Wednesday, October 04, 2023

UK Cancels Sending Any More Challenged 2 Tanks To Ukraine


Wednesday, October 4, 2023

UK Cancels Sending Any More Challenged 2 Tanks To Ukraine

The almost 40 year old British made Challenger 2 tanks have become quite "challenged" in Ukraine. The British sent 14 of their Challengers with which they wanted to win the war in Ukraine. Instead the Russians promptly blew up the Challenger 2s. No one except the British and Ukrainians know how many (if any) of the 14 Challengers are still left.


In the latest news the Brits have announced that they WILL NOT BE SENDING ANY MORE CHALLENGER 2s to the Ukraine. Here it is :


This is just a precaution in case more Challenger 2 tanks get blown up. It will be a terrible embarrassment for British weapons sales.  

The UK will also NOT BE SENDING ANY MILITARY INSTRUCTORS (aka SAS) to Ukraine. This is just a precaution in case any of the immortal SAS become mortals. 

As the stomach churns . . . .

Left outside the door of national development by Dr Mahathir, Kelantan is now hoping he will bring development to them

Left outside the door of national development by Dr Mahathir, Kelantan is now hoping he will bring development to them


Used to do a bit of work in corporate restructuring, corporate `undertaker.

Image credit: The Merdeka Times

When people say what goes around comes around, they mean that if you behave in a bad way, bad things will eventually happen to you, and if you behave in a good way, good things will eventually happen to you.

The memories of older Kelantanese of Dr. Mahathir do not appear to be as positive as elsewhere in the country as they always felt and have a sense that the state was left out of the development of the Mahathir era when he was the Prime Minister for 22 years.

On 30 Aug 2010, the Kelantan government, then led by Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat filed a suit against Petronas claiming unpaid oil royalty since 1998.

The statement of claim goes back to Kelantan’s entry into the federation of Malaya on August 31, 1957.

It was agreed then that the ownership of petroleum won and obtained on-shore or off-shore would remain with the state.

Kelantan’s contention is that Petronas is obliged to make cash payments twice a year for petroleum retrieved off-shore and has unfairly discriminated against the state government by refusing to make cash payments, on the basis that the state government is led by PAS, which is in opposition to BN at federal level while they have been cash payments to Sabah, Sarawak and Terengganu which was stopped in 2000 after PAS took control of the state government.

The low point for the Kelantanese was when the federal government led by Mahathir’s successor, Abdullah Badawi placed several advertisements in Malay-language dailies in the year 2009 during a by-election in one of the constituencies in Kelantan stating that Kelantan is not entitled to oil royalty but has been granted 'compassionate' payment of RM20 million.

The suit however was withdrawn in May 2019 after the Federal government which was then led by the Pakatan Harapan coalition with Dr Mahathir as the Prime Minister again, promised and agreed to pay oil royalty to Kelantan.

In Sept 2000, a year after the state fell into the control of PAS in the 1999 state election, Dr Mahathir ordered Petronas to rescind oil royalty payments on the grounds that the federal government didn’t have confidence in the ability of the state government led by Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) to manage the funds.

This led to the Terengganu government filing a suit against Petronas and the federal government over unpaid oil royalty payments amounting to several billion RM.

The suit, however, was withdrawn on March 21, 2012, the reasons for which, however, were not revealed publicly.

If not for its proximity to the oil fields off the coast of Terengganu and Kelantan, the Federal government would not have developed the oil hub in Kemaman and Perwaja in Terengganu.

When the 30-year Vision 2020 was launched in 1991 for Malaysia to become a fully developed nation, Terengganu was ranked No.2, Kedah No. 11, and Kelantan the last in per capita GDP among the states in Malaysia.

30 years later, in 2020, Terengganu had fallen to No. 10, Kedah to No. 13 and Kelantan remained the last of the Malaysian states in per capita GDP.

In January 2020, Dr. Mahathir, the man who launched Vision 2020, interviewed in the Kool Talk segment of Kool FM radio and was quoted to have said although the country did not fully realize the vision, compared to Malaysia of today, 2020, with Malaysia at the time the vision was launched in 1991, the rakyat now are more prosperous, the country is more prosperous and development is evident throughout the country, with better infrastructure.

Using the same yardstick he used for his justification, are the people in Kelantan and Terengganu more prosperous now, and both the states have better infrastructure?

Floods remain a feature to this day in both states.

In recent times it has worsened with a more severe occurrence.

Issues pertaining to potable were making more frequent headlines for the wrong reasons in both states.

And now both states are appointing Dr. Mahathir to advise them on bringing development to both states when he was instrumental in depriving the same states of all the national development programs promoted by him when he was helming the country.

By appointing Dr. Mahathir, PAS has also directly confirmed what Dr. Mahathir said of them in the year 2000 when he ordered Petronas to stop the oil royalties to Terengganu on the grounds that the federal government didn’t have confidence in the ability of the state government led by Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) to manage the funds vis a vis the development of the states?

If Dr. Mahathir did really and miraculously succeed in bringing sustainable development to both states, it would be a bitter-sweet pill for the people of Kelantan and Terengganu.

This person not only deprived both states of their oil dues for 20+ years but also excluded both states from the national development programs over the same period.

When he was the Prime Minister for 22 years, he was the leader for all Malaysians regardless of which state they were from and their race and religion.

So should the people of Kelantan and Terengganu sue him for negligence and abdicating his responsibilities to the people in these 2 states with his past actions thereby depriving them of their rightful place to enjoy the prosperity that Malaysians in other states have been enjoying for the last few decades?

What benefits does each expect from the other with this appointment?

For Dr. Mahathir to see developments brought to both states?

If he could do it, he would have done it when he was leading the country for 22 years and not when he didn’t hold the reins of the country.

One is now rising in prominence politically gaining strengths with every election, be it at the state or at national level.

Another is fading off fast politically.

Both differ significantly in views on economic growth, politics, and ideologies.

Who are they kidding?

They themselves or the ordinary rakyat or their supporters?

This is really what goes around comes around but in a unique way, Malaysian style.

MCA urges Anwar to resign as Finance Minister

MCA urges Anwar to resign as Finance Minister

Mike Chong, Anwar

SHAH ALAM - MCA has urged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to resign from his post as Finance Minister to give his full focus on the nation's administration.

The party's central information chief, Mike Chong Yew Chuan said Anwar must appoint a second Finance Minister who could focus on the economic issues, so that Anwar would be able to give his full focus on national matters.

“The new appointment for this post would improve our nation’s economy and generate more job opportunities.

“He would be able to respond to key issues in a more macro and comprehensive manner and it ensures the coordination and consistency of government policies,” he said in a Facebook statement on Tuesday.

Chong who was recently appointed as the party's Youth wing deputy chief, also suggested for Anwar to sack Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli and Agriculture and Food Security Minister Mohamad Sabu as they were allegedly only causing controversies after failing to perform their duties.

He added that Anwar must take immediate measures as the public was now burdened with the rising cost of living and stagnant income while the government had no clear direction for the economy.

“Following that, we call on the Prime Minister to consider the options I have suggested to focus on solving the nation’s economic dilemma,” he said.

Some veterans say Ukraine needs to face up to prospect of long war


Some veterans say Ukraine needs to face up to prospect of long war

A wounded Ukrainian serviceman Oleksandr Yabchanka walks on a street, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in central Lviv, Ukraine October 1, 2023. REUTERS/Roman Baluk Acquire Licensing Rights

KYIV, Oct 4 (Reuters) - Recovering from his third battlefield injury, Oleksandr Yabchanka had a warning for those Ukrainians he said may be burying their heads in the sand over the war with Russia.

"Guys, sooner or later it will catch up with you," said Yabchanka, who was back home in western Ukraine waiting for his wounded leg to heal before returning to his unit.

The 42-year-old paediatrician and former health ministry adviser from Lviv is now a platoon commander in the 1st Separate "Da Vinci Wolves" Battalion, and has been fighting since the early days of the war.

As the two armies pound each other on the front lines, the illusion of normal life prevails in Lviv and elsewhere in Ukraine, where coffee dates and cocktail parties offer some respite from sporadic air strikes and news of civilian casualties.

Fighters like Yabchanka fear that while Ukrainians are broadly united, some are detached from reality as the soldiers see it: that the war could last for years and require far more people to fight, and that a Russian defeat should not be taken for granted.

Buoyed by their military's resilience and Western support, Ukrainians rallied around the cause after Russia's full-scale invasion in February 2022, backing the leadership of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and, in many cases, taking up arms.

Public morale remains high 19 months later, and people still hail the troops as heroes. A popular topic of conversation remains personal plans for "after the victory".

Ukrainians still often dismiss Russian troops as incompetent after battlefield failures in 2022 and the recruitment of thousands of convicts to fill their ranks.

Yet Kyiv's much-vaunted summer counteroffensive has made only incremental gains amid signs Russian forces are now more effective, and losses are mounting on both sides.

Ukraine is revamping military recruitment as the war grinds on, including by replacing heads of regional recruitment offices, punishing draft dodging and modifying the rules on medical exemptions to fighting on the front.

Men between the ages of 18 and 60 are generally barred from leaving the country but most have not been called up so far.

No change to overall mobilisation plans has been announced and analysts say the government has to consider the broader economy and social stability.


Adriana Romanko, a psychotherapist who leads a volunteer group that supplies the military, UAID, said it was natural for an embattled society to mythologize its defenders in a fight for survival.

But pointing to a popular slogan - "I believe in the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine)" - she added that it also risks distancing people from those who are fighting.

"This slogan puts people into the infantile position of having this 'Big Dad', in this case the AFU, come along and take care of everything," said Romanko.

Many Ukrainians not directly engaged in the war still actively support the cause. Around 68% help the army or people affected by the war by volunteering or donating, according to the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation - up from 61% last December.

Around the same amount reported that a family member or friend had either fought or are currently fighting, another survey, by polling organisation Rating Group, found.

Still, battle-hardened veterans have expressed concern on local media over the impact on Ukraine's long term resilience of what they describe as a rose-tinted view of the war or a sense of impatience fuelled by some public figures and journalists.

"It could turn out that the situation at the front will worsen, and we need to be ready for that," Bohdan Krotevych, the chief of staff for the Azov Brigade, posted on Telegram in late August, urging Ukrainians to steel themselves and stop asking how long the war will last.

Yabchanka, who sports a Cossack-style moustache and hairstyle, said those who are close to someone fighting tend to be more realistic. But he worried that many military-aged men were not prepared for the reality of fierce close combat and heavy artillery fire if they were to be called up.

"This is someone's husband, someone's son, someone's father," he said. "It's a Ukrainian over whom it will be painful for me when, God forbid, he's killed."

Terengganu govt: International sports rules impact enforcement of Shariah-compliant athlete attire

Terengganu govt: International sports rules impact enforcement of Shariah-compliant athlete attire

According to State Youth, Sports and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Development committee chairman Hishamuddin Abdul Karim one of the established guidelines launched by the Terengganu government is that Muslim athletes should dress according to Islamic law, covering their ‘aurat’, dressing modestly, and wearing appropriate attire for the sport they are involved in.

Wednesday, 04 Oct 2023 5:23 PM MYT

KUALA TERENGGANU, Oct 4 — The Terengganu government acknowledges the challenges in fully enforcing the guidelines for Shariah-compliant sports attire among Muslim athletes, due to constraints imposed by international sports regulations.

State Youth, Sports and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Development committee chairman Hishamuddin Abdul Karim said the state government has launched the guidelines for entertainment, cultural performances, tourism and sports activities in March 2020, which highlighted ethics and standards for Muslim athletes and coaches.

According to him, one of the established guidelines is that Muslim athletes should dress according to Islamic law, covering their “aurat”, dressing modestly, and wearing appropriate attire for the sport they are involved in.

“For non-Muslim athletes, they are recommended to dress modestly, avoiding tight, short, or revealing outfits,” he said at the State Assembly meeting here, today.

He responded to a question by Tengku Muhamad Fakhruddin Tengku Md Fauzi (PAS-Sura) who inquired about the state government’s modesty dress code standards for all sports events in the state.

The state government is committed to enforcing Shariah-compliant sports policies, which include modest dress codes within its jurisdiction, Hishamuddin said adding that the Shariah-compliant concept had to be modified to a more lenient and educational approach known as Shariah-friendly, he said when met by reporters.

“We have policies ensuring our athletes adhere to Shariah law. However, we’ve made slight adjustments because full compliance is not entirely possible. So we are adopting a Shariah-friendly approach as a starting point to initiate change. This process requires education and raising awareness among athletes rather than strict enforcement,” he said.

To further demonstrate the government’s commitment to Shariah-compliant attire among athletes, it has involved the mufti in the State Terengganu Sports Council (MSNT) Management Committee. The mufti directly monitors and provides advice on related matters.

He added that at MSNT, a specialised religious officer has been appointed to serve as a spiritual coach, handling various religious activities for athletes.

“However, as of now, we are still maintaining the decision not to allow female athletes to participate in gymnastics due to body-revealing nature of their attire. We hope everyone respects our stance. Our concern is not against the sport itself, but enabling female athletes to participate in such conditions is deemed inappropriate,” he added. — Bernama


kt comments: How about swimming and diving?

Choppy waters as Europe navigates China-US rivalry


Choppy waters as Europe navigates China-US rivalry

Containers are seen on Maersk's Triple-E giant container ship Majestic Maersk, one of the world's largest container ships, next to cranes at the APM Terminals in the port of Algeciras, Spain January 20, 2023. REUTERS/Jon Nazca/files Acquire Licensing Rights


  • Europe loses in world of rising trade curbs
  • US policy on China may impact Europe - EU paper
  • European officials eye U.S. 2024 election closely

Oct 4 (Reuters) - At a World Trade Organization event in September, former British prime minister Gordon Brown voiced out loud the fear that has quietly started to echo in the halls of power across Europe.

"Europe does not want to end up squeezed between America and China, either a Chinese colony or an American colony," he said of a scenario in which rivalry between China and the United States could lead to a world of two hostile power axes.

"For even if Europe would always choose America, upon whom its security depends, it also knows that its lifeblood, far more so than for the USA, is trade," added Brown, who since quitting UK politics has taken senior UN roles on global issues.

The fracturing of the rules and bonds tying the global economy together - so-called "geo-economic fragmentation" - seemed implausible only a few years ago. Now, it is a headline topic at the International Monetary Fund's annual meeting of economic leaders in the Moroccan city of Marrakech next week.

Nowhere is it more pressing than for Europe, whose wealth has always relied on trade, from its rapacious colonial history through to its reinvention as self-styled champion of WTO rules.

Together, the 27 countries of the European Union make up the world's biggest trade bloc, accounting for 16% of world imports and exports. That also makes them highly reliant on goods from elsewhere, ranging from critical raw materials to blood plasma.

But tariffs and other trade curbs are rising as governments seek to counter populist rivals who have snapped up the votes of those left behind by two decades of rapid globalisation including China's entry into the global trading system.

Both the United States and Europe have been hardening their stance towards Beijing while stressing the rules of world trade must be fairly applied. But Washington, some observers argue, is already testing how far those rules can be stretched.

"Europe's clear belief in holding to WTO principles in a world where the other two big powers don't really hold to them limits, in some ways, its opportunities for cooperation with the United States," Brad Setser, a trade veteran who has advised the Biden administration, told a Brussels audience last month.

One sign of that was the strain in talks on a U.S.-Europe "green steel" club erecting trade barriers to box out China. The main EU concern is that the U.S. proposals could break WTO rules by discriminating against third parties.


Back in 2020 there was a sigh of relief among most European governments when Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump as president. But they now recognise that any U.S. consensus for free trade has long gone and that they must adapt - preferably before a 2024 U.S. election that might return Trump to the White House.

"(European) firms need to be prepared for extreme scenarios in which the US forces them to leave China," warned a discussion paper presented to EU finance ministers last month entitled "Dealing with Europe's Economic (In-)security".

While such aggressive sanctions on China are not current U.S. policy, the EU paper seen by Reuters noted the bloc was "badly prepared for a world of geopolitical rivalry and great power competition" that could create such spillover effects.

Europe's leaders meet in Spain later this week to start sketching out an economic security plan to address the region's vulnerabilities, with a goal of reaching agreement by year-end.

It won't be easy.

On the one hand, countries must agree which technologies should be subject to stronger export controls and screening of outbound investments, in some cases weighing security interests against national commercial benefits.

On the other, EU capitals may have to stump up billions of euros of new money to help local industry develop in yet-to-be-confirmed strategic technologies.

They will do that in the knowledge that any measures could incur the ire of Beijing - with German China-focused exporters, for example, standing to lose more in such a case than others.

Wang Huiyao, president of the Beijing-based Center for China and Globalization think tank said Europe should factor in the longstanding cultural ties and commercial interests it has with China in formulating its policy.

"Of course the EU should approach China differently to how the U.S does," he said, arguing that differences on human rights and ideology could be worked through.

Ultimately, however, realpolitik might force Europe's hand.

An IMF analysis this year concluded that, if the world economy split into U.S.-centred and China-focused axes, Europe would fare best by remaining open to both, but noted it "might face heavy costs if such a policy approach significantly raises the possibility of barriers between itself and the U.S.".

Petra Sigmund, a German official who co-authored Berlin's China strategy, noted Europe and Washington did not always see eye-to-eye on China but told a recent think tank event the Biden administration showed "great willingness to sort it out".

"And we really hope ... that after the election in the United States this is going to continue."

The Book Publishers "Lobby" Can Seriously "Influence" Our Education Policies


Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The Book Publishers "Lobby" Can Seriously "Influence" Our Education Policies


"which leaves RM7.909 billion, the purpose for which is not known !!"

  • Changes to Msia’s education system raise fears students not prepared for future 
  • DLP being reduced or scrapped altogether
  • Changes to education system 
  • more science and mathematics in Malay 
  • raising the ire of parents and observers.
  • will not enhance employability of students in globalisation.
  • DLP schools and classes are being eradicated
  • DLP idoes not meet the ministry’s requirements
  • June 30, 2023, less than 1/4 schools conducted DLP
  • 2,428 schools out of a total of 10,233
  • 460,000 students in DLP, 9% of total student population
  • DLP may be abolished at all public boarding secondary schools 
  • save for two top schools, MCKK and Tunku Kurshiah College.
  • Malaysia’s education policy has long been seen as a tool to advance political influence, with issues such as the medium of instruction and vernacular schools often becoming political hot potatoes.
  • plans to teach the 40 hadiths
  • further Islamising government schools.
  • ISEAS : removing DLP not much impact on attracting Malay votes 


My Comments:

Folks, this news above by the Straits Times Singapore has completely missed the mark. Education policy is not determined by any of those things mentioned here (actually nothing was mentioned about who, what or how education policy is determined).

Education policy is strongly influenced (shall we say) by the book publishing "lobby". 

In Malaysia school textbooks are free. You and I pay for it. It is all taxpayer funded. So every year the gomen dishes out school textbook publishing and printing contracts. These contracts are worth hundreds of millions of Ringgit. Big money. Big money attracts big flies.

Most recently the political secretary of the former Minister of Education was arrested for corruption involving the book contract for just ONE PRIMARY SCHOOL TEXTBOOK. It was a religious book in the Malay language. The contract involved was worth RM80 MILLION !! For just one primary school text book !!

That alone will give you an idea just how much money and influence buying is involved.

The latest education budget is RM53 BILLION !! 
Higher education got another RM15 BILLION. 
That is a total of RM68 BILLION. 

I got this from The Edge :

  • Ministry of Education RM52.6b
  • Ministry of Higher Education RM14.5b
  • teachers’ emoluments 80% or RM42 billion 
  • 20% balance remaining = RM10.6 billion, 
  • RM450 million for Early School Aid
  • RM1 billion for school maintenance and renovations
  • RM746 million to upgrade dilapidated schools
  • RM50 million for special needs schools to purchase equipment 
  • RM400 million to provide free milk daily
  • These allocations amount to RM2.691 billion
  • which leaves RM7.909 billion, the purpose for which is not known.

Maybe that last line which leaves RM7.909 billion, the purpose for which is not known is meant to be a joke. 

Did that RM80 million religious textbook contract (involving that bribe) come from the purpose for which is not known  type of  funds as well?

Actually this has been going on for a long time, especially after Dr Mahathir retired in 2003. 

The Malay language book publishers were and are closely connected to the UM-O boys. Maybe one and the same. And the Education budget has always gotten the single largest chunk of our annual Budget allocations.

Hundreds of millions of Ringgits are dished out to the school textbook publishers. And the local boys are more suited to publish Malay language books. Especially religious books in the Malay language.  

So the more school textbooks are printed in Malay the more money goes to the book publishing "lobby". It is more than a lobby. It is a mafia.

And they do not like the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. They dont speak English.

Explained: the ‘ticking time bomb’ of civil service pensions


Explained: the ‘ticking time bomb’ of civil service pensions

As rising civil service pensions continue to eat into the federal budget, all eyes will be on Anwar Ibrahim as he tries to untangle the thorny problem.

Civil servants and pensioners form a huge vote bank which Anwar Ibrahim cannot ignore as the pensions bill continues to rise. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: A former minister’s suggestion of reforms to the government’s pension scheme, which he called “a ticking time bomb”, has been rebuffed by the civil servants’ union Cuepacs as being absurd and unwarranted.

Cuepacs said it would not accept any proposal which compromises the existing privileges held by civil servants.

FMT looks into the key issues surrounding Malaysia’s civil service pension scheme.

Why a ‘ticking time bomb’?

The pension system took up a whopping RM30.5 billion in this year’s federal budget, amounting to nearly 8% of the RM389 billion budget, and an increase of RM3 billion over the 2021 budget.

Former prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has predicted that pension payments could reach about RM46 billion by 2030.

This massive bill must be tackled before prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, who is also finance minister, is able to fulfil his pledge to cut Malaysia’s deficit budget to 3.5% in 2025.

What do civil servants get?

The Pension Act 1980 sets out a formula for calculating a civil servant’s pension. A civil servant who has served least 25 years qualifies for a minimum pension of 50% of his last drawn monthly basic salary. For those who go on to serve 30 years, the amount increases to 60%.

By this formula, a medical worker in grade U29 who retires with a last drawn salary of RM3,476 after 25 years of service would be entitled to a pension of just RM1,738 per month.

However, in 2022, Malaysia’s poverty line was set at RM2,589, placing a vast number of retired civil servant below the poverty line and in the B40 category (lower-income group) even after 25 years of service.

Why has nothing been done?

Pension reform would risk offending and turning away 1.7 million voters (one million civil servants and 700,000 pensioners), a community generally seen as a vote bank for the government of the day.

Pensioners’ rights are also protected by the Federal Constitution, which states that the government shall not compromise the pension schemes already awarded to civil servants.

In other words, the pension scheme cannot be abolished outright. A detailed study is required to determine the best way forward if any government wishes to make changes.

Federal Court ruling on unconstitutional amendment

In June, the Federal Court affirmed a lower court ruling striking down an amendment made to a law governing the pension of civil servants as unconstitutional.

It said the amendment to Section 3 of the Pensions Adjustment Act 1980, passed in 2013, had put former civil servants in a “less favourable situation” with regard to their entitlement to increments in their pension.

It ordered the reinstatement of the original Section 3 of the Act.

This meant taking away a fixed 2% annual increment received by all pensioners since 2013, with pension payouts reverting to the sum they received prior to the amendment.

However, the government said the affected retirees will not have to return sums they have already received. In addition, a special incentive payment was promised until December this year.

Pensioners are expecting the government to announce the continuation of this incentive beginning next January when Budget 2024 is tabled.

The revised pensions are expected to increase after the revision of the civil service salary scheme, which is in progress and expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Potential ways out

Former minister Khairy Jamaluddin has proposed future civil service recruits be placed on scheme involving contributions to the Employees Provident Fund instead of being made pensionable.

Another proposal, from the G25 group of prominent Malay retired civil servants and leaders, is for the government to reinstate the goods and services tax and implement targeted subsidies to fund the massive pension bill.

Which approach Anwar will take when he tables the 2024 budget on Oct 13 is sure to draw close attention from all involved.

Sarawak deputy minister says ASMC data proves haze originates from Indonesia

Sarawak deputy minister says ASMC data proves haze originates from Indonesia

File picture showing a hazy Kuching skyline is observed from Bukit Siol in Petra Jaya. ― Picture by Chimon Upon

Wednesday, 04 Oct 2023 10:01 AM MYT

KUCHING, Oct 4 ― The Indonesian government cannot deny claims that the trans-boundary haze is caused by forest and land fires in their country, said Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Sustainability Dr Hazland Abang Hipni.

He pointed out that data obtained from the Asean Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC) showed that the cross-border haze originated from Indonesia and crossed into neighbouring countries.

“We have statistics showing there are four hot spots detected in Sarawak and 2,203 hot spots detected in Kalimantan for the period from September 20 to 28.

“This is data from ASMC, not from Malaysia, so how can they deny a situation like this.”

He said this when met by reporters after an event at Borneo Cultures Museum yesterday.

He was asked to comment on news reports quoting Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) Siti Nurbaya Bakar as denying the allegations that haze from forest and land fires in Indonesia had crossed into Malaysia and Singapore.

However, Dr Hazland said matters related to the haze situation will be discussed in the next meeting of Malaysia-Indonesia Socio-Economic Cooperation (Sosek Malindo).

“The next discussion will be held in the next few months and we will propose some things, among them, related to the environment in these two countries.

“In addition, we will also propose to the Indonesian government or their business sector to enter the biomass industry.

“Biomass, which can be a source of potential energy, is a new source of income especially for the farmers,” he added. ― Borneo Post

Data obtained from the Asean Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC) showed that the cross-border haze originated from Indonesia and crossed into neighbouring countries. ― Screenshot via

PAS needs M in Dewan as PAS MPs incompetent in raising issues affecting PAS-governed states???


PAS to field Dr M in Kemaman?

A source says Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be better able to raise problems affecting the four PAS-led states if he were to be in the Dewan Rakyat.

kt asks: PAS needs M in Dewan as PAS MPs incompetent in raising issues affecting PAS-governed states???

PAS has started talks on putting Dr Mahathir Mohamad up as its candidate in the Kemaman parliamentary by-election, according to a source close to the former prime minister. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: PAS is likely to field Dr Mahathir Mohamad as its candidate for the Kemaman parliamentary by-election, said a source close to the former prime minister.

Mahathir was recently appointed an unofficial adviser to the four PAS-led state governments, and the source told FMT that having him in the Dewan Rakyat would allow the veteran politician to “better raise the states’ issues”.

The source said if the former Langkawi MP were to return to the lower house, it would provide him the chance to serve as a more effective “check and balance against the unity government”, which he had been a fierce critic of since it took over Putrajaya last November.

“Talks have started with PAS leaders on his candidacy,” said the source.

“Mahathir wields huge influence among the Malay electorate and grassroots leaders. If he wins, he will be the oldest MP to be elected. (Mahathir is 98.)

“The most important thing is that they want to put Dr M in Parliament to represent the interests of the four state governments. There is no point talking outside the House.”

The source also said the party would win “hands down” as Kemaman was a PAS stronghold.

PAS’s Che Alias Hamid won the seat with a 27,179-vote majority in a four-cornered fight in the 15th general election.

However, the Kuala Terengganu election court annulled the win last month after finding that the payment of i-Belia and i-Siswa aid to voters during the campaign period constituted bribery.

PAS said yesterday it would not file an appeal against the decision, paving the way for another parliamentary by-election in the state after the Kuala Terengganu by-election was held on Aug 12.

PN win in Pelangai can trigger change of Pahang govt - Muhyiddin

PN win in Pelangai can trigger change of Pahang govt - Muhyiddin

PELANGAI BY-ELECTION | Perikatan Nasional can take over the Pahang state government through defections after it wins the Pelangai by-election, said Muhyiddin Yassin.

Speaking at a dialogue session earlier this evening, the PN chairperson hinted that PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man will be the next Pahang menteri besar if this happens.

“... Pelangai by-election is for the rakyat to come together with us in giving a clear signal.

“While winning Pelangai won’t change much the composition of state assembly members as it will only add one more seat for us, having one more seat means we are only four representatives fewer (than the government side).

“Maybe, who knows, one morning some Umno representatives suddenly realise that they had made a mistake and want to join our coalition.

“(If this happens), Tuan Ibrahim, Insya Allah will be the next Pahang menteri besar,” he said.

Muhyiddin was speaking at a dialogue session with Malay NGOs in Simpang Durian, a district in Negeri Sembilan that borders Pelangai.

Pahang has yet to enact an anti-hopping law, which is aimed to prevent elected representatives from defecting to a different party than the one they were elected on.

BN won 16 state seats in Pahang during the 15th general election, while PN won 17. However, BN managed to form the state government after it entered a cooperation with Pakatan Harapan, which had eight seats in the state legislative assembly.

The Pelangai seat was won by BN’s Johari Harun, who died in a plane crash on Aug 17, thus triggering the by-election.

PN open to all

Speaking to reporters after the event, Muhyiddin said PN is open to accepting anyone who wants to support them, including government representatives who agree to follow the coalition's principles.

However, Muhyiddin said, he has no information on the circulating rumours that four Pahang state assembly members purportedly want to join PN.

“We are open to anyone who wants to support us. But I am not sure who these purported four are, or if there is any truth to the rumour.

“Whatever it is, Pelangai is important to us. We are working hard to explain to the voters so they can give their votes to our candidate Kasim Samat.

“If we manage to win, it will definitely strengthen PN's position. We know the numbers are still not enough, but if it happens to be a situation that can open the opportunity for us to form a government, then we hope we can do so,” he said.

Focus is on winning first

Meanwhile, Tuan Ibrahim, who is the Cheka state assemblyperson, told the dialogue session they should bring the four purported government representatives to him if it is true they want to defect.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

He said this when asked by an audience about the possibility of PN taking over the state government.

“My answer is simple, if there really are four representatives (who want to join us), bring them here.

“The Pahang state assembly has not passed an anti-hopping law, which means we have yet to enforce it. We are still discussing the bill,” he said.

When asked by Malaysiakini later, Tuan Ibrahim said no government representative has approached him or PN so far.

For now, the Pahang opposition chief added, they want to focus on winning Pelangai first.

“We focus (on Pelangai), Insya Allah, who knows, Wallahualam,” he said.


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Moox2 is really obsessed with "melalui pintu-belakang, merampas kerajaan" doctrine - he shies away from general elections as he realises he is not capable of winning government that way. But then, we have to recognise him as the Scion of the Keralite Sheraton Move