Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Clash of civilisations

Wasn't it Samuel P Huntington who promoted his theory of post-Cold War 'Clash of Civilisations'? Then his target threat was Islamic nations.

Islamic extremism would become the biggest threat to world peace

But in the US handling of the North Korean nuclear threats, there is certainly a very obvious manifestation of the clash of civilisations, between that of a very aggressive Wild-West-Frontier-kill-the-redskins American mentality versus the Asian (North Korea and to an extent the Chinese) face-saving attitude.

The Yanks as represented by the silly person of its POTUS think threats and bullying can deter the North Koreans - taan koo koo lah (tunggu selama2nya).

Currently the Chinese can't do much or even anything on the issue because the North Koreans are behaving like so in order to gain some silly leverage on the world's platform, and to them, f**k the Chinese, Yanks and the starving people of North Korea.

Those poor North Korean people, already under the oppressive inhumane dictatorship of an oligarchy (on the surface Kim Jong-un but behind the scene, a group of power-crazy generals) will become hapless victims of a possible conflict.

How about some expressions of concerns and sympathy from the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM)? Compassion of Allah swt and all that, or would it be a case of IMAM f**king-off those North Koreans who are probably atheists or Buddhists or Confucians or Shen-ists.

Anyway, as I oft mention, sometimes a 'tactical redeployment' may be the best option. But Trump is not Asian and won't be able to see things in the shoes of an Asian. Like a typical Yank (and look at the Yanks version of 'football' as a typical example) he believes in bulldozing force - the more brutal the better.

But sometimes, too much bulldozing could find Donald Trump painting himself into a corner. Now that man, as equally crazy as the North Koreans, is lashing out in panic, threatening trade sanctions against the Chinese as well as abandoning trade agreements with its ally, the South Koreans.

Alas, for the Yanks it's not the Islamic countries right now (though there is that) but the Far East Asians, as once it was too - remember the Japanese? and then the Chinese?

Nuke them? Now they can nuke back too and when they have not much to lose like the North Koreans (compared to Americans), they would be more willing to do it. 


  1. Sorry, the vast majority of North Koreans are not deserving of sympathy, as 99% are fully supportive of Kim Jong-Un.

    Some commentator wrote that sanctions will not work on North Korea as they will eat grass before they give up their nuclear weapons.

    Sure....fine...let them eat grass, when there is no more grass, let them eat the roots of the grass , and then when that is gone.... let them eat the Fatso.

    Actually, I'm surprised the US has not tightened more non-military screws on North Korea, which they are quite capable of. It will require painstaking intelligence collection, not dramatic fireworks.
    Any company which does business with North Korea can be barred from the US Financial system. Without access to buying or selling dollars, most companies will find it very difficult to do international trade. Any bank which does business with North Korea can be barred from the US Financial system. Without access to US Dollars, most banks will have to wind up their international business arms.

    1. disagree with your "the vast majority of North Koreans are not deserving of sympathy, as 99% are fully supportive of Kim Jong-Un"

      they are oppressed and terrified of a lawless dictator - it's an extreme police state

  2. I don't like Trump, but people seem to forget that the timelines for both ICBM missile development and Hydrogen Bomb development are counted over many years.

    The shiny missile and nuclear hardware that Kim Jong Un is showing off wasn't developed over the last 8 months.

    So, in actual substantive terms, the current crisis has almost everything to do with Obama's 8 years, and a much more limited result from Trump's 8 months in power.

    But it is fashionable to fuck Trump.

    But the exact opposite mentality exists in Ktemoc for Malaysian domestic politics....Ktemoc wants to fuck the guy who was last in power 14 years ago, but never holds responsible the guy Currently in power.

    1. Monsterball, it's a dmeocratic worl so please f**k who you want to, and I'll do my own thing. Don't instruct me to do your wishes

    2. Anybody here think even for a moment that Monsterball, or any other commentator for that matter, ever "INSTRUCT" KT ? It is fair comment ( NOT instruction la ) to point out that this blogger avoids like crazy to be on any collision course with the Big Dedak God....KT is going ever so softly and gingerly around the Bugis Pirate that it reaches a point when one wonders when is he going to burst into a serenade to his big Ah Gor. Think about it....should it be Anwar or Dr M or now LKS the one who's having that 2.6 Billion in their private bank account and doing all that the Big Thief had done subsequently...sacking, transferring, OSA-ing, dedaking to cover his crime,,,,boy...we'll hear no end of KT rolling up his sleeves and typing till his fingers bleed castigating them to death. This is one good bloggr gone baaad, but have to admit not as badass as that Botak in Manchester who is now so neck deep in fake news and big-time racist instigator, his stick non stop stirring the Chinese-vs-Malay shit till the stench is getting incredibly unbearable. Only those truly fallen would stick to and support that Putar-Belit Botak, who now even have the audacity ensure daughter-in-training to carry on this dedak feed bonanza should he keel over one of these days, as he was fond of predicting his own early demise ( if only he did as predicted SOON, wakakaka, so save our country going down in flame ). That daughter who is so raw and still ever dripping wet behind the ears, need dedak-daddy to oversee her dark writes, learning from the old man the trade of lying, twisting and flaming. Who says Malaysia lack talent ?

    3. sometimes it's quite amusing tho' at times it's frustrating, to have you guys saying I support ahjibgor, wakakaka.

      Where? Show me.

    4. Haven't I CLEARLY proven to u???

      Denial to the end ke?

    5. when i claim u have no heart for indian, u rebut with many link, perhaps u shd do the same here?

    6. U memang pandai buat nyanyuk, when u r been caught!!!

      Tak malu ke?

      CK 12:43 am, August 31, 2017

      When there is a war between two factions, a distinctive conceptual demarcation is drawn over the supposely supports given to each warring party.

      There r NO gray areas - whether the supports given to each party r intentional &/or otherwise.

      Right now, there is an ongoing fight-for-all between mamak & ahjibgor. Every tricks in the books of crook r fair games for supporters from both sides to deploy.

      KT's current rant target of mamak fits nicely into the pack of ahjibgor. Suffice to say that he follows the same patterns of attacks used by his megalomaniac sifu, a known & declared supporter of ahjibgor, in attacking mamak, based on mamak's past deeds!

      Thus, it can be conclusively tagged that KT is been supportive of najib.

      There IS no fabricated charges made by anyone of us. U, himself, creat that concept of supporting pinklips for all of us to see/feel/interpret!

      KT might argue that we r supporting Mamak aka his support of najib.


      Our words of support for mamak r comparative arguments, based on issues raised by KT. It's situational, in reaction to KT's blind hate & silo attackings built on personal feelings than the bigger COMMON GOOD.

      tsk tsk, WHO is slagging in "research", wordsmith??

      Wakakakaka....sigh...such a clouded mind due to what le????

    7. prioritisation of targets - to a Chinese like me, a draconian anti Chinese dictator who mutilated the nations hallowed non-aligned institutions is far more to be feared than a mere corrupt officer -, Chinese have dealt with corruption for thousands of years

    8. Bloody hell, u r not ONLY getting yr priority deeply wrong. U r also having a wrong prospective wrt the governance of a country!

      The current generation of Chinese, M'sian, mainlander, or any other Chinese residing in any other parts of the world, have only their past historical records as guides. There MUST be choreographed by a visionary leader into an awaken force to quench that blazing flame.

      Dealing with corruption is a conscious & collective effort of the people under such threat.

      The Chinese have NO such monopoly, despite the fact that the Chinese have dealt with corruption for thousands of years

      In the context of M'sia, the Chinese M'sians r minority. They can do nothing much IF the majority Melayu r paying token to fight corruption.

      The Melayu's interpretations of the consequences of corruptions sits within that narrow confinement of alifbata - biarkan orang luar tidur sama bini/anak perempuan kita, jikalau orang tu lah sama ummat!

      So, if the prevailingly corruptions r not dealt with head-on & quickly by the rakyat, there will not be any bolihland left to be cherished!

      Besides, the Chinese have also a long long history of dealing with draconian anti Chinese dictators who mutilated the nations hallowed non-aligned institutions.

      So, don't just put yr cockagroo out to syiok yr ego lah.

  3. North Korea has every right as a sovereign nation to defend itself against intimidation and attacks by US imperialism and even with a limited number of nuclear weapons and the capability of missile delivery, North Korea at least has a big enough deterrent against US-imperialist aggression, unlike Iraq or Libya which the US and European imperialists treated with impunity.

    Apart from Americans who are descended from those who fled persecution in their native lands, in the main, the United States is comprised of the offspring of failures who could not make it in their own native lands, so migrated to the "New World" to carve out an existence within a more or less "virgin" economic environment.

    That is the reason for the "wild west" mentality of Americans, their slavishness to commercial culture, lack of a well defined and well rooted American culture and so forth.

    Their "gee whiz" high-tech weapons and bombs could not break the resolve and tenacity of the Vietnamese people and neither will they be able to break the resolve of the North Korean people.

    Cruel economic sanctions have not broken the resolve of the people of Cuba and neither will they break the resolve of the North Korean people to be free from the yoke of US imperialism.

    Death to US Imperialism!

    May the dithering and infighting within the US-imperialist Presidency, Congress, Senate, judiciary, military and intelligence agencies lead to the US-imperialists stagger on towards their decline and fall.

    Workers of the World, Unite!

  4. Many, especially the Western democratically-inclined, like to blame China for not doing enough to rope in DPRK!

    Perhaps, these ass-lickers don't know something that the Chinese is well understood about the current head of DPRK.

    One doesn't provoke an irrational alpha male with simplistic logical threats. Especially, that egomaniac has a hand on a destructive weapon!

    The increasingly frequent icbm & nuclear weapons testings/showings by DPRK in the face of more vocal threats from potus CLEARLY indicating the distraints given to those threats.

    Worst comes worst, he might just send a nuclear headed icbm to an US territorial location to prove a point!

    What next!

    Retaliation by US & slow wars will lead to nuclear destruction of S Korea & possibly Japan, due to close proximity to DPRK.

    The syok-sendiri-ism of POTUS will cause untold sufferings in Asia, where most of the war damages happen!

    Putin is right, so is the current approach of China.

    1. u oso sound like azmin n kt when it suit u wakaka.

    2. What r u talking??

      What suits me in this piece??