ too?

Uncle Lim KS had been the only PR politician who had the sense to say, words to the effect, that it doesn’t really matter whether it’s 916, 1016, or whenever but the BN is beatable.

He's right but … and a BIG BUT … that was never the point with Mr Man Man Lai's 916, not when he himself opened his big mouth to boast of having 31 BN MPs in his pocket – no one forced him to.

Prior to that, he in fact had some leeway, blaming the Taiwan trip (which he sent a ‘special team’ to chase) for possible delays to his boast of 916.

But again, without anyone pushing him (at least as we saw it from where we stood), he chose to commit himself to 916, making wild claims of some cabinet ministers among the 31 BN MPs.

Of course we know why … he made a terrible bluff out of desperate hope to stampede what he perceived as some BN MPs who might be easily panicked, for them to snowball, again with much wild hopes on his part, into an avalanche of frogs.

And as AAB went into phlegmatic ‘elegant’ silence (for which he has been sneeringly derided, but which proved to be most suitable in dealing with Anwar’s bluff), Anwar went into overdrive with hysterical frenzy, demanding a meeting with the PM for a preposterous 'handover' of government, whilst wannabe martyr talked about PKR seeing the King.

But alas, Mr Man Man Lai had met Sifu Man Man Lai, and as in the story of The Master & The Disciple, the Sifu easily beat the Mister.

Sad to say the Renaissance Man of Asia was flicked off by AAB, a man considered by many as of low intellect.

As reported in Malaysiakini Takeover a 'political lie', says Pak Lah AAB was right smack on when he described Anwar’s stunt as:

"Why should I be pressured? It is mere dreams. If at all it is true, (Anwar) would have announced it by now. The whole world would have known."

"Do you think he would ask for a meeting with me to discuss a transition? He would storm into my room with hundreds behind him, shouting victory. This is Anwar's style."

Indeed, the international press would have been summoned to learn of the crossover and his backdoor acquired mandate to rule. He would have abandoned his man man lai bullsh*t because then he wouldn’t have needed to man man lai anymore.

AAB sneered at Mr Man Man Lai, in more or less the same way as Lim Keng Yaik had once described Anwar: "He has no substance …”

… and then adding “… but the people will continue to be fascinated by him. This is a waste of our time. It is a game of political lies by Anwar Ibrahim and the people are choosing to believe him”, obviously a swipe at Anwar’s adoring followers.

AAB revealed that even the letter he received from Anwar had NOT even mentioned anything about the so-called 'peaceful handover' of power, but just general topics ...

... so what purpose for a meeting with AAB other than to continue his bluff ...

And the most shameful revelation had been offered by Muhyiddin Yassin in Malaysiakini Muhyiddin: Anwar uses my name to woo MPs.

Muhyiddin describing Anwar’s cheap stunt as both immoral and senseless, told reporters after breaking fast with them at a hotel in KL:

"This is a ploy (by Anwar) ... by (putting) my name on top the list (of BN defectors), hoping to garner support from other BN MPs. This is a desperate attempt by Anwar."

"Anwar is power crazy.”

… more so when Mr Man Man Lai has for the last 10 years been tormented by his biggest baddest bodoh-est move against his mentor and benefactor in 1998 – please read The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim and September 16 - Miasmatic mist of malarkey.

Ominous switch of ministers

Malaysiakini news article Najib takes over as finance minister worries me enormously …

… not so much because Najib gets to be the new Finance Minister – he has the qualifications and experience through a long tenure in the cabinet as well as being MB of Pahang managing the State’s economy and finance for a while.

It’s AAB taking over his Defence Ministry that I don’t like ...

... because I suspect that, with even Syed Hamid holding the Home Ministry, AAB is the real person in control of the police. If my suspicion is true, AAB’s new defence portfolio would mean that both armed services are in his hands …

… and that’s what worries me!

Why can’t he assign the defence affairs to someone like, say, a MCA or MIC person. Both Sabah and Sarawak had already enjoyed its representatives serving as former Defence Minister (I think they were respectively Tun Mustafa and Abang?).

This latest switch of ministers would have been a wonderful opportunity for AAB to showcase a more balanced cabinet by assigning, for the first time ever, a key cabinet position to a non Malay, like a MCA or MIC or even Gerakan person …

… but alas, AAB just has to hang on to that, when he has already enough on his hands as the PM.

I am also not too impressed by his subtle but implied warning shot that Anwar Ibrahim “… has become a threat to the economy and (national) security”, as reported by Malaysiakini in Another round of ISA for Anwar?

I know that Anwar has done a great disservice to Malaysia by refusing to accept the 08 March 2008 election result, with his continuous froggie campaign to seize power to become the PM, all that just to satisfy his consuming raging obsessive need to have what he felt was his, if not for 1998.

He has destabilized the nation for months purely for his own selfish purpose. I consider him to be nothing more than a very selfish self centred self serving person …

… but to detain him by using the ISA is just too much. Let me register my absolute objection to the use of that draconian instrument on anyone (who's not a terrorist).

… and I call upon the PM to immediately release Teresa Kok and RPK from an unwarranted unjust and unnecessary detention under the ISA.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

916 Man Man Lai

Either Mr Man Man Lai has the numbers or he is playing the biggest bluff in the political poker, by raising his ante to the maximum in the hope of triggering off a mass defection particular of those who may be kiasu – a move that Malaysiakini columnist, Ong Kian Ming had termed as a (hope for a) self-fulfilling prophesy.

To enhance his boss’ ante, Malaysia’s most renown wannabe martyr declared in Malaysiakini
Pakatan's next stop - the Agong the PKR's intention which is self explanatory.

Meanwhile Mr Man Man Lai, in his usual man man lai (hey déjà vu, didn’t I just mention this phrase?), claimed
We've more than 31 defectors but, as usual, without revealing who they are.

He demands a meeting with AAB, in order to to show him the list. However, Malaysiakini reported in PM rejects meeting with Anwar that AAB accused Anwar of kong tua p’au (literally ‘talk big cannon’ or bloody bullsh*t bragging).

He said of Anwar: “If he really has the list of MPs, he should just reveal it, and need not wait to meet me. He does not have the list. He is a liar.

Regarding Anwar’s letter to him, AAB revealed that it was only a request to discuss general national issues - wakakaka!

AAB said: “The letter did not state anything about transition of power or list of defectors. Otherwise, he would not be waiting patiently buying time and making so much noise about it.”

Well, I believe if Anwar has the numbers, those guys should be standing beside him in a demonstration of the change of power, without requiring him to bullsh*t around in what Ku Li called it, playing mind games!

Indeed, Anwar has been playing high stake mind games in the hope, as mentioned, of stampeding those, who are known to prize political survival above all values, into his corner. BTW, what happen to the PKR disciplinary action against the Kulim Wonder?

I term it a mind game like Ku Li because thus far, Anwar has not shown anything, nada, zilch, kosong, boh pmua harng.

And even if he were to go to the King, as Tian Chua threatened, unless and only if he is accompanied by those 31 BN MPs, sorry lah, it will be still man man lai bullsh*t.

I am afraid I have to agree with AAB that Mr Man Man Lai's bullsh*t has reached preposterous heights!

While we wait as 916 peters out slowly (100% guarantee nothing will happen today) here’s something man man lai for you to chew on ;-)

Man man lai, man man lai
I'll be Boss on top of the hill
Man man lai, man man lai
You're gonna get a big thrill

Man man lai, man man lai
I'm already Boss of the hill
Man man lai, man man lai
Hey man, Boss I am still

Man man lai, man man lai
I'll be next Boss, yes I will
Man man lai, man man lai
Or I'll look much like a dill

Man man lai, man man lai
I too wanna be on the hill
Man man lai, man man lai
Gotta have a word with FIL

Man man lai, man man lai
Semangat 46 gave me nil
Man man lai, man man lai
Thought I was in Onn's will

Man man lai, man man lai
If I have to wait for AP bill
Man man lai, man man lai
I won't be filling up my till

Man man lai, man man lai
Taiwan's soil l was to till
Man man lai, man man lai
Went for frogs in the rill

Man man lai, man man lai
Balls to that rumour mill
The frogs actually mai lai
Now, that's the best thrill

MM memang spoilsport lah!

Today is 916

Well, in Malaysiakini latest news article Anwar: We're ready to form new gov't Mr Man Man Lai claimed publicly he has ARRIVED at his objective, one he has been pursuing for the last 10 years.

Today it’s 916, Malaysia’s most vogue set of numerals!

… no doubt Empat Ekor would have barred this number from its offer.

Malaysiakini reported Mr Man Man Lai asserted he has the numbers and will be seeking a meeting with another (truly) man man lai personality for a peaceful handover of powers.


… why such a cryptic number?

For the answer, read
Secret Society of Handsome Chinese Cryptographers

Monday, September 15, 2008

End of the road for AAB as Najib tap dances?

Following the ISA debacle, Malaysiakini news article Abdullah under siege to quit says it all.

As I had suspected, it appears that AAB had blessed those draconian actions.

We hear Syed Hamid Albar backpedalling with such haste on his earlier claim, that the police had acted independently in detaining sweetie Tan Hoon Cheng (for a day) and my heroine Teresa Kok (still incarcerated but ticking away like a 100-megaton WMD for AAB), that he dropped his cawat.

Malaysiakini reported in Syed Hamid's U-turn on ISA arrests that he made such a mighty smart belakang pusing, he impressed one pegawai waran at the NS scheme so much the army man wanted to recruit him straightaway as a drill instructor (keep that vacancy open please).

Syed Hamid had lobbed the ISA ball into AAB’s court, stating that he had merely approved the detentions on behalf of the government, as part of his duty as a cabinet minister and not as any ‘outsider’.

‘Outsider’? WTF is that?

Anyway, the Star Online in the meanwhile reported that Hishammuddin Hussein disowned his UMNO colleague on the case of Tan Hoon Cheng, but tap danced around the other two personalities (Teresa and RPK), stating:

“For the other two cases, I feel the authorities are better in the know of the risks they posed, but I do not have the information to comment if the arrests were justified.”

"... but I do not have the information to comment if the arrests were justified”?
He reserved the right to abandon ship – wakakaka!

The UMNO top leadership is in disarray. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I reckon the detention of Teresa Kok had been to appease the hardliners over the suspension of Ahmad Ismail and that unforgiveable ‘sin’ by Najib in apologizing to the ‘nons’.

But there are centrifugal forces within UMNO creating instability for AAB and of course undermining his authority (afterall, didn’t Ahmad Ismail from his very home state give him the bird?)

So he called for a 'four eyes' meeting with Najib, the second in 72 hours, meaning only the two of them were alone chit-chatting away or eyeing each other sullenly, suspiciously and silently. The 4-eyes meeting inevitably invites Malaysia’s 2nd favourite sport*, speculating wildly.

* 1st is badmouthing others through the rumour mills

The Star Online reported in PM in pow-wow with DPM that their tête-à-tête lasted four hours, from 10 am to 2 pm* – one of the speculations was that AAB didn’t even nod.

* I remember a former Malay boss telling me during one Ramadan to accompany him to visit a colleague at 12:30 pm: “kaytee, let’s go and see Ahmad in his office. If he’s a good Muslim and fasting he doesn't need to go for lunch and should be in.” Then he would wakakaka away at his own joke ;-)

So the Star reporter (Wong Sai Wan) claimed that sources told him AAB wanted to know if Najib was still in support of the 2010 plan. Apparently Najib slipped in a wee qualification this time, that he still would PROVIDED it has the support of the party’s grassroots.

Recall that three days ago, Najib had pontificated on the UMNO plan for transition of leadership, saying the issue must be decided by delegates at the party’s division meetings which would convene after Hari Raya Puasa.

In defence parlance it's called 'tactical redeployment' (and never 'retreat') - wakakaka.

In Malaysiakini Abdullah under siege to quit, journalist Wong Choon Mei said that ‘experts’ (?) interviewed by Malaysiakini said they reckoned AAB may be ‘pushed out’ almost immediately …

… though they believed the more likely probability is around the party elections in December, as an immediate departure could destabilize UMNO further.

Moreover, Najib may not want an immediate departure for AAB as he (Najib) is acutely aware that Uncle M no longer loves him and that Ku Li and Muhyiddin, having smelled blood, are circulating around like sharks.

But can UMNO or the BN afford AAB any longer, given his serial bad moves?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Misuse of ISA - Syed Hamid or AAB responsible?

I wonder who was it who had ‘instructed’ the police to detain Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), Tan Hoon Cheng (for 1 day) and Teresa Kok by use (or misuse) of the ISA.

Home Affairs Minister Syed Hamid claimed he didn’t, so if that had been the case, it must be the PM, who incidentally had been the former Home Affairs boss …

… and don’t we just know in Malaysia, ex-bosses have a habit of ordering their old departments around as if they are still in charge – yes, I’ve met a few of those bosses who conveniently forgot they’re no longer holding the reins - see Malaysiakini, you don’t have to use the word ‘helm’ ;-).

Now, was it the 4th Floor Wonders who had been advising the PM ... and so badly for the last 4 years?

If so, they have balls-ed it up again, because even Zaid Ibrahim, the minister in the Prime Minister's Department overseeing legal matters (virtually the de facto Law Minister) had condemned the wanton use of the ISA.

Malaysiakini reported in Law minister threatens to quit over ISA that Zaid had threatened to do just that if the government continues to use the ISA against non-terrorists.

He wants RPK and Teresa Kok released a.s.a.p.

As I had blogged a number of times over the last two years, UMNO can only be destroyed from within. That political party has to implode on its own (and not be exploded from externally because that will only rally the heartland around it) ...

... and it seems to be nicely doing just that.

We must recognize UMNO's progressive self immolation because the startling outcome of the recent general election was not just about, what had been flamboyantly and perhaps euphorically touted as, ‘The Day Malaysia Woke Up’, also the title of a book written by Kee Thuan Chye about the 08 March 08 political tsunami …

... because if we were to believe that the rakyat had voted the PR in rather than the BN out, we may not be properly prepared for the next general election in 2012. We may also be susceptible to arrogance and take the rakyat's support for granted.

Oh, by the way Kee's book features a write-up by Penang famous civic activist Lucia Lai, the blogger of well-known Mental Jog.

Lucia is my dear matey and you’ll piss me off if you don’t get (or beg, borrow or steal) a copy of the book if only to read her article ;-)

OK, back to what I was saying, that a (if not ‘the’) major cause of the 08 March 2008 political tsunami had been because UMNO was then, and still is very much a house divided. While it was/is involved with its internal jostling and manoeuvrings, it hasn’t been united in keeping an eye outside. There have been talks of even intra-party sabotaging.

But with a background of such internal UMNO squabbling, I would really like to know who had ‘instructed’ the police to conduct the ISA detention, because I just cannot bring myself to believe the police had acted independently in those 3 cases.

MCA Youth leader Liow Tiong Lai had this morning succinctly pointed out, as reported by the Star, that the
Act cannot be used to ‘protect’ detainee in referring to the spin that Tan Hoon Cheng was detained under the ISA for her own protection.

Liow remarked “It is not a clever excuse” – what he meant was
“It’s a STUPID excuse.”

Then MCA VP Dr Fong Chan Onn jumped on the ‘attack Syed Hamid’ bandwagon to declare that the Home Minister’s explanation for Tan’s detention was “totally unacceptable" and a feeble attempt to justify the use of the ISA on the Sin Chew sweetie.

He lamented:
“As the Home Minister, he should be responsible for any action undertaken by the police, especially when it involves the sensitivities of the people. As a senior Minister, (he) must be very familiar with these procedures.”

Now, has Syed Hamid been too clever by half or was he acting on instruction from the 4th Floor?

But as I had posted yesterday, the
arrest of Tan Hoon Cheng was an Act of gargantuan stupidity.

I want to see some accountability for the draconian but gross misuse of the ACT on issues not related to terrorism or insurgency - someone in the cabinet must accept responsibility.

I want to see some minister’s head rolling, be that Syed Hamid’s or AAB’s or his advisor, the 4th Floor Wonder ….. or if the police were truly acting independently, then the IGP’s.

But regardless of who had been responsible, Syed Hamid as the Home Minister must go, for Malaysiakini has reported his unrepentant recalcitrance over the ISA scandal in Minister: Journalist to be blamed too.

Syed Hamid has the unbelievable brazen gall to blame Tan Hoon Cheng for the public anger against Ahmad Ismail’s insensitive remarks about some Malaysians being only ‘squatter’ in their own country.

Either he’s totally stupid or completely in defensive self-denial of facts. But whichever, he’s not fit to be a minister.

2 fallen by the wayside

Everyone knows my Canto is really dodgy so I wonder whether I am right if I use the term ‘hoe ch’arm’ to mean ‘it’s pitiful’. In Penang Hokkien I would have said ‘cheen chnea ch’arm’ or even more Penang-ish 'cheen chnea kisian'*

* (I'm sure most of you would recognise the word 'kisian' even though it has been spelt to reflect Penang Hokkien pronunciation).

These words spring to mind when I read in the
Star Online of the way two brothers, 72-year old Foong Ah See and 63-year old Ah Man, struggle to live from day to day.

The two poor Ah Peh’s have been living in a dilapidated zinc shack for more than 20 years.

The Star reported: With each passing storm, their dwelling becomes more rundown. To top it off, Ah See and Ah Man, no longer have any surviving relatives to care for them and are both mentally handicapped. Ah See works in a factory making joss sticks while Ah Man is unemployed.

According to DAP ADUN Sum Cheok Leng, those brothers have been there for the last 50 years.

…. Since Merdeka?

Looks like the Indian Malaysians aren’t the only group left by the wayside as the nation progresses by leaps and bounds.

Sum revealed to us the hoe ch’arm status of the Foong brothers: “They do not earn much and usually just pack some economy rice from nearby shops.”

Sum said the years and weather have taken the toll on their zinc shack, but the two brothers valiantly persevere and make do with what little they could muster.

But alas, there is a limit to improvisation as finally the zinc roof has given way, with only a pitiful remnant of it left to shelter just two standing persons.

Sum added that the brothers sleep together on a tiny bed meant for one person. He wants to raise RM10,000 to rebuild their house. Hey, I wonder whether there may be some building material left over from that late railway gatekeeper who built and lived in a palace in Klang?

Anyway, Sum plans a small simple shelter for them, with two rooms, so each may have a bed for his own, and most important of all, a proper roof over their heads.

NOTE: Those willing to donate can write their cheques out to DAP Perak with Ah See’s full name written at the back and send it to Sum’s service centre at 3, Hala Bercham Timur 11, Taman Pakatan , 31400 Ipoh.

For details, call Sum at 017-578 2367 or local councillor Cheah Pou Hian at 016-555 8766.

Please help! They only have a few more years to go ... before they leave us, hopefully for a better kinder fairer world.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tian's Taiwan Tryst

One thing about Tian Chua is you can expect the predictable from him – flamboyant martyr-ish foolhardiness, be that standing in front of the police chemical laced water cannons, driving through a barricade with his vehicle or manufacturing a photo of a French dinner to rubbish his boss’ nemesis.

So, our MP for wherever (maybe Taipeh?) plus several of his PKR mates, including (to my great despair) sweetie Eli Wong, have all trooped off to Taiwan for, according to Tian, ‘coffee’ with the BN MPs there.

Hey, he said they might even catch a spot of horticultural education in Taiwan, like:

... Lesson No 1, spread bullsh*t to fertilize the ground …..
... Lesson No 2, frogs dwell in cesspool so the frog hunters need to .....
... Lesson No 3, frogs like to be fed with something green .....

In the Star, Tian declared firmly that the 16 September takeover plan is right on track.

What can I say except that I am proud to see our PKR MPs, ADUNs and councillors doing what they have been elected to do, namely chasing after frogs all the way to Taiwan for their boss.

People should know that at last we have wonderful Anwar’s reformasi in action.

People of Malaysia, sleep well, your country will soon be in the safe hands of PKR!

Reformasi, reformasi, reformasi - eat your heart out, Lingam, PKR has 9-letters (3 more than yours) in each iteration of its great anwarista cry.

Syed Hamid: "Police was only protecting Tan Hoon Cheng"

Here's a f* spin as reported by the Star, reproduced in part below:

Sin Chew Daily News reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, who was arrested under the Internal Security Act 1960, maybe released as soon as Saturday, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

He said Tan was detained under Section 73(1) of the Act in order to ensure her safety as police intelligence indicated that there were threats to her life after she reported on Bukit Bendera division Umno chairman Datuk Ahmad Ismail’s allegedly racist remarks.

“We have no intention of holding a reporter as after all she was just taking notes of the comments made by a certain party that led to a public debate.

“She maybe released as soon as today after police have obtained all information needed,” he said, adding that the reporter’s detention was part of the police preventive action.