Thursday, September 07, 2017

Lim Kit Siang pre-judging Saravanan and IGP

FMT - Kit Siang: Brawl at Tamil daily office first test for new IGP (extracts):

The recent incident at a Tamil daily office allegedly involving Deputy Youth and Sports Minister M Saravanan is the first test of professionalism for the new inspector-general of police, DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang said today.

Lim, who had previously urged Mohamad Fuzi Harun to take action against those responsible for the incident, said all eyes were now on the newly-minted top cop.

“If Fuzi as the new IGP cannot act professionally without fear or favour against an MIC deputy minister, how can Malaysians expect him to act professionally against other even more unreasonable deputy ministers, not to mention full ministers, or the deputy prime minister or prime minister if they flagrantly take the law into their own hands?” he said in a statement.

Is Lim Kit Siang even aware that he has already pre-judged Deputy Minister M Saravanan as guilty?

And that he is attempting to influence the IGP's findings, by insinuating that if Saravanan is not found guilty the IGP is therefore not professional?

Why can't Lim keep his f**king mouth shut and let the police do their work?

We can all make an assessment after the police investigation and findings but certainly not before or trying to influence the mata2 towards our desired outcome.


  1. u did the same also on your recent article on hit and run in Johor involve sigaporean

  2. Lim Kit Siang is doing what he has been doing excellently for 40 years - Keeping the Bastards Honest.

    Saravanan has a history of thuggish behaviour, including turning up at an MIC function with a gun tucked in his belt. Police "investigated" him, but nothing came out of it. Kautim.

    First, there is strong probable cause to suspect an unlawful act was committed, related to Saravanan.
    Two, Polis Raja DiMalaysia has already been proven to be a dishonest broker in past related incidents.

    Granted, we have a new IGP. So , it is not too soon to remind the new IGP to ensure he has to do an honest job, the world is watching, and the credibility of his office and the police force is at stake.

    Yes, and you very nearly accused some people of murder over the Johor Bahru hospital incident, without waiting for any explanations from the hospital.

    1. A lament.....

      The old KT no more, just faint shadows here and there ever so vociferous shouting very loudly about integrity, transparency, honesty and fairness. Alas, he keeps deathly silent, not a single peep, not even a murmur, about the biggest heist of the century that puts Malaysia in all the breaking news on international media ! Over compensating much (?) with all this earnest outrage about who's fair, who's lacking honesty and integrity ? Irony is....this only emphasizes even more acutely his hypocrisy....all seemed hollow now. Such a humongous 50 Billion ( and more ) theft, yet with nary a word from this man who would normally wouldn't have tolerated one bit such heinous crime. Now all he can muster is......" don't you people instruct me"...."if you don't like, go write your own blog"..." this is my blog, I can choose to write what I want"... Ahhh.....sangat pathetic la....But still, slightly better than that full-of-dedak Baldy who would would merrily ferment such hatred against one whole racial group and wouldn't bat an eye to ban comments that doesn't sing to his racist tune. Have KT come down to that be slightly better than the turncoat who had cowardly change his name to a Chinese (!) name Julian Khoo when that Sarawak Report lady threatened to sue...WAKAKAKA...that's rich ! Also pathetic when both sifu and his ardent lapdog insist on using the most unflattering picture of poor LKS wherever possible....pordah la.

    2. My apologies for delayed reply as I suspect I had a DNS problem.

      Anyway, My dear Monsterball, I know you’re eager to attack me but please be fair and considered what I wrote in the Johor Hospital case.

      I had then asked ”I wonder whether this would be considered 'MURDER' by the Sultanah Aminah hospital?”.
      Was that an accusation?

      Be careful with your wild accusations.

      Additional I followed up with a post titled “JB Hospital refutes Sing's allegations” in which I remarked:
      ”Thus could these all be from a combination of tragic language barrier, Sing-Malaysian proclivity towards exaggerated rumour-mongering plus a sad young death, all adding to what have been a total confusion.”

      As I said, much as you may dislike me, there is a distinctive call for civic fairness to refrain from wild reckless accusations.

      Now compare what I had written to what Lim Kit Siang said to the IGP. Any fair person would see he was pre-judging Saravanan (our law says even an accused is innocent until proven guilty) and also pressurizing-threatening the IGP to make LKS' desired outcome.

      Further, compare me with LKS - I'm only a nobody-blogger who should and oculd be ignored even if I made silly mistakes but can you excuse LOKS, a political leader from making such bullyboy tactics?

    3. JJ, you are like the rest of the pro Mahathir people, wakakaka. I have not changed but have shifted my "gunsight" on a dictator - he's the clear and present danger

    4. pro mahathir n being objective on what mahathir did is not the same, show u 1 example, u r pro najib, thats y u condemn anwar, azmin, rafizi, wan azizah, mahathir etc etc but rarely say much abt najib, or even his dedak eater cum ball sucker aka the mt liar, can u grasp the diff now?

    5. "JJ, you are like the rest of the pro Mahathir people.."

      Woah...thou does protest too much la, KT, wakakaka

      'I have not changed but have shifted my "gunshight" on a dictator - he's the clear and present danger'

      Prior to your present target, wasn't your gunsight trained relentlessly on Anwar? So when you shifted target from Anwar to Dr M , you seemed to skip on THE ONE who is also a dictator in his pink-lipped fashion who should be considered a clear and present danger as he IS the current sitting PM who is encouraging ( to put it very diplomatically ) racist thugs to create havoc and instill fear, and appearing hell bent to turn this country into an islamic state by getting under the selimut with the Bawang. So who's the clear and present danger who is raking up hair-raising level of national debt with his penchant for reckless spending and endless corruption...under whose stewardship has the ringgit plummet to be the worst in Asian region ? Btw, nobody is saying Dr M was a model PM, far from it, he will face his own karmic medicine...

    6. anwar is out, let's put mahathir out as he should be, then we deal with najib, wakakaka - i find mahathir far more dangerous and more anti-nons than najib

    7. Wrong priority le!!!

      How could anyone could master that a twisted ongoing blood-sucking pestilence IS far more dangerous THAN a twilighted 90+ old dictator who has zilch control on the political/military/legislative machinery of the nation???

      WRT anti-nons, both carry that ketuanan freak dna from a racist hive. So, WHY dont u target that hegemonic motherly source? If the mothership is not destroyed, u will forever getting offsprings who would champion on one-up-manship based on that bigoted ketuanan agenda.

      Betul tak????

    8. "...then we deal with najib.." KT said.

      As OutSyedTheBox would said...banyak cantek ! Your way of dealing with najib is to clam up. When 2.6 Billion was found in his bank account, there was no response from pink-lip for many days, then he responded by saying he was not even aware he had such money in his bank account. The nation then was in an uproar with such a statement. Then we were informed that it was actually a donation to fight ISIS which was NOT in existence yet at that point in time when that bunch of American Pies was deposited into his account by Mr Fei Low.

      Now get that point of commotion, Dr M was still in Umno, keeping mum just like you, KT. So what bull are you pulling when you now claimed that first you had to deal with Dr M before you could 'deal' with najib ? First you ask for proof, and when authorities in at least 7 countries started to take action, you have conveniently forgot you had asked for proof and now your way of 'dealing' with najib is to keep uncharacteristically silent that it is almost a dare not touch on the 127 million worth of pink diamonds, dare not even mention Ah Fei Low, nor the stepson of the Wolf Street fame, nor the statement by DOJ that this is biggest kleptocracy in the, you just shut down completely on this and would avoid like crazy as if it is leprosy. Like I said, if LKS or Anwar, or Dr M....or LGE or Rafizi or Tony Pua or Ambiga or anyone else were to songlap this huge amount of public money, I bet you will be you will not keep quiet, to hell with your 'clear and present danger' wakakakaka.

    9. Re your .at that point of commotion, Dr M was still in Umno, keeping mum just like you ... so what gives? Was he also closing an eye to Najib's crime?

      Najib's going to the US so he can be arrested there, thus no sweat.

      Now you want me to deal with diamonds as well, yes?

      Anything esle?

      Ah, you forgot to mention the Altantuyaa's murder

    10. Playing yr sifu's reverse psychological argument ke?

      'Najib's going to the US so he can be arrested there, thus no sweat.'

      BTW, diplomatic protocol dictates that u don't arrest a visiting HoG in yr country. More so under yr invitation.

      Ahjibgor must be paying tons to the Washington lobbyist to get this invitation.

      As it can used to showcase his kleptocratic 'innocent' while hippo gets another change to spread her ill-gotten wealth.

      Moreover, blur-sotongs alike would say the Whitehouse invitation proves the DoJ accusation has no case.

      They, & u, would never admit that a POTUS needs extra income to hold his personal fort/advisors le.


    11. From the Melbourne Age:

      In May 2002, the Malaysian leader [Mahathir] met Mr Bush in the Oval Office and photographs were beamed around the world.

      [Jack] Abramoff was paid $US1.2 million ($A1.6 million) from the Malaysian Government for his services in 2001 and 2002, according to an Abramoff associate. Documents obtained by Senate investigators appear to confirm at least $US900,000 of that amount.

      Abramoff has pleaded guilty to improperly influencing members of Congress and their aides. He often routed lobbying fees through non-profit organisations to evade taxes or hide the sources of funds.

      It's not clear how central Abramoff was in arranging the Oval Office session for Kuala Lumpur. The White House says the meeting was arranged through normal channels.

      KT comments: Mahathir engaged Jack Abramoff, a corrupt lobbyist to arrange a meeting with Bush, just for photo ops - pariah lah your idol

    12. KT replied..."Re your .at that point of commotion, Dr M was still in Umno, keeping mum just like you ... so what gives? Was he also closing an eye to Najib's crime?

      Najib's going to the US so he can be arrested there, thus no sweat.

      Now you want me to deal with diamonds as well, yes?

      Anything esle?

      Ah, you forgot to mention the Altantuyaa's murder"

      WTF ? You asked whether Dr M then was also "closing an eye to Najib's crime ?" So you now admit YOU too closing an eye ( but more like closing both eyes la ) kah ? Hehehehe. Caught you, wakakaka. And why you assuming I am defending Dr M ? Just because we find Pirate King nauseating, you automatically ASSUME that those taking a swipe at your idol must be loving the other side of the same Umno DNA scums ? Get yourself straight on this, pronto ! You have have been in this sort of prejudice for too long....due time someone set you straight, that is if you can be straightened at this stage of crookedness, hahaha.

      Want you to deal with diamonds, just to remind you that you wouldn't touch on ANYTHING having even the remotest linking with pink-lip, 1MDB ( satu malaysia dalam bahaya) fat hippo with her garland of shiny pink stones costing 127 million ringgit while the population struggles with GST and rising costs of everything. No, no you won't go near such stuff, nor the names of Fei Low or the Stepson or even institution like DOJ appear in your writes. As for Altantuya, what the fuck do you know of my personal stand on this issue ? You are now like a monkey kena belacan, lashing out wildly. Poor KT....pathetic, kesian nya...wakakaka

    13. re your you assuming I am defending Dr M ? Just because we find Pirate King nauseating, you automatically ASSUME that those taking a swipe at your idol must be loving the other side of the same Umno DNA scums ? that's precisely mu point, wakakaka

      as for mahathir closing an eye to najib's 'crime', you still are supporting him now, aiyoyo

      as for altantuyaa's murder we have arrested two so-called fall guys (one in Oz) - why don't they reveal the truth, if any, to free themselves from the murder

    14. Obviously, very obviously, it is a waste of effort ! Mmmm....never mind, since you are so ardently in denial...that there are people who do detest Umno kaki whether they are in the mothership or in the other pods naming themselves PKR or Primbumi. To you, anyone who criticize your beloved Pirate Big Thief must be loving 'other side', aiyooo. Never mind, go on closing both eyes on your dedak god...and go on giving excuses which nobody is buying...hence not surprising why others even go to the extent of outrightly accusing you of makan-ing dedak, hehehe. I suppose these people must be so perplexed at the change that to them, that's the only plausible reason possible. Just so pathetic la you.

    15. One still sitting in bamboo river, waiting to be hang. While the other is shaking legs somewhere in Oz, courtesy of the kangaroo pouch.

      Free themselves from the murder?

      No until they get the free from the boss, not only for themselves but all their related too!

      Reveal the truth?? This can only expedite the end - one being hanged while the other loses all the baits been promised while residing in foreign land.

      U born yesterday ke?

    16. stop giving excuses - they especially the one in Oz should speak up. after all Mahfuz Omar made a special trip downunder to urge him to speak up

    17. JJ, you are so desperate in your wish to see me comply with your side, wakakaka

    18. The one in Oz speaking up????

      1) how did he manage to 'escape' to Oz?

      2) can Mahfuz Omar matches what his helper's offer?

      3) this guy ran while the other remained, what gives? Surely the ran way offer was made to both. Could this ran away guy has making a deal with the devil? & occasionally needs to make some 'reminders' to prove the worthiness of that deal.

      U r REALLY something as an useless wordsmith le!!!!

    19. KT, you are so desperate that everyone in your narrow view must be categorized as Mine Side or Your Side....pathetic la. So next time, stop your high-horsing running down Bush are exactly the same. Must I have one side ? which side am I in ? WTF do you know ? After your closing both eyes on the Pirate Thief, which you NOW admitted, hehehe (slip of the subconscious eh ?), nobody want you on ANY side la. Because who knows when you will turn around again and keep your deathly silence even if great injustice was being perpetrated. So pathetic...what is that wonderful phrase in Bahasa...ah yes...tak sedar diri, hehehehe.

    20. CK you have a very imaginative bullshittish mind wakakaka, you could be a prize winning novelist

    21. JJ, you guys have been the ones putting me on this or that side. Now you have the brazen nerve to accuse me of your faults

    22. So, I'm having a very imaginative bullshittish mind eh!!!

      How about u in shitting all those issues related to ahjibgor?

      R we the same??

      Analysed kaux2 lah before u bulled another reply!

      Yr tactic is showing in yr claim of 'the ones putting me on this or that side. Now you have the brazen nerve to accuse me of your faults'!

      Knowing how to point finger at others. How about looking in the mirror le,?

    23. Like CK so spot on about looking in the mirror le ? First asking for proof that your idol is guilty, and when the proof is so clear, you didn't speak up. Then articles after articles, you lambasted those you think are pro Mahathir or pro Anwar or pro anything that's not pro Pirate. You even lambasted those who detested the Oppos or detested Dr M simply because these people also don't have any sympathy at all for your Pirate or write very critical comment about him and his show-off wife. Cukup la, as you are making a silly ass of yourself ( this is putting it very very mildly, hehehe). I know you like the image of yourself as one defending justice and have integrity, honesty etc etc. Maybe at the beginning....but you have tarnished yourself by also closing an eye like Dr M...this in your own words. Enuf said, hehehe

    24. can't keep on casting pearls wakakaka since you've made up your mind