Tuesday, September 19, 2017

LARGEST loser in Pakatan leadership appointments

The Malaysian Insight - PH grassroots keep eye on Putrajaya despite disquiet over state chiefs (extracts):

PAKATAN Harapan grassroots leaders in at least five states are unhappy with the leaders appointed by the coalition’s core leadership, but are willing to put aside their disagreements to work towards wresting control of Putrajaya in the coming elections.

The Malaysian Insight was made aware that the five states are Malacca, Perak, Terengganu, Kedah and Kelantan.

The grudging argument for PH as a coalition is that it must keep a steady eye on the big picture, to wit, winning Putrajaya, despite inevitable discontent over the sharing of the wannabe-spoils.

But the unhappy reality is that PKR has been the LARGEST loser, with Pribumi the BIGGEST winner despite the latter's current political insignificance (1 miserable federal seat in Pagoh) and tres noveau (very new) status in PH.

But that's the price for 'hiring' Mahathir. And when the news article above says 'Pakatan Harapan grassroots leaders in at least five states are unhappy with the leaders appointed by the coalition’s core leadership' it meant PKR grassroot leaders as they have been the BIGGEST losers.

Let's examine the standing of the three Malay parties in PH, namely PKR, Amanah and Pribumi, in the five Malay-majority states of Malacca, Perak, Terengganu, Kedah and Kelantan, with statistics shown rounded up for convenient reading.


Malacca has a state population of approximately 800,000 of whom 87% are urbanites. The ethnic spread is Malays 67%, Chinese 26% and Indians 6%.

Amanah has been assigned PH leadership of Malacca, which now sees Amanah leader Adly Zahari as PH chairman in the state, and should PH wins big in Malacca, probably as its Chief Minister.

That pissed off many state PKR leaders who were hoping for PKR VP (and not deputy president) Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin (MP Bukit Katil) to be appointed state PH chairman.

Shamsul admitted he has been disappointed by the PH appointments but bravely said:

Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin

"I urge all our friends to be big-hearted in accepting the decisions made by our central leadership. Let’s look at the bigger picture, which is to win the next election."

But doesn't it beg the question that Malacca, with a population mix that's almost reflective of Malaysia's, would have been gnam gnam for PKR, which boasts of its multi-racial credentials.

Why hasn't PKR then made a bigger impact or more noticeable presence in that state. Pitifully, it has now lost to Amanah.

But Malacca has been given to Amanah which I won't quibble because PKR has no ADUN there whereas PAS has 1. Because of the strong PAS political infrastructure in the state which Amanah hopes to inherit by virtue of PAS members crossing over to it, it stands a far better chance of winning more seats than PKR. Alas for PKR.

Now this is the state which DAP has been accused of controlling, but the statistics will prove otherwise.

Perak has a state population of 2,300,000 of whom 70% are urbanites. The ethnic spread is Malays 57%, Chinese 31% and Indians 12%.

Just a side comment, PSM may do well in Perak based on the quite-considerable number of Indians in the state, but it has been silly in still obdurately standing Sarasvathy Muthu (Saras) in a DAP blue-ribbon seat like Jelapang where she will stand no chance in the likely 3-corner fight.

In 2013 she lost Jelapang, coming out last thus faring even worse than the BN candidate. Saras only obtained 10.4% of the 25% Indian votes there. But alas, I suppose PSM has its own tactics a la the Japs' kamikaze.

I would strongly recommend one more, ie. to negotiate with DAP for Jelapang or poor Saras will lose again.

Strangely enough (while I did not expect DAP to be ever given leadership in Perak when the Malays are the majority and where the state Royalty hasn't quite taken to the Rocket people) I had expected PKR to assume the PH leadership.

But f**k me or you dead, Pribumi with zero asset has been appointed Captain of PH Perak while PKR with 5 ADUN has been left speechless and in murderous mood.

PH has appointed the Ketuanan Melayu-sahaja Pribumi state chairman Ahmad Faizal Azumu to be PH state leader.

Who the f**k is he?
Have you ever heard of him?

He is a relative newcomer when compared with several veteran PKR ADUN or Amanah leaders, including our favourite former Perak MB Mohamed Nizar Jamaludin (MP Bukit Gnatang) and VP Mujahid Yusof Rawa (Parit Buntar MP).


Mujahid Yusof Rawa

Why has Pribumi been given leadership of Perak, a state which is likely to give PH a 50% of winning regardless of the pribumi card. Why should a nobody like Pribumi's Ahmad Faizal Azumu possibly become Perak's new MB in the event of as PH victory in GE-14?

IMHO, Perak going to Pribumi is highly questionable when PKR with 5 ADUN has been working in that state for two terms since 2008, while Pribumi has buggerall. As my matey Bruno would say: Go figure?

Oh dearie me and indeed alas for PKR once more, the price of recruiting Mahathir has been too f**king expensive.


Terengganu has a state population of just over 1 million, of whom 60% are urbanites. The ethnic spread is Malays 97%, Chinese 3% and Indians an insignificant 0.2%.

Like its northern neighbour Kelantan, it is peopled with deeply religious Muslims, so unless the politicians hoping to secure Terengganuans' hearts and minds and of course their votes, have a religious pedigree or credentials, jangan buang usaha maupun masa sia2, tolong lah balik kampung.

Alas for PKR once again, the nomination obviously has to fall to Amanah.

The MM Online reported: PKR had hoped that the state’s party chairman, Azan Ismail, would lead the opposition bloc. However, the state was handed to Amanah, leading to the appointment of Terengganu Amanah chairman Raja Bahrin Shah.

Raja Bahrin Shah 

By the by, I have a few blog posts on Raja Bahrin Shah but which are not related to Malaysian politics but more to his earlier personal family issues.

I am happy to say I had been very favourable to him in those posts with regards to affairs pertaining to his family in Australia, but if you're interested please check for yourself - as I have just said, it's more to do with his personal life so I would suggest giving those posts a miss.

But Amanah being given the PH stewardship seems appropriate as this is an extremely religious state, and Mahathir is not very popular in the East Coast while PKR .....? Aiyoyo.

Quite frankly, it's silly and indeed presumptuous of PKR to even dream of getting the PH chairperson of über-Islam Terengganu.


Kedah, our northern rice bowl, has a state population of nearly 2 million of whom 67% are urbanites. The ethnic spread is Malays 78%, Chinese 14% and Indians 7%.

Disregard the ethnic ratio, but can you guess who will be made PH chairperson? Sorry, no prize, wakakaka.

Dreamer PKR had hoped that 
Johari Abdul (MP Sungai Petani) would get the Honcho job, but as you have probably guessed correctly, darling boy Mukhriz who was also former Kedah MB has been appointed to lead the coalition in Kedah.

YB Johari Abdul is already a 2-term MP in Sungei Petani, and is also quite qualified having obtained a master's degree in Strategic Studies from Lancaster University, though slightly on the negative side from a non-Malay point of view, he was a former director of the notorious BTN. But on balance, to wit, experience, service, qualifications, he ought to be qualified to head PH in Kedah.

 Johari Abdul 

But does anyone want to argue with Daddy? 


Kelantan, probably the most religiously inclined state in Peninsular, has a state population of 1,500,000 of whom 42% are urbanites. The ethnic spread is Malays 96%, Chinese 3% and Indians again an insignificant 0.3%.

Again, as for Terengganu, if the PH component party does not have a pedigree or credential in Islam, forget about being Captain in the Malaysian holiest state.

Thus far PH Chairperson Mahathir has not made any announcement as to who will be the coalition's Chair in Kelantan.


I wonder whether PH, the whore of Kelantan, is still desperately waiting for PAS to join them? Aiyoyo, has Azmin been appealing to his Uncle?

Biblical Whore of Babylon 

But as PAS has sworn that it has irrevocably severed relationship with Pakatan, it's likely Amanah's Husam Musa will be made PH state chairperson.

It has been said that his name was already on the list of appointments but for some unexplained reason Mahathir withheld making that announcement on 25th August, which has been why I believe there has been last minute appeal (by Azmin Ali?) to leave the state's big seat for a PAS person.

Because PKR lacks the pedigree of religiosity, it should forget about Kelantan and Terengganu.

As for Kedah, that's Mahathir's backyard so there is no chance of anyone other than his own son Mukhriz being nominated for the leadership post.

But in the PH announcement, it has obtained nothing, zilch, kosong, losing kau kau to Pribumi and Amanah.

The most unjust loss for PKR would be Perak or to a lesser degree, Kedah. But seeing Perak slips into the ugly hands of Pribumi must have hurt kau kau.

It seems PKR is NOT even respected as a Malay party by its coalition or Mahathir in the divvy of wannabe-spoils in the Heartland.

As I had written before, PKR has failed miserably to win over some parts of the Heartland which has been why Pakatan has been desperate enough to 'recruit' Mahathir.

What use then is PKR?


  1. 4433 is to me pretty fair. show me your idea how to make it better? pkr 7 n the rest 7?

    dap have the most seats y only given 3 states? bec dap is useless? after all this years still can only survive in chinese area, yes useless.

    1. but not as useless as pkr - even in selangor can't dominate save by ethnicity (dap cannot be mb) and sucking pas

  2. PKR leaders and members have no qualms or rights to complain.
    Afterall,it is just a matter of time before it self implodes.
    So what more do PKR politicians want?They instead should be thankful that they are not kick out of the coalition.Wakakaka.