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Recognising Israel?

FMT - Global boycott movement (BDS) schools DAP senator over call to set up embassy in Israel (extracts)

DAP senator Nga Hock Cheh

wonder whether he is related to Nga Kor Ming

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian chapter of a global boycott campaign against Israel has condemned a DAP senator for urging Putrajaya to establish diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, saying his explanation reeks of Zionist propaganda.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Malaysia (BDS Malaysia) said Nga Hock Cheh not only showed his “naivety” of the conflict in Palestine, but also failed his own Christian faith by ignoring that Christians were also victims of Zionist aggression.

“Christian Palestinians are deprived of their human rights as much as their Muslim brethren. Bottom line is that you don’t have to be Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu to oppose what the Israelis are doing to Palestinians. You only have to be human,” BDS said in a strong reaction to remarks by Nga in the Dewan Negara recently.

Nga, a DAP leader from Perak, had expressed support for a proposal by PKR president Anwar Ibrahim for Malaysia to open an embassy in Palestine.

But he said Malaysia should take it a step further by opening its embassy in Israel and reap economic benefits from the new ties.

“Israel is very small country but it has very advanced technology in various field, especially in agriculture. Thailand has also benefited tremendously from the expertise and existence of Israel,” he told the Dewan Negara on April 24.

“So, we can also import the expertise for our agriculture to help to uplift the standard of living of the rural folks in this country,” he added

Nga, who praised Dr Mahathir Mohamad as someone who is influential at the world stage, said the prime minister could broker peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.

“Peacemakers carry a special blessing in the scriptures, they are called ‘children of God’,” he said, adding that he would fail in his duty “as a senator with Christian faith if I do not alert the House about this”.

It is not wrong to be friendly with any nation including Israel per se, but the Israel we're talking about is an outcast from global society as White Supremacist South Afrika once was, namely, for its state policy of racism.

Now, some of you my dear readers, may ask what about Malaysia, one of the worst racist offenders there is on Earth.

Malaysia has probably got away with it by cloaking its racism and socio-politico-economic apartheid behind the veil of so-called affirmative actions but one which does NOT discriminate between haves and have-nots but rather between Malays and non-Malays.

Malaysia also does not physically separate one race from another in public parks, social centres, beaches, etc, although it sneakily and shamefully does in some schooling (especially at tertiary levels) and senior public positions. One naked bare-face example is that ONLY a Malay can be the Prime Minister - that is Apartheid but not to the extent of South Afrika or Israel because Malaysia does have non-Malay ministers (admittedly in less important ministries). 

The Malay-led authority/government has officially proclaimed the Malays as the 'disadvantaged' - which is ONLY partially right because the group comprises also the very rich, affluent, powerful, land-owning and privileged, even above the economic-financial positions of most non-Malays.

Back to Israel which DAP Senator proposes that Malaysia recognise.

It's not only dedicated staunch (especially evangelistic) Christians like Senator Nga who are inclined towards a friendly relationship with the nation of Israel because of its historical-geographical-religious pedigree, but also some non-Muslim Malaysians. 

One of the reasons that I suspect is that they (the non-Muslim non-Christian Malaysians) do not share BDS' views on Israel's treatment of Christians. They think that 'Christians' would be Americans (North & South), Europeans, Australians, Kiwis, Africans or Asians (eg. Chinese, Indians, South Korean, Filipinos, etc).

If only they have read BDS' message to Senator Nga, to wit: "Nga Hock Cheh not only showed his “naivety” of the conflict in Palestine, but also failed his own Christian faith by ignoring that Christians were also victims of Zionist aggression", implying that some Arabs were also Christians.

Indeed, BDS continued: "Christian Palestinians are deprived of their human rights as much as their Muslim brethren. Bottom line is that you don’t have to be Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu to oppose what the Israelis are doing to Palestinians. You only have to be human."

BDS itself is naive to think only Muslims, some Christians, Buddhists or Hindus oppose what the Israelis are doing to Palestinians. In reality I would dare say only (and even then, only MOST but not all) Muslims are guaranteed to be against Israel.

Some or even many Hindus, Buddhists and especially Christians are pro Israel or at worst, neutral, chiefly because they fear the Islamists more for their violence (as the Middle-East people once feared the Christian Crusaders and today fear the American brand of far more drastic violence). They associate Palestinians with violence, but being politically myopic, they fail to see the Israelis are equally violent.

last photo above - 17 in one family killed
by Israeli fighter jet attacks

There were MORE Israeli atrocities towards children and civilians that I've blogged on

In Malaysia, most non-Malays non-Muslims dislike Palestinians for no other reason than the Palestinians are Muslims (not true because there are Christian Palestinians, eg. Suiha Arafat, wife of the late Yasser Arafat - Dr Hanan Ashrawi, member of Palestinian Leadership Committee - George Habash, founder of the PFLP and the Arab Nationalist Movement - and more).

And the reason for their anti-Palestinian (incorrectly perceived as ALL being Muslims) is because at home they are anti-Malay (99.9999999% Muslims).

Surrogate object of dislike or even hatred.

The irony is that the Palestinians are ill-treated by the ketuanan Israelis just as the non-Malay Malaysians are marginalised in one way or another by the ketuanan Malays. Even pro Israeli Helen Ang, once my blogging buddy, had once courageously pointed thus out.

Food for thought?

But while it's not wrong to be friendly with Israelis and Israel, it's truly stupid of Senator Nga to propose such a diplomatic tie with the Jewish nation today when (1) the world (except for the USA and cronies and some right-wing nations like BJP-led India) is shunning Israel, and (2) Mahathir is PM.

But the one gem I derive from Senator Nga's proposal is his statement, namely, "he would fail in his duty “as a senator with Christian faith if I do not alert the House about this”, that is, to have ties with his 'Holy Land'.

Yes, he is from the DAP, Hallelujah.


(in Hebrew it means 'We praise God')

Penang's marvellous miraculous changing lights at Grace Residence

From Malaysiakini's Cross controversy: It was not done on purpose, says Jagdeep:

The Penang government was only aware of the lights of a large cross on a condominium building in Jelutong after the issue had been highlighted on social media, said state executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo.

Following that, he said the state exco had asked the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) to obtain information about the lighting from a consultant architect.

“Based on the information we received from the consultant architect, the lighting shaped like a cross was not done purposely. It was just a coincidence,” Jagdeep, who is the exco on housing and local government, said in response to a written question on the matter at the Penang Legislative Assembly today.

“The state exco had asked MBPP to discuss with the consultant architect to come up with a proposal to resolve the issue of the cross, as this involves religious sensitivities.

“The consultant architect of the project is in the process of submitting the proposal to MBPP,” Jagdeep said

Jagdeep was responding to PAS' Penaga assemblyperson Yusni Mat Piah, who asked if the state government was aware that the condominium, Grace Residence, had lighting in the shape of a cross.

Like Dr Asri's allegation of Malaysian Muslims being bullied (wakakaka, I still can't get over that gross Kerbau), YB Yusni Mat Piah claimed that the lighted cross is “so large that it threatens sensitivities of Muslims”.

Sensitivities??? Really?

Muslim sensitivities threatened? Islam (in Malaysia) threatened? Muslims bullied?

These are all in coded language or 'dogwhistling' to the Chosen Ones that the Pakatan Harapan government led by the 1990's Man, Mahathir Mohamad, pathetic as it has been trying to fulfil its manifesto promises since it came into federal rule last year, is allegedly anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-Malay, and f* probably controlled by Chinamen such as Mah Ha Thir, Ann War, Mu Hee Din and Ar Se Ming.

blardy Cinapeks 

Dr Asri, once a particular fave of Mahathir, has been reported as having to turn to UMNO because he worries about his perception that "good" Muslims like Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu, disciple of Dr Zakir Naik, has been hauled in by police for interrogation when that sweet Mamak lengchai has done no wrong (other than insult Hinduism which Dr Asri has himself done before, wakakaka).

For more, see FMT's Asri turns to Umno for support in tiff with PH over Islam regarding his (Dr Asri's) misgivings with the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government in the wake of the arrest of a close associate over the weekend.

But let's not ignore the Ustaz's concern that the so-sensitive Muslims under his charge have felt threatened by a lighted cross at the Grace Residence, Penang, bedevilled since it was sold off to the pirating English since 1786.

Let's go back to my January post From mere Cross to King of the World? in which I wrote (all reproduced for convenient context here:

Extracts from Malaysiakini:

There has been intense debate over how the lights of a building under construction in Penang had resembled a cross.

The matter is now under investigation after PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan accused the developer of being involved in a Christianisation agenda since one of its founders was linked to a US-based Christian organisation.

Annie Choo, Regional Director for Nehemiah Project Asia and owner of Nova Plus, is hosting the 2nd Regional Nehemiah Week in Penang, Malaysia.

she is so cute with lovely dimples, wakakaka

He also accused Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and the developer Nova Mulia Development Sdn Bhd of attempting to sidestep the issue by claiming the lights displayed a Chinese character instead of a cross.

This morning, Deputy Penang Chief Minister P Ramasamy urged developers to be more ethical and not to incite or provoke others.

The article also recalled the amazing open-mindedness and compassion of allahyarhum Datuk Nik Aziz but let us leave that wonderful recollection for another post another time.

Back to our lighted cross, after the hoo-haa by the usual suspect, the developer claimed the lighting was for a Chinese 'Ong' (King) when two horizontal strokes (or lighting) were added to the top and bottom of the lighted 'cross', wakakaka.

add two horizontal strokes and kowtim-ed

from mere 'cross' to 'King of the World'?


But based on DCM II Dr Ramasamy's chiding, in which he was reported to have said:

Dr Ramasamy - DCM Penang II 

"Why invite trouble by putting on a display that might just be used to provoke anger or concern? Developers in Penang must have some ethical and social responsibilities."

"If it is a religious place, say if it is a church compound, putting up or giving it a magnificent display is something acceptable in the country."

"However, if religious symbols are displayed in areas not designated for religious purposes, then there could be a problem."

I have come to believe that Mr Tantawi might have been correct (for once, wakakaka).

Mr Tantawi

I hope the Developer from now on will heed the wise words of Dr Rama and stop its silly onesupmanship, wakakaka again.

Well, obviously the Developer has been 'naughty', reverting the 'Cross into King of the World' cover up BACK into a 'cross', wakakaka and Hallelujah.

Not on purpose, Jagdeep?

But 'tis probably sneaky Hallelujah actions like this that give the threatened, bullied, sensitive, "minority", besieged, ghettoised, marginalised Muslims in Malaysia cause to be concerned. 


Monday, April 29, 2019

Malaysian Muslims are bullied in Malaysia?

Malaysiakini - Perlis mufti questions preacher's arrest for allegedly insulting Hinduism (extracts)

Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin (left) defends his close associate Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu

FMT photo

Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has questioned the arrest of independent preacher Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu for allegedly insulting Hinduism in a sermon, which was uploaded on the internet.

"This is the reality we are seeing today. All kinds of statements are made by individuals in the government that insult Muslims and cause racial tension but are only called up to give their statement.

"Many cases where the Prophet Muhammad was insulted and Islam belittled also only saw perpetrators summoned to have their statement recorded.

"But a preacher who shared his personal experience in converting to Islam in a mosque in Kelantan which was only intended for Muslims ended up with an arrest," he said in a Facebook posting.

Firstly, let me get a wee bit of trivial curiosity out of the way before I discuss the post's topic, by way of the following 2 questions:

Q1: If arrested preacher Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu is a convert, and presumbly a Malaysian, why hasn't he been named with a 'bin Abdullah' (as our famous Ridhuan Tee has been)?

Q2: Has this 'special' dispensation been granted because the bloke is a student and acolyte of the controversial Dr Zakir Naik?

For more on the mandatory 'bin Abdullah' moniker, see my earlier posts:

Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu with Dr Zakir Naik on right

OK, back on issue, wakakaka. 

Dr Asri has been mad because his mate preacher Zamri Vinoth, as mentioned, a convert to Islam and a devotee of Dr Zakir Naik, has been arrested following some 800 plus police reports made against him for allegedly insulting Hinduism.

In contrast to the above, he reckoned the authority, now under the Pakatan Harapan government, has been (too bloody) 'soft' on Hindus as allegedly in the Seafield temple tragedy where a Muslim fireman was fatally injured in a riotous situation but no culprit was arrested.

l to r: Shiva the Destroyer, Vishnu the Preserver, Brahma the Creator
obviously an icon of Vaishnavism tradition (denomination) of Hinduism as Vishnu is given prominence in the centre

if the icon is from Shaivism tradition, Shiva would of course be standing in the middle as in icon below

and please don't ask me why there is no tradition honouring Brahma 

Dr Asri lamented: “I don’t blame the police, but this is happening due to a political reality that allows Muslims to be bullied.”

Muslims being bullied? In Malaysia? And in Peninsula Malaysia?

Obviously Dr Asri has gone grossly overboard with his accusation, but we expected him to do that as he has a traditional problem with Hindus, Hinduism and I suspect, also Dr Ramasamy, head of the Penang Hindu Endowment Board.

Hey mateys, Dr Asri has even composed a poem, said (allegedly) to be against Hinduism, but which he subsequently denied. He is also a good matey of Dr Zakir Naik who is notorious for whacking Hinduism and its beliefs. 

But still, I have to admit that his allegations of 'Malaysians Muslims being bullied in Malaysia' may be too hard to swallow.

Yes, given the Mahathir's 1-year old government has repetitively u-turned from its commitments to ratify ICERD, the Rome Statute and abolish capital punishment, etc etc etc, I wonder how Dr Asri could have the questionable 'sagacity' to ever-even say that.

Initially (mind, that was years ago, wakakaka) I liked and respected Dr Asri for what I then read of his views-advice as coming from a very balanced and fair mufti. 

Later he surprised and disappointed me with what I reckoned to be a 'hardening' changing attitude towards non-Muslims. I still respected him although I no longer liked him.

Eventually, with his overt hostility towards Hinduism in particular and sometimes Dr Ramasamy, I could no longer like nor respect him.

But that's just me, wakakaka.

Mind, Dr Asri could be imitating former IGP Hanif Omar, who in sometime in September 2018 said Malays were afraid to defend their rights.

He cited as example the recent controversy sparked by Lim Guan Eng over the use of Mandarin in statements by the Ministry of Finance, saying there should have been a stronger reaction.

Hanif Omar accused the DAP of wanting to split Peninsular Malaysia into the East Coast for Malays and the West Coast for Chinesefor this, Hanif Omar's fairy tale, wakakaka, I've renamed him as Hans Christian Andersen, wakakaka

Ibrahim Ali 

That poo-stiring remark made Ibrahim Ali, head of Malay rights group Perkasa, mad. He then told off Hanif Omar, saying Perkasa’s existence as a champion of Malay rights was proof that the former IGP was tokking-kok.

Ibrahim Ali said: “So when I read Hanif’s statement, I began to question myself. Am I a coward? This is why I am disappointed.”

Ibrahim Ali said Malays never questioned the rights of non-Malays because they were raised to respect other communities, saying:

“You don’t see Malays questioning how non-Muslims practise their faith. In fact, when Hindus celebrate Thaipusam, we respect them and even stop by the roadside to see the celebration”.

Not entirely true when we remember Dr Asri, who has a hate-hate relationship with Hindus and their religion.

Oh, one final question: Why have the Muslim preachers most hostile to Hinduism and its beliefs (and even its kavadi-carrying followers and coconut breaking devotees) been mostly Indian Muslims?


(1) An Indian could be cause for Dr Asri's dislike of Indians.

When Mahathir was an aeroplane pilot

From Malaysiakini (extracts):

'I am running in GE15' – Johor prince's social media post

Tunku Temenggong Johor Tunku Idris Iskandar has set tongues wagging when he indicated on social media that he might contest in the next general election.

In an Instagram Story, which has a 24-hour shelf life, the 31-year-old prince, clad in uniform, hinted that he would either contest for the Muar or Mersing parliament seats.

However, it could not be ascertained if the prince was serious about contesting.

According to his post, a survey suggested that 75 percent of respondents wanted him to contest in Muar while 25 percent chose Mersing, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The incumbent Muar MP is Bersatu Youth chief Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman whereas Mersing's lawmaker is Umno's Latiff Ahmad.

Tunku Idris' post comes in the wake of Syed Saddiq launching a salvo at his brother, Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, who has been at loggerheads with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Interesting. If push comes to shove, I bet it'll be Muar (royal town) rather than Mersing. There'll likely be more support for Tunku Idris Iskandar there.

Besides, the Wee Brat is the Pribumi MP there, wakakaka, and don't the Johor Royals "love" him, wakakaka again.

quite 'jambu' and cute, wakakaka 

I wonder what would possibly be the protocol for a royal like Tunku Idris to contest as a politician (a la Tunku Abdul Rahman and Ku Li) and THEN after a while (hypothetically) as a MP for Muar, wakakaka, revert back to being the Tunku Temenggong?

The MKINI report continues with less encouraging comments (extracts):

Some, however, expressed reservations on the grounds that entering the political arena would expose him to slander and mudslinging.

One Instagram user by the name of andrewrazaly said: “If you're going to run, you will have to focus 100 percent and not spend time flying helicopters and racing cars.”

The prince responded: “Wrong, I will still carry on with my hobbies. That's what keeps people sane.”

“And you can focus 100 percent and still fail. I will fly whenever I want because it's not the government’s helicopter,” he added.

Tunku Idris has been CORRECT because Mahathir as PM (in both regimes, as the 4th and 7th PM) drove cars, and in his earlier reign, also flew planes himself.

And Tunku Idris can even be said to be one up because HRH flies his own helicopter, and unlike you-know-who, not the RMAF's Cessna 402.

If you do not believe me that you-know-who flew the air force Cessna 402, you can ask him yourself, wakakaka.

I can even name the Chinese Malaysian officer-pilot who taught him how to fly, wakakaka. Doesn't need a rocket scientist or Einstein to do so as almost everyone in the RMAF (plus their adult family members) knows.

The legacy of Mahathir's earlier (1981-2003) education policy

From FMT:

The sorry state of Malaysian academics

Malaysians are very devoted to preserving public peace. In fact, no society in the world promotes public chaos as a value to uphold.

Our short history after independence betrays one violent incident, that of the May 13 riots. We do not want a repeat of that episode. So, discourse in our society is carefully channelled with that in mind.

However, knowingly or subconsciously, trends in the current political narrative add fuel to potential chaos. In many ways, we are worse off now than we were in the period leading up to the 1969 racial riots. Part of the blame lies on our academics.

As much as our democratic space has opened up since May 9, 2018, we are faced with a new difficulty. We are overwhelmed with an information and analytical overflow.

Malaysians are grateful that more information is available, with less censored. However, a certain strata of society needs to take responsibility for packaging it honestly.

I do not mean that the federal security forces, police, state and federal religious agencies and the Sedition Act have to criminalise versions of the truth. There are no “versions of objective truth”; there is only one objective truth. It is fed by consistent logic and rational analysis.

Packaging truth lies with the more educated members of the public who have the trained skill to disseminate ideas productively. These are people ordinary citizens look up to for guidance. These are our academics.

Herein lies the problem. Ownership of consistent logical analysis has been hijacked by prima donnas among this educated class. They strut in and out of our media, disguising their “logical” writings and video interviews with ideologically-offensive and inaccurate critiques of our socio-political problems.

These so-called public intellectuals and academics engage in their own brand of mental manipulation aimed at projecting their personal agendas.

Academics and intellectuals are looked up to in Malaysia. However, it is time the public wakes up to what they are looking up to.

Malaysians should know what a public intellectual is before we confer such a title to any Tom, Dick or Harry. We must also know when to write off that public intellectual as obsolete. We must isolate the fluffy and dishonest from the dedicated and authentic.

To illustrate this, two critical developments in our recent socio-political development will be highlighted.

A recent article about closing down our 20 public universities is one example. It demonstrates a kind of emotionalism so uncharacteristic of academia. It is ideologically reactionary and aggressive.

Only a small percentage of critical readers will choose to read between the lines. They will see through to the real message behind its call to close 20 public universities.

What is more important is the clever use of self-glorification coupled with humble praise of past scholars, constructed to fool the reader. This cunning use of dialectic may mesmerise a majority of readers. However, it does not fool the true scholar and the discerning intelligent Malaysian citizen.

Post-GE14 Malaysia needs less polemics and rhetoric, and more sincere critiques of socio-political problems.

Readers these days prefer a frank rendition of the sorry state of our education system. We want to know why academics in our public universities have remained silent in critiquing the trajectory of Malaysia Baru.

We do not subscribe to an “all or nothing” philosophy.

In my previous writings, I have mentioned that major social change in many societies, including India, Indonesia and the US, began as student and academic movements.

It is a fact that Malaysian academics have failed in their tasks as agents of social change. They have either forgotten what their role is, or they have chosen to take the phlegmatic path to quick promotions.

They have also preferred cheap recognition over seven-figure research grants, irrespective of whether they promote a deep philosophical transformation or not.

Malaysians are aware of the shortcomings of our universities. I need not belabour the point.

A more serious issue demands attention. This concerns the recent Rome Statute debacle surrounding four academics. Weeks have gone by and they remain silent despite the accusations hurled their way.

An excerpt from the article mentioned above reads: “There is no future for innovative thoughts. There is no future for new permutations of race relations. There is no new and higher constructs of truths.”

Is the academia not compelled to be innovative? Is the academia not dedicated to devising new analytical permutations? Are academics not obliged to construct and re-construct the truth based on empirical fact and sound analysis?

Academic integrity compels us to analyse our empirical research honestly. It is an insult to logic and an embarrassment to Malaysian academia to churn out papers and executive summaries that are rigged to pander to a hidden agenda.

However, the problem will not be solved if we give up by saying “close down the universities”. We should focus on exposing these half-baked, opportunistic, degreed individuals.

The hardest part in this endeavour is persistence and consistency. Unfortunately, too many of us are into instant gratification, national recognition, media publicity and positions in government entities. We are not prepared for the long haul of inner struggle.

Intellectuals of note throughout history have struggled through marginalised lives, isolated and unrecognised. It is about time Malaysian academics realise that this in itself is the earthly, and other-worldly reward.

The freedom to express ideas is a value held close to all academics. Almost a year after the Pakatan Harapan government came into power, a positive trend in this freedom is obvious.

Yet, due to some kinks in the rational processes of many academics, they are unable to steer the narrative into more constructive debates. They have constructed intelligent critiques, yet the underlying messages are self-serving and useless.

Public intellectuals and academics have a noble role to play. They should remain consistently relevant in their goal to develop a critical society, given the institutions already in place.

There is no room for selfish, egotistical agendas.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mahathir just not doing job as Pakatan PM

From Malaysiakini:

An open letter to Dr M by Fairplayer

LETTER | Dear Dr Mahathir Mohamad,

With due respect to you, I hereby wish to speak honestly and truthfully what I have seen and observed, prior to, and since GE14.

First and foremost, I am a believer in fair play - righteousness, truth and justice. I had high hopes in Pakatan Harapan and in you being made the prime minister after the historic victory on May 9, 2018.

I believe all Harapan supporters wanted you to clean up the mess you created in the person called Najib Abdul Razak. You were the right man for that job. However, there are many things that you have done, that are not what we voted for.

We did not vote Harapan for you to sing and dance to Umno and PAS' tunes as could be seen in your U-turning on the signing of Icerd and the Rome Statute. We did not vote Harapan for you to fortify Bersatu by welcoming Umno "frogs" and "toads" into Bersatu.

We did not vote Harapan for Bersatu to infiltrate Sarawak and Sabah. We did not vote Harapan for you to appoint incompetent greenhorns from Bersatu to key portfolios and to saturate the cabinet with them.

The fact that Bersatu won only 13 seats (the lowest percentage) at GE14 is a testament that the Almighty did not want to give you or Bersatu more power than necessary.

Since Bersatu only achieved the lowest percentage of seats won at GE14, it is therefore against fair ethics when Bersatu started to welcome Umno "frogs" and "toads".

Instead, an anti-hopping law should have been put in place and firmly enacted to show that Harapan is serious about abiding by good, fair and sound standards and ethics!

We never voted Harapan for you to venture into another national car project. We did not vote Harapan for you to continue Najib's and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's legacy of harbouring Zakir Naik (and granting him VVIP immunity), a fugitive wanted by India on alleged terror-related and money-laundering activities.

How many sugar in your tea? 

We also did not vote Harapan for you to ban the Paralympic swimmers from taking part in the Paralympic swimming meet scheduled to be held in Kuching (Sarawak). Your banning them has resulted in Sarawak losing millions in revenue.

We did not vote Harapan for you to reinforce a race-based agenda. We wanted you and Harapan to save Malaysia. You and Harapan pledged to save Malaysia but you and Harapan are doing the exact opposite of your GE14 manifesto.

We wanted Harapan and you to keep your promises to all Malaysians (not just to the some Malaysians of a certain race). Must Harapan put some Malaysians on a higher pedestal than other Malaysians?

We did not ask you or Harapan to champion that, did we? It is the Malaysian agenda please, my dear PM and Harapan. Yes, a Malaysian Agenda! That was in your GE14 manifesto.

Then there is your jumping at lightning speed to defend the police against Suhakam's findings on the "enforced disappearances" of Pastor Raymond Koh and activist Amri Che Mat. How sure are you that the police were not involved in their abductions/disappearances? I won't be surprised if it is the same with Pastor Hilmy and his wife Ruth.

Justice and truth demand that they are found as soon as possible. And besides these four unfortunate souls, is Harapan doing anything towards getting justice for Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, Hussein Najadi, Kevin Morais, etc.?

Regarding Sarawak and Sabah, you and Harapan must work at righting all the wrongs done to the Borneo Partners (not states). As long as Sarawak and Sabah are still regarded as 12th and 13th states, as per the parliamentary bill presented on April 9, 2019, this is incomplete and inaccurate.

Sabah and Sarawak never entered into an agreement with the 11 individual states of Malaya. Therefore a new and more complete/accurate bill must be drafted and presented in Parliament again. Harapan must show genuine commitment, credibility, sincerity and strong political will to right all the wrongs done to Sarawak and Sabah.

Pointing fingers at GPS does not achieve anything fruitful except gaining political mileage, perhaps. MA63 clearly shows Sarawak and Sabah are equal in status to Malaya but why are there so much fewer parliamentary seats allotted to these two partners of MA63?

Another question: If Sarawak and Sabah were equal partners to Malaya, why is it that the PM and his deputy must always be from Malaya only? Did it say so in the original MA63? If it did, then what kind of equal status are we talking about?

By the way, didn't the exit of Singapore in 1965 nullify MA63? Did Malaysia exist legally after Singapore left? Perhaps the Borneo partners should go for a legitimate referendum.

I am a believer of and an advocate for righteousness, truth, fairness and justice. Righteousness, truth and justice must stand tall together if we truly intend to save Malaysia. Be reminded - we have to give an account to our Maker in due time.

I expect to hear mature and responsible responses from the PM himself and the Harapan partners, especially the leaders in the cabinet. In conclusion, I write this letter not just to the current PM or government (though specifically, yes) but also to every subsequent PM and government-of-the-day.

Thank you.

God bless Malaysia and all Malaysians!