Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Beer can drive silly bugger into making stupid statements

Malaysiakini - DAP's support for an upcoming beer festival in Kuala Lumpur shows that it is "sehati sejiwa" (one heart, one soul) with BN, claimed PAS Youth:

"DAP is not only celebrating and joining (the beer fest) but it is also proven to be 'sehati sejiwa' with the BN government which has never been firm on the issue," PAS youth vice chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari said in a statement today.

Ahmad Fadhli was commenting on the Better Beer Festival, slated for Oct 6, which will feature independent beer producers. It will be the sixth time the festival is being held.

Amid criticism of the event from PAS, DAP's Selangor exco Teng Chang Khim said such events can still go on despite PAS' objections.

"This is a democratic country, PAS can continue to object but the beer festival can proceed," Teng had said recently.

Ahmad Fadhli is demanding that DAP's allies in Pakatan Harapan make their stand on the beer festival known.

"Staying silent is a sign of agreement and complicity, and prove that DAP is the true 'leader' of Harapan which can't be challenged at all," he said.

This is not the first time PAS has complained about similar events.

In 2014, PAS objected against an Oktoberfest function hosted at a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya, prompting the event to be moved indoors.

PAS Youth chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi said his wing will consider whether or not to protest the Better Beer Festival.

What a silly bugger.

It's like saying PAS in accord with UMNO's wish (through its DG of NRD and the Ulamak Council) to cruelly inflict a life-long label of 'bastards' to innocent babies born out of wedlock is 'hati sejiwa' with UMNO, or ...

... PAS in its silence on UMNO's wallowing in the cesspool of corruption is 'hati sejiwa' with UMNO, or ...

... ... PAS in its silence on UMNO's racist policies, pronouncements and programs is 'hati sejiwa' with UMNO.



  1. Fully agreed...Let me paraphrase this just very slightly...

    ... Ktemoc in his silence on Najib's wallowing in the cesspool of corruption is 'hati sejiwa' with UMNO, ...

    Yes, Ktemoc, when it comes to highly execrable behaviour (such as Kleptocracy) , silence is consent...

    1. Hehehe...touche Monsterball ! Give KT enough rope...oops, give KT enough spin wordsmith, he will hang himself, wakakaka. Too smart for his own good. Just like when I accused Dr M in the beginning of keeping quiet when smoothie Ah Gor manipulates around the 1MDB scandal, KT immediately replied that his current worse nemesis Mahathir ALSO closed one eye too on this big thievery ( slip of the subconscious ?) though that would exonerate KT. So let him continue to spin, soon enough he will be caught out.... LOLOLOL. But we can still say he is a wee notch better than his Baldy sifu....that one is a gone case, his writes now verging into a rabid fantastical spin of pure fake news and reckless instigation.

  2. i fully agree pas silence on umno deed signifies hati sejiwa with umno. u disagree? bec u oso silence? or only u n pas can keep silencd, lks cannot?