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Mufti Perak: Bubur boleh diajar kembali menjadi nasi

MM Online - Perak Mufti claims court ruling on Muslim naming would encourage adultery (extracts):

Peguam dan aktivis terkenal Siti Kasim berkata Mufti Perak Tan Sri Dr Harussani Zakaria melakukan perkara sama seperti memfitnahnya dan oleh itu boleh dihukum 80 sebatan, menurut Al-Quran

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though you don't have as he is already known as a bullsh*tter, wakakaka

KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 — Muslims will not avoid illicit sex if they are allowed to later legitimise children born out of wedlock, said Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria.

The Perak Mufti said this according to a report by the Star Online news portal today.

“So why should we go against it? I hope some ulamak will be careful as the matter has been decided thousands of years ago based on the Quran and hadith.

Firstly, I want to correct the mufti on Islam, wakakaka. Anyway, he has quite frequently failed to get his so-called "facts" correct, yes, ever since he blamed a woman (Raja Sherina) for his own fabrication about the mass conversion of Muslims in Perak some years back.

That seditious sinister SMS lie nearly set religious-motivated riots ablaze in his State, which saw him panicked (no, he was not scared of the police for his sedition, but) when he was rightfully snubbed by the late Sultan, Almarhum Raja Azlan Shah.

SIS had excoriated him on that instant, saying the mufti had frequently spoke with forked tongue, recklessly quoting un-named people, wakakaka.

His inaccurate, nay, in fact incorrect nonsense has been '... the matter has been decided thousands of years ago'.

What a lot of crap. Islam was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Allah swt in the 7th Century which makes it only 1,400 years ago (approximately).

Yes, it was in 610 CE that Prophet Muhammad began receiving what Muslims consider to be divine revelation, so what nonsense has the mufti been sprouting to say the matter has been decided thousands of years ago as if it was several thousand (which means at least a minimum of two thousand) years ago.

As a mufti he cannot afford to nor should he ever bullshit to his parish, even on matters such as the pedigree of Islam, but which he has frequently done so, wakakaka.

Okay, I feel less stressful now I have corrected his usual bullshit which was niggling me, so let's move on to another of his bullshit or lack of logic.

Consider his pronouncement that Muslims will not avoid illicit sex if they are allowed to later legitimise children born out of wedlock.

What an idiot! Muslims have illegitimate children (born out of wedlock) because they have ALREADY committed illicit sex, dumbo!

And not being able to bless any likely kids born out of wedlock with a decent patronymic is NOT going to stop them from having pre-marital sex.

That's the moronic lack of logic by the mufti. It's like him arguing that 'bubur boleh diajar kembali menjadi nasi'.

He is seen as more into socially punishing and humiliating the innocent kids who have been the results of illicit sex by Muslim adults, than he is in blessing those unfortunate but (I reiterate) innocent children with decent patronymics which then won't straightaway stigmatise (set some mark of disgrace or infamy upon) them as 'social pariahs' or 'immoral reprobates', those born without legal dads.

And to make his heartless arguments more 'authoritative' (which they aren't by virtue of intrinsic illogic, wakakaka), he naughtily tambah the pedigree of some medieval hadith or fatwa by recklessly saying the matter has been decided thousands of years ago.

Yes, the mufti lacks the compassion of Allah swt, which reminds us of Kassim Ahmad's advice to Muslims to obey only the words of Allah swt in al Quran and not the words of those priesthood caste.

Like many modern reformists, after comparing the teachings of Hadith to the Quran, Kassim experienced a paradigm change.

He shook the Malay world with his Hadith: A Re-Examination in which he challenges the infallibility of the purported words of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

BTW, 'purported' means just reported by someone (and not the Prophet himself) who claimed those words were from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but without proof (hearsay), in other words, the ahadith

His recent book, Islamic Renaissance has been published by Brainbow Press.

Kassim Ahmad also warned us that the priesthood caste who only arose 300 years after the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), would present themselves as the absolute authoritative interpreters of Islamic laws, even when its source is from the Hadith and not al Quran

Mahathir's lineage of Yemeni origin?

Now the Mahathir patronymic saga has expanded.

It seems that Iskandar Kutti was not Mahathir's dad but rather his granddad, one generation above.

From a Facebook posting by the Mukhriz Fan Club (Mukhriz is the 3rd son of Mahathir), granddad Iskandar married Siti Hawa from Johor and subsequently dad Mohamad married Wan Tempawan Bt Wan Hanafi.

Thus Mahathir is not half Malayalam but rather quarter Malayalam, making him closer to being a Melayu tulen.

my matey maniam told me in malaysia, malayalam hotties are the sweetest, with skin like the hue of ripe mangoes 

But the Mukhriz Fan Club said 'balderdash' to that conclusion. The Facebook posting had claimed that those from Kerala are not native to India but of Yemeni lineage.

Wow, I didn't know that, though I have read and even posted in 2012 on Mufti Harussani claiming that Malays are ‘special’ because they are related to Islam, unlike the Arabs, some of whom are Christians, wakakaka.

And then in 2006 there was Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas telling us:

“The Melayu is defined as first being a Muslim and because he’s a Muslim, he follows the customs and traditions of the Malays which are derived from Islam, followed by the language of the Malays which (also) derives from Islam.”

Malay language was derived from Islam? What about the words 'bumiputera', 'agama', 'raja', 'bangsa' and 'negara'?

Yes brothers and sisters, there has been this incessant desire by some Malays or Muslims in Malaysia to claim lineage from Arabia or the Quran or both. As one of my visitors remarked, the Malay Muslims in our country seem to lack confidence in their ethnic pedigree. 

Anyway, back to the Mukhriz Fan Club's Facebook page claiming those from Kerala are not native to India but of Yemeni lineage - if correct this would mean Mahathir's granddad was a Yemeni Arab and not a Malayalam. Wow and double wow, what a pedigree, but my apologies to Malayalam.

Who knows, granddad might even have a connection, no matter how tenuous, to Prophet Mohamad (pbuh)?

But whatever, thank Allah swt that at least that Facebook posting has gotten rid from Mahathir of the despicable Indian connections, again my apologies to Malayalam and other Indians.

But best of all, Mahathir is now 3/4 Arab (from Yemen) and only one quarter Melayu. Fantastic, what a magnificent marvellous mix of a Malay Muslim.

As an aside, I wonder whether those from Tamilnadu are also NOT native to India but of Omani lineage, or perhaps of Saudi origin?

hot looking Yemeni sweeties

malayalam hotties are no fight to these babes, wakakaka

Just one last query, did Mahathir's original name have an "a/l" (anak lelaki kepada) abbreviation?

Or was it (as the Mukhriz Fan Club might argue for) an "ibn" instead, like Mahathir ibn Mohamad ibn Iskandar Kutti?

Yazid Ramli - Contempt of court, breach of confidential patronymic information

Ahmad Zahid and Mohd Yazid Ramli are in a spot of trouble. Ahmad Zahid, our dearest buddy who has slept with an Indian wakakaka, is the Home Minister while Yazid Ramli is the DG of the NRD.

Both have been attacked on two separate fronts.

Front No 1 is reported by MM Online's Lawyers: Slippery slope if NRD can openly defy court decision where some extracts follow.

Any government agency’s refusal to abide by legal court rulings would damage the rule of law, said lawyers.

The legal practitioners all disapproved of the National Registration Department’s (NRD) rebuff of a decision allowing illegitimate Muslim children to bear their biological fathers’ names, saying this was blatantly contemptuous of the Court of Appeal.

Short of securing a stay of the ruling, they insist the agency must observe the appellate court’s decision despite contesting the outcome.

“The NRD’s decision to disregard the decision of the CoA is illegal and in contempt. There is no justifiable excuse as to why the decision of the CoA is not immediately adhered to,” Datuk Geethan Ram Vincent told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

He also criticised NRD director-general Datuk Yazid Ramli who said his agency will continue with the convention of using “Abdullah” as the father’s name in cases of illegitimate Muslim births, pending the outcome of the appeal to the Federal Court.

Geethan explained that Yazid did not have the prerogative to decide which rulings he would abide by or otherwise.

“His duty under the Births and Deaths Registration Act (BDRA) is merely to register births and deaths in the states of Peninsular Malaysia. He is bound to follow the law and nothing else,” he said critically.

The lawyers and many others, like poor kaytee wakakaka, are citing Yazid Ramli for contempt of court, namely contempt of a ruling by the Court of Appeals. If charged and found guilty of contempt of court, Yazid Ramli may see himself in jail.

Punishing people who are in contempt of the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court is empowered by Act 91 (1964). Usually the punishment is a short jail term with or without fines.

I personally hope Yazid Ramli will be jailed for disrespecting the powers of the Court of Appeal. He must be taught a lesson that the civil courts are supreme in the judiciary and not a fatwa which is only advisory to Muslims.

Since 2001 and 2002 conservative Muslims have been misled by Mahathir's Declarations of Malaysia as initially an Islamic State and then not only an Islamic State but one that was a fundamentalist Islamic State, both being illegal declarations that were arbitrary, unilateral and illegal.

For more, see Lim Kit Siang's rant, rave and rage against Mahathir in his (LKS') 929 & 617 Declarations. Today Lim Kit Siang has lost his marbles and is now kuai kuai keeping his big mouth shut tight in cringing obedience to Mahathir.

once arch-foes, now collaborationists 

That might have been why blokes like Yazid Ramli saw fit to ignore a Court of Appeals' ruling to instead kowtow to a fatwa, which has no legal authority even among Muslims.

But Ahmad Zahid as Home Ministers seems to know no better in foolishly backing defiant Yazid Ramli's insistence in following a fatwa which contradicts a ruling by the Court of Appeals.

As the lawyers warned, any government agency like the NRD in refusing to abide by a legal court ruling would damage the rule of law. Thus Yazid Ramli MUST be jailed to re-secure the rule of law in Malaysia.

As for the Home Minister I am not sure, this being Malaysia Boleh, whether he will be jailed, but at least Parliament should dock him with a symbolic RM1 pay cut to show parliamentary disapproval of his silly disrespectful chattering. Alternatively, we could make him sleep with a Chinese this time, wakakaka.

Front No 2 is not so much about contempt of court but for breaching the Personal Data Protection Act, and is reported by FMT's Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty: Report lodged against Zahid, NRD chief which informs us of the following:

A former Umno man has lodged a police report against Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the national registration department (NRD) head, for allegedly leaking Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s personal information.

The report lodged by former Batu Kawan Umno division vice-chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan last night, came after Zahid announced the details of Mahathir’s alleged identity card (IC), which bore the name “Mahathir anak lelaki (son of) Iskandar Kutty”, saying he had received an image of the former prime minister’s IC from NRD director-general Yazid Ramli.

“I made the police report at 10.46pm, at the Dang Wangi police station. Zahid and the NRD director-general had abused their powers (and breached) the Personal Data Protection Act,” Khairuddin said in a statement released shortly after he left the police station, attaching an image of the report he filed.

“The personal information of a Malaysian citizen shouldn’t be mocked or exposed to the public, especially in a political event.”

Khairuddin also labeled civil servants who “conspired with politicians” to misuse the information they are privy to, as “unethical”.

“This is a criminal act that was done intentionally, and shouldn’t be repeated as it will affect the public’s confidence in government institutions”

in the words of ridhuan tee bin abdullah, 'kami melayu ...' 

Again I am not sure whether any actions will be taken against the two, but leaking confidential information about a citizen is a serious matter, no matter those information have been known to many especially PKR people for aeons.

is there an 'escape' clause, say, like Mahathir (while as PM) misusing his powers to change or obliterate from his IC the appellation of his patronymic 'anak lelaki kepada Iskandar Kutty'?

PKR-istas had been using said information for years to torment, taunt and torture (mentally) and of course insult Mahathir when he was their Mahafiraun Iblis No 1.

Aiyoyo, yesterday's enemy is today's friend, and may well be tomorrow's enemy again. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ballistic brutal barb into Mahathir's heart

Recall I blogged on the following before but this post requires its introduction to what I want to publish so here it is again:

once I slept with an Indian 

Do you recall in 1998, two decades ago, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was UMNO Youth Chief and the ally of then DPM Anwar Ibrahim.

Ahmad Zahid was then touted as Anwar's vanguard to oust Dr Mahathir from the PM position well ahead of schedule (ie. Mahathir's planned and then-abandoned plan to retire, as is happening now, wakakaka).

The Anwar faction's tactic then was to voice allegations of Mahathir’s cronyism and nepotism. On June 1998, The New York Times ( NYT ) reported in its World Business page:

In what was seen as a jab at Mr Mahathir’s 17-year leadership, the head of Umno’s youth wing, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, had called for an end to cronyism and nepotism during a speech to delegates.

“Why were big loans to big businessmen approved so easily when small guys had to wait so long to get a loan of RM50,000?” (US$12,500) Mr Ahmad Zahid asked.

The NYT also reported that the PM (Mahathir then) responded to Zahid’s allegation the next day by posting hundreds of names of people who have won government projects in recent years, a list which included his accuser, Zahid.

Though Mahathir failed to answer Ahmad Zahid's accusations, his Blitzkrieg-style counter-attack was sufficient to silent the young upstart.

Subsequently, Zahid’s superior survival skills [wakakaka] had him confessing that Anwar was the person who instructed him to attack Dr Mahathir with allegations of cronyism and nepotism.

'twas anwar, not innocent me


The New Straits Times (June 19, 1999) informed us that Zahid finished his confessional by apologising to the then PM, and with a flamboyant flourish, acknowledged Dr Mahathir’s rebuke of him as a father-to-son advice.

Father to son advice. Wakakaka.

Well, today in the MM Online, naughty Ahmad Zahid said something extremely cruel to his previously claimed 'father', as in: His name was Mahathir, son of Iskandar Kutty.

This was the 'kitchen sink' he threw at Mahathir, alleging quoting the National Registration Department (NRD) that Mahathir's original blue IC (Identity Card) bore the former PM's original name of Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty.

Ahmad Zahid obviously wants to point out to UMNO that Mahathir is the son of an Indian Muslim and not a Melayu.

The NRD standard abbreviation of 'a/l' or 'anak lelaki kepada' (son of) is a patronymic prefix generally assigned to Malaysian Indian Muslims.

If Mahathir were to be a Malay man, his name would be Mahathir Mohamad bin Iskandar where 'bin' (son of) is reserved for Malay males.

By the by, did Mahathir on becoming the powerful PM which he was for 22 years, change his IC name to remove the a/l Iskandar Kutty?

Well, I have to at least commend Ridhuan Tee bin Abdullah for asserting he is still a Chinese because Allah swt made him one, and it has to be said too he still retains his Chinese surname of Tee.

MM Online reported Ahmad Zahid as accusing ... Mahathir of only championing Malays in order to use the community for his personal goals, and of abandoning Umno after milking it dry of all benefit.

I know that dirty tricks campaign is normal in Malaysia but this barb would have hurt Mahathir kau kau.

Once Mahathir (on stage) confessed rather openly in his moment of distress that he had worked damn hard to be a Malay. I think he has been rather sensitive and embarrassed about his Indian (Kerala) past.

Thus Ahmad Zahid's derisive dirty dig at Mahathir's Indian ancestry would have been like a spiking striking stake into the Old Man's heart, and we are NOT talking about vampires. Oh, are we? Wakakaka.

ahmad zahid in make-up for his role as van helsing


But my preamble reminds us of Ahmad Zahid's 1999's 'father-to-son advice' so does that make Ahmad Zahid also an anak-lelaki kepada (a/l) Hamidi or if you like, a/l Mahathir? Wakakaka.

Well, many have been complaining that there are too many chiefs and no Indian in Pakatan Harapan.

tian chua complaining? 

This post refutes that silly notion, showing at least two Indians where one of them is also the Chairman of the PH coalition and the other his non-PH but BN 'son', wakakaka.

School Books too prohibitive in cost?

MM Online - Parents accuse school heads of pushing workbooks for profit (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 30 — Parents are reportedly claiming that headmasters are forcing students to buy additional workbooks in return for commissions from publishers.

The Sunday Star reported the parents as complaining that the additional workbooks were adding to the physical burden that students already bear from carrying their textbooks daily.

One parent, identified as J. Andrew, alleged that he was informed by salesmen that school heads could earn as much as 30 per cent from the sale price of each workbook.

Another parent, who declined to be named, was quoted as saying he spent an estimated RM200 for workbooks alone each year.

It's not so much the physical load the kid has to carry but more the associated financial cost the parents have to bear.

I recall in my school days I did not require workbook for primary schooling but hallelujah, there were tons during my secondary years. 

In my days, wakakaka, t'was not so much nicely published workbooks, but merely tons of mass printed stacks of subject 'exercises' (usually stapled together) which weighed just the same or in fact more than today's workbooks.

The person complaining most about textbooks and subject 'exercises' was my mum. We were bloody poor and she just couldn't afford the expenses, no matter how necessary that might have been for me.

It was my uncles who came to the financial rescue, though those was not regular, more due to my personal embarrassment and thus reluctance in asking them continuously for money than their neglect in supporting me.

But school heads should realise not every school student can afford their demands for them to buy workbooks.

The thought that those school heads might be making financial commissions out of their pupils' misery makes me mad and sad.

In my days we students used to curse our principal for aggressively berating, yes, berating (scolding, shouting, insulting) us for not buying books and (to be fair to the principal, only 'optional') subject exercises from the school, which in general costed at least 20% more than the bookstores in Carnarvon Street (in Penang Hokkien, 'Lam ch'aan nah') in Georgetown Penang.

It was an ominous street for Chinese because the coffin shops were located there, wakakaka.

Carnarvon Street seen from Malay St
note Nanyang Bookstore on right

photo from Penang, Penang lang(槟城人) lah......

But yes, we were 'bullied' by the ultra aggressive hallelujah-ing principal, wakakaka, who insisted that we must buy from the school even if the books costed more than similar ones in commercial bookstores.

That was well and good when the students had well-off parents but poor kaytee and poorer mum were higher stressed at the beginning of each year (after my father passed away) when new books were required with each ascension of class levels.

Quite a few of us impoverished chaps especially half a dozen living in Ayer Itam were caught between the Devil (school principal) and the deep blue sea (mums) during purchases of books for the new year's class.

During my final year, I did not purchase the subject 'exercises' to prepare for my do-or-die exams but lied to the principal I had. Mum did not have the money and as mentioned I did not want to further trouble my uncles who had been stupendously generous (and I did not like to as well as dare not look at their wives in the faces, wakakaka).

I saw those better-off classmates not only furnished with all sorts of (extra) textbooks and mountains of subject 'exercises' but also trained in special tuition classes which their parents arranged for them.

I then learnt too late (after the final exams) and indeed to my immense regret that there were certain recommended practices by the 'special' tutors on writing up a physics and chemistry practical test paper, which my tutored classmates knew about but poor dungu kaytee was clueless on.

Though handicapped by my inadequate knowledge on writing up a good practical test paper for both chemistry and physics, I did reasonably well in chemistry but only managed an average pass in physics. Of course I wished I had performed better, but asked why didn't and couldn't the school classes teach that?

Recently, an old classmate, who was as equally poor as I was, and I got together in Penang and while reminiscing about our school days, we had a big laugh at how miraculously we manged to pass the big final kahuna without all those special workbooks or subject 'exercises' and tuition classes.

But in the end, cost had been and would still be the major setback for many parents.

I am thus a 'bin Abdullah'

In MM Online yesterday, Ravinder Singh penned ‘Bin Abdullah’ — a much ado about nothing in which he said:

Before the advent of scientific methods of identifying the parentage of a child, the practice of adding the surname “bin/binti Abdullah” to a Muslim child born out of wedlock or within six months of his/her parent’s marriage, may have been justified.

But today, when parentage can be so easily determined with DNA tests, that practice should be discarded. If there is any doubt, just have the father/child DNA tested. The question is, why so adamant about staying stuck in something that is no longer relevant? Where in the holy scriptures does it say that certain practices cannot change with time?

Ravinder then went on to extol the virtues of the accuracy of Chinese calendar, saying:

... for centuries the Chinese calendar had never been wrong about the first moon based on calculations. Good sense prevailed and scientific calculations began to be used to determine the beginning and end of Ramadan. The practice of physical sighting of the moon still goes on, but scientific calculations prevail if the moon is not sighted (e.g. due to bad weather).

Alas, dear Ravinder might not have realised it, but his attempt to draw credible examples of scientific advances to help uninformed unhelpful non-compassionate practices (in Ravinder's compassionate wish to help illegitimately born but innocent Muslim kids) would have been better if he had not used anything 'Chinese' during the current socio-politico-cultural 'climate' in our country which is going 'south' on Sino-tastes.

The real issue behind the whole affair is not so much the precise identification via a DNA test of the illegitimate kid's real father. In this particular case, the father himself has already acknowledged he is the sire of the child and has applied for the child's name to be changed from 'bin Abdullah'.

In reality, the ultra conservative Muslim segment do not want to know about that issue of paternity or any associated liability, no, not even a patronymic for the poor innocent kid.

It's about consigning an alleged 'illegitimate' into a category of 'bin Abdullah' (son of the servant of Allah swt) which in Malaysia carries (for life) the tragic 'opprobrium' of being an illegitimate child.

'Opprobrium' is a noun defined in the dictionary as 'public disgrace arising from shameful conduct'.

It's not unlike the poor innocent child, born into this cruel world, forced to wear a 'badge' akin to the Star of David as Jews in Germany during WWII were required to do.

Thus the illegitimately-conceived child is a 'public disgrace arising from shameful conduct' but the man who did the act leading to the innocent child's birth as an illegitimate toddler is protected in anonymity and remains unscathed, though admirably the father in this particular case has accepted responsibility and wants the child's name changed from being an 'bin Abdullah'.

But sadly, the DG of the NRD has the cruel arrogance to deny the father this just because he prefers to follow a fatwa (illegally at that) instead of the laid down procedures of his job which his paid salary requires him to adhere to

any Muslims in Malaysia still smoking? 

Incidentally, Chinese converting to Islam also have to carry the badge of 'bin Abdullah', as exemplified in the case of devoted Chinese Malaysian-Muslim Encik Mohd Ridhuan Tee bin Abdullah.

Though an atheist but in solidarity with the illegitimately born Muslim children I am today also a child of a servant of Allah swt. I am thus a 'bin Abdullah'.

Ravinder also asked: Are civil servants employed to administer civil laws passed by Parliament, or if they are Muslims, to take it upon themselves to enforce fatwas as well “in defence of religion”?

The Director General of the National Registration Department (NRD) claims that he is but merely following a ruling made by a High Court, but does not give any information about the case. Did the judgment in that case (if it is true) direct the NRD to register such children as “bin Abdullah”?

He must give details of the case or stand as an untruthful person who has a personal agenda.

Answering Ravinder's excellent question is just too easy. As mentioned above, the DG of NRD, Mohd Yazid bin Ramli is determined to follow the directive of a fatwa regardless of the ruling by the Court of Appeals, and in this, he has the full backing of the DPM.

So it's a case of Mohd Yazid possessing teflonised protection in his arrogant contempt of a court's ruling - one of AAB's mentioned lil' Napoleon ballsing up his administration (and I wonder who did the instigation of those lil' Napoleons to f**k up AAB's prime ministerial governance).

Much earlier, the Court of Appeal had ruled that Mohd Yazid as a civil servant is obliged to follow the procedures of the Births & Deaths Registration Act (1957) and not a fatwa which has no force of law.

Alas, the judge's ruling seemed to have fallen on the arrogant deaf ears of presumably a devout Muslim, who we are forced to conclude must have considered a fatwa as superseding any secular law.

The Star Online reported in its NRD D-G not bound by fatwa to decide surnames of illegitimate Muslim kids, extracts as follows:

Justice Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli said the director-general's jurisdiction was a civil one and confined to determining whether the child's parents had fulfilled the requirements under the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1957 (BDRA) which covered all illegitimate children, Muslim or non-Muslim.

He said the director-general was guided by procedure under the BDRA and his duty was to allow the registration application if all requirements under the BDR were met.

Abdul Rahman said the BDRA did not envisage the application of any substantive principle of Islamic law in the registration process, adding that Section 13A (2) of the Act allowed for the surname of the illegitimate child to be in the name of the person acknowledging himself to be the father of the child.

He said the NRD director-general acted irrationally in refusing to alter a child's surname from "Abdullah" to the name of the child's father in the birth certificate on the purported ground that according to the fatwa issued by the National Fatwa Committee, the child could not be ascribed with his father's surname as he is a illegitimate child.

"A fatwa, we reiterate, is not law and has no force of law and cannot form the legal basis for the National Registration director-general to decide on the surname of an illegitimate child under Section 13A (2) of the BDRA.

“A fatwa issued by a religious body has no force of law unless the fatwa or edict has been made or adopted as federal law by an act of Parliament, otherwise a fatwa would form part of federal law without going through the legislative process.”

He said Section 13A (2) of the BDRA did not give the power to the NRD director-general to override a father's wish to have his name ascribed as his child's surname.

"Nor is it a provision that empowers him to decide upon himself that the child's surname should be ‘Abdullah’,” the judge said, in allowing the appeal brought by a couple and the child whose names the court withheld to protect the child's identity.

He said: “The BDRA makes no distinction between a Muslim child and a non-Muslim child and Section 13A(2) of the Act does not say that an illegitimate Muslim child must be treated differently from a non-Muslim child when it comes to the registration of a surname.

“And it does not say that in the case of a Muslim child, his surname must be ‘Abdullah’.

"A fatwa issued by a religious body involves purely the administration of Islamic law or Hukum Syarak and has nothing to do with the National Registration director-general's duty under the BDRA to register births and deaths in the states of Peninsular Malaysia.”

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Forex now hanging over Wan Azizah's head

FMT - Hisham: Why probe Dr M only after winning elections (extracts):

Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein has questioned the opposition on why it would investigate allegations against Dr Mahathir Mohamad only once it wins in the 14th general election (GE14).

Hishammuddin ..... said if the opposition was truly fighting for justice, it should call for an investigation now.

“The question is, why wait until they win the elections? There seems to be a contradiction, if they win, they investigate, if not, they work together. It does not make sense” [...]

He was asked to comment on the statement by Pakatan Rakyat president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail who had agreed to set up a commission to investigate allegations against Mahathir while he was the prime minister for 22 years.

Wan Azizah, however, said it could ONLY be done if Pakatan Harapan defeats Barisan Nasional (BN) in GE14.

Hishammuddin said this was in stark contrast to the BN government which had conducted investigations into issues like 1MDB.

C'mon Hisham, do you want to embarrass Mahathir?

What could Wan Azizah have done?

Forex (Sword of Damocles) hanging over Wan Azizah's head 

Besides, as we including Hisham all know, wakakaka, Wan Azizah has been like an army officer who knows her Principle of War, where the MOST important Principle is the 'Selection and maintenance of aim'.

And again, we know what is Wan Azizah's most important 'aim', or 'objective' as the Yanks call it.

Note: 'Objective' is more specific, where some say it follows the SMART style of management, namely, referring to it being set in the frame work of being specific, measurable, accurate, reasonable and that the specified time is followed.

Whichever, Wan Azizah has been seen as like an army officer in maintaining her 'aim' because frankly, she has only one, that is, only one 'aim', wakakaka, unlike a British general during wartime who has to consider all 10 Principles of War (Yanks only 9).

Her 'aim' is driven by her marital fidelity, namely, to free Anwar Ibrahim. I truly salute her loyalty to her husband, but which, it has to be said, has at times clouded her judgement and mucked up her decisions.

Anyway, she now assesses that Anwar has a chance of being freed and even pardoned by the Agong if Pakatan Harapan were to win GE-14 to become the ruling party and thus the next Malaysian government.

Thus, Wan Azizah memilih dan memegang teguh kepada tujuan.

does wan azizah know mahathir? wakakaka 

Thus, she backs Mahathir who is now viewed as the saviour for Pakatan Harapan, the man who will secure the vital winning Heartland votes.

Naturally she doesn't want Mahathir to be scandalised or 'damaged' by any current RCI probing into the FOREX scandal. It may ruin his reputation, assuming it hasn't yet being ruined, wakakaka.

After Pakatan Harapan has won the election, and Anwar is freed, who cares anyway about a RCI on the FOREX scandal.

That is assuming PM Mahathir or his representative will even work towards freeing his archenemy Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka.