Friday, September 15, 2017

Resolutely firm in believing bulldust

Politics in Malaysia as elsewhere is a game of perception. In some politically mature countries like UK, Australia and NZ, the 'other side' waits for you to make mistakes or digs up past ones so they can make hay out of those mistakes.

But in some others, eg. Malaysia, they don't wait passively for the 'other side' to make mistakes or to research carefully - they help you with them, chiefly by bullshit or fabrications including photoshopping, wakakaka.

Yes, we Malaysians are in many ways 'creative'. But worse, once we have made up our minds, no one can change them, even when we have been proven wrong, wakakaka again.

Recently in a FMT article about castration of rapists the readers' comments were chiefly a mix of horrified reactions plus a few that advocated said punishment as due deserts for the vile offenders.

I jumped in to say (words to the effect) that nowadays, such castrations do not involve physical 'decapitation' of the naughty organs per se, wakakaka, but consists of chemical castration which would be injection of chemicals to lessen or diminishes the libido of the sexual perverts. And that such chemical castrations require boosting (re-charge) at regular intervals.

But very few bother to even read my comments, still running off and commenting on the horror of horrors and 'the bastards deserve it' stuff, wakakaka.

Yap, very few (save perhaps only two as they 'like' my comments) bothered to read them. They had already made up their minds they either approve or disapprove of the ultimate 'chop', ouch, wakakaka.

Politicians today have to take naughty steps to ensure the voters have been 'captured' by their 'creative' bullshit, because such 'captured' audience won't change their minds, wakakaka.

But I love them anyway 


  1. at least they are consistent, unlike the mt liar, n some bloggers, that bank on who give them more dedak.

    for eg, have u ever read the mt liar criticize chinese school when no feed of dedak to him from bn before 2013? he do that from time to time now. what change? chinese school kah?

    i borrow yr space to answer the mt liar y govt hesitate to close down chinese school 1) it would increase the govt burden 2) one less bogeyman for umno racism ideology, who is the chinese if no more chinese school, no chinese then who is a malay? which party is more likely to close down chinese school if given a choice? my guess is dap.

    now back to topic, dedak could be a better solution than castration, u r the best example, even without chop chop, u already sound like a eunuch to najib wakaka.

    1. aiyoyo HY you're sounding more desperate and pathetic with each passing day, wakakaka

    2. Aiyoo...who is desperate ? So pathetically desperate that even when his Sifu now writing pure 100% guaranteed BULLSHIT pun he's closing BOTH eyes la. With each passing day, wakakaka, that Botak Sifu surpassed himself foaming at the mouth, his latest spin now is how the Chinese schools are hotbeds of racism and chauvinism all bred by DAP, haha and it was the UMNO Malay government that is now SO scared of the Chinese schools and have to pander to them, ROFLMAO... LOLOLOL.

      Guys, there's no way you can even attempt to write in to that Pure Bullshit Site at the comment section to give your views IF you don't sing to the tune he wanted to hear. Botak Pure Bullshit will just delete you to kingdom come as his true color revealed, takut sangat any view that could reasonably counter his bullshit, not that this will change his chorus of minions there who are by now Resolutely Firm in Believing Bulldust, the bulldust of the blackguard botak so drunk on dedak, wakakaka. Wonder how much he managed to squeeze from Cash is King for each write.....100,000 for each bulldust ? wakakaka

    3. It's known as sharing of workload mah, wakakakaka!

      The mt liar has mutated from shooting everything to targeting mostly on Chinese education. He is not stupid to touch topics he CAN'T spin well. So he concentrated on the subject that the blur-sotongs, ketuanan freaks & zombies fear most.

      While other dedak takers take on economic (lss - a number-crunching acrobat), past deeds of mamak/manmanlai (KT - a record keeper of both men) etc.

      This dedak dragnet is indeed vast & covering all levels le!