Friday, September 08, 2017

Pakatan's PM-to-be

FMT - Mahathir: Opposition has several candidates for PM (extracts):

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has disclosed that he has in mind several candidates from the opposition to assume the post of prime minister should Pakatan Harapan (PH) take control of Putrajaya in the upcoming 14th general election (GE14).

The chairman of PH and PPBM was however reluctant to reveal the names of these individuals and which component parties they were from, saying that it would stir controversy. [...]

The revelation that there is more than one person being considered from the opposition is at odds with PKR’s expressed desire to have its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to be made the premier. Anwar is also de facto head of PH.

Delegates at the PKR national congress on May 21 had held up placards supporting Anwar for prime minister. Mahathir, who was seated with other PH leaders did not hold up the card that read “Anwar the 7th PM”, but was instead seen recording the scene on his mobile phone.

I'm the Boss, f**k Anwar

Instead, on June 6, Mahathir reportedly told top businessmen and opinion leaders in Tokyo that there was a possibility he might be prime minister again if the opposition won, but it would be for “a short while”.

“If there is no candidate … I might try, only on condition that everybody agrees,” he said.

Wakakaka1 - Of course Mahathir won't reveal Pakatan potential candidates for the PM post as there is only one, and he has appointed himself as PM-to-be.

Wakakaka2 - Anwar has been abandoned kau kau regardless of what PKR might have wished. And Lim Kit Siang agrees, saying said Anwar can only be the 8th but not 7th PM (after Mahathir? After Mukhriz? After Azmin? wakakaka).

Wakakaka3 - everyone in Pakatan Harapan shuts the f**k up when Boss speaks.

What a sad day for Anwar. What a sad day for DAP.

dei no problema, Chinese still support me tho' amwar kena black eye 


  1. In a democratic political debate,a person such as Anwar should never had been mentioned.What the fuck Anwar,a felon,still serving time is still considered a de-facto PM or PM in waiting.These crazies are committing political suicide if they are in any civilized country.

  2. i thot u r 1 that said anwar not likely to become the 7th pm, so what is wrong with mahathir view?

  3. Mahathir/Anwar teh PM? Racialistic in spirit and sodomist in outlook, so a country we remain.

    1. Thus, currently bolihland has a womaniser, topped with obnoxious kleptocratic habit to be the top man le!

      With this kind of mentality, apax2 pun bolih jadi!!

    2. no worry ck, kt can deal najib, the only problem is how to deal hadi.

    3. Senang sahaja!!

      Creat an opportunity for the zombies to fight the ketuanan freaks lah.

      One aims for the afterlife's 72 virgins while the other hungers for opprobrious present-life material gains.

      Never shall these two lines meet.

      Thus, there WILL be an eventual crash. One just has to give it a little knock on either side lah.

    4. ck, my point is kt now pretend najib has nothing to do with 355 n islamisation, he still shift the blama to mahathir.