Friday, September 29, 2017

Another dhoby-man for Afghanistan?

dhoby-men of India

used to see dhoby-men opposite MBS Penang alongside Ayer Itam River

Star Online - Muslim-only launderette in Perlis (extracts):

KANGAR: Another launderette serving only Muslims has been found to be operating in Perlis – just as the Sultan of Johor and the Government have sent out a message that such segregation must not happen in Malaysia.

The self-service outlet in Jalan Kampung Bakau here has a sign that says: “This laundry is dedicated for Muslim use only”.

The main signboard stated the shop practises “Islamic laundry concept.”

A call made to the handphone number listed at the shop was answered by a man claiming to be the owner. He said he opened the laundry to serve only Muslims.

Asked why, the man said it was done for the “comfort” of the Muslim customers. He urged non-Muslims to use other launderettes and stressed the matter should not be turned into a controversy.

Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin, one of the vocal critics against the “Muslim-only” launderette in Muar, was not having any of that. He came down hard on the shop, making it clear that the state would not agree to any approach which segregated the people.

“I have received an instruction from Tuanku (the Raja Muda of Perlis) to investigate the matter and we will do it right away,” he said in a WhatsApp message.

I wonder what practising “Islamic laundry concept” means and involves?

But here again we witness the Raja Muda of Perlis ordering Dr Asri to investigate into the matter.

Will Dr Asri find sand imported from Saudi Arabia at the back of the launderette to be used for running the laundry through before being washed Malaysian-style, that is, subsequently with water and soap?

In a sultanate state, the relevant HRH can, if or when HRH chooses, stop such silly apartheid gimmicks as had been done in Johor.

And in a non-sultanate state like Penang, HM Agong, if or when HM chooses, would be the person to put a halt to divisiveness.

Thus I advise CM Lim Guan Eng and Penang exco member for religious affairs Abdul Malik Abul Kassim to watch out for PAS' 'bobby-traps' on this issue. It's the prerogative of HM Yang Dipertuan Agong to decide, so don't be too smart and 'interfere', wakakaka.

But that bloke in Jalan Kampung Bakau in Kangar is lucky he is not in Johor or he would be 'invited' to
'pi' buka kedai di Afghanistan.


  1. There is no need to export anybody to Afghanistan.
    Mullah Najib is far into the process of bringing Afghanistan here....

  2. In Malaysia, a businessman is free to open a restaurant which serves pork, basically saying he does not serve Muslim custom. That's just the scope of his business, and his Customer base, it is not discrimination.

    Similarly with a bakery which does not sell halal bread and pastries.

    Similarly for shop that only sells goods sourced from China.

    Why can a businessman open a laundry shop that only caters to Muslim custom ?

    1. but the non-Muslim businessmen do not say "Only for non-Muslims"

    2. They also don't OPENLY advertise the rules/requirements!

      The patrons have choices.

      Once u OPENLY advertise yr 'requirements' based on whatsoever grounds, u SHOW yr arrogance to others who share the same ground/air with u!

      It's a slipping slip that can lead to even bigger twistings of the narrow/hallow interpretations of racial requirements, religious practices.

      U SHOULD do that in yr own enclaves that's totally cut off from the others.

    3. i agree with warrior i dun see element of discrimination, the only concern i have is the people r more divided, i am not sure if this is good or bad.

  3. Now that more known cases of muslim only launderettes r appearing all over bolihland, these syndromes MUST be the sign of bigger things to come!

    Bleeding hearts will imply these as biz decision, no big deal.

    Blur-sotongs will arguing for the upholding of the muslim cleanliness/hygiene in complying with islamic doctrine.

    Ketuanan freaks will laugh OPENLY for the triumph of another sign of that siege-mentality.

    One daily item at a time & does it subtly, without showing the true intention of Melayu first!

    Anyone wants to paraphase German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)?

    It is about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis' rise to power and subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

    Looks like the bluebloods have more teloq! Perhaps they can see CLEARLY that Islam fundamentalism will eventually crash with monarchy if they don't put their hands down to close the Pandora's box!!!

    Meanwhile, some blogger will have a big orgasm with wet dream about I-told-u-so.


  4. The Umno/BN gomen is not making a stand on this launderette issue.Malaysia is enroute to be a developed and high income nation in 2020?What the fuck is this Muslim only thingy?

    Is the Umno/BN gomen with it's lapdogs(Mca,Mic,Gerakan etc) saying that in 2020 Malaysia can and will be a developed and high income nation?With a gomen sponsored Muslims mentality of third world countries like Zimbabwe,Somalia and Afghanistan is okay and to be encouraged?What the heck are these people thinking by staying silent on these issue?Are they going to encourage humping the camel's backside if the religious bigots say so too?