Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The outrageous sexy exposed knees of men

MM Online - Kelantan authorities under fire after Muslim man penalised for wearing shorts (extracts):

photo above may arouse some Kelantan men's dingaling

A Malaysian man has been reprimanded by Islamic authorities for “indecent dressing” after he was caught wearing shorts in public on the way to a football match, officials and reports said today.

The case in Kelantan, a state ruled by an influential Islamist party, sparked widespread anger, and is the latest example of what critics describe as creeping conservatism in the mostly Muslim country.

Wan Khairul Hayyee Wali had stopped off to buy a burger from a street-side stall as he drove Monday to play futsal, five-a-side football typically played on an indoor pitch.

But religious enforcement officers spotted the 30-year-old and handed him a notice saying that he had breached Islamic regulations dictating that Muslims should not wear revealing attire.

“It came as a shock to me when a religious department enforcement officer gave me a notice saying I have flouted the Shariah Criminal Enactment for exposing my knees,” he was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper.

so outrageously sexy

“Seriously, they can’t expect me to wear a sarong to play futsal,” he added.

Mohamad Fadzuli Mohamad Zain, deputy director of the Kelantan state religious enforcement unit, confirmed Khairul had been pulled aside for wearing shorts in the city of Kota Baru.

“On (Monday) 11 people including Khairul were given summonses for indecent dressing,” he told AFP. Among the others reprimanded were four women whose outfits were deemed to be too tight, he said.

Mohamad Fadzuli said Khairul had been ordered to attend a counselling session and would have to pay a fine of RM1,000 (US$240) if he failed to turn up.

aiyoyo those voluptuous knees
some pak haji kelate ta'boleh tahan liao la

Spare a thought for those budu-rised Kelantan mullahs. They go wild when they see men's knees. Thus men who bare their knees and overly excite the mullahs must be punished kaukau, wakakaka.

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  1. These sicko fake religious bigots have no place in Malaysia.They should follow the Johor sultan's advice and go bonk in Afghanistan.Stupid morons should use their peanut brains and close the border with Golok.These idiots didn't realize that Kelantan had the highest AID's and STD infected population in Malaysia.Go screw or get screwed by the Arabian camels,lah.

    1. wakakaka, but don't forget to cover the aurat of your sexy knees, my dear bruno, wakakaka again