Friday, September 15, 2017

Tahfiz operated for 3 years without approved fire permit

Zan Azlee, one of my fave columnists, and usually a humorous one in most of his Malaysiakini articles, today unusually expresses his wrath at the bullshit excuse given by the principal of the tahfiz school which caught fire and killed 23 people, most of whom were young school children.

The lousy criminally-neglectful principal who did nothing to ensure his school had a valid occupation certificate or was compliant with fire and safety standards, had the brazen audacity to say (as reported by Malaysiakini) ... that we should all assume that the students who perished in the early morning blaze yesterday died as martyrs.

He said that these children were willing to live separately from their parents and family just so that they could gain an education and better understanding of the religion. And so, god willing, they are all going to heaven.

Other pathetic excuses I've read with both anger and sadness was that the school which caught fire was only a temporary one and he had intention to move to a better facility.

Balderdash, that so-called "temporary" school killed 21 students with ages ranging from a tender 7 to 17.

Wan said in his column he would prefer his children to be live and not die as martyrs, as that criminally-negligent school principal has claimed those poor dead children would be, in typical bullshit fashion when an ulama in deep trouble had the blasphemous nerve to speak on behalf of Allah swt.

Zan wrote in anger: When the fire happened, all the students who were on the top floor of the dormitory were unable to access the one and only exit because the blaze was already so intense. They tried their best to escape through the windows but the grill bars would not budge.

In the end, 21 students ranging from the ages seven to 17 died along with two teachers.
Firefighters found their bodies piled up in the corners of the room near the windows. Locals who tried to save them couldn’t do anything but watched their desperate struggles and listened to their screams.
Was that how the school principal believed or more likely, wanted the children's parents to believe Allah swt gathered his martyrs?

It was discovered that the school, which has been in operation for three years, did not have an approved fire safety permit. Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Noh Omar said that their submitted architectural plans were also different than the actual building.

Operating for over 3 f**king years. What f**king temporariness?! What bloody lies of an excuse.

What makes me even angrier is that the minister said that no action would be taken against the school because they had already suffered so much with the fire and the deaths. All Noh said was to advise other schools to have valid safety permits from the Fire and Rescue Department.

The suffering is by the tragic parents, one of whom lost a heart-shaking 3 children in one go in the gross criminally-negligence of the school principal. That principal should be charged kau kau with at least manslaughter and criminal negligence.

Muhamad Haris Ikhwan Mohd Sulaiman, 10, Hafiz Iskandar, 11,and Syafiq Haikal, 13

tragic mum Mas Anizan Mohammad Shahid, 43

Initially, before Noh made his statement, Kuala Lumpur police chief Amar Singh said that the police would open investigations and probe the school for its blatant disregard of the law. But I guess the minister’s word trumps his now.

Now that criminal has gotten away with his misdeeds which killed 23 people, just as a rat saved the skin of an assistant warden and the principal in another tahfiz school in JB.


  1. Most of these Islamic religious schools are virtually Underground, outside of the formal education system and with uncertain funding. This leads to very dubious management and administrative arrangements.

    It is unlikely they will be able to be financially self-supporting, even with State and Federal government allocations.
    One proposal is to absorb them into the Government school system. But that carries its own dangers. Government schools are already Islamised as such, bringing these Islamic religious schools into the system will only accelerate the country's slide into Talibanism.
    And don't go into the panacea of blaming Mahathir.

    I don't know the answer....but this incident is not likely the last such tragedy.

    1. aiyoyo, you're so concerned about Maddy, wakakaka

    2. I'm not concerned about Mahathir, but I'm irritated no end with your constant trying to put blame on current problems in the country on someone who's gone for decades, and not holding current the office holder accountable.

      You don't understand the first principle of democracy and government - ACCOUNTABILITY.
      Its the 'A' in CAT.

    3. Mahathir is NOT "gone for decades" and he refuses to accept responsibility for his misdeeds and profligacy - thus there is a grave and great danger in putting such an arrogant and unrepentant man back onto the highest chair.