Tuesday, September 12, 2017

PKR to ditch DAP and Amanah for PAS?

FMT - PKR’s Elizabeth Wong sees signs of PAS’ interest to continue negotiations (extracts):

SHAH ALAM: PAS’ demand that PKR ditches DAP and Amanah in order to resume negotiations shows the Islamist party is still interested in seeking political cooperation, said PKR central leadership council member Elizabeth Wong.

She said this showed PAS realised the need to cooperate with PKR to topple the Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

This is great news. I'm just as excited and elated as Eli Wong is, to wit, that PAS continues to be interested in cooperating with PKR.

And the price is cheap, namely, that PKR ditches DAP and Amanah.

Go ahead, Eli, please advise Azmin Ali to dump Amanah and the DAP as allies.

And an additional benefit for PKR would be that it can grab DAP's blue ribbon seat in the open without difficult clandestine efforts, like, for example, Seputeh (don't know what it's called today under the EC deliberate mutilation), Ipoh East and Ipoh West, etc. After all, PKR has long been eyeing such DAP's seats with green eyes, wakakaka.

Or even easier, PKR should now leave Pakatan. I await eagerly for Azmin Ali or Wan Azizah to announce the great news for everyone.


  1. if yr wish come true, not dap to leave pakatan meh? u mean dap have no problem to work with a racist party, n another islamic party?

    1. read above thoroughly before you speak, wakakaka

  2. I have only a short sentence to add."Good Riddance To Bad Garbage".Wakakaka.

  3. Thanks KTemoc.

    I have not laughed so hard for a long time.

    Be careful what you wish for,since it might just happen.

    I wonder whether Amanah will make up with PAS and join the PKR-PASaran jamboree.

    Meanwhyile, if you want to make a satirical reality-soap opera based upon real-life Malaysian politics, it might well beat the BBC's Yes Prime Minister hands down.

    Real life Malaysian politics is infinitely more fun than Yes Prime Minister.