Monday, September 04, 2017

Criticism of Azmin 'long overdue'

Confirming what I have just written in The Emperor's new clothes, the MM Online's After PAS pickle, pundits say Rafizi’s thump on leaders a boon for PKR stated (extracts):

[kaytee note: 'PAS pickle' means that PKR was in a shitty situation due to the the Dökkálfar Faction whoring with PAS, wakakaka]

good - useless - treacherous 

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli may have helped the party stave off a backlash that could have stemmed from the brewing disquiet over Datuk Seri Azmin Ali’s continued push for co-operation with PAS, even as their rift exposed division, analysts say.

According to them, a large segment of Pakatan Harapan’s voter base would likely deem Rafizi’s public volley against Azmin long overdue, as talks grow that more party supporters have begun questioning the PKR deputy president’s loyalty since his attempt to woo the Islamist party was unilateral, and done at the expense of alienating his own allies. [...]

PKR - Parti Kaki-Kangkang (ter)Rogol 

Told you so, wakakaka - Azmin was about to lose support from his own party people, and on top of which Pakatan activists also grew tired and disgusted with his ill-disciplined political promiscuity with PAS and (habitual) treachery-to-allies.

But while the knives may be out for Rafizi now, and concern about the party’s unity grows, analysts believe the fray may actually do more good for the PKR vice-president’s reputation than it would harm, especially in the long run.

The observers said party supporters and neutral voters will likely view the pressure by Azmin’s factions and critics as a sign that the Pandan MP, who already enjoys considerable popularity for his role in exposing various scandals, was only doing something right.

“It will hurt PKR’s image among certain people,” Datuk Ooi Kee Beng, director of think-tank Penang Institute, told Malay Mail Online.

“But, by and large, I think it boosts Rafizi’s reputation as an uncompromising leader who is playing long-term politics.”

Rafizi Ramli has won BIG in his tussle with the Dark Dwarf and Dökkálfar Faction but alas, he may be in jail if his court appeal does not succeed.

Looks like in the end, 'Nice guy finishes last'. Doesn't justice suck? But at least the episode confirms the Dwarf cannot be trusted, wakakaka.


  1. internal factional turmoil aside, in Selangor the threat of the incubating taliban leapfrogging after the election is real and should be dealt with comprehensively by all parties, a vote for the incubating taliban is definitely a vote for umno, make no mistake about don't win battles criticizing your opponent.. leave that to the bitches

  2. azmin is transparent on his dealing with pas, just diff opinion n approach with rafizi, not sure how this relate to trust. however mt rpk the liar clearly writes dap is behind azmin, dap never deny n did tis without informing anyone, in such situation we can therefore say we cant trust the father n son if what rpk the liar said is not lie.

    who do u think is lying, u or rpk?

    1. azmin lied that he was acting on party instructions - saifuddin nasution nixed that proving azmin lied through his teeth - untrustworthy