Wednesday, September 06, 2017

How long will it take to say 'sorry'?

The Malaysian Insight - Toppling Najib more important than saying sorry, says Dr Mahathir (extracts):

“SORRY” is not the hardest word to say for Dr Mahathir Mohamad. But for 92-year-old, the bigger agenda now is how to end Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration in the next elections.

“Right now, we up against a man who is destroying the country. Do you want to say, before you do that, you please say ‘I am sorry’? I think that is too small to consider ,” said Dr Mahathir during a Facebook live session with The Malaysian Insight today.

“Now, our aim is to get together and to overthrow this kleptocrat because he is destroying this country.”

The former prime minister was responding to a question from The Malaysian Insight moderator Jahabar Sadiq on the number of Malaysians who say that they don’t want to vote for Pakatan Harapan because Dr Mahathir and co-panellist Lim Kit Siang have yet to apologise for the things they did and said in the past.

“We are owing huge sums of money we cannot pay and his policy of divide-and-rule, separating the Malays from the Chinese so that he can get Malay support is destroying the unity of the people,” said Dr Mahathir.

“So do we want to say, until Dr Mahathir has said ‘sorry’, we don’t want to do anything. Or do we want to rescue this country from evil hands.”

What utter bullshit!

How to end Najib's rule has to wait until GE-14, but how long will saying 'sorry' takes?

Just 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30?

The fact is Mahathir does NOT ever want to apologise because in his mind he is never ever wrong.

That is why to him, saying 'sorry' will take a much longer time than waiting for GE-14, like 'never ever', wakakaka.

And if he wins in GE-14, f**k 'sorry' for by then he becomes Emperor of Malaysia again.

But there is something for you to ponder, food for thought so to say. Mahathir has the brazen shameless thick-skinned nerve to say of Najib:

his policy of divide-and-rule, separating the Malays from the Chinese so that he can get Malay support is destroying the unity of the people

I wonder who was the original master of such vile racist tactics, which was employed for 33 years until as late as after the 2013 GE.

And who had warned Najib to stop being nice to the Chinese Malaysians?


  1. there r more chinese that give their vote to mahathir bn than najib bn, almost 85 to 90% chinese vote pr in fact. najib is one that call for malay unity n of course is united against non malay, so in a way, mahathir claim is correct.

    i am not interested to hear sorry from mahathir, all i wan is he could help ph to win the next ge, n establish a less corrupt administration, with balance of power among parties.

    but u wan najib to continue to do what mahathir did in the past, n all u expect from najib to say sorry after he screw u right left back front.

    1. of course you would side with mahathir, wouldn't you, wakakaka

    2. AND of course you would side with ahjibgor, wouldn't you, wakakakaka

    3. i side with whoever that share pakatan value, obviously u r diff.

  2. The opposition cannot unite and be united under a single pact.They always have to argue and fight over something or even nothings.If they have nothing to fight over with their coalition partners,then they will turn on themselves.They always come up with an excuse.

    Anybody,who have eyes and ears,even a nincompoop knows what Mahathir did.Or what Kit Siang did.Or what Anwar did.Or what Azmin did.Or who slept with who.

    So what the fuck these people want?Do they want to win or at least pretend that they are trying very hard to win the coming GE?Two decades later they still want to talk cock?Will these fellows get an ejaculation if Mahathir or Kit Siang just say "I or we are sorry".Better jump into the bushes and "shook senderi".

  3. It doesn't really matter who wins the next election. The monkeys are still going to run this country. Do you think overnight all the PDRM, Immigration, Majlis Perbadaran, govt hospital, etc will become more efficient, less corrupt, and less racist?

    Ballocks la.

    BTW, the old man should be shot, nothing less.

  4. So u know who's the monkey r!!!!

    & yet remediation HAS to start somewhere. Better now than when bolihland is a failed state.

    U REALLY r something... Does yr zombieic faith teaches u to bite the hands that feed u????

  5. Sorry Jahabar Sadig,lovers,couples and soul mates madly in love,never have to say they are sorry.They only said,I screw you,you screw me back.Wakakaka.

  6. "The evil that men do lives after them.." ~ William Shakespeare - The Tragedy of Julius Ceasar.

    If Mahathir should ever says sorry, it should be treated like a German apology and not a like a Japanese apology.

    The Germans cleaned up its political house by ensuring that no former Nazi would become a part of the German government.

    The Japanese did not do a clean up of its political house; in fact many war criminals and suspected war criminals came back to serve in the post-war Japanese government.

    But for DAP and PAN and PKR, it is indeed a Japanese overtones intensified in regard to Mahathir.

    1. A true display of schizophrenia, which is characterized by having both hallucinations and delusions!

      The Jap/German comparison sounds logical & comes through with deep thought overhaul.

      & yet the last part sounds so hollow & condescending in relationship to the 1st part.

      Apa tu?

      1st part a cut&paste hallucinations while the last an inbred delusion from yr twisted terbalik understanding of the theme?

      Let's be clear, for bolihland to do a similar act of Germanic house cleaning of his war crime, mamak's apology, no matter how sincere, is the least of the issue for the problems faced by bolihland.

      Mamak's effort in fighting ahjibgor is ONLY the initial step in dismantling the treacherous legacies of umno.

      That WILL be the political house cleaning worthy of the Germanic proportion.

      Right now, what's happened within/without umno r indeed the Japanese overtones of self-preserving act of take malu lah.

    2. RCI is currently looking into the RM32.0 billion ringgit loss in forex trading NOT authorised by the country.

      1MDB with a paid up capital of RM1,000,002.00 has assets worth over USD52.0 billion and is actively acting as a catalyst and as the engine of growth for the country.

      Look lah, who is tipping?

      By the by, there is a book" Awakening" by Pak Lah. "Thank God I didn't listen to Dr M".. said Pak Lah.

      Yeah man.. PH Political Manifesto "Thank God We Listen to Mahathir"? A cognitive dissonance?

    3. '1MDB with a paid up capital of RM1,000,002.00 has assets worth over USD52.0 billion'

      A similar analogy is PNB with a token paid up BUT with billions worth of assets via rakyat seed money.

      The ONLY difference is there was a Tun Ismail bin Mohamad Ali to hold guard with the cookies jar.

      '1MDB is actively acting as a catalyst and as the engine of growth for the country.'

      Just one FACT - no foreign banks will ever work with anything connected/related to 1MDB. That's the technicality that caused the delay in the 1st trunch of part payment to IPIC recently.

      So mana tu actively acting as a catalyst and as the engine of growth for the country, when any international financial institutions r avoiding it like black death?

  7. Unknown @ 9:50pm and Unknown @ 6:38am are different unknowns.

    Unknown 6:38am, like KT, is "Just a bloke interested in the socio-political whatnots around the world, particularly those in Malaysia. Loves a laugh or/and story or two, or more, but loves civility and courtesy much more, especially in politics".

  8. During the years that Mahathir was holding Executive power, when he was accused of carrying out these wrongs, Ktemoc was a Mahathir supporter.

    Go figure....