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Kopitiam Tok-Kok (3) - Ku Li's bizarre PM-proposal?

For this Kopitiam Tok-Kok post I have only one issue to bring out.

Let's first look at TMI's Hold direct elections for PM’s post, says Ku Li (extract):

Malaysia’s current system of governance is ineffective, and the country should look at other systems such as direct elections for the prime minister's post, veteran Umno leader Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said today.

He said that while the Westminster system may have worked when the country first gained independence, this was no longer the case as Malaysians now were different.

“It is completely different. So I think we have to have a relook at all of this and see whether or not we should have an elected prime minister, rather than someone who is pushed up by a party.

Ku Li has effectively called for a presidential styled election. The Constitution may have to be changed. And where will our Malay monarchs fit in with Ku Li's presidential style election proposal?

Does he know what he is talking about, or is he talking cock-a-doodle-do out of personal frustration?

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, India are all doing fine with their Westminster parliamentary systems. There's nothing wrong with theirs.

It's not our Constitution-approved political system that needs changing BUT the quality, integrity, professionalism and hopefully also the dedication of our politicians, and the mindset of our people to vote intelligently like the voters of Australia, NZ, Canada, the UK and India.

Voters should not vote blindly by mob rule but with their thinking. The voters of the above-mentioned Commonwealth nations know how to punish naughty individual politician kau kau, whilst ours are mob-mobilized into, for example, ABU and such-like unthinking lamentable approaches, where we foolishly kicked out a good man like Saifuddin Abdullah for a PAS ustaz who made stupid statements that abandoned babies (through illicit births) were the result of non-Muslim events like Valentine's Day and New Year's Day celebrations.

sadly sembileh for nothing

Malaysiakini reported in 2010 in its Valentine's Day blamed for baby dumping that Nasrudin Hassan had blamed the festivity celebrations on those two days as encouraging free sex that led to ... yadda yadda yadda ... culminating in baby dumping. Nasrudin claimed rather preposterously: "It's an indication that the 'mating season' occurred during the New Year's Day celebrations."

So will the voters in Temerloh come back to their senses, and will the voters in Kajang punish those who gave them rancid satay? Indeed, how has the latter benefitted them at all?

Anyway, let's leave the voters for a while and return to Ku Li's proposal, where a scenario under his 'direct-election of a PM' could emerge as follows:

Cool-looking, kind and compassionate kaytee moc from Party A (A for Atheists' Party, wakakaka) has been voted overwhelming by 89.9% of Malaysian voters to be the dashing new PM of BolehLand. But Party C (my fave adjective and sometimes noun for looes74, wakakaka) has won 150 seats of the 222 in the Dewan Rakyat, while Party B (for Bodek) secured 25 of the remaining 72 seats. This means kaytee's Party A has won only 47 seats in the Dewan Rakyat.

Article 43 (i) of the federal Constitution says HM Yang di-Pertuan Agong appoints the cabinet by first appointing as PM a member of the Dewan Rakyat who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the Dewan. There is no Constitutional requirement that the PM must be of any particular race or religion.

Do you think a directly-elected kaytee as PM, with 47 MPs behind him, "is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the Dewan"?

I know I'm popular, wakakaka, but surely not that popular as to command the support of my political opponents from Party B and Party C.

And even if I manage to "convince" the majority in Dewan Rakyat to support my premiership, what sort of price do I have to fork out in the wheeling and dealing? Is this what the voters want?

Thus, it has to be presidential styled election, perhaps a la the US system, where the elected president can 'no hew' (colloquial Penang Hokkien for 'ignore') the Dewan Rakyat (Congress) theoretically anyway, and appoint anyone into his Administration (cabinet), including Raja Bomoh, Waynamoorthy and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, wakakaka.

I wonder whether Ku Li believes he is personally popular enough across the (political) board to be elected directly as PM under such a system, and thus bypass his party's several-decades long silent blockade on his ascendancy as the PM?

Ku Li has just turned 78 a month back, and by the time the Constitution is amended to enable such an election, assuming the proposal can marshal a 2/3 majority in parliament to pass into law the necessary amendments, he will be at least 83 if not more.

Has his proposal been a case of his personal frustration taking over? Isn't he proposing to throw the baby out with the bath water?

As if the above hasn't been enough, he has now proposed opening UMNO to non-Malays, a proposal made most unsuccessfully by the illustrious Onn Jaafar in 1951.

I doubt this particular proposal will even see the light of day, and if it does, I'll rename myself as Mr C Looes, wakakaka..

Aiyoyo, what next from Ku Li?

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Death camps & 'member kita'

TMI - Malaysian Bar calls for royal commission on mass grave, death camps

to our horror and shame

Revelation of the mass gravesites for murdered refugees or/and illegal migrants has been a HORROR story of unmitigated proportions. The blame has fallen on human traffickers but we need to probe further into this horrendous crime of inhumanity in our own backyard.

Members of involved authorities on both sides of the border, or even further, cannot escape complicity in the evil murders and subsequent attempts to conceal those despicable acts. The IGP has confirmed that the murdered were also tortured.

There could well be different levels of involvement by various parties in the crime but nonetheless it pains me to hear Minister Shahidan Kassim rushing forward with undue haste in an attempt to minimise, ameliorate and euphemise the involvement of Malaysian officials, well before any official investigation has been completed.

He said, rather preemptively and seemingly just a wee over hastily: “Many of them had small roles to play in allowing the syndicate to operate, but they did not know about the killings and torture. Now they must be having nightmares.”

TMI reported that remarkable minister was not able to explain how he came to such knowledge. Maybe he has a crystal ball or had consulted Raja Bomoh.

This lamentable behaviour has been a notable characteristic of Malaysians, indeed most Malaysians and not just that minister, an automatic blind over-hastiness to tribally defend "member kita" or ala the Chinese version of "don't break someone's rice bowl". 

They would dig in with their defence even when the situation was plainly indefensible. This irresponsible 'sickness' has been the reason for the non-transparency and non-accountability in our nation which have led to unmitigated corruption, cronyism and cow-tim-ness amidst our public institutions, for example, the police and civil service etc, and in our society.

When leaders of society and the authorities are involved, and they're frequently are and have been, we have a dysfunctional government.

For more, read:

(a) the Malay Mail Online's Group demands ‘white paper’ on money lost since Dr M’s time

(b) my post in Oct 2009 Why Ong Tee Keat is worth supporting and saving!

my post in Aug 2009 UMNO prefers Ong Tee Keat out?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Strange connections, strange bedfellows

Here' an interesting post by RPK which links the Forex adventure with the disaster, let me rephrase that, the financial disaster that is MAS - also see TMI's The 21 years of mismanagement that brought MAS to its knees.

An extract from RPK's post follows:

... you are probably not aware of the reason why in the first place MAS was sold to Tajudin Ramli. According to the Affidavit filed in court (which anyone can get a copy of) Tajudin said he was ordered (he called it ‘national service’) to buy MAS at RM8.00 a share because the government needed to show a profit (on paper, that is).

And whom do you think ordered Tajudin to buy MAS?

And why did the government need to show a profit by selling MAS to Tajudin? Well, according to Tajudin, the government had lost RM30 billion from 1992-1994 by playing the money market so it needed to show a profit by selling MAS to cover the RM30 billion Forex losses.

In other words, the government needed to urut or massage the books. Since we lost RM30 billion playing the money market we needed to make money by selling MAS at an exorbitant price so that we can show a huge profit. So the profit from selling MAS can cover the loss playing the market.

I also note that Dr M has taken a pause in his virulent attacks, at times very ad hominem, against PM Najib. He just wants Najib out, full stop, and seemingly to hell with collateral damage for UMNO.

I'm gonna get that punk
Punk? He's 60 years old!
By the time I finish with him, he'll look 600!

She's my Samson!
Why Samson?
As long as she doesn't cut her hair short, I'll be invincible!

Oh, such imperious petulance by the emperor!

But has he currently run out of steam? Or is he taking a breather whilst his two henchmen do their 'jobs'? Wakakaka.

Or, in the current recount of MAS' financial buy-back footsie-tootsie with Tajudin Ramli, the resurrection of unaccountable Forex gambling, and now RPK's linking of the two financial naughtiness, he has realized his dua kali lima brazen bullying badgering against Ah Jib Gor?

OTOH, could he be leaving it to Pakatan's Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua to carry on with the 1 MDB bone they now have in their mouths and to worry that to death and thus finish off Ah Jib Gor for him?

Politics make strange bedfellows, wakakaka.

And now a quote from Manmanlai's fave author (of course next to al Quran):

Alas, the storm is come again!

My best way is to creep under his gaberdine
There is no other shelter hereabouts
Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows
I will here shroud till the dregs of the storm be past

Dei, don't blame me again okay? I'm currently in prison

Okay, but are you still reading Shakespeare?

See Anwar Ibrahim sustained in prison by Quran & Shakespeare

Monday, May 25, 2015

Forex and pigs

Today I am at a loss as what to blog on. Everyone is talking about or has posted or heard tons/oozes of 1MDB stories that I don't believe I can add anything revealing on the issue, other than to quote someone.

OK, so happened I was at RPK's website, reading about the RM58 billion loss (actually 30 billion in 1991-2 but RPK converted-updated that amount to today's value of 58 billion) by our adventurous Bank Negara and Finance Ministry in Forex trading. RPK quoted Lim Kit Siang saying on 10th January 2004 (as follows):

Nor Mohamed’s first job is to issue a White Paper to “exorcise the ghost” of the RM30 billion Bank Negara forex losses a decade ago to establish his suitability as the Second Finance Minister – apart from professionalism, a full commitment to accountability, transparency and good democratic governance.

In Parliament in 1994, I had given reasons as to why the Bank Negara’s forex losses as a result of its forex speculation operations could have amounted to as high as RM30 billion, which had not been seriously rebutted by any top government leader or Bank Negara official.

The reasons which I had advanced in Parliament in 1994 for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the colossal Bank Negara forex losses remain valid today, and should be the terms of reference of the White Paper which Nor Mohamed should present publicly as his first Ministerial duty, viz:

1. To determine the actual extent of the colossal forex losses suffered by Bank Negara 1992-1994;

2. Whether there had been any financial malpractices and abuses in view of the inconsistencies and conflicting explanations about the colossal forex losses; and

3. Establish how Bank Negara could incur such colossal losses.

Previously, on 11 April 1994, Lim Kit Siang delivered the following in Parliament (extracts only):

Furthermore, Anwar Ibrahim had misled Parliament last July when I questioned him whether Bank Negara had suffered more forex losses. Anwar said that this was not true as he had been monitoring the Bank Negara’s forex dealings weekly.

On July 19, 1993, I asked Anwar Ibrahim a supplementary question during question timw as to whether at that date, Bank Negara’s provision of Rm2.7 billion contingent liability for forward forex trading in the 1992 Bank Negara accounts had not only been confirmed, but even more forex losses had been incurred.

This is Anwar’s reply, from the Hansard of 19th July 1993(p. 28):

“Dato Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim: Tua Yang di-Pertua, dukacita saya memaklumkan ini satu berita yang kurang baik bagi Yang Berhormat dari Tanjong. Kerugian yang dimaksudkan itu tidak berlaku dan tidak bertambah. Yang Berhormat mahu percaya atau tidak, tetapi saya ada maklumat yang sebenar tentang keadaan tersebut. Saya juga meneliti tiap-tiap minggu perkembangan kerana masalah yang dihadapi sebelum ini…. Saya ingin member jaminan kepada Yang Berhormat bagi Tanjong bahawa perkara ini kita teliti lebih dekat dan kita lebih waspada kerana pengalaman yang lalu.”

In this one short answer, Anwar Ibrahim had misled Parliament and the nation on three matters:

*that by July 1993, the provision in the 1992 Bank Negara accounts for RM2.7 billion contingent liability for forward forex trading had not been confirmed;

*that Bank Negara had not suffered more forex losses; and

*that his weekly monitoring of Bank Negara’s forex dealings would prevent firther colossal losses arising from Bank Negara’s forward forex trading.

If Anwar Ibrahim claims that he had directed Bank Negara to stop forward forex trading 18 months ago, and that “there are no new trading arrangements” last year as the central bank unwound its forward positions in the market last year (Business Times April 6, 1994), then Bank Negara should not have incurred RM5.7 billion when its contingent liability provision for such forward forex trading in end- 1992 was RM2.7 billion.

We all know that Dr M was the PM then. Hmmm, I wonder whether he was also the Finance Minister? But no, I believe we know who was the Finance Minister! Wakakaka.

Since then, RPK has another related post titled pointedly and poignantly as WHY 1MDB IS NOT OKAY AND THE FOREX LOSS OKAY?

Anyway, those are issues known to virtually every adult Malaysia so I wasn't all that deeply interested, though I am amazed (methinks 'flabbergasted' would be a better word) that Dr M saw fit to criticize Najib for 1MDB - mind, it's not that his criticisms of Ah Jib Gor was out of order, au contraire, but I wonder how he and his Forex adventure would compare with 1MDB.

But far more interestingly, I came across a comment by one of RPK's regulars, a commentator by the name of Mat Topeng, who leave the following non-sequitur comment [verbatim]:

By the way, sometimes I wonder why is cina always get associated with babi? Is it because of their eyes? the color of their skin? or due to their bloated face? or because of the way they eat? or because they love babi very much and cannot be separated from babi, not even for a day! or because they can eat everything like a babi does?

Just curious for answers.

Actually Mat Topeng has been observant because Chinese like pork and pigs. Before I go on to explain, have you by the by read my piggy posts as follows?

(1) The never-ending piggy story
(2) Pet of the God Seth
(3) Pig & Prejudice


(10) BolehTalk's The Pig on Noah's Ark

Chinese not only love pigs and pork but also name some of their children as 'ah too' (piggy), 'aw too' (black pig), 'too boe' (female pig or sow - this being a nick for a man, wakakaka), 'too knia' (pigling) and Chinese grannies and aunties would croon to babies as 'babi knia', an affectionate baba-nyonya term implying the babes were as cuddly as young piglets.

The village (pork) butcher would be addressed respectfully as 'Too Bah Chek' ('Uncle Pork' and his wife as 'Too Bah Ee'.

Chinese celebrated festivals, folk religious ceremonies and solemn events such as funerals, weddings and birthdays with trays of roast pigs.

Years ago my village doctor, with his B.Sc (Hon), MBBS from Dublin, would order a roast suckling pig as votive offering on the most important and sacred day of the year for Hokkiens, namely, the 9th Day of the 1st Moon of the Chinese lunar-solar calendar, this being the birthday of Thnee Kong (Lord of Heaven), the Numero Uno of the Chinese folk religion pantheon.

Thnee Kong Thnuah Temple
Ayer Itam, Penang

[where poor kaytee spent his time in one of the temple's secluded corners mugging up for his Bible scripture test, wakakaka]

The votive offerings would be made every year commencing on the eve of Thnee Kong's birthday, to wit, the 8th Night of the 1st Moon. For more, see Hokkien salvation in sugar cane fields.

es, southern Chinese certainly have an affinity with pork, pigs and bah-kut-teh, hence I replied Mat Topeng's comment [to satisfy his 'just curious for answers'] with:

Mat Topeng I don't know how true this is but I have read some scientists claiming that eating babi improves thinking and thus intelligence.

One example they referred to is that ever since the non-orthodox Jews of recent times (last 100 years plus or minus) partake of pork they have not only become more intelligent (like Einstein), but have form their own new nation Israel, resurrect a dead language Hebrew for their everyday use (the only dead language ever resurrected) etc, where "etc" includes controlling the most powerful nation in the world (but not as powerful as the Jews, where more than a few have taken pork).

Another pork-loving race are the Germans - are they smart or what? They're the most powerful and probably richest West Europeans - even Russia fears Germany. And of course the Austrians, Danes and Poms love pork as well.

Then there are the southern Chinese (northern Chinese prefer beef and mutton), same as Taiwanese, Chinese Malaysians and Sings, they thrive on pork.

Personally I've to admit I do love pork, especially roast pork (Chinese and Western style) more so the suckling piggy variety, barbeque pork (char siew) and bah-kut-teh. Also, wild pigs cooked in hot curry goes well with Anchor beer. Sedap sangat.

On a religious note for Christians, since Noah allowed two pigs to board his Ark, there must be a divinely ordained role for these sweet-tasting creatures, and the non-orthodox Jews, Germanic race (Germans, Austrians, Poms, Danes, etc), Chinese have taken up on what they perceive/believe to be God's culinary plan.

Hallelujah and Amen!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

From riches to rags, from pandai to bodoh

From Malaysiakini:

Our performance facts the PM has forgotten

Has Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak forgotten that Malaysia was second in Asia, after Japan, in prosperity and income when we achieved independence in 1957?

That we have been overtaken by Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and even South Korea, all of which became high-income countries 20 to 28 years ago?

Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea, and of course Japan are also at the top of world rankings on those nations' students in science and maths performance.

Being born in 1953, PM Najib might have forgotten our 1957 prosperity but really, which of our PMs was the one who brought us down to our lamentable position vis-a-vis prosperity and income in Asia through profligate wastage, ironically and especially when we came into oil discovery and possession.

I have always believe our oil has been a curse rather than a blessing because it gave us or rather our national leaders an arrogant sense of wealth, temporary and fickle as that wealth will be, and thus an unbridled excuse to fling money around boastfully, wastefully and stupidly like a teflonized rich man's son, even unto 'satisfying' personal chips on shoulders.

"Our" oil has also been a curse for a second reason, when its so-called national revenue has been unaccountable. Perhaps it's not "our" oil after all but those of a very private circle.

And again, which PM destroyed our educational standards?

Friday, May 22, 2015

To Sir With Love

Extract from TMI:

According to a survey by think tank Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) on May 3, 63% of the 1,075 Permatang Pauh voters polled said Dr Mahathir’s attacks against Najib influenced them to support Pakatan Rakyat candidate Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah.

With Dr M whacking UMNO till it loses an election, it's all déjà vu. Recall how he brought UMNO-BN down in 2008 until the party lost its 2/3 majority, all because he had a personal invincible grudge against AAB.

Surely Anwar Ibrahim should send (and covertly might have, perhaps via AA) Dr M a message a la "To Sir with love", wakakaka.

hope the girls in minis drive out priesthood caste mad, wakakaka 

and here's that song by munchie Lulu, wakakaka again

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vicious Cycle for Najib

Malaysiakini - 11MP marginalises Pakatan states

Opposition figures claim states held by Pakatan Rakyat have been left out of the 11th Malaysia Plan while BN-strongholds are the focus of development projects.

For instance, none of the six new hospitals announced were located in the states of Kelantan, Selangor and Penang, said Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin.

"The 11th Malaysia Plan should be a national economic blueprint, not a BN-stronghold blueprint," he told reporters athe Parliament lobby today.

Similarly, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said his state was literally abandoned in 11MP.

"It's imbalanced. Penang has no allocation whatsoever... I also feel that the plan is not very dynamic, lacks innovation," he said.

Lim said that to be dynamic and innovative, the plan must do away with the traditional method of crony capitalism.

Similarly, Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said the decision to exclude Penang as one of the "growth catalyst cities" had "defied logic".

"I also want to finish off DAP in Penang... But pls do it properly. Excluding Penang as growth catalyst cities under 11MP is going to backfire!" wrote Tan, who originates from Penang, on Twitter.

Either Najib has succumbed to Dr Mahathir's regular complaint that Ah Jib Gor had been foolish pampering to the Chinese when they don't support him, or Najib has finally grown fed up with the lack of support from Penangites.

he did it
he told em to

My statement above may be a bit misleading because I could have unwittingly misrepresented Penangites as Chinese or mainly Chinese when that's no longer true today, because Penang's demographics have changed significantly over the last 2 and half decades. The statistics in 2010 showed Malays comprising 43.6% of Penang's population, comparable to the Chinese at 45.6%.

Often I have blogged that the rancorous ruthless retaliatory mentality of BN-UMNO, the (federal) ruling party, towards constituencies held by the federal opposition has been plain silly and short sighted in its vindictive punishment of those constituencies, because a sizeable portion of the voters there have actually been BN-UMNO supporters. In its childish politically immature anger UMNO has been punishing its own supporters!

Let's take an extreme example where BN supporters are fewest, as in Seputeh, a federal constituency in WP KL held by sweetie sassy Teresa Kok. In the 2013 GE, registered voters numbered nearly 86,000 of which Nicole Wong Siaw Ting (BN–MCA) picked up 15%, almost 10,000 votes.

aiyoh, how can we not vote for her

If the BN punishes the voters of Seputeh for allowing sweetie sassy Teresa to win elections after elections with the biggest majority in the entire country, it must realize it is also punishing 10,000 BN supporters.

And it can be assured that sweetie sassy Teresa will continue to win because of those punishments. Malaysian voters, especially those of today, aren't easily intimidated and can be quite stubborn or if you like, resilient against such budak kecil deprivation. And it wouldn't surprise me if some of those 10,000 BN supporters may eventually be fed up of becoming 'collateral damage' and be 'driven' into voting for the DAP.

By now 'punishing' Penangites in his 11MP, Najib is effectively also punishing 230,000 BN supporters (31.54%) out of the total 727,000 who voted in the 2013 GE.

And that has been why the Gerakan man has screamed out, wakakaka. Meanwhile, MCA has been stuck dumb like a mute stung by a tebuan, realizing they'll have a far more torrid time with voters for the next general elections, wakakaka again.

Ah Jib Gor, life's not only a bitch for you but politically a vicious cycle vis-a-vis Chinese support - kerajaan don't support them, they don't support you, you don't support them, so they don't support you, so on so forth.

Well done, dumbo!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DAP & PAS shredded relationship

With the ongoing acrimonious tiff between Pak Haji Hadi Awang and DAP getting worse each day, compounded by Pak Haji stating Muslims have a duty to be angry with the DAP for being against hudud, because it's an anger allowed by Allah, will Pakatan be still a viable coalition?

Pak Haji has also been the person who warned us that the DAP's cherished local council elections might bring about racial strife a la May 13.

On 24 Jan 2015, TMI published In Hadi’s May 13 remarks, civil society sees shades of Perkasa, Isma reporting that Jeffrey Phang, the co-chair of the Coalition of Good Governance (CGG ), lambasted Pak Hai for his May-13 warning as illogical, wrong and an attempt to spread fear.

Phang said: "Bringing in a threat of racial disturbance and violence to substantiate his objection to local council election is highly irresponsible and tantamount to fear-mongering and brings the PAS leader to the same level as the likes of personalities from Isma, Perkasa and Perkida."

"CGG finds it illogical to link a May 13 possibility with local council elections. Hadi Awang’s assumption of racial animosity among the people is wrong."

TMI reported Phang saying ... the public's overwhelming response to the recent flood in Kelantan was proof of the closeness of all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion.

LKS and daughter with flood relief aid for Kelantan

Phang stated: "The racial threat by Hadi is untenable as the target of charity by the urbanites is towards the rural Malay heartland population which was most affected by the flood. Hadi’s statement that ‘local elections will widen the urban-rural gap and trigger instability’ sounds illogical when put into this context."

Actually local councils already exist but its members are appointed rather than elected. Pak Haji wanted it that way, i.e. for councillors to be appointed rather than elected because he lacked the confidence his PAS members would be elected and consequentially missed a ride on what might be seen as a Pakatan local council 'gravy train', wakakaka.

OTOH of course, Lim GE and the DAP have been unnecessarily and hurtfully needling a proud old man who is the party president of PAS. Even for an anti-hudud bloke like yours truly, the continuous attack by DAP against Pak Haji is turning me off.

In my post Has DAP been biadap to Hadi Awang? early this year I penned:

... to be fair to Pak Haji Hadi, I feel Lim Guan Eng and Anthony Loke have not been very diplomatic towards the proud old man - see The Star Online (wakakaka) Guan Eng: No Hadi, no meeting and Anthony Loke: DAP to stop attending Pakatan Council if Hadi doesn’t show.

Mateys, you can't f**king communicate with a (supposedly) Pakatan ally through the bloody media - that's the f* worst thing to do, more so when relationships are already on the brink or in urgent need of serious salvaging.

Just recall how mad you guys were when PKR used to unilaterally announce seat-sharing allocations to the media, much to your WTF's when you read the news, wakakaka!

And without any doubt, the reality is the current relationship between PAS and DAP has long been shot to shreds, starting with the stupid Kajang rancid satay right up to the hudud bill, when PAS' objection to local council elections had not only been to ensure some of its members get a free ride on the local council meal ticket but I suspect, also in retaliation to DAP's objection to its hudud bill.

While DAP has been right on both counts, namely its unswerving objection to hudud implementation and its promise to restore local council elections, it could do better than to publicly threaten Pak Haji Hadi who is a very very proud old man with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. [...].

I have to say that DAP does have this f*-up talent in antagonizing senior Malay personalities like (previously) Tunku Aziz and (now) Pak Haji Hadi Awang.

If the aim is to get rid of PAS for good, then that's fine. But OTOH, if the aim is to seriously conduct a Pakatan leadership meeting so as to hang on to the coalition as a viable opponent to BN, then Lim GE and Anthony Loke have f* up kau kau. It's the sort of attitude that Tunku Aziz has termed 'biadap'.

But we all know DAP hopes that the Erdogens will abandon Pak Haji and continue as members of Pakatan. In this, I believe the DAP is being unrealistic considering it has adopted a paper-shredding mentality in their approach with regards to handling Pak Haji. 

In unrealistically hoping to continue with the Erdogens minus Pak Haji and those it views as recalcitrant ulama's (and of course PKR, wakakaka) in a Pakatan coalition to capture Putrajaya, it has shown its greed to have it both ways. It's likely to fail.

Indeed I doubt very much the Erdogens will ever (dare to) show any lack of deference and reverence to the party president - of course they can do that, BUT I suspect at their own peril at the hands of outraged PAS grassroot members.

I am afraid Pak Haji isn't going to oblige DAP by quietly fading away like an 'old soldier' a la Douglas MacArthur, more so when DAP leaders continue to behave (now, get this) in the eyes of PAS grassroot members as being extremely biadap towards their party president.

It's human pride, Malay culture and social values so suck on these.