Thursday, September 21, 2017

Harussani ber-Fatwa

Hello ... here's another phone call from above - you-know-who! - about another haram issue.

MM Online reported: The public should not mock the deadly tahfiz school fire that killed 23 people as it is “haram” or forbidden, said Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria who urged instead for prayers.

Harussani said those who engage in such mockery lack knowledge, adding that those who harbour prejudice against others would go to hell in the afterlife.

“Cannot mock something, haram. We can’t have prejudice towards others. Many who do this are without knowledge. We should pray for harmony for us together to get divine reward and to enter heaven together,” he was quoted saying by local daily Sinar Harian.

Harussani also said there should not be calls for unregistered tahfiz schools to be shut down, saying instead that safety must be ensured and the views of the police and Fire and Rescue Department should be obtained.

what is forbidden, mufti?

everything I have said, is saying, and will say so

Did anyone mock the fire which killed 21 kids and 2 wardens?

Or, has it also been mocking when one criticises the tahfiz school for not complying with fire safety regulations.

That mufti should NOT defend the criminally negligent - in fact it is haram to try to cover the tahfiz school principal's arse.

So the mafulat mufti does NOT want unregistered tahfiz schools to be close down? So tahfiz schools operating is far more important than protecting tahfiz school children from unsafe practices?

Thus I wonder whether the mufti is more concerned about the tahfiz schools or the lives of young children?

Harussani's Fatwa
Shouldn't he be in Perkasa, PAS or Pribumi? 


  1. but u sound almost the same in a case involve pg govt? we know tis harussani a religious zaelot, what abt u?

  2. Illegal factories , also rogue operators with minimal or no attention to safety, are being given kid-glove treatment in Penang. The case in Penang had been operating for the last 12 years, of which 9 years under DAP.

    Yet Ktemoc condemned the person who wanted to push the issue, admittedly aggressively, and defended those who were going softly, slowly , snails pace.

    The illegal factories are also a menace to the environment, safety and health of the surrounding community as well as their own employees.

    Shouldn't they be closed down ?

    Isn't Ktemoc, under a different set of circumstances, being another sort of Harusani ?

    1. have you been fair in NOT mentioning that the DAP has been in steady progress to bring those illegal factories set up during BN times to proper standards?

      Such a sad omission must reflect on your bias against DAP or ignorance.

    2. Let me paraphrase some of the questions to show your bias in the Penang case....

      Or, has it also been wrong when one criticises the illegal factory for not complying with environment and safety regulations.

      That DAP Administration should NOT defend the criminally negligent - in fact it is WRONG to try to cover the illegal factory Owner's arse.

      So the mafulat DAP Penang Exco does NOT want unregistered illegal factories to be closed down (after 12 years of "trying") ? So illegal factories operating is far more important than protecting surrounding communities and their employees from unsafe practices?

      Thus I wonder whether the DAP Administration is more concerned about the illegal factories or the lives of the people ?

    3. Wait a minute, I am neutral. Just want to know, 'after 12 years of "trying"?, did BN did try at all for 3 years and still can't solve the problem with Federal backing? Why? Why were they not highlighted before DAP's reigns?

  3. You are scheming and shifting the responsibility for the death at DQI to the principal of the school, as if it was him who had started the fire and bolted the dormitory door from outside?

    There are so many houses, shops, offices, buildings, schools, restaurants, places of worship, hotels, etc that are non Bomba compliant today, and yes,you should close down all of them too.

    I can accept if you blame Bomba and the Local Authorities for not doing their jobs to conduct surprise un-announced inspections on fire safety standard at premises on regular basis, but you did not.

    Just curious, Whom would you blame if someone died of dengue fever? The owner of buildings and the health inspectors for allowing mosquitoes to breed?

    Actually, you are just pouncing on any wee opportunity to mock on those in loose whites and scull caps and the teetotalers who ban the best beer festival.

    By the by, Atheists do not believe in faith too.

    1. so the martyr-making school principal is complete guiltless even when the school was found not in compliance with fire safety regulations and not in possession of an occupation certificate?

      last time in JB they found a suitable 'rat', this time they found some loafers

    2. *typo - should be "completely guiltless"

      wakakaka "completely guiltless"?????

    3. I don't think anybody involved in the tragedy can be cleansed as completely guiltless, but we need to be clear on key contributing factor and key contributing responsibility.

      Otherwise the whole exercise could be accused of becoming a political circus.

    4. Example would be an air crash investigation, where the actual cause of the crash has been shown to be pilot error.
      However in the course of the investigation , the airline was found to have inadequate maintenance practices.

      Of course, the airline has to fix the maintenance lapses, and be penalised for it if warranted, but we have to be clear about the actual cause of the crash.

    5. nowadays, well since 20 years back, air safety investigators in Australia have stopped attributing air crashes to just 'pilot errors'

      they would say there has been a 'systemic failure' in ABC airline which could embrace all of or many of (i) poor pilot training, (ii) poor rest for pilots (or too heavy a workload) (iii) poor maintenance support (iv) poor management (v) contributory ATC errors, etc etc etc