Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mahathir moderated Pakatan boast to scrap GST

Pakatan promises to scrap the GST within 100 days of coming into power.

But Mahathir kinda spoiled that promise. He admitted and advised that GST could only be scrapped if the sales tax is restored.

Taxation is a reality of the nation being able to survive, unless our nation is as rich as Brunei or some of the Gulf countries.

In other words, with the return of sales tax, it'll be back to square one, with one difference - some people are good at avoiding sales tax. Chinese have always been complaining they have been the only ones to pay tax. Those days will return after Pakatan scraps GST which earns for the nation RM41.2 Billions.

In some cases sales tax at 10% will definitely be far more expensive than the 6% GST.

Mahathir further advised that the process of abolishing the GST must be done gradually, perhaps (I am guessing here) over a period of 50 years, wakakaka. He cautioned, far more wisely than some moronic Pakatan young leaders:

“If we suddenly abolish it and we have no source of income, it will be bad for the government. In the past, even with petroleum, when we had to increase the price of petrol, we did it stage by stage so it doesn’t hurt the people or the government’s finances.”

Najib had recently mocked Pakatan's pledge to abolish the GST if it wins the next general election, stating:

"They want to abolish GST, with no answer at all on how they would find the RM41 billion in revenue that GST bought last year.” 

Thus Mahathir has wisely saved the Pakatan youngsters from their moronic boast. Maybe there is after all a use for Mahathir in Pakatan, considering how dumbo, reckless and boastful people like Nurul has been in promising to set GST at zero.


  1. If GST is scrapped and sales tax must be restored,then it is like pot calling kettle black.So why complicate things by calling a pussy a piece of kueh,when all they have to do is just reduce GST in terms of %.

    The politicians have to come out loud and admit that the revenues of oil is diminishing,and the government cannot depend on oil money to spent like money dropping from the skies.Some sort of income for the government
    is needed and the money must come from somewhere.

    Maybe they should have a special income tax or GST for the super rich.So that the working class is not taxed up to their asses.If the working class cannot afford to spend,then the whole economy is fucked.No jobs,no taxes and GST to collect.Maybe our politicians are mostly made up of the dunggu class and cannot figure it out.

    1. Why not scrap the GST, Sales Tax, income tax, import duties, the lot.

      Then privatise everything, including the police, fire brigade, hospitals, schools, electric utility, telecommunications companies, LRT, MRT and let them run as businesses.

      For example, the now privatised police may even comprise many privatised police companies, which earn their money from fines.

      For additional revenue, they can carry out caning of prisoners as well as executions before a paying audience and prisoners will have to pay fees for the caner's or hangman's professional services.

      We will have to sign fire fighting services contracts with fire brigade companies just like how we buy insurance before they will come to extinguish any fire which may break out in our home or office.

  2. GST is a consumption based tax and , on the surface, has a flat rate. Only elitist economists think it has no downsides.

    The Penang Institute's study shows that the burden of paying GST as a proportion of income falls highest on the lower income group. It is not Fake News.

    It is also not Fake News that the Malaysian Customs are placing serious impediments on Small and Medium-scale Businesses to claim their input tax. The real impact of this gets build into the Selling price of the goods.

    No businesses, no job, no taxes and no GST to collect.
    GST , together with the Minimum Wage Act are the two biggest impactors in Malaysia on businesses. Many small businesses have closed shop over these two issues.

    1. even your idol mahathir has advised against removing gst, UNLESS sales tax is re-introduced.

      world wide more than 160 nations have gst. I have shown 8 countries above with gst