Thursday, August 31, 2017

PKR - still unreliable

From FMT, about PKR finally (grudgingly?) saying it'll abide by PH policy not to cooperate nor to negotiate with PAS on matters pertaining to the pending general elections (extracts):

please i beg you, don't stop me from sucking

Following a three-hour meeting on Monday, the PH presidential council said the coalition would not cooperate with the Islamist party but would concentrate on preparing a strategy to manage the expected three-cornered contests.

Azmin, who is a PH vice-president, was notably absent from the meeting. He was also a no-show at a meeting of PKR’s political bureau the following night.

According to The Star, Azmin said he had been attending to other matters at the time.

The PH meeting followed reports that some PKR leaders were involved in negotiations with PAS on the allocation of seats in Selangor in GE14.

On Saturday, Azmin said his talks with PAS leaders were not done in his personal capacity but based on a party decision. However, PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution later denied there was such a decision made at the party level.

The move did not sit well with some party leaders, including Selayang MP William Leong who recently announced his resignation from the political bureau, the highest decision-making body in PKR.

Based on above FMT report, we can see Azmin Ali doing his own sweet-&-sour-sucking thing with PAS, much to the annoyance of other PKR members, but brazenly fibbing his whoring actions had been based on a "party decision".

Saifuddin Nasution virtually said "Balls" to Azmin Ali fabricated claim.

In my previous post Rafizi spills the budu-beans on PKR I narrated what Rafizi Ramli (principal intra-party rival of Azmin Ali) told us, to wit:

“I have made a decision not to attend the political bureau meetings since August 2016 after it was clear differing opinions in the political bureau will prolong and blunt the party’s preparations in the run-up to GE14.”

“Even if there was an agreement within the political bureau, if someone did not like it, the decision would not be respected and would in fact be raised in the next political bureau meeting until it was reversed (as happened with the decision for the party representatives’ resignations in the Kelantan government).

“As such, political bureau meetings became a place for prolonged political polemics without effective actions.”

Guess who is the "... if someone did not like it ..." in PKR that so annoyed and frustrated Selayang MP William Leong into resigning from the political bureau of PKR, the party's highest decision-making body.

We can understand William Leong's frustration and hair pulling because no decision in PKR's political bureau could ever be reached UNLESS those decisions were made or accepted by that recalcitrant "... someone ...".

But most shockingly, that "... someone ..." had dared to fib that his personal decisions to continue negotiating with PAS were based on a party decision.

The man is not a trustworthy person and should be placed under the most stringent observations and the closest scrutiny.

So, can PH even trust his current words when he said PKR will now desist from sucking PAS?


From MM Online's PAS leader says party never wanted cooperation with Pakatan Harapan (extracts):

can't i continue sucking, tok? 

PAS vice-president (and Kelantan MB) Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said ... the Islamist party earlier this year cut ties with PKR, ending any links to the opposition pact.

“PAS from before has no intention of working with Pakatan, even before Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was there; we already made our decision,” he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian today.

“So, the question of only making a decision now does not arise as we have decided long ago. That has to be clear.”

But Pak Haji, could you not have made this more clear to those sucking PKR leaders, namely, Azmin Ali and Wan Azizah, that you the sucked wishes to stop the sucking?

Even the so-called Princess Reformasi of the now-non-reformist party, wakakaka, has been reported by Malaysiakini as responding to PAS' accusation that PKR was "begging" for its support ...

i still wanna suck lah 

"On the recent topic of 'begging' for support. Speaking for myself, I beg for this: whoever hates the stealing of wealth from the poor, whoever hates the taking of the rights of the voiceless... I beg you to stand together with us for justice and defeat the kleptocracy of BN in GE14," she said.

Rohingya - Made in Britain

FMT - UN Security Council meets on Myanmar violence (extracts):

rohingya militant islamists

below 2 photos - locals who do NOT want or fear rohingyas

NEW YORK: The UN Security Council on Wednesday discussed the violence in Myanmar where clashes and a security crackdown by the military in Rakhine state have sent 18,500 Rohingya fleeing across the border into Bangladesh.

There was no formal statement from the 15-member council following the closed-door meeting but British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said there were calls from council members for de-escalation.

“We all condemned the violence, we all called on all the parties to de-escalate,” Rycroft told reporters.

The clashes began on Friday after militants from the Rohingya Muslim minority staged deadly surprise raids on police posts.

Regarding above incidents, those Rohingyas have NOT been victims as such. Like most terrorist organisations (CPM? Tamil Tigers?), their militants started it without much strategic thinking, and now the general Rohingya population suffer.

Continuing with the FMT extract - The violence has left at least 110 people, including 11 state officials, dead and thousands of Rohingya have poured across the border to Bangladesh despite Dhaka’s attempts to stop them.

As I once wrote, the Rohingya people were originally from Indian-British Bengal which then became East Pakistan and today, Bangladesh.

After the First Anglo-Burmese war in 1826, the victorious colonial British encouraged the mainly Muslim Bengalis (already Pommie colonial subjects) were encouraged by their Pommie Overlords to migrate into the Arakan region (now called Rakhine State) of Burma - perhaps as part of the Pommie 'divide & conquer' colonial strategy.

Like most British colonial flotsam (eg. Chinese and Indians in Malaysia, Indians in Fiji and Africa, etc), the Rohingyas are particularly not welcomed at all in Myanmar.

Unlike Chinese and Indians in Malaysia, the Rohinyas have found assimilating or integrating with Burmese either too difficult or too unpalatable (not unlike Jews of medieval and pre-WWII Europe who lived in socially-insulated Jewish communities) 

And in turn, the Myanmarese (or Burmese) do not want the Rohingyas, I believe for three reasons, namely:

(a) as the FMT news have indicated, the Rohingyas have not exactly 'angels' in Myanmar, and that's only the most recent incidents, one out of several hundreds if not thousands of such incidents throughout the years of domicile in Burma.

Like descendants of Indian migrants in Fiji, the Rohingyas have been racially arrogant and ethnically aggressive to the local Myanmarese in Rakhine State, ill treating the Myanmar indigenes,

(b) as 'imported' Muslims living in a predominantly Buddhist country, history saw the Rohingyas giving their loyalty to what was East Pakistan (Bangladesh today), with Rohingya leaders asking Ali Jinnah in the 1940's to incorporate the Burmese Arakan State into Pakistan.

But Ali Jinnah wisely refused to interfere in Burmese affairs. That then galvanised the Rohingyas to attempt to secede Arakan from then-Burma to form their own Islamic State, hence

(c) the Rohingyas were and presumably still are NEVER loyal to Myanmar. That feeling of alienation has been reciprocated kau kau by the Myanmarese.

The very term 'Rohingya' has been a continuation of an older term 'Rooinga', an attempt by the Muslim (Indian) Bengalis to establish a distinct identity for themselves (like many Jews in medieval and pre-WWII Europe especially in Poland) and to also identify themselves as indigenous to Rakhine State.

Thus I personally don't have much sympathy for their predicament. They chose to be different, thus they should not grumble or cry when they are treated as such.

Today everyone knows Myanmar wants all of all 1.3 million of them out a la ethnic cleansing and would you believe it, Bangladesh does NOT want them too.

'Ethnic cleansing' does NOT automatically mean 'killing' them a la Holocaust, and would also include getting rid of them (expelling) from Myanmar a la the Indian Partition of 1947 (alas, not a good example).

indians killing each other because of different religions 

Since both Myanmar and Bangladesh do not want them, and they are good ultra conservative (even militant) Islamists, I would recommend they migrate to Islamist countries with syariah-hudud laws or syariah-hudud practice such as (i) Aceh, (ii) Mindanao, (iii) Saudi Arabia, (iv) Sudan, (v) Somalia, (vi) Brunei, etc etc etc, ... or even (v) Pakistan (but alas, the Pakis will hate these former Bengalis, children of Sheik Mujibur Rahman, the late father of today's Bangladeshi PM Sheik Hasina).

If Bangladesh does NOT want them, I doubt any of the named countries will. Nonetheless they should become the principal concern of Britain as it was colonial British India which had encouraged their ancestors to move into Arakan (Rakhine) in Burma.

The Rohingyas have been a Pommie introduced problem and should seek a Pommie solution.

PAS mucho flexible?

The Malaysian Insight - PAS stays in Selangor govt (extracts):

PAS will stay in the Selangor government even though Pakatan Harapan's (PH) has opted out of cooperation with the party, said Selangor commissioner Sallehin Mukhyi today.


By the way, is 'kecualian' the Malay word for 'exemption'?

FOREX? Ho-hum

MM Online - Dr M indifferent when briefed about forex losses, ex-MOF official claims (extracts):

PUTRAJAYA, Aug 30 — Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did not react negatively when he was briefed about Bank Negara Malaysia having potentially lost RM30 billion in foreign exchange trading, former Finance Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Clifford Francis Herbert said today.

Why should Mahathir be startled, surprised or shocked? Or outraged? Wakakaka.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Grotesque mangled sight of PKR

Malaysiakini - Beggars unabashed by their alms-asking:

Terence Netto, a pro Anwar journalist, has just written the virtual obituary for PKR as a so-called reformist party.

According to Netto, PKR knows but refuses to admit it cannot commit to the struggle of Pakatan Harapan whilst whoring at the same time with PH's foe PAS; additionally, by its inexplicable insistent embrace of incompatible body-politics, PKR under Azmin thus lacks a meaningful ideology.

Netto calls that lack a 'void in PKR's ideology', a troubling descriptive characteristic for a serious political party, and more appropriate for an opportunistic agency. 

Netto sneers at PKR's continuing embrace of a disdainful PAS who has already shown utter contempt for Azmin Ali's party, hence describing PKR as 'beggars unabashed by their alms-asking'.


Netto even doubts PKR has the fundamental basic of human-political pride to protest against PAS' sheer arrogance and demonstrated ulamak-repugnance at a begging unwanted slut.

Netto laments the end of the party of so-called Reformasi, with his last sentence a virtual dirge for a political party once known as the Last Hope of Malaysians, namely:

"Suffice to say, the party of the populist swell for Reformasi two decades ago is morphing into one for the defence of factional interests and calculation".

Indeed, it's just factional interests calculated by a calculative calculator, wakakaka.

For the original PKR, I dedicate the following poem Tapestry by Modupe Sefunmi:

To thee I sing a dirge,
As I behold the mangled sight,
Pity, I couldn't turn back the hand of clock, or
Edit the disfigured pattern,
So grotesque as I watch, the
Time-worn piece in my front,
Reminding me of those far away years,
You came to be by my skilful hands.

- Modupe Sefunmi

Dökkálfar-ians, barbs and pennies

FMT (extracts):

Romeo & Juliet bin Abdullah 

"There will be no opposition coalition that is stronger than Pakatan Harapan (PH).”

So said an opposition politician regarding the potential of PH in the upcoming 14th General Election (GE14). Now, a year after this declaration, has that potential been fulfilled?

Beginning with the three main roles in the highest leadership positions of PH, which are yet to be satisfactorily justified, the constant backwards and forwards games within PH (especially PKR) to entice PAS to return home, the leadership crisis in Kelantan PKR, the internal rifts in PKR and a 100-day manifesto that makes little sense, PH looks to be set to wait another five years to capture Putrajaya.

The actions of Latheefa Koya who uploaded statuses in social media which spoke of her disapproval towards Rafizi Ramli, labelling him cancerous and the main cause of the internal rifts within their party, clearly shows that PKR’s leadership crisis is getting worse.

Dökkálfar Dwarves 

As posted yesterday in my Rafizi spills the budu-beans on PKR, Latheefa Loya is a member of Azmin's Dökkálfar faction. She in particular is virulently against Rafizi Ramli, as has been obviously indicated above.

Rafizi Ramli has not been the first to feel the barbs of Latheefa Loya's attacks. I first came to know of ('know of', not 'know', wakakaka) Latheefa when she attacked Lee Lam Thye more than a decade ago.

lee lam thye 

Presumably being PKR, naturally when she couldn't directly attack BN, she attacked anyone no matter how apolitically associated with the government like Lee might have been.

Annoyed and riled, I then wrote something in my then-nascent blog to the effect that when Lee Lam Thye was performing sterling work for the rakyat in Kuala Lumpur, some people who attacked Lee had not even grown pubic hair yet, wakakaka.

Guess who valiantly came to her defence in my blog?

You would have never have, wakakaka.

It was none other than Helen Ang, perhaps the Helen Ang of 'old'. That's how I came to know and befriend Helen, well at least until a Mandarin-Nazi succeeded in making her mad with me, wakakaka.

Helen taught me about Denis Diderot and kings and priests 

Helen had then informed me of what a great Human-Rights lawyer Latheefa had been, and that my then-remarks were not appropriate. I accepted Helen's admonishment and forgot about the matter, well, until now, wakakaka.

It would appear that Latheefa Loya in '... labelling him [Rafizi] cancerous and the main cause of the internal rifts within their party ...' (and in my previous post, accusing Rafizi of being an UMNO mole) has not changed much in the decade since I came across her name.

Latheefa's still as acerbic as ever, except this time I doubt Helen Ang would leap to her defence, as today Latheefa is more of a Dökkálfar-ian than a Human-Rightist.

Hmmm, I wonder how Helen Ang is? A Penny for her thoughts, wakakaka.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Rafizi spills the budu-beans on PKR

In 2012 I once penned that Rafizi Ramli has been endowed with intellectual brilliance, scoring exceptional academic and professional achievements, which means he possesses solid underpinning knowledge for life’s tussles. And he demonstrated this quality in his ingenuity in digging out various financial scandals (eg. NFC) where he exposed questionable practice and expenditure of money by top management.

Thus Rafizi was/is not only an important asset but potentially a future PM of a Pakatan government, say in about 15 years time.

Alas, I then smacked my own mouth a few times for 'hoodoo-ing' (jinx-ing) him by mentioning the 'future PM' position because that word was/is taboo in the PKR vicinity (unless it applies to only the Dwarf, wakakaka).

In short, Rafizi could be considered as not just a rising star but someone who could one day be undoubtedly a supernova. He’s most of all a Melayu male and a very very bright one in a land where 60% of the population are Melayu and where only a Melayu (preferably male) can ever be PM.

most unlike Teresa who's cursed by 3 x 'C'

(Chinese, Christian, Cha-bor) 

In other words Rafizi has more than qualified as a politician who would easily be accepted as a (future) PM or at least the powerful Finance Minister.

Again alas, he has recently been convicted of a serious charge which may see him in jail and the end of his political career.

Currently he is, unsurprisingly, at odds with the most ambitious person in Malaysia, his own party rival, one who continues to be slutting around with the ulamak.

Rafizi reveals to us: “I have made a decision not to attend the political bureau meetings since August 2016 after it was clear differing opinions in the political bureau will prolong and blunt the party’s preparations in the run-up to GE14.”

“Even if there was an agreement within the political bureau, if someone did not like it, the decision would not be respected and would in fact be raised in the next political bureau meeting until it was reversed (as happened with the decision for the party representatives’ resignations in the Kelantan government).

“As such, political bureau meetings became a place for prolonged political polemics without effective actions.”

Rafizi has been pissed off by a PKR faction in the Selangor government (ie. the Dökkálfar faction, wakakaka) shamelessly whoring away with an unrepentant, uncooperative and unresponsive PAS who has already voiced its ulamak-ish shrills to preferably working with UMNO.

MM Online reported him saying that any suggestions ... that was detrimental to PAS would be rejected at PKR political bureau meetings because “the deputy president’s view is to continue keeping the door open to PAS until the last minute to ensure victory in Selangor” - and guess who's the deputy president of PKR? Wakakaka.

So now we understand why William Leong has in utter frustration resigned from the PKR political bureau. 

Given the radical action of an intra-party neutral person like William Leong I am inclined to believe Rafizi Ramli's side of the story, that the Dökkálfar Dwarf is gradually draining the last drops of life from PKR because of his (Dwarf's) mad obsession in working with PAS, where he wants a perpetually 'kaki-buka-kangkang' policy for PAS.

Naturally Rafizi Ramli has been forced to openly voiced his frustration (not unlike William Leong's) at the Dwarf's persistence in allying PKR with PAS when PAS does not even want to work with it.

Recently he openly called upon PKR members to have a say on this debilitating-to-PKR issue but in doing so he incurred the wrath of the Dökkálfar Dwarf and his faction. They accused him of being an UMNO agent.

above: Dökkálfar faction (missing Latheefa Koya)

below: Rafizi faction


MM Online reported in its article on PKR's in-fighting in political bureau (extracts):

Rafizi assured his critics that he was not a threat to their political positions and has not turned traitor to Umno or the BN, as they were the common enemy.

“I can confirm that I have never met any minister or senior member of Umno/Barisan Nasional all my life except in Parliament. I only met Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi once in court in 2012 to resolve his lawsuit against me. I declare my assets annually and I am confident the people know I do not have any suspect riches from bribery.

“I know many feel I threaten their political position. In reality, I have been sentenced to jail and very likely will be barred from active politics for more than seven years. I am unsure if I will remain in politics after I serve my sentence (if I lose my appeal) because I can’t read the future. As such, I should not be seen as a political threat to my colleagues; I’m only someone used to speaking out when I have differing views.”


HY-TLK-CCK Survey predicts tsunamic Pribumi win

MM Online - Survey: Pakatan Harapan can win eight states if it works with PAS (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 — Pakatan Harapan can capture Putrajaya and win eight states if it works with PAS in the next general election, a survey by the Selangor government’s research outfit has found.

Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) predicted that a PH and PAS cooperation will see the alliance win around 59 per cent of total votes in Peninsula Malaysia.

The think tank’s deputy chairman Professor Datuk Mohammad Redzuan Othman however said that this will only occur if it is a one-on-one battle between Barisan Nasional’s (BN) component parties against an opposition alliance.

If Pakatan Harapan works with PAS, they will gain 59 per cent of the votes and will capture Putrajaya and eight states: Kedah, Perak, Penang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor and Kelantan,” he said.

He did not disclose what would be the scenario if PH were to contest against both BN and PAS in the 14th general election.

Surveys could be conducted by various agencies and/or think-tanks. A few days ago Rafizi Ramli informed us that his factional think-tank is INVOKE while on the other hand IDE is a Selangor State think-tank.

You can draw your own conclusion from there as to which survey you wish to read.

I hope I can find one more supportive of working closely with PAS.

Now, if kaytee owns a Survey (call it HY-TLK-CCK, wakakaka) you could have the following headlines, wakakaka (for the purpose of this exercise FT will be considered as 'states'):

1. Survey: Pakatan Harapan can win fifteen states if it sucks up to PAS ...

... the I5th state being the 'lil red dot', wakakaka.

2. Survey: Pakatan Harapan can win majority rule in GE-14 if there is 19.3825645% Malay swing and 5.1193765% Chinese swing ...

... and f**k the Indians (they're from Yemen anyway)

3. Survey: Pakatan Harapan can win 112 federal seats UNCONTESTED if it works with BN, PAS, and Parti Hau-Siao ...

... where I love winning uncontested seats, wakakaka.

RPK is not the ONLY one who can say "I told you so."

Monday, August 28, 2017

Indians missing

Whoever we are, we always have 'race' in mind, thus it's not only the Melayu who have been suffering anxiety about the survival of their race.

Mind, one having 'race' in mind does NOT mean one is racist. It's the natural outcome of us bring brought up in our environment where we have been fed a daily fare of race, racial issues, racial quota, racial colours, racial this or that.

It's not unlike you being fed a daily meal of petai-sambal-goreng - you know what happens when you speak up or pee in the public toilets, wakakaka.

Take for example, the post Sarawak state elections topic: when the state's Chinese purportedly returned to the fold of SUPP - more by default thanks to PKR sabotaging the DAP a la 'Dog in the Manger' * - many (presumably Chinese) asked why Adenan Satem (the late) did not appoint a Chinese as DCM.

* in case you don't know what's 'Dog in a Manger' I'll tell you the story in another post but at this stage, suffice to describe it as PKR 'ch'au sim' or PKR type of jealousy, wakakaka.

In reality, why the late CM then did NOT appoint a Chinese as DCM was NOT that important; what was far more important was when he would/could make the UEC officially recognised in the state.

But alas, the former question was deemed by many state Chinese as far more important or relevant to them (arseholes) than a mere UEC.

A similar example could be seen in Malaysiakini's report Ambiga: What about Indian representation in top Harapan line-up?, an extract of which follows:

Prominent lawyer and human rights advocate Ambiga Sreenevasan could not help but to lament the lack of Indian representation in the Pakatan Harapan line-up.

Her observation came in response to reports that Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad is wooing Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) chief P Waythamoorthy as well as former MIC president G Palanivel's supporters to work on possible collaboration.

"Well, I suppose he's opening up channels of communication. I personally think it is important to engage with the Indian community.

"When you look at the Harapan line up, there's no Indian vice-president. To me, how do you go to the ground with that?

"If Harapan is serious about the Indian vote, they must show it in the line-up. For me, that is more important," she told reporters in Bangi today.

Ambiga was the guest of honour at an event celebrating former Bangi estate workers from 24 families who had received free homes earlier this year.

While admitting the reported meetings between Mahathir and the Indian groups were a good step, Ambiga again stressed this should be reflected in Harapan's top leadership.

"For me, putting just M Kulasegaran as treasurer is tokenism.

"I did communicate that to my friends in Harapan, (but) I haven't seen any change yet.

"So unless they move (quickly on the matter), because the election is around the corner, they don't have much time"

Even our most vaunted Ambiga is not immune from our favourite past-time for as I have said, we eat sambal-petai-goreng everyday, wakakaka.

Look, my dear, in the Selangor state exco, please tell me how many PKR Indian ADUN has MB Azmin Ali appointed as exco members? What happened to Xavier Kumar who was exco member during the 2008-13 term?

And PKR dares call itself a multiracial party! Isn't PKR fighting tooth and nail to retain the PAS exco members?

The only Indian exco member in the Selangor DUN comes from the so-called Chinese DAP.

In mid 2012 I wrote about the NIAT demand for a post GE-13 Malaysia. NIAT, BTW, was (is?) 'The National Indian Rights Action Team' (NIAT) which demanded an Indian Malaysian DPM. 

Additionally, NIAT then wanted the 2013 government to appoint within the first 100 days in office 3 Indian Malaysian cabinet ministers and 4 deputy ministers, most of whom would be elected representatives, while the rest are picked from NGOs and appointed to the cabinet.

Ambitious and fantastic. Whether the NGO was realistic would be another question.

In addition, the proposed line-up calls for Indian Malaysian deputy chief ministers in Selangor, Perak, Penang and Negri Sembilan, assuming that the states would all be ruled by the BN.

Well, I have to admit Penang despite being a non-BN state obeyed NIAT tremblingly, but alas, Selangor MB Azmin Ali (and Khalid Ibrahim) couldn't be bothered.

Maybe it was because Indians were not popular in Selangor - ask Xavier Kumar (ousted from exco in 2013 term), Sivarasa Rasiah (chewed up by HRH - ouch) and Manickavasagam (suspended by PKR recently), wakakaka.


Oh, NIAT's inclusion of Indian NGOs or NGOs as a source for ministerial material meant NIAT had no confidence in MIC or any BN party with Indian candidates, like wakakaka PPP or more wakakaka, Gerakan, winning in any federal constituency.

At that time, NIAT published a 42-page booklet which asserted that the marginalisation of Indian Malaysians was due to under-representation in government.

That statement has been the perennial sad story of Indian Malaysians, where indeed Indian under representation in government is true but NOT because of the small numbers of Indian ministers or that the DPM is not an Indian, but more because of the inability or reluctance of those Indian ministers to speak up for the fair interests of ordinary Indian Malaysians.

Thus, increasing the number of Indian ministers per se, via front or back door, won't help those poor Indians at all.

But alas, when it comes to 'race', it's not just Uthayakumar, Waythamoorthy or NIAT, even our dear Ambiga has been worried.

by the by, 'roti' is a word of Indian origin