Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PKR requires serious house cleaning

In Penang, PKR Penang Youth chief Yusmadi Yusoff wants the CM post to be rotated between PKR and DAP, earning a blast from DAP Youth wing and Karpal Singh for his impertinence – see Malaysiakini Karpal spins at Penang CM rotation hint.

Meanwhile, in Negeri Sembilan, Shahruddin Abd Hamid, a PKR committee member for Telok Kemang, has cast his hat into the Bagan Pinang (by-election) ring as a third candidate, with the likely consequences of splitting the Pakatan votes – see Malaysiakini PKR's Shahruddin to make it three-way fight

And do recall the Perak frogs – true there was Hee from the DAP but she was a tragic personality - the main group was from PKR.

In Selangor PKR Wee, strongly supported by PKR Azmin Ali, initiated a spark which burnt and spread with devastating consequences. I hope Wee can find peaceful sleep. Both he and Azmin pissed me off.

But let’s return to more contemporary issues, the PKR nonsense in Penang and Bagan Pinang – which is far more serious?

Much as I’m pissed off with Hassan Ali though more with PAS top two leaders, Pak Haji Awang and Nasharuddin, for not even tapping the wrist of their Selangor Commissioner for his treachery, I would say that PKR (or at least Shahruddin Hamid's) naughtiness has virtually sabotaged PAS chances in the Bagan Pinang by-election. Hence it’s the more serious breach of Pakatan solidarity.

The Penang case by a mere PKR kutu (flea) should be ignored for what it has been, a very minor PKR official just being power crazy, and haven't we already witnessed that in his colleagues (led by Johari Kassim) in the sorry affair of fighting for positions in the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP).

In the latter case, Anwar Ibrahim should heed the advice of Karpal Singh, that he (Anwar) curbs his minor official in Penang party from making public policy statements on major Pakatan inter-party issue ..... or the coalition won’t last very long.

As for Sharuddin Hamid’s maverick conduct, Anwar has no choice but to expel him from the party, for 2 reasons:

(1) Sharuddin is obviously not only a non team player but totally and ferally defiant to his party leader's instruction - MKINI reported that Shahruddin said he had been pressured not to do so by PKR leaders including its advisor Anwar Ibrahim, but had no qualms leaving the party in order to pursue his dream of wanting to serve the people of the state constituency, and

(2) ask yourself why he wants to stand in that by-election, even to being expelled from PKR, when he knows he doesn’t have a ghost of a chance in winning.

PKR has a lot of house cleaning to do before 2013 arrives.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The treachery of Hassan Ali

Malaysiakini reported that highly respected Khalid Samad of PAS asked his party colleague the notorious Hassan Ali 'Is drinking beer worse than misusing public funds?'

It'll be great if that Hassan has the balls to answer.

Many, including some in PAS, have been of the opinion that Hassan Ali is DELIBERATELY ‘sowing discord’ (Malaysiakini's words) within Pakatan to
destabilise its administration of Selangor.

As there can only be one beneficiary of Pakatan’s failure in Selangor, and Hassan Ali’s actions have been seen/assessed as intentionally directed towards Pakatan faiulure, don’t blame us for calling a spade a spade, that he is an UMNO collaborator, a quisling, but one who doesn’t have the guts to state he prefers UMNO.

If he has any honour he should leave and join UMNO.

Talking about 'honour', Teng Chang Khim publicly called him a blatant liar and he couldn't even/daren't refute that!

Khalid Samad, frustrated by his PAS colleagues reluctance or refusal to censure Hassan Ali for his treacherous conduct, asked pointedly on his blog (and thus publicly) of Hassan’s demand to have the Selcat inquiry behind closed doors: "If the issue is embarrassing or humiliating (the civil servants), why didn't we oppose the whipping sentence on Kartika? Is misappropriation of public funds less important than (the penalty) for drinking alcohol?"

"Are we implying that Islam is lenient on the former and not the latter? If we accept the whipping sentence against Kartika, then the open investigation (by the inquiry) should not be objected to."

Khalid Samad has shown beyond any doubt that Hassan has brought shame to Islam by implying such, ...

... and for what, other than to protect UMNO.

And don’t forget, Teng exposed his hypocrisy regarding the welfare of the District Officers because he (Hassan Ali) had been quietly pushing for their replacements.

The hypocrisy and sinister double-standard intention of Hassan Ali was also amply demonstrated by his condemnation of Selcat’s public query of the District Officers (as should be the case), yet publicly criticizing his ADUN colleagues, in the same manner which he said shouldn’t be done.

What’s good for the goose is obviously not good for the gander. This has been the conduct of a man who in reality doesn’t really care about the District Officers being questioned about BN's lack of financial governance but more about protecting his UMNO mates.

Khalid Samad asked Hassan Ali to resign from the state exco and assume a position as backbencher if he wants to be a maverick, one who stabs his Pakatan colleagues in their backs to only benefit UMNO.

But this man is so thick skinned that he won’t have the decency to go.

But worse, he is supported by ‘Malay unity’ champions Pak Haji Hadi Awang and Nasaruddin, both of whom prefer to be in bed with UMNO rather than work with their PKR and DAP colleagues in Pakatan.

The heights of popularity and patriotism are still the beaten road to power and tyranny; flattery to treachery; standing armies to arbitrary government; and the glory of God to the temporal interest of the clergy - David Hume

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bagan Pinang - 21% power!

The Malaysia Insider reported in Najib continues courting Indians that Najib said there may be a possible increase in government allocation for Tamil schools despite having already allocated a staggering RM100 million under his second stimulus package programme

… and we also need to bear in mind that 21% of voters in Bagan Pinang so happen to be Indians.

Will we see 200 more Janome sewing machines? wakakaka!

Just in - Malaysian Insider's Cops may face charges over Kugan's death

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Predictable Israeli sabotage of peace talks

So predictable that’s it would have been laughable, if not for the seriously sinister sabotaging.

I had condemned Israeli perfidy in the American proposed peace talks in my earlier post Yanks unable to stop neo-Nazi lebensraum.

I had anticipated the predictable Israeli sly manipulation of events to put the blame for the Israeli sabotaged peace negotiations on the Palestinians, stating in my earlier post:

Just watch how Israel would now turn the blame on the Palestinians for not keeping their word to stop insurgent attacks (by probably staging a couple of fake rocket attacks). And the Palestinians will once again be termed ‘terrorists’.

Today The Malaysian Insider ran a Reuters article
Palestinians warn Israel after Jerusalem clash which reported:

Palestinian leaders warned Israel yesterday not to stoke tension in Jerusalem in the hope of thwarting peace talks, after clashes at a sacred site in which Palestinians and Israeli police were injured.

“At a time when (US) President (Barack) Obama is trying to bridge the divide between Palestinians and Israelis, and to get negotiations back on track, Israel is deliberately escalating tensions in Jerusalem,” chief peace negotiator Saeb Erakat said.

“We’ve seen this before, and we know what the consequences are,” the Palestinian minister added, in a statement that recalled the visit of then Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon to the site in Jerusalem’s Old City in 2000.

Sharon’s presence at al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, triggered the second Palestinian uprising and dealt the biggest setback to peace efforts in years. […]

According to legislator Hathem Abdel Kader and other Palestinian sources, the clash erupted in the early morning when Palestinians inside the complex — sacred to both Islam and Judaism — saw a group of 15 religious Jews trying to enter.

The Jews never managed to get into the complex, because several hundred Palestinians, who were on alert for such a possibility, began a loud protest. Israeli police responded with tear gas then stun grenades.

Hardly surprising that: Israeli police said it began when religious Palestinians angered by immodestly dressed tourists grew violent.

Palestinians dismissed that account, saying no tourists were involved. There was no further comment from Israeli authorities, who were observing the Yom Kippur silence.

“Providing a police escort for settlers who are against peace at all costs, and whose presence is deliberately designed to provoke a reaction, are not the actions of someone who is committed to peace, but of someone who will go to extraordinary lengths to scuttle all hopes of peace,” Erakat said.

It’s far worse than a simple rocket attack that I had roughly predicted.

There’s no more evil and wicked manipulator than land robbers like the current Likud government, whose forefathers in the terrorist oranization Irgun (and Lehi) had perpetrated the Deir Yassin massacre and various atrocities in the mid '47, and had been the bloodied hands behind the Sabra & Shatila genocide, and recent killers of children in Gaza.

Related: read Human shields in Gaza and be shocked by the murderous neo-Nazis.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

She was truly beautiful

I’ve just published She was truly beautiful! at my other blog – wakakaka!

Yanks unable to stop neo-Nazi Lebensraum

The Malaysian Insider reported in its US urges Arabs to support Abbas on peace talks that: US President Barack Obama has urged Arab states yesterday to provide political backing for the Palestinians to begin peace talks with Israel even if a freeze on Jewish settlements in the West Bank is not in place.

‘Jewish settlements’ is nothing more than an euphemism for Israeli land robbery, that is, the arrogant illegal seizure of Palestinian land for the continuing development of Jewish townships, a Jewish lebensraum* which means the perpetual loss of that land for the weak and oppressed Arabs.

* Lebensraum is a German word for ‘habitat’ or literally ‘living space’. But it carried a sinister meaning in the period preceding and during WWII. It was Nazi Germany's aggressive expansionist concept by which it justified its invasion, occupation and land seizure of countries like Poland and Russia.

Adolf Hitler was the driving force behind Nazi Germany’s lebensraum to bring about a Großdeutschland or 'Greater Germany'. The policy was basically about seizing land and raw materials in an eastward move.

The implementation called for the Nazis to kill, deport, and enslave the Polish and Russian, replacing them with racially pure German people.

The Israelis have been planning just that – just substitute Polish and Russians with Palestinians, Germans with Israelis, and Nazi Germany with Israel, and you have an Israeli copycat version of Adolf Hitler’s lebensraum ...

... which has been why many Westerners have been describing the racist Israelis as 'neo-Nazis' to such an extent that the Western governments in Europe have considered banning that description of the Israelis in the same manner as they had made 'Holocaust denial' a serious crime.

Unfortunately for decent Israelis, the Israeli government has become just that, 'neo-Nazis', because its expansionist policy, especially in the West Bank, has been an exact clone of the Nazi government's lebensraum, a continuous program of land grab for racist settlements and the killing and expulsion if not enslavement of Palestinians.

And note, it’s not just a mere act of land stealing but land robbery – and I am sure you know the difference between ‘stealing’ and armed ‘robbery’.

The Malaysian Insider stated: The United States had tried in advance to work out a deal under which Israel would halt settlement building, Palestinians would do more to prevent attacks on Israelis and Arab states would move toward normalizing ties with the Jewish state.

The quid pro quo before resumption of the US-led peace negotiations was that the Israelis stop their land robbery and in return, the Palestinians their insurgent* attacks.

* I refuse to term the Palestinians as ‘terrorists’ – why should freedom fighters struggling for their very OWN land, in the likes of George Washington and his men struggling against British redcoats, be called ‘terrorists’. The only ‘terrorists’ in that region have been Israelis.

Obama told a UN General Assembly: “The time has come to re-launch negotiations without preconditions,” implying he couldn’t make any headway with an arrogant recalcitrant and treacherous Israeli government into freezing Israeli settlements.

Israel had itself promised to do just that, freeze Jewish settlements, but it's obvious it had been (as usual) a lie to (initially) appease its benefactor the USA ... until it comes up with an excuse not to honour its commitment, because in reality, when push comes to shove in the actual 'freezing of settlements', the Israelis would always renege as it had been forever doing.

Israel has no intention whatsoever of stopping its illegal land grab, knowing it can play around the Yanks, even with an Obama. Undoubtedly it would have received feedback from its supporters in the USA that Obama is currently weakening in his stature back in the States, and thus his attention to the Middle East, and resolve for a Palestinian State.

Just watch how Israel would now turn the blame on the Palestinians for not keeping their word to stop insurgent attacks (by probably staging a couple of fake rocket attacks). And the Palestinians will once again be termed ‘terrorists’.

US Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman spun to reporters: “We don’t want to have the perfect be the enemy of the good. We’re not going to wait for the perfect package before we start negotiations.”

But of course the USA expects the Palestinians to comply with its (Palestinian) part of the so-called bargain.

It’s time like this, when the Israelis continue with their recalcitrant racist revolting treachery that a man like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran becomes even more relevant to the Palestinians.

PAS Youth Poppycock Twaddle

The Star Online’s Shaming public servants will cause govt to fall, says PAS Youth reported:

Continued shaming of senior public servants by the Selangor state assembly’s Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) could cause Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat-government to collapse, PAS Youth warned.

Its chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi said the action could see a repeat of the resentment felt by civil servants after former mentri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo had awarded them with a broom.

“We need to learn from this. Dr Khir was disliked by the public servants after his [broom award] action and that could have resulted in the collapse of the then state government,’’ he said when contacted by mStar Online, The Star’s Malay news portal.

I have never heard such driveling poppycock twaddle.

To attribute the March 2008 political tsunami to some disgruntled Selangor State public servants shows the desperation, deceit and duplicity of PAS Youth, in its f* fumbling futile attempt to defend the indefensible, the outrageous Judas in its midst.

Or, they are f* clueless as to who had supported their PAS candidates in Selangor against the BN in the last general election, in Bukit Gantang, Permatang Pasir, Kuala Terengganu, Kedah, etc.

I suggest those morons read PAS man could face disciplinary action

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr Mahathir advised Isa Samad; Chua Soi Lek should listen too

In Malaysiakini’s Mahathir: If I were Isa... the former PM advised Isa Samad to stay the f* out of the Bagan Pinang polls, stating: "If I am Isa, I will urge the party not to make me the candidate. Then I will work hard to campaign for the chosen candidate. With that, it will boost his reputation."

And Dr M was right again when he sneered: "But in Malaysia, such a culture does not exist." wakakaka

When advised that Samy Vellu stated he would be taking a two-month leave to allow his deputy Palanivell a trial-run as acting president, Mahathir commented rather brilliantly: “It should be extended to 20 years”. wakakaka again.

The advice he gave both Isa Samad and Samy Vellu should be extended to Chua Soi Lek.

Chua and his supporters must realize that a publicly tainted man should never be president of MCA or for that matter, any political party.

In another society, perhaps it's okay for a politician to commit adultery and still continue with his political career, but in conservative Malaysia (even among the Chinese community) Chua had breached a sacrosanct rule. He is now deemed to be unfaithful - if to his own wife, then surely to his party too.

If Chua has any love for MCA, he should stop fighting with the current party leadership and quietly fade from the scene.

But alas, as Dr M had said: "But in Malaysia, such a culture does not exist."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mad cow mathematics of Makkal Sakthi Party

R.S. Thanenthiran the new leader of the Makkal Sakthi Party has invited PM Najib to launch his new political party.

He gushes: “The Prime Minister is launching our party and we are honoured but it does not mean we have lost our independence. We are working together with him as partners … we walk together for the benefit of the Indian community.”

Now you may wonder how a party with a name like Makkal Sakthi is waltzing with an UMNO man after 25 November 2007?

Thankfully Thanenthiran explains: “It is true the BN did not do much for us in the past 52 years but the Pakatan Rakyat has done even less for us in the past two years.”

52 years versus 2 years? And even then he got it wrong.

Then he gushes again: “BN under Datuk Seri (Najib) is beginning to do for the Indians in major areas and we welcome it. We want to work with him to get a fair share of the nation's resources.”

Terrific. Bodek-ism in Malaysia is not yet dead!

And mind you The Malaysian Insider revealed that the invitation card Thanenthiran sent to Najib “… is glossy, in gold colour and of superior quality, in keeping with the VIP who is guest of honour …”

Wow and double wow! I hope Najib frames it!

Well, I must do my good deed today and advise YB Datuk Najib bin Tun Razak to exercise his neck from now, and it may just be strengthened in time for the Godzilla-ish garland that Thanenthiran and his bodek-ites will be placing on the neck of the VVIP guest of honour on 10 October wakakaka.


Waynamoorthy worried Thanenthiran taking Hindraf into BN?, a post outdated, alas, by events undertaken by Waythamoorty and his brother Uthayakumar, contrary to Waythamoorthy's earlier resolve, in forming their Human Rights Party tsk tsk!

More importantly, also read Indians - 50 more years of marginalisation? where Hindraf activist V Ganabatirau pointed out that Waythamoorthy did not condemn RS Thanenthirran for using the title Makkal Sakthi as the name of his new political party, when that title was coined by Ganabatirau and K Vasanthakumar for the Hindraf movement.

Ganabatirau reminded us that Thanenthirran in forming the Makkal Sakthi Party had immediately made overtures to the BN government which then led to the possibility of Waythamoorthy's return to Malaysia.

And Ganabatirau further questioned Waythamoorthy's motives in blaming Pakatan Rakyat for the Kampung Buah Pala fiasco. Oh yes, while we are on this issue, don't forget his brother Uthayakumar as well - yes, we did wonder about these two brothers attacking the DAP which had supported them when they were in strife.

Ganabatirau sneered: "Who does he [Waynamoorthy] want to please to ensure his safe return?"!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

BN government selects Kulim Wonder & Wee Choo Keong for UN delegation

The Star Online - 3 Opposition MP for UN reported:

For the first time, three MPs from the Opposition will represent Malaysia as official delegates to the UN General Assembly.

They are Wee Choo Keong and Zulkifli Nordin from Parti Keadilan Rakyat, and Chong Chieng Jen from DAP. Wee is Wangsa Maju MP, Zulkifli the Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP and Chong is Bandar Kuching MP.

I am sure we all know the Kulim Wonder but I thought you might like to be reminded that Wee was a former DAP bloke before he joined PKR.

Many DAP members alleged he still bears a grudge against his former political party.

Incidentally, I wonder whether he was the bloke who insinuated there were possible links between Selangor DAP and the underworld, where his insinuation was supported by Azmin Ali.

Mind you, that Wee (assuming he's not this Wee) made just an oblique allegation, hmmm ... like a ducky. Ronnie Liu challenged (that/this?) Wee to say it loud & clear in the open instead of sniping from the side.

Well, in that insinuation (manna to the MACC), one thing led to another, and the MACC unfortunately stepped in, with calamitous result - the first fatal casualty was poor Teoh Beng Hock!

But, having said all these asides, I must congratulate the Kulim Wonder and Wee for being nominated by the government to represent Malaysia. I have no doubt their excellence in politics have finally gained due recognition.

Syabas (oh btw, doesn’t this word rhyme with something or someone?)

Zaid Ibrahim sneered at Hassan Ali's double-talk!

Zaid Ibrahim commented on PAS in The Malaysian Insider – for more read here.

The core points Zaid brought up have been:

(1) Referring to Hassan Ali’s criticism of Selcat public inquiry Zaid said:

“What is the point of PAS promising in its manifesto to become a transparent government, that wants to abolish the Official Secrets Act (OSA), that wants to draft new laws [like the] Freedom of Information Act, if the early genuine efforts of Selcat in Selangor have already been opposed and challenged by PAS?”

If you recall, in my post Dr Hassan Ali - whose side is he on? I remarked (extracts):

… why is Hassan Ali so set on Selcat doing the inquiry behind closed doors. Is it to spare the former BN government from the embarrassing public exposure of its alleged misuse of public finds?

The PAS Commissioner claimed he wants to stop Selcat from “bullying public servants” during the recent public inquiry. The public servants he was referring to are District Officers who approved funds required by the former BN ADUNS.

I also remarked about Hassan Ali's hypocrisy in his pretend-attempt to show his concerns for the DO's because Teng Chang Kim, chairman of Selcat, revealed that Hassan Ali had in fact wanted to replaced those DOs,

“Unknown to them, Hassan Ali had been pushing for all senior civil servants — including DO’s, heads of local authorities, the state secretary and state legal advisor — to be replaced during PR state meetings."

I then remarked: That's his sheer hypocrisy and treachery to the District Officers. One can only conclude that the beneficiaries of his demand for Selcat to be conducted behind closed doors would not be those District Officers.

Who then if not UMNO?

But to be fair to PAS, Zaid should have directed his criticism more precisely at Hassan Ali as an individual, because PAS blokes like Khalid Samad and Mahfuz had spoken out against Hassan Ali - good on them!

(2) Zaid also brought out a far more disturbing trait in Hassan Ali. This PAS bloke had objected loudly when it was first proposed that Teng, an ethic Chinese from DAP, head Selcat. As Selcat is an instrument of the legislative it would be only natural that the speaker of the Selangor assembly be nominated.

Either Hassan Ali doesn’t understand the doctrine of separation of power or he doesn’t like Chinese – and just so, we should be reminded he has been one of the proponents of the ‘Malay unity’ talks (and probably more) with UMNO.

I had always believe that Islam is supranationalistic, so I wonder about Hassan Ali's Islamic credentials? That he is a Malay national is not in doubt!

(3) Then Zaid gave a couple of sucker punches to PAS Youth, commenting on the Youth’s far greater interest in banning public concerts and support for moral policing than corruption, oppression and racism.

Zaid said: “It is as if for PAS Youth, the effort to fight corruption, oppression, abuse of power and inciting racism is less important compared to the efforts to make sure the young who are just learning to love and wish to be entertained freely are obstructed from enjoying a little freedom.”

Hopeless! What sort of government will we have with such PAS people? Those PAS Youth should read my What would I say for Merdeka!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Malaysian prejudice

Good old Dean Johns!

My matey has written another blistering piece in Malaysiakini. His Rehab is a top idea was a 24 gun broadside blast at Hishamuddin ...

... who had on one hand expressed his touchy feely soft sympathetic side for the cow-head bigots while virtually with the next, arrested some peaceful Hindraf supporters in a quiet candlelight vigil – pukishly double standards, wasn't that?

For more, please read Hishamuddin f* up again and again!

Dear Hisham had also lamented lost opportunity to rehabilitate SE Asia’s most notorious mass killer, Noordin Top, before the terrorist was killed, while he hasn't yet sorted out his police force who have turned the Malaysian police station into the ‘most dangerous place’ in Malaysia – see Pagar makan padi - deaths in police custody

Dean went through a list of UMNO leaders that he thought require rehabilitating though he reckons the only one who has been truly rehabilitated is … gasp … my fave, Anwar Ibrahim.

Dean even mentioned: … the sole genuine rehab success - and my old mate Ktemoc would debate even this one - is Anwar Ibrahim.


Well, most of you might have noted I’ve not been hammering Anwar Ibrahim for a considerable while … for one good reason – he has lately ceased his man man lai thingy (well, maybe for now, ‘coz I’m still watching him like a bloody hawk wakakaka).

You know, talking about pollies (that’s ‘politicians’) I had written on what one of my uncles told me about a then-young Najib.

Once Unc overheard Najib making some sort of off-handed apologies to his non-UMNO BN colleagues about the unavoidable necessity of him as Head of UMNO Youth using harsh and aggressive (meaning ‘racist’) remarks, particularly at a time when the Youth Wing was having its wing elections.

It reminded me of an old Chinese kungfu movie, where the forces of two warlords were engaged in a violent battle. While the warriors were fighting each other in mortal combat to the death, the two ar$eh*le$ were partying together, dining, yamseng-ing, joking, laughing, and womanizing in a private cozy retreat.

Yes, they weren't unlike pollies.

Don’t think for a moment that Najib and Anwar Ibrahim won’t do what the two movie warlords did (okay, perhaps minus the yamseng-ing and womanizing) because that’s politics, the art of the possible.

And believe it or not, that actually has happened, yes, Najib and Anwar had met, well at least the meeting minus the joviality, frolicking and feasting - wakakaka.

Pollies would not hesitate to bersandiwara (indulge in theatrics) if such sandiwara, even making racist comments, allows them to achieve their political objective.

Of course it’s bloody unethical (and I don’t condone it) but apart from not being able to do anything, I console myself that it's a political sandiwara, though of course should that get out of hand, alas, Malaysian blood would tragically flow.

But what worries me far far far more than pollies making (politically motivated) bigoted comments would be a well-educated man, who supposedly isn’t about to become a pollie, but who makes uninformed, unfair and unhelpful remarks about one ethnic group, probably right straight from his prejudiced heart – see my earlier post Bakri Musa confused about Confucianism.

I believe a pollie like Ahmad Ismail of Penang would wakakaka away when we chewed him ferociously while not attempting to, as the title of Dean's article suggests, rehabilitate Bakri Musa.

But alas, I don't think that would be even possible.

Then really, there isn't much hope for us, is there?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moribund MCA is symptom, racist UMNO is virus!

Not too long ago I read (somewhere) that there are 60 federal parliamentary seats where the minority Chinese-Indian voters could have the deciding say, not unlike Bukit Gantang.

Thus UMNO’s strategy to go it alone by focussing on its ‘heartland’, while successful to an extent (swing of 3 to 4% back to its fold), didn’t quite produce its desired result. Nizar won, didn't he, with the crucial Chinese support - wakakaka!

But ironically, by focussing on the ‘heartland’ UMNO could not help but antagonize the minority Chinese and perhaps to a lesser extent, the Indians. So in striding 1 step forward in the ‘heartland’, it has effectively go-starn (retreated) 3 steps in its appeal with the ‘nons’.

Somehow it has forgotten the lessons of 1999 and 2004. And in its bizarre and unmitigated political amnesia, it has emasculated, nay, castrated MCA.

So when I read The Malaysian Insider’s
MCA’s real crisis – the Chinese no longer care I wasn’t surprised to learn that “… Chinese Malaysians appear to have grown increasingly dismissive of the potentially party-shattering power struggle happening in MCA and that is a distressing sign for an organisation which is entrusted by the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to help regain the trust and support of the community.”

But what I have been surprised with (no, not really, I’m being merely rhetorical) has been the BN-UMNO rather unrealistic expectation that MCA could "…regain the trust and support of the community", after having mauled, humiliated and undermined MCA’s credibility and standing with the Chinese.

The UMNO so-called ‘friendly fire’ at MCA is not new but it had been most severe, of Fallujah-ish proportion-dimension, during the premiership of AAB.

During that period, a bad combination of a weak & laissez-faire PM (with regards to internal BN discipline), the avarice of UMNO members, the nexus between political power and kickbacks, all meant that wannabe leaders in UMNO had to be more heroic ethnically than his/her party competitors in order to secure the necessary numbers to climb up the party ladder.

Look at the palaces in Selangor – eg. The Satay Palace in Klang, the Bali Palace, etc – even the cops, let alone their political masters, want to have one, reasoning “I risk my life for those fat cats, so why shouldn’t I deserve a palace as well?”

So the ethnic heroics of wannabe UMNO leaders have been made worse by new age impatience and expectation to be not only rich through political power but to be obscenely filthy rich in a harng-faiti-lah (speedy) way.

And every time UMNO goes bangsa dan agama in a feral manner, it undermines MCA’s standing with the Chinese community. Mind you, it's not as if UMNO leaders had been unaware but they just didn't give two hoots.

As I have often blogged before, using a Chinese saying, the MCA is like a mute stung by UMNO tebuans (hornets). He couldn’t cry out to express his extreme pain caused by the not so friendly ‘friendly fire’.

Thus, in recent times, as far as the Chinese community is concerned, the MCA might as well be dead and gone for all its worth.

No doubt the MCA is sick right down to its tummy, 'coz MCA’s Insap think-tank deputy chairman, Rita Sim revealed the dismal news that 80 to 85% of Chinese Malaysians now support Pakatan Rakyat, and if those figures aren't frighteningly Godzilla-ish for MCA and UMNO, I don't know what is. And we certainly saw its effect in Bukit Gantang and Permatang Pasir.

As for Bagan Pinang, all PAS needs is a swing of around 1,200 votes. The Indians voters in Bagan Pinang constitute 21% of the electorate, the Chinese 11% and other ‘nons’ 5.5%.

Assuming most Indian (Hindraf? wakakaka) and the 5.5% ‘non’ votes go to UMNO, the Chinese votes will still be 1,500. 80% of 1500* is 1,200 votes, gnam gnam for a PAS victory! Hoe liao, unless dear Dr Hassan Ali f##ks it up for his own party with some more bull antics.

* I’m of course assuming perfect voter’s turnout ;-) but it’s not unwinnable for Pakatan.

Rita Sim moaned: “The Chinese voters have not shifted back since last year and their position has hardened.”

Then we learned from Sim of UMNO’s unbelievable intention to bypass MCA and MIC and have its own Chinese and Indian affairs unit, rather than rely on its political partners of more than 5 decades to deliver the 'non' votes.

As examples of this move, Sim pointed out that Najib had visited Batu Caves minus Seri Samy Vellu, while Muhyiddin Yassin has gone directly to Chinese education group Dong Zong without involving MCA.

Maybe someone in MCA should inform Najib and Muhyiddin that it’s not so much about the Chinese being disgusted or disenchanted with the MCA, but it’s more about them no longer trusting (and perhaps even hating) UMNO, and by default a MCA that's powerless voiceless and useless in the BN.

So how will going directly to the Chinese help UMNO win their votes?

Yes, a doctor is needed to explain to Najib about the folly of merely treating the symptoms rather than the disease … and while the symptoms have been about the moribund MCA, the virus debilitating MCA has been UMNO’s feral attitude towards the Chinese (among many such issues, thanks to the racist articles by Utusan and other UMNO MSM mouthpieces - see my post Malay language mainstream media's racist game - will Najib ever speak up?).

And as for 2013? Do you recall what I said about 60 federal parliamentary seats where the minority Chinese-Indian voters could well have the deciding say, not unlike Bukit Gantang.

;-) Anwar Ibrahim may yet be PM, thanks to UMNO wakakaka.

MCA - Born loser

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dr Hassan Ali - whose side is he on?

What can you say about Selangor PAS Commissioner, Hassan Ali, a member of the State Pakatan-led exco, when he wants the State government to stop Selcat (the State special select committee for competency, accountability and transparency) from carrying out public inquiries.

He wants the inquiries done behind closed doors, so we need to ask him where would then be the transparency? And what is his motive?

The public has been both delighted and outraged by the Selcat exposure of the former BN government endorsed Balkis (wives of Elected Selangor Representatives Welfare Organisation) squandering public funds ...

... delighted to have a new clean Pakatan government exposing alleged financial dodginess, and outraged that the previous BN government had been allegedly feral in its financial governance of public funds. Woi, mana itu MACC?

Note that the court has recently ruled Balkis is not allowed to deregister itself, meaning its members may now be called to explain how they had used or misused the organization’s funds.

Additionally Selcat is also probing the questionable ways the previous BN state lawmakers had rampagingly used allocated annual funds in a mere first two months of 2008. That’s half a million ringgit per BN ADUN – in a mere 2 months! Frightening!

Yes, why is Hassan Ali so set on Selcat doing the inquiry behind closed doors. Is it to spare the former BN government from the embarrassing public exposure of its alleged misuse of public finds?

The PAS Commissioner claimed he wants to stop Selcat from “bullying public servants” during the recent public inquiry. The public servants he was referring to are District Officers who approved funds required by the former BN ADUNS.

If these DOs had exercise proper financial governance in their duties then they needn’t worry about transparent public accountability.

Wait for the exposure of Hassan Ali's hypocrisy at the end of this post.

Also, Hassan Ali demonstrated a lack of understanding of how a democratic government has the power and right to exercise the parliamentary practices of institutions like Selcat. I really worry about an Islamic government under people like Hassan Ali!

Hassan had insisted that Selcat be chaired by judges – hahaha, and we in Malaysia know how that will turn out – but I suppose Hassan Ali wants it that way.

Teng Chang Kim, chairman of Selcat lambasted Hassan's pathetic lack of knowledge of parliamentary procedures to make such a silly proposal.

The way I look at it, Hassan seems more interested in shielding BN from the current embarrassment of the public knowing about its questionable financial management of public funds.

And then Teng gave Hassan Ali the final blast about the latter’s claim of wnatin g to protect the District Officers. Teng revealed that Hassan Ali had in fact wanted to replaced them,

“Unknown to them, Hassan Ali had been pushing for all senior civil servants — including DO’s, heads of local authorities, the state secretary and state legal advisor — to be replaced during PR state meetings."

That's his sheer hypocrisy and treachery to the District Officers. One can only conclude that the beneficiaries of his demand for Selcat to be conducted behind closed doors would not be those District Officers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The true Orang Minyak story

Yesterday The Star Online reported there’s a Horny orang minyak on the prowl in Sungai Petani, doing his usual thing, terrorising women.

I believe the title ‘horny orang minyak’ is tautological - can someone please let the editors at Star know - thanks!

But yawnnn, orang minyak is not new in Malaysia. For example, in 2006 I wrote three posts carrying drafts of a proposed movie script to replace the boring one of the recent film titled Misteri Orang Minyak, starring sweetie Lisdawati as Dian, an archaeology lecturer and Fahrin Ahmad as ASP Norman.

For more, read my 2006 posts:

(1) Orang Minyak
(2) Orang Minyak (2)
(3) Return of the Red-Eyed Toyol

Being a good bloke, to enable your convenient perusal of my script during the holidays, I have collated relevant extracts of the 3 posts, bearing in mind these were written in 2006 at a time when oil price was rising, palm oil price was plummeting, the FRU were busy with oil price protest rallies, and non-Muslims were being arrested and charged in court for holding hands ;-).

Anyway, here goes:

Scene 112th

Dian: "What do you mean there are 2 types of Orang Minyak?"

Norman pauses, turns to present his best angle to camera while projecting a smoky sexy thoughtful look, but in reality ogling Dian’s long voluptuous legs, made perfect by her constant standing and walking about during archaeological lectures.

"Well, there’s the ordinary criminal who smears his body with oil, and if he’s patriotic, he’d use palm oil."

Dian: "Nothing to be patriotic about. The price of motor grease has gone up last week, so he's left with the vegetable oils, and palm oil is the cheapest of the lot!"

Norman nodded absent mindedly to agree, while looking up to the ceiling to indicate he’s gathering his thoughts, which in reality had been on Dian’s long succulent legs, then trying not to be too obvious, move closer to Dian, who's sitting on the sofa, so that he could casually look down her considerable décolletage, which of course forms a normal part of the everyday casual dress for young beautiful Malaysian archaeology lecturer.

"Then there’s the man who indulges in the occult. He summons the supernatural evil forces with which he has an unholy pact."

Dian: "Like the
Toyol in Kuantan? I read the Kuantan authorities weren’t too impressed by hordes of Nescafé bottle hunters, rushing there in a hope to retrieve the Toyol, to help them in their 4-D. Those hunters-punters are really something, aren't they?"

Norman remains silent for a while as his thoughts fleetingly switched from bosoms to bosomy pals – 3 of those hunters-punters are in fact his close friends. He wonders whether he ought to arrest them just to give them a fright for fooling around with illegal 4-D? But he realizes his priority and shifted from 4-D thoughts back to 3-D views. Delectable!

And at that precise moment, Dian leans forward to fiddle with her shoe straps - & he nearly suffers a cardiac arrest. He thinks, as he attempts to stabilize his heart rates, that he will pick up his morning jogs again rather than attend the human rights lectures* - his heart rate had shot up to values allowing an escape from earth's gravitational pull into orbit.

* in 2006 the PRDM conducted human rights lecture for its officers after a series of blunders (blunders still continuing till today)

"Maybe. He evokes the evil forces to mesmerize everyone so that he could slip completely unnoticed into the prey-victim’s house, then hypnotize her into willing submission to his evil advances, has his ways with her in every manner, and then leaves without anyone noticing him."

Norman finds that he has aroused himself thinking of what the Orang Minyak would do to his victims and comparing that to what he has been secretly wishing he could-would do to Dian.

Dian: "Is it true that his … eh … you know ... eh ... that thingy … eh … the member … eh ..." (blushes!)

Norman has been so captured by his own Orang Minyak thoughts that he wasn't really paying attention to Dian, but suddenly on hearing a keyword, becomes alarmed: "Member? His member for parliament? Has anyone important made any complaints of police brutality? We don’t even know who he is, let along arrest or bas .. h … eh … I mean interview him! We now have new standing instructions from the IGP."

Dian thinks Norman looks rather cute when he is flustered, decided to fluster him more.

"No, I mean his sex organ, you know, his penis … some people says it gets unbelievably big. Very BIG! Wouldn't that injure or even kill his victims?"

She allowed her wet tongue to dart hotly from her sweet lips. Then to ensure Norman doesn't miss her excitement, starts to lick her pink lips until they glister.

Scene 113th

Dian’s P-word stops Norman right in his track, He is shocked yet titillated by Dian’s questions about the Orang Minyak’s penis. He feels the blood rushing to his head, and senses a feverish feeling all over his body. He suspects a stomach cramp coming on, hmmm, perhaps a little lower. He soon realises these sensations reflects his intense sexual arousal.

He turns very very slowly to face Dian, who looks at him with a slightly open mouth, tongue tip still lazily and erotically moistening her ruby red lips and heightening their allure. He feels himself ... er ... anyway, to continue to appear ‘cool’, Norman avoids the swallowing reflex necessary to wet his very dry throat, a consequence of his ... er ... 'awakening'. In a very hoarse voice, which to Dian sounds damn sexy … he pronounces:

“If it’s the first type of Orang Minyak, that of a common criminal-rapist who applies oil on his body for the purpose of escaping physical apprehending, then he’s just a normal human being, albeit a criminal, but with normal sized … eh … appendage.”

Appendage eh, Norman feels rather satisfied with his choice of a neutral word – indicating his sophistication, hmmm, that should sort out the PhD archaeologist.

Then he hesitates to say what he has next in mind … but after a quick mull … what the heck, she has been the one who raised the subject. But he decides to sit down first to mask his, ... er ... you know, whatever. He struggles to maintain a level voice:

“Even if he has a supernormal, note supernormal and not supernatural, sized appendage, the worst case scenario would be a brutal rape, and not the sort of savage ravaging you alluded to.”

“Our police files of rapes by alleged Orang Minyaks do not indicate any atrocious brutalities. The victims did not suffer serious injuries other than slight bruises associated with normal penetrations.”

He said the word ‘penetration’ with emphasis, while glancing furtively at her elegant long legs again. He notices that Dian has by then crossed hers, which brings into prominence one delightful petite ankle, so porcelain smooth and fair. But what sends a shock wave of erotic ecstasy coursing through him like a tsunami is the sight of a slim gold bracelet, the type with cute little bells, locks, keys and hearts, adorning one of those sweet ankles.

There’s nothing more erotic, more fetching, more seductive than the gorgeous ankle of a beautiful woman adorned with a slim gold chain. The trinket somehow magnifies the voluptuousness of the concupiscent picture.
At that moment he feels like dropping on his knees in front of her, and holding that component of her bipedal perfection in caressingly devotion. He fantasises raising her leg gently by her luscious calf in one hand and exquisite heel in the other to his adoring lips.

Oh, to kiss her ankle, her insteps, no, to lick them ever so slowly and then passionately suck her toes. He craves to confer all his focussed attention on that gorgeous petite ankle. The pheromones saturate the room, almost overpowering his normal cautious self restraint.

But what could have happened next didn’t when Dian asks the next question.

“None whatsoever?”

That was like throwing a pail of freezing cold water right into his face. His aroused ardour immediately deserts him, his tumescence subsides. Shocked and stunned, he ponders in silence, to buy time for what he would say next, and would he even say it?

His acute mind races back in time to that one incident, a dark chapter, the darkest! Should he bring it out and frighten this lovely woman that he has become attracted to? He glances at her and sees the big round beautiful almond eyes waiting, rather rapturously he thinks.

“Well, ….. there was … one occasion.” He hesitates again, reluctant to drag that episode up.

Dian becomes excited as evident by her rapidly heaving breasts, which pass totally unnoticed by a very troubled and pensive Norman. She challenges gently, almost in a whisper: “Yes?”

Painfully he mentions the case: “There was a case … in 1941 … our records showed that a woman was severely brutalised ….. very very brutalised ….. She was ……..”.

He trembles as he mentioned that, a cold shiver running up his spine as if ….....

Dian wraps her arms around herself and tightens her self embrace in anticipative suspense, unconsciously accentuating her physique in ways that would have sent Norman on a wild fantasy if he wasn't already deeply troubled. She asks breathlessly:

“She was ..…?”


Kaytee’s note: Scenes 114th to 208th by paid subscription only wakakaka!


Scene 209th

Norman: “Dian, I’m closing the case of the Orang Minyak. I don’t think we’ll hear from him again.”

Dian (smirking): “Yeah, I am not surprised. I heard your Police couldn’t find their own noses even if those were in front of them.”

Norman: “Oh? Why do you say that?”

Dian: “I read this rather interesting blog with the posting
Brutal murderers among us!”.

Norman thought: that KTemoc bastard – I’ll get him.

“C’mon Dian, sometimes evidence were corrupted by civilians on the scene and we police gets the blame. Anyway, the oil price is too high for the Orang Minyak to play around extravagantly with grease. If there’s any silver lining in the fuel price hike, it’s that it has financially curbed that serial rapist. And don't read that KTemoc postings - he's a ... eh ... trouble maker.”

Dian: “Oh, I like KTemoc - from his writing I think he's kind of sensitive and imagine he must be rather cute. Anyway, what about the price of

Norman: “Cute? I'll cute him! Chemicals? OK, let's stay on this chemical thingy - what chemicals are we talking about?”

Dian: “You know, the chemicals your FRU used to
lace their water cannons.”

Norman (exaggerating a pained look): “Dian, Dian Dian! Let's be fair lah! We’re required by law to maintain public order. I know we look bad, but those protestors weren’t your average concerned ordinary civilians who were outraged by the increased fuel price. They were PKR and PAS members out to exploit the situation for cheap publicity."

"Everyone knows PKR’s popularity has been flagging off badly; it's in dire need of a dramatic boost in publicity. That’s why their members, those remaining anyway, were out in full force. One PAS leader even took along his
6-year old daughter. Can you imagine the irresponsibility of that?"

"It’s obvious PKR and PAS were out for political gains rather than protesting against the fuel price. Did you see any DAP members there?”

Dian (switching subject to avoid arguing): “I heard the toyol’s back!”

Norman (relieved of the change in topics): “Yes, what does your archaeological background tell you about such things?”

Dian: “It’s obvious the sea current brought the floating bottle to Kampong Merchang. But if you’re asking about its occult aspect, we could go all the way back to the Greek mythical Hecate, or even earlier to the ancient Egyptian Isis, or Hinduism's Tantric branch."

"The last had been the strongest influence on Javanese and Balinese Hinduism and thus their occultism. Hinduism had also influenced Khmer, Thai and Burmese black magic. We live right on the cross roads of these ancient civilisations hence the Malaysian origin of the occult may be traced back to Tantric Hinduism as well. Even Lamaism practises some form of high level Tantric Buddhism, which merges Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism, something entirely unique to Tibet.”

Norman (smirking): "Well, I’ve heard about Tantric sex and the Kama Sutra.”

Dian: “Huh, I am not surprised!”

Norman (exploiting what he saw as an opening): "Hey, what say we go out tonight and get to know each other better?”

Dian (with Mona Lisa smile): “No can do, Haven’t you heard what federal court judge Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim
pronounced recently?"

Norman (protesting) “But but but that’s to do with
kissing and hugging! swallowing up Dian’s bait.

Dian (closing the trap): “I rest my case, your honour.”

[To be continued …]

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr M's 'poorah tambi' to Samy Vellu

In 2005 I posted Mahathir: Unforgettable & Unforgiveable where I remarked: Mahathir's unrelenting energy, confidence, vision and loyalty have all been both his strengths and weaknesses. […]

Mahathir was … let down by his generals. But as a Field Marshal he should have selected the best officers to put flesh to his vision and policies. But his loyalty to them proved to be a liability as he sheltered them from falling off the face of the earth.

Last year in my post Robert Mugabe in Malaysian exile? I said Dr Mahathir’s greatest strength and greatest weakness has been and probably still is his sense of ‘loyalty’.

There have been several examples of how his loyalty was misplaced – Tajudin of MAS, his own Kedahan UMNO pollies, Najib, and a certain someone - ke ke ke!

But the flip side of ‘loyalty’ is of course that old saying (paraphrased) ‘Hell had no fury like a loyal godfather scorned’.

In other words, while Dr Mahathir had been most loyal to his men, he never forgives them once he has been betrayed. Examples of his dislike, if not hatred, would be his Kedahan erstwhile supporters and political beneficiaries like Johari Baharom, Osman Aroff, Samsudin Ahmad, and Mahadzir Khalid.

For more, please read my post in 2006 titled Et Tu Baharom. These blokes make you wonder how UMNO people could dare claim to cherish the spirit of Hang Tuah. It's pukish!

Then the kahuna of what he perceives as Brutus would be his once much-loved protégé and anointed heir Anwar Ibrahim. I shall keep my mouth shut and not comment any further wakakaka.

Yes, Dr Mahathir is a man of extreme emotions, where he either loves or hates ... very very very much - no half way measures.

So I was hardly surprised when I read Malaysiakini Quit 'liability' Samy: Dr M strikes again where Dr Mahathir launched another volley of missiles at erstwhile friend and political beneficiary Samy Vellu even as the latter attempted to apologise for the slippers affair.

Samy had also burned his bridges with Mahathir during AAB’s premiership.

I suspect the only reason why Najib escaped relatively unscathed has been (1) his equivocating ways during AAB’s leadership, and more significantly (2) Mahathir’s huge debt of gratitude to Najib’s dad, the late Tun Razak, who brought Dr Mahathir from the ‘cold’ back into UMNO.

Dr M told Samy to poorah from his MIC presidential post to accept responsibility for his party's failure in the last general election, where Humpty Dumpty himself had the greatest fall in his so-called stronghold of Sungai Siput.

Mahathir sneered: "You have failed to lead MIC to the point that you lost yourself. In other countries, when a leader fails, he resigns voluntarily. In Japan, he would commit harakiri (suicide). We are not asking him (Samy Vellu) to commit harakiri.” - wakakaka.

He continued with his jibes: "Samy's performance is worse than Pak Lah, but he still does not want to give up his post. He should have resigned before things got to this stage."

That’s great Tun, but what about Koh Tsu Koon?

Isn’t the Minister-Headmaster for Report Card in the same boat as Humpty Dumpty, where he failed to lead Gerakan to the point that he lost himself?

Wait ... No, in fact he’s worse than Humpty Dumpty because MIC has more parliamentary seats than the moribund Gerakan - wakakaka!

The secret brook

Just posted Running water at my other blog ‘ktemoc kongsamkok’ ;-)

Noordin Top killed

Looks like Noordin Mohd Top has been killed, and the Indons proved it by checking his fingerprints.

The Australian reported (extracts)

Asian terrorist mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top, the man responsible for plotting the 2002 and 2005 Bali bombings, has been killed during an Indonesian police raid against suspected Islamist militants in Central Java.
Top was one of four people who died during the raid yesterday on a militant hideout near Solo, Indonesia's police chief, Bambang Hendarso Danuri, confirmed last night. […]

Top's end finally came yesterday morning in a small suburban house in Kepuh Sari village on the outskirts of Solo in Central Java, a stronghold of the Jemaah Islamiah terror network. […]

Police confirmed the identity of three others killed in the house, which was stormed early yesterday after a nine-hour siege. […]

Loud explosions and gunfire were heard during the police raid on the militants' hideout.

"Despite repeated warnings to surrender, there was a firefight," Mr Danuri said. "A motorcycle was hit, caught fire and they took refuge by huddling in the bathroom. But our men breached the wall as morning prayers came; at around 5am or 6am, we carried out a quick operation in three hours and we managed to disable them."

For more, see The Australian’s Bali mastermind Noordin Top killed in Indonesian raid

Now Malaysia can no longer claim to have exported the most vicious terrorist in SE Asia.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

No worries UMNO, the Hindraf cavalry is on its way!

It’s amazing the special high grade vitriol that Uthayakumar has prepared and flung against Lim Guan Eng in particular and the Pakatan Rakyat in general.

In Malaysiakini Uthaya: 'Axis of evil' destroyed Buah Pala [penned by Athi Shankar ;-) ] we learn that he wrote a letter to CM Lim GE stating: "I want to say to them that it would be no longer tenable for Indians to vote blindly for DAP, PKR and PAS in future elections. Watch and learn."

So who will he be persuading the Indians to vote for if not Pakatan?

No prize for your guess!

Now, I did mention ‘vitriol’, didn’t I?

Just get this sample of Uthayakumar’s as reported by MKINI: Uthayakumar accused Lim's government of raping, uprooting, desecrating and annihilating an Indian working class population in an Indian heritage village by using brutal force …

Disgusting over-the-top misinformation! He makes me sick.

And to further nail down our suspicion of his motive, he asserted that Pakatan Rakyat is worse than UMNO.

Ratcheting up his vitriolic propaganda against Lim GE’s so-called culpability in the KBP issue, he stepped on to the racist platform by stating: "You would not have done so had it been a Malay or Chinese traditional village, e.g Weld Quay, Khoo kongsi or Kampung Melayu."

What Human Rights Party is this? It’s disgraceful to talk about human rights when he’s at the same time attacking someone for allegedly protecting Malay or Chinese rights!

Does it matter whose rights are being fought for, so long as it's a legal and moral right!

He claims he represents the 2 million Indian voters but as one MKINI commentator
Victor Johan wrote: HRP secretary-general P Uthayakumar, please bear in mind always that you have no rights in your demands and quotes to state that you are the voice of Indian Malaysian.

You should only act on behalf on your party members and sympathizer and supporters. Not all the Indian Malaysians want you to represent them. A larger group now support Pakatan Rakyat.

md. imraz bin muhammed ikhbal stated most succinctly: I doubt the Indians are blind to not see how unreasonable Uthaya's demands were & how ridiculous his assertions are.

But to those who wish to prove me wrong on this, then by all means, vote for BN and make sure PR loses miserably. Send that message you so want to deliver to PR. Let's see who ends up the one receiving the real message at the end of the day when you blow up your once in a lifetime opportunity to topple a corrupt & racist govt. Let's thereupon wait & see henceforth how well BN treats the Indians. Good luck!

Finally kgen wrote what I would have written: At first I supported Hindraf's struggle to uplift the Indian community but this support has long evaporated.

What has Hindraf done for poor and marginalized Indians except to rant and rave and call for demonstrations? What social and educational programs, funds or assistance for the Indians has Hindraf started?

Real activism is doing the nitty-gritty groundwork and not constantly playing on emotional issues like Tamil schools, temples and Kg. Buah Pala.

If Hindraf considers itself a political force to uplift Indians than attacking PR is a strange way to go about it.

Hindraf can never be an Indian based third force but it can help prolong BN rule by splitting Indian votes and keeping racial politics alive.

Is Hindraf really to uplift Indians or to uplift the two brothers?

Thankfully, many Indians can see through Hindraf and do not give their unequivocal support anymore.

Indeed, and we need to be mindful that in Uthayakumar’s rant against Lim GE on the KBP issue, he (Uthayakumar) made not even one teeny weeny itsy bitsy lil’ mention of Koh Tsu Koon.

Bakri Musa confused about Confucianism

Dr Bakri Musa, a surgeon who practises in the USA, and writes prolificly and eruditely on Malaysian and Malay affairs, have penned another interesting article titled ‘Malaysian Malays’ Competitiveness’ as part of his series on ‘Towards A Competitive Malaysia’.

I read it in Facebook but you can see the same article at his blog. However I disagree with one section or rather one phrase of his article. He wrote (note highlighted part):

[…] By this reckoning, Singapore Malays should be the most competitive. In many ways, they are. Their per capita income and educational achievements surpass other Malays in the region, but compared to their fellow citizens, they still lag behind.

This is so because their government, being predominantly Chinese with their essentially dog-eat-dog Confucian ethics, does not have the willingness or capacity to nurture its lagging minority. […]

I felt obligated to reply, as follows:

Dear Dr, though I enjoyed reading your article I am afraid I have to take issue with your phrase "... Chinese with their essentially dog-eat-dog Confucian ethics".

The first part "... Chinese with their essentially dog-eat-dog ..." is generally (though not always) true, and really not unique to the Chinese but a regrettable outcome of a capitalist system, eg like your USA under the conservative Right. Maybe in this, there's much to say for socialism.

The latter part "... Confucian ethics ..." is what it is, a system of ethics. It's oxymoronic to have a term 'dog-eat-dog ethics' whether the ethic system belongs to Confucianism or Islam.

Confucianism is about cultivating, practicing and promoting the 8 virtues of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, fidelity, loyalty, filial piety and service to elders. That the general Chinese Singaporeans or mainland Chinese don't practise them doesn't mean their 'dog-eat-dog' mentality is an outcome of Confucian ethics ;-)

Unfortunately Dr Bakri has mis-identified some Chinese capitalist behaviour as outcomes of Confucian teachings (nothing could be so far from the truth), perhaps in the same way many believe (incorrectly) that all Arabs are Islamic terrorists, all Muslims are fanatics or all Israelis are also 'victims' like their Holocaust kinfolk.

In reality there are plentiful examples of 'dog-eat-dog' mentality all over the world, not least in the USA. If you don't have money there, you're in trouble - the medical system may be of gold standard but it's diddly squat beneficial to you if you don't have the moolah eg. ambulance officers might not take an injured if he/she doesn't have insurance cover. Compare that to the free dental system in a socialist country like Cuba.

My mate who lived in Washington for years told me sad stories of corpses being found in each and every winter, usually elderly homeless people who slept on the sidewalks, parks and back alleys, victims of poverty where they were allowed to perish in a 'dog-eat-dog' system.

Another issue that I didn't bother commenting on his Facebook site was his statement "... it is just not in the Chinese culture to help those less fortunate, especially those outside their clan or race".

I believe the Chinese (perhaps not the Communist Chinese or Singapore government) is second to none in philanthropy - they have a proud history of excellence in philantropic performance, whether conducted by religious or non-religious organizations, even in Malaya/Malaysia.

Take his comment about the Chinese 'not helping those outside the Chinese race', as one small example - it was in the immediate aftermath of the last tsunami that Penang Chinese organizations were among the first, if not the first, to be giving out much needed aid to Penang Malay fishing communities on its north-west coast ...

... leading one Malay resident to comment (words to the effect) that the Chinese gave out aid without first determining whether the recipient was a Chinese or Malay, Muslim or non-Muslim, UMNO or PKR member.

Such discriminations would be completely anathema to Confucian ethics or Buddhist teachings, two principal guiding value-systems of the Chinese. Sadly, Dr Bakri hasn't been well acquainted with the precepts and teachings of these two religions, well, with Confucianism anyway, from what he had written.

Then there was another medical (hole in heart?) case of a Malay baby, made well known through Jeff Ooi's blog just a few years back, where the majority of donors for her surgical operations were generous Chinese Malaysians. The father of the baby acknowledged this, remarking his astonishment that the Chinese could be so generous.

Therein the father's comments could perhaps be found a possible reason for a common but incorrect belief by Malays, like those of Dr Bakri, of so-called Chinese ruthless selfishness and non-charitable qualities and racially-based charity.

I suspect that underlying this so incorrect belief could well be misinformation or inadequate information and/or poor observations, spliced with an intrinsic prejudice and/or deep-rooted suspicions of the Chinese character.

Much as I admire and am a follower of Dr Bakri's writings, and precisely because of this, I have long since sensed that he doesn't think well of Chinese, especially Chinese Malaysians wakakaka - mind you some pathetic specimens could have contributed to his disdain/dislike for the Chinese ;-)

This has been why I didn't bother to challenge his statement "... it is just not in the Chinese culture to help those less fortunate, especially those outside their clan or race". No point, especially when the recipient of my message or riposte already possessed a deep set perception.

It's not unlike some Chinese thinking poorly of Malays, or Indians, or of other ethnic groups - or of some Indians doing likewise. In fact there is a Chinese saying that one shouldn't swipe everyone down with one single bamboo pole. A few black sheep shouldn't be taken to mean the entire flock is black.

I am not sure whether I am correct here as I am now stepping into the realms of speculation, my personal speculation of course, that Dr Bakri may well be a closeted Anglophile. Now, it is my observation that Malaysian Anglophiles (or should this be Anglophilic Malaysians?) in general cannot stand the ways of Chinamen wakakaka.

I know because one of my good mates, an (ultra) Anglophilic Indian Malaysian, has frequently complained about the 'disgusting' ways of the Chinamen - the way they talk, eat, dress, etc ;-).

I suspect his ideal is for 'decent' gentlemen to dress up looking like the English upper class nobility, preferably in black tie for dinner (European of course), with the obligatory pre-dining dry sherry, and if possible, to offer a toast to Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria Elizabeth - wakakaka.

Maybe because of me, he made very elaborate (at times agonising) efforts to distinguish Chinese Malaysians from Chinamen Malaysians wakakaka, where he reserved his disdain, according to him, only for the latter. He only made his prejudice stand out worse.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

James Chin wrong about Dr Lim Chong Eu 'jumping'

James Chin wrote an article in The Malaysian Insider titled Please call me God where he lambasted our politicians for claiming to be proponents of ‘democracy’. James sneered at these so-called champions of democracy whose understanding or meaning of democracy is that their followers must do what they want. He wrote:

Take for instance the word “democracy”. All politicians I know swears that they are for democracy and some even say they will defend it with their blood. Unfortunately in Malaysia, democracy does not mean “democracy” as most people think. In Malaysia, democracy means hypocrisy and double or even triple-talk.

The best example of this “democracy” at work is party elections. Every time there is a party election, the leader will say this is democracy at “work”.

Before you can even blink, they will also say the “party” has “decided” that “no contest for the top posts” is the best way for party elections. So definition number one: democracy means no elections for top posts.

Then, when a challenger emerges, its back to democracy at “work”. This means the leader will use all sorts of presidential power to ensure that there is no such thing as a fair fight. If the challenger has more than an even chance to win, then the challenger is immediately packed off to the disciplinary committee for one or more
… ‘infringement’ of party rules or conduct.

He went on to say: Malaysians politicians have a mentality that it’s a winner-take-all situation. The moment you lose, you are out, forever.

The good news of course is that since the public is so forgiving and have a short memory, you can move to another party without much difficulty. This appears to be the most popular route for MCA leaders.

Lim Chong Eu was the president of MCA before he jumped and became the leader of Gerakan.
He then went on to name a few other politicians.

I have no quarrel with his article which I thought has been very correct. However, I disagree totally with his incorrect criticism of Dr Lim Chong Eu.

Lim did not ever ‘jump’.

In the early part of 1958, Dr Lim won the presidency of the MCA from Tun Tan Cheng Lock with a majority of 22 votes.

But Dr Lim wasn’t very popular with Tunku Abdul Rahman for a variety of reasons, chief being Lim wasn’t an easily controlled person like Tan Siew Sin. It was said that Tunku ‘manoeuvred’ Lim out of MCA so that Tan Siew Sin could step in as MCA Boss.

One of the MCA most assertive political agenda under Lim happened on the eve of the 1959 general elections when he told Tunku the MCA wanted 40 parliamentary seats, an increase from the 28 it was allocated. Worse (for Tunku) Lim demanded that Malaya recognized Chinese as an official language.

The Tunku attempted to compromise by giving MCA 31 seats, just an increase of 3, which of course Lim rejected. Needless to say, they weren’t exactly chummy then.

Eventually due to both internal pressure (from Tan's faction?) and certainly from Tunku’s UMNO, Dr Lim left MCA one year later, in 1960.

2 years later he formed the United Democratic Party (UDP). Then in 1969, he became one of the founder members of the then mighty Gerakan Party which swept out Tunku’s Alliance (and CM Wong Pow Nee of the MCA) from Penang. That was the original political tsunami.

From then until 2008, the Gerakan proved to be a thorn in the side of the MCA especially in Penang. But through the years, in the lap of ruling comfort, the Gerakan eventually lost its balls, and became a willing stooge of UMNO, being frequently used by Taikoh to ‘divide and rule’ the Chinese constituency, with MCA as the intended victim. Thus was how blokes like Koh TK rose to become UMNO lapdops.

In 1990 Dr Lim was defeated by the DAP, following which he retired from politics. Nonetheless, he remains a fairly popular person especially with the older Penangites.

Prior to his personal defeat by the DAP, Lim groomed a bloke by the name of Khor Gark Kim to be his successor, but alas, like a shooting star, Khor rose quickly and then fizzled out equally as fast.

James Chin has been totally wrong to state that Dr Lim was a frog. Never!

James, apologies are now in order.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meme: Save Yvonne's Sight

I came to know of Yvonne Foong some years ago, when she blogged on the words of another blogger [sorry, no name please ;-) ] which sort of riled me and better-known blogger desiderata. Of course I wasn’t mad with Yvonne, but only with the words of that 'unnamed' blogger ... but anyway, that was how I know of Yvonne.

The years then passed by quickly, during which I also learnt of Yvonne’s sad plight, which was affecting her eyesight. Alas, one could only ask: kenapa Tuhan?

As my dear friend Marina Mahathir wrote: Yvonne is a young woman who's been singlehandedly raising funds for the operations she needs to treat her neurofibromatosis which causes tumours to grow inside her body.

Can we please do something to support her, so that she needn’t be forced to do this all on her own?

Incidentally Marina tagged me for the ‘Save Yvonne's Sight’ Meme.

I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Yvonne personally (apart from that blogging incident) let alone met her, so I have to rely on what Marina has written:

… some six months ago, Yvonne had already lost her hearing and communicated through writing on a small white board. But now she's losing her eyesight and needs another operation again. The operation is due in December and once again she needs to raise funds for it. The cost of the surgery is USD44,000 (RM154,770) and the cost of her hospital stay for two weeks is USD915 or RM3219.

She has already raised RM10,000 of this but obviously still has a long way to go. She's hoping to raise the rest by republishing her book I'm Not Sick, Just A Little Bit Unwell in English and Chinese. The books are now available in Malaysian bookshops and from her
website store. She is also selling T-shirts at bazaars and via her web site store. You can read about her surgery and donate to her fund here.

You can also help by sending on this meme. If you do, please follow these meme rules:

1. Create a blog entry titled "Meme: Save Yvonne's Sight"

2. List three things you love to see. Add in the picture of Yvonne's book cover. The URL is

3. End with the line, "Yvonne Foong is in danger of losing her eyesight thanks to neurofibromatosis (NF). Please find out how you can help her by visiting her blog at"

4. Tag 5 blog friends. Be sure to copy the rules, OK?

5. If you have a Facebook account, please check out Ellen's new invention, a "feme" pronounced FEEM, a meme designed for Facebook here. And if you want to blog about NF, that would be great too!

Now the three things kaytee loves to see are:

1. A glorious sunrise like a ‘munchie’ dimpled smile
2. Dragonflies flitting over a lotus pond
3. Yvonne Foong’s smile after her eventual successful operation, made possible with your generous help

I'm tagging the following blogger friends to ask them to help out:
Susan Loone
Lucia Lai
Dr Darren Hsu

Anyone else interested in passing on this meme is more than welcome to do so. Yvonne will much appreciate it! [and if you’re a sweetie, you’re guaranteed one of kaytee’s wet kisses - muah!]

Yvonne Foong is in danger of losing her eyesight thanks to neurofibromatosis (NF). Please find out how you can help her by visiting her blog at