Sunday, September 10, 2017

Selangor government - Pribumi replaces PAS in PH?

From Sin Chew Daily (extracts):

Azmin [Ali] has never abandoned the chances of seeking cooperation with PAS for the simple reason he wants to consolidate PKR’s hold of Selangor.

If PAS goes all out in the election war in three-cornered fights with BN and Pakatan, some of Pakatan’s seats, in particular those now held by PKR and PAS, could fall into BN’s hands, signalling a possible end to the PKR-led Selangor government.

If he can convince PAS to at least work with PKR in the state in a bid to avert three-cornered fights, there are good chances his party will retain its political fortress, and he can still be MB.

azmin cakap ta'serupa bikin 

Rafizi obviously doesn’t think the same way. His think tank “Invoke” claims that three-cornered fights will work in favor of PH and the party therefore needs not forge any relationship with PAS at all.

The rivalry between these two factions is not just a matter of political stand but also the chronic confrontation between the two gentlemen.

The “Kajang Move” meant to oust Khalid Ibrahim was said to have been orchestrated by Rafizi single-handedly, not only to remove Khalid but also to sideline Azmin Ali. Unfortunately the “Kajang Move” did not work and neither Anwar Ibrahim nor Kak Wan made it to the MB throne, burying instead the seed of Pakatan Rakyat’s collapse later.

The fall of “Kajang Move” nevertheless put Azmin on the MB seat out of Rafizi’s expectation while deepening the rift between the men.

Recently Latheefa Koya, an Azmin loyalist, said that Rafizi had conjured up the 'Kajang Move' to prevent Azmin Ali from becoming the MB of Selangor.

But when she said that, I could not see how the 'Kajang Move' would have achieved that, never mind that it achieved the exact opposite.

azmin takut lah 

Look, then Khalid Ibrahim was already occupying the MB seat for a second term and in fact was in good grace with HRH, so why would Rafizi make a move to dethrone Khalid if his (Rafizi's) intention was to prevent Azmin from becoming MB?

I have to admit I am quite confused. Latheefa's revelation was not unlike the Americans attacking and occupying Iraq because Saudis and Egyptians whacked the Twin Towers on 9/11. That was the logic of Bush Jnr and his pro-Israel Administration.

To me, being a simple naive bloke wakakaka, the 'Kajang Move' was to oust Khalid Ibrahim, full stop.

Initially Anwar, then his wife Wan Azizah (Anwar was jailed by then) was supposed to replace Khalid Ibrahim. The Pakatan government proposed Wan as its candidate to be the replacement MB, but strangely and unconstitutionally HRH refused to approve that nomination.

what to do - azmin thick skin lah 

But as I have written, in Malaysian Westminster-styled parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch, the Malay monarch has a special position in the hearts of the Malays and thus could be difficult for lawmakers to talk, argue with or persuade 'constitutionally'.

T'was obvious that behind the scene, PAS and Azmin were lobbying furiously and somehow HRH was convinced that Azmin Ali would be the best replacement as Selangor's MB for an ousted Khalid Ibrahim.

In effect, it means Azmin owes a great debt to Hadi Awang, though apart from that, Azmin realises PKR is dependent upon PAS for its survival and his possible longevity as a MB after GE-14.

Divided PKR

above pro-PAS, below anti-PAS

But of course, there's no denying Azmin stabbed Wan Azizah (and thus Anwar) in the back to secure the MB position for himself.

in PKR, wakakaka 

Thus there was some real bad blood between Azmin and the Anwar family for a while, until ironically Mahathir came along to mollify the latter, with possibly a promise to have Anwar released and pardoned, but only if Pakatan works under his leadership to win majority rule in GE-14, and that means the Anwar family should not obstruct Azmin and his scheming ways.

Ironically again, this time it's Uncle Mahathir who has told Nephew Azmin to cease and desist in his whoring with PAS. But leave it to Azmin - he doesn't listen nor will conform as he always has his way, wakakaka.

So again, how was the 'Kajang Move' supposed to prevent Azmin Ali from being MB of Selangor when it did exactly the opposite?

But Sin Chew also reported another sinister force, namely, that of Pribumi, wakakaka. It reported:

... the recent PH supreme council meeting confirmed that it would not cooperate with PAS and was ready for possible three-cornered fights.

Mahathir's attitude is unambiguous: a complete break with PAS, one that is apparently different from Anwar's.

Perhaps to Mahathir this gives his PPBM 
[Pribumi] a chance to replace PAS, but to Anwar, it could be a bomb that blows up PKR's hold of Selangor.

Will the Rafizi-Azmin strife be expanded into an internal conflict within PH? That will very much depend on the wisdom of the pact's leaders.

Thus what Mahathir might have intended by drastically weaning PKR off from the tits of PAS is that if PH still wins Sealngor come GE-14, Pribumi will take over as the actual political ruler of the state, de facto or de jure, wakakaka.

And Anwar, whatever he might have been tenuously promised, may be in severe dire state due to the undeniable invincible hatred and non-forgiveness that Mahathir still holds against him.


  1. u cant appoint a azmim subordinate to become mb after remove khalid, thats y kajang move, to prevent azmin to be mb. like i always ssaid what is wrong with u dap idiot, y every mb would become closer to pas n not dap in selangor? still no self reflection?

    n i enlighten u y some pkr people still wan pas, during last few electon, we grassroots pas n pkr work closely to fight a corrupted regime call umno/bn, for many many years,p now suddenly u people tell us yr dad n mum divoice already, u can now fuck each other, easy said than done. we r not dap, an anglo that stress only who benefit us more, thats y dap can easily work with bersatu aka mahathir, u see the diff?

  2. Whether PH wins GE 14 or not,Mahathir will definitely come out the winner.The opposition pact will win some Felda seats.How many it is impossible to say,but there will be at least a few.

    Anwar and the PR have been trying their butts out,and after some many GE's have been unable to do so,not even a single seat.The only thing they won was tons of goose eggs.

    So no matter how the outcome of GE14 is,Mahathir can still boast that at last the opposition is able to wrest some seats out of Umno's strongest hold,Felda.So things can only get better from now on,under his tutelage.Wakakaka.