Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pribumi's true colours

FMT - Tariq Ismail rips into PPBM veep’s sister over racist remarks (extracts):

Mahathir and Hamizura Osman
birds of same feathers

The sister of a PPBM vice-president today came under fire from internet users, including a party leader, after she posted racist remarks on her social media page.

In a Facebook post, Hamizura Osman, who is the sister of PPBM vice-president Hamidah Osman, said Malays shouldn’t allow the Chinese to “step” on them and that Malaysia belonged to the Malays.

Hamizura Osman

ultra racialist wants Chinese to beg Malays

“In our efforts to topple Najib, at the same time, don’t let the Chinese step on us. There is no need to praise the Chinese among us. It is the Chinese who should beg the Malays. This land belongs to Malays,
” she said.

Hamizura has since apologised over the remark.

This comes after her post drew mixed response, with some supporting her statement and others condemning her for it.

PPBM supreme council member Tariq Ismail was among those who slammed her for her remarks.

It's only a matter of time a Pribumi member like Hamizura Osman, who is the sister of PPBM vice-president Hamidah Osman, would burst forth with her ultra-pribumi diatribe. Don't blame her bigotry as that's her intrinsic self - and that's precisely why she joins the ketuanan Pribumi Party.

By the by, last week her sister, Pribumi VP Hamidah Osman has been accused by Pribumi's non-stop tok-kok Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul of masterminding the mass resignation of more than 1,000 Perak PPBM members.

Before joining Pribumi, Hamidah Osman was the former Gopeng Umno Wanita chief, was labelled by Syed Saddiq as a hypocrite who took vengeful action because she was upset by Muhyiddin Yassin’s decision not to name her as PPBM Perak state chief.

And again we meet new Pribumi Chief Salvage Officer Tariq Ismail who had just attempted to 'save' Laksamana Hang Mukhriz Tuah a.k.a. the Malaysian Horatio Nelson from declaring war against Myanmar, wakakaka, and who now is trying to moderate Hamizura's racist outburst.

But Pribumi is invariably inevitably and intrinsically racist.

Hang Horatio Mukhriz Tuah

after Myanmar, the South China Sea, wakakaka


  1. at least she apologized, whether is sincere or no is not my concern. when was the last time u hear a umno goon apologized for spurting racist remarks, until of course when they r out of umno. even pas that sejati jiwa dengan umno become a racist party, u oso sound more n more like one due to yr love of najib.

    1. an apology is insufficient after such a vile racist diatribe - she probably apologised only after she was told Pribumi still needs Chinese votes. Stop sucking your idol to save his racist party

    2. It's ONLY proper to induce a bloody civil war between all these umno-dna-ed ketuanan freaks.

    3. "It's ONLY proper to induce a bloody civil war between all these umno-dna-ed ketuanan freaks."...written by CK

      Dear CK, a word of warning is overdue but methinks you are quite aware oredy. Even though some of us think it is utterly proper and due-time that these Umno scummy leaders (current or ex umno) should wallop each other to the death in their race to the still-chugging gravy train, KT would still want to label you all as pro Mahathir ( on the other side, meaning against his beloved Ah Gor) simply because we belasah the Bugis Pirate Thief who now is busy licking Trump's arsehol*...konon nya wanting to strengthen the economy of US of A, hehehe....a kici fart country wanting to spend over 100 Billion to strengthen the biggest economy in the world ! those smooth bodek words flow out of the pink lips to Trump...just watch that he brags that he can direct MAS, EPF to spend, spend spend Billions so as to strengthen USA's economy....and hahaha, see Trump folding his arms while listening to this bodek Cash Is King Pirate.