Tuesday, September 12, 2017

GST survey - kaki-nang cerita?

Malaysiakini - Survey: More than 80pct think GST leads to rising cost of living (extracts):

if pkr comes to power i will set gst to zero

Most Malaysians believe that the goods and services tax (GST) correlates with the rise in the cost of living, according to surveys conducted by think tank Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE).

In a series of surveys called “Survey Malaysia 2017: Mood of the Nation”, a total of 4,468 respondents were asked if they agreed with this statement: “GST is the reason for the rise in the cost of living.”


The surveys, conducted by 64 trained enumerators from Aug 11 to 15 this year, were led by Prof Mohammad Redzuan Othman, the current vice-chancellor of the Selangor state-funded Universiti Selangor (Unisel).

Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali is the advisor to IDE while PKR Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad sits on its board of directors.

Surveys conducted by kaki-nang, "advised" by Azmin Ali and his PKR men. Does anyone expect the survey to say GST is OK?

I'm afraid we have to ask 160 countries around the world why they each implement GST.


  1. the 160 countries implemented gst bec they want to collect more tax, u ask the people in this 160 countries if given choice, do they wish to do without gst or not?

    a usual kt tell lies n slander azmin to show his love for najib.

    1. your arguments has become more and more silly and pathetic - best keep your mouth shut so people would only think you're a fool. If you open your mouth they would know you are indeed one, wakakaka

    2. GST is only a tried conventional text book case of how to increase the tax collection of the country.

      It has zilch, nothing to do with fairness of taxation - as dictates in the often used logic of user pays.

      There r other non-conventional, out of the box taxation methodology that many economists know but refuse to try. Their refusal is purely bcoz the methodology is untested & many r not willing to put their reputation to the block. A typical Ivory tower cultivated peace of mind mentality.

      They, as many GST supportors alike, seem to forget that in the initial stage of GST evolution similar line of thought prevails until it's fine-tuned to the current form.

      & it's exactly the present day GST format that has caused its lost of touch with modern day fiscal reality. It's time for a new replacement to increase the taxation income of the nation w/o burdening the tax-payers of the nation. One can only claim a limited set of taxation excuses before causing revolt. & there r many such new proposals, waiting for some far-sighted financial controller of a nation to try it out!

      Thus, DON'T claim self righteousness for topic u can only scan on surface. 160+ countries used GST, doesn't MEAN it's infallable. Atmost these countries r using a easy way to squeeze more money out of tax paying public, citizen non-citizen alike!

  2. GST leads to a rise in the cost of living in Malaysia.

    That is a true, unvarnished fact.
    Part of it comes directly from the 6% tax itself, but there is a greater, more pernicious effect from the increase in the cost of doing business, which has negative impact throughout the economy.

    It is undeniable supposedly non-GST rated items have increased in cost.

    Denying that is the Fake News. Ostrich burying his head in the sand.

    Now, the Federal Government loves the massive government revenue stream windfall from GST, but that is a separate matter. Note that it is domestic tax revenue squeezed from domestic transactions. No new national wealth has been created.

    If the money is spent wisely on areas with multiplier effects on the economy, it may actually be good for the country. If it is used to enable bailouts in areas such as 1MDB, FGV, KWAP and Tabung Haji, then GST is yet another crushing burden on the economy.
    To claim that the GST money is not used for 1MDB and other Najib bailout schemes is dishonest. The GST revenue stream frees up and enables other government funds to be used for bailouts.

    Don't simply parrot the line that GST is implemented in 160 countries, therefore it must be good for Malaysians.

    In most low-income countries, GST is a means of collecting revenue from the formal economy i.e. the well-off people, larger corporations and foreigners - it is a tax on the relatively rich and very rich. The majority ordinary people who spend their daily expenses in cash hardly pay any GST in underdeveloped countries.

    I have personally watched this in action in Nepal. The 13% VAT has near Zero impact on the majority of ordinary Nepalese, its mainly the restaurants, retailers, mini markets, hotels that cater for tourists that contribute to the VAT economy.

    A very different dynamic exists in developed countries (including Singapore). These countries have comprehensive government services of a high standard.
    Many would tell you GST (for them)for high standards of Government as well as Social Services is a fair trade off.

    Malaysia - not so much.

    For most of the middle-income salary-earning or small business-running Malaysians, GST is simply an additional tax burden with no balancing returns.

    For the poor, GST is an additional cost on many essentials - only the ignorant or dishonest think the poor only buy raw non-GST items and have no essential requirements of processed foods or manufactured items.

    For the poor, there has been some mitigation from BR1M, but the whole schemes has a stench arising from the way BR1M payments have been politicised, given out as a BN/UMNO benefit. People who receive it are expected to be "grateful" to Najib.

    Terima Kasih Najib, ya....

    1. Why u still want to argue with a bull-headed guy about taxation, especially GST?

      Economic theory is an ideal situation based on closed system concept where elements outside the system have no influences for those within.

      In real life, fiscal/financial applications r open ecosystem where every elements r intertwined & related directly/indirectly. There is NO stand along party as claimed by this Hp6 GST supporter!

      All he knows about GST is the oft-quoted 160+ countries have implemented it, thus cannot be wrong.

      It's a herd mentality le!