Monday, September 11, 2017

PKR in adulterous politics

Malaysiakini - S'gor PKR: Amanah's public call to oust PAS is not mature politics (extracts):

she is a ketuanan proponent 

see my post 
Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

Selangor PKR deputy chief Zuraida Kamaruddin said Selangor Amanah's public call to review PAS' position in the Pakatan Harapan-led Selangor government is not a politically mature move by the party.

"In terms of consensus, I see Amanah's open statement is not in accordance with the spirit of cooperation in Harapan.

Zuraida Kamaruddin tok-kok because PAS is NOT a member of Harapan.

"Conveying such views through public statements is not our way. This is not the practice of mature politics," she said in a statement today.

Wah, you want to keep your un-Harapan dealings with PAS secret? Looks like PKR has been the adulterous party practising immature politics.

Zuraida was responding to Selangor Amanah, which at its state party convention in Ampang today, unanimously approved a motion urging Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali, who is also Selangor PKR chief, to review PAS' position in the state government.

Selangor Amanah had argued that failing to remove PAS from the Selangor government will hurt Harapan's electoral chances in the 14th general election.

Zuraida, who is also Ampang MP, said she respected Selangor Amanah's prerogative on proposing motions at its convention but was surprised by the move.

Bullshit, if you espected Selangor Amanah's prerogative on proposing motions at its convention then why criticised Amanah as practising 'immature politics'?

Zuraida, get it through your thick skull and stop thinking of your luxury cars (bought with the APs your party criticised) that Amanah is a member of Harapan while PAS is NOT.

Show some basic loyalty and responsibility to Harapan and members. Otherwise PKR should get the f**k out of Harapan. PKR should not stand on two boats with a foot on each.


  1. You're right. PKR should prioritise their allies above other parties and Amanah is their ally.

    PKR leadership has already decided to not seek cooperation with PAS, so move on and work out new ways to win without the cooperation with PAS.

    This kind of obsessive behaviour gives me the impression that PKR is really terrified that their candidate will lose, especially in three cornered fights with PAS and BN.

    Yes that could well be so and Selangor could fall back to the BN but start now on strategies to win seats despite PAS.

    1. i am not sure if this is a good time to oust pas from sel govt : 1)it is not really a ph govt, 2) sultan might not agree, 3) enraged pas supporters that might still support opposition 4) ge14 is 1 year the most. 5)how oust pas at this point of time is deemed good stretegy?

      n ignore kt rant, he is full of personal vengeance bec pkr dun feed him dedak.