Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Malaysia - PAS Youth mulls options against beer festival (extracts):

PAS Youth is mulling its options to protest against an upcoming beer festival in Kuala Lumpur next month in conjunction with Oktoberfest.

"We're thinking about it, let's see the situation first," said PAS Youth chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi.

Khalil, who is the son of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, was asked if the party wing will be organising a protest against the event.

This was after PAS central committee member Riduan Mohd Nor yesterday warned the Better Beer Festival 2017 that it will attract reprisals from extremists.

The Better Beer Festival, slated for Oct 6, will bring together independent beer producers and this will be the sixth time it is being held.

This is not the first time PAS has complained about similar events.

The Better Beer Festival will be an example of how syariah laws, Alhamdulillah not yet implemented, will affect non-Muslim lives, regardless of whether they like it or not. The threat by PAS Youth is irrevocable evidence of that unwelcome intrusion.

This is why we non-Muslims must be vigilant and not fall for PAS sweet-nothing.

Syariah laws and hudud punishment (eg. PAS proposed amendments to UUD355) will definitely affect us because some Muslims especially the mullahs and supporters of PAS will continue to be intrusive into non-Muslim affairs as ever.


  1. I think PAS Youth has a right to raise opposition to the Beer festival, don't you think ?
    As long as there is no actual ban on the beer festival.

    It is already off-limits to Muslims.
    This is one tourism-related event Nazi or his deputy (also a Muslim) will definitely not turn up.

    Years ago, during the 1990's Mahathir era, the Oktoberfest festivities in KL were actually listed in the calendar of events officially publicised by the Tourism Ministry.

    Under the Najib administration, the events are barely tolerated by officialdom, though thankfully not (yet) banned.

    By the by, in Germany where Oktoberfest originated from, the favourite dish served with beer at lunch time is Roast Pork and various other Babi dishes. Germans love their pork dishes - breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the old days, they even held gambling rounds during Oktoberfest.

    This makes the Oktoberfest celebrations Double or Triple Haram.
    Because of this, German intelligence services were quoted last year as treating Oktoberfest gatherings as Prime No. 1 potential targets by Islamist terrorists.

    1. PAS Youth has aright to advise Muslims against attending the beer festival but they have no right to raise objection to what is patently a non-Muslim event.

    2. Germany's Oktoberfest is somewhat unique in its open, virtually unrestricted beering and boozing.

      Many localities in Western countries impose controls and restrictions on where and when alcohol can be sold and consumed in a public place. Granted most of the time, the restrictions are made for community, safety and security reasons.

    3. do you think PAS Youth in voicing its intention to protest was interested in community, safety and security reasons?

    4. The PAS Youth have the right of peaceful protest.
      Their motives may or may not be acceptable to you.

  2. pas care not only muslim, so yr criticism abt them care only muslim like rohingya is wrong.

  3. About 20 years ago, a blogger mentioned the difference between PAS wanting an Islamic state and UMNO promoting an "Islamic state of mind" - i.e. puts on an appearance of being very Islamic to compete with PAS.

    So if UMNO/BN wins big, like with a solid more than two thirds majority, UMNO/BN will not have to fear PAS and will not feel the need to out-Islam PAS.

    So if your priority is beer (as well as pork, gambling, sex, etc.) over booting Najib out over alleged 1MDB accusations, then why not just vote BN?

    Like if you buy a package tour, there may be some sites visited which you don't particularly like but have to accept as part of the package.

    Defeating BN also comes as a package, which would stand a good chance of success if PAS (with its Islamic state, Hudud, etc.) are included in the package.

    This is where I feel DAP has been short sighted in wanting fight enemies on two fronts - i.e. BN on the one hand and PAS' Islamic State on the other.

    This resulted in a split between DAP and PAS, which led to the breakup of Pakatan Rakyat which led to the descent to the situation we have today where PKR is shit scared that without PAS, it could well lose many seats to UMNO/BN, including lose Selangor state to the BN.

    Sun Tsu might say that DAP shot itself in the foot.

    1. dap is never far sighted, especially after captured pg, in fact become quite complacent, moreover the umno mole keep on threatening mentioned lks n ks lost in 1999 accusing pas, hence dap only wish to preserve pg, until macc sue lge, which cause dap to work with mahathir n aim for federal. dap is pretty selfish, but always accuse others the same.

      but to be fair to dap n lge, pas already a dedak eaters, not all but the major player, hence no matter what dap did, would not chng pas inclination to work with umno, howewer dap could be more diplomatic in handle the break off, what dap did instead strengthen hadi faction n infuriate pas supporters include the moderate type. i still think lge is amateurish wrt politics, his fanboy r no diff.

    2. aiseh, pkr-ista, make up your mind whether I am a DAP fanboy or a Najib dedak-eater, wakakaka - did advise you to keep your mouth shut so people can't confirm you're an idiot, wakakaka again

    3. u r the traitor lee type, can be both depend on who feed u more dedak.

    4. can't you feed me a bit more, wakakaka

  4. my apologies to Monsterball in accidentally deleting his comments on LKS still steadfast in his stand and not supporting Mahathir in any way, words to that effect. Monsterball asked me to show proof as he couldn't detect any such evidence.

    I have two:

    (a) LKS decrying the RCI on the forex scandal he had for donkey years demanded that - hasn't that been a reversal of his so-called stand?

    (b) playing footsie-tootsie with MACC just a mere year after he vowed to TBH's family he would pursue MACC for the heinous and unexplained death of TBH - point number 2 of LKS' reversal in his so-called integrity

    There are more but the above two spring to mind