Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mahathir Unforgiven


FMT) – PKR has urged is supporters “to swallow their anger” for Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the sake of winning Putrajaya.

The party’s vice-president, Prof Shaharuddin Badaruddin, and Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said that the “reformasi” supporters should move on especially since Anwar Ibrahim Mahathir’s protege turned arch nemesis has come to terms with the former prime minister.

“I am sure there are those who cannot forgive (Mahathir) and you can’t force them to do so. It must happen naturally,” Shaharuddin said when met after attending a forum in Unisel, here, today.

He said it was understandable what the “reformasi” supporters felt but it was necessary for them to set their feelings aside if they wanted to beat the Barisan Nasional in the coming general election.

“There are things we need to prioritise and this means some of us will have to swallow our anger,” he said, stressing that cooperation was a must.

Shaharuddin and Nik Nazmi were commenting on the jeers some “reformasi” supporters directed at Mahathir when he turned up at a convention last week.

During the event, Mahathir had urged the crowd to put the past behind them, but a section of the crowd yelled back that they could not.

Shaharuddin urged the “reformasi” supporters to look at the bigger picture, which is to ensure straight fights with the ruling coalition, a strategy which Mahathir has said in the past would give the opposition a fighting chance to win Putrajaya.

Nik Nazmi, meanwhile, said that there was a need for everyone, including the “reformasi” movement, to join hands to defeat BN.

One of my principal critics (blog visitor) commented in my post about HRH Sultan Selangor pardoning a man on death sentence that:

There are crimes so heinous, and where the person has no remorse, that the appropriate penalty, after due process, is DEATH.

In other words, when a person has been guilty of terrible crimes, forgiveness for that person is out of the question a la 'To err is human, to forgive divine, to unforgive only appropriate' (in some horrendous cases).

In my mind and those of many others, the political destruction wrought by Mahathir in his 22-years reign would be considered as 'crimes' to the nation so horrendous (eg. destruction of the integrity of the Judiciary, Civil Service, Senate, and profligacy in the billions of ringgit, etc) that we cannot ever forgive him.

Though we are not demanding the death penalty for him (as that would be over the top) we cannot countenance his political resurrection with our support and alliance with him and his Pribumi.

And that's what PKR's Prof Shaharuddin Badaruddin and its Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad are asking of us.

Why have they been so forgiving of Mahathir, once their bête noire, a man they scornfully called Mahafiraun?

I suspect they have been under instructions from Azmin Ali to do so as the Selangor MB has long since allied himself to Mahathir. I don't know what has been promised to him but then again, that's Azmin. Besides, Azmin was brought up by the Mahathir family.

If they want to forgive Mahathir, they might as well forgive everyone including Najib, Gobalakrishnan, Nallakaruppan, Chegubard, Jonson Chong, Loh Gwo Burne, Chandra Muzzafar, and that revolving-door bloke from Bota, Nasarudin Hashim, wakakaka.

By the by, Loh Gwo Burne and Gobala left PKR (2012?)with huffs and puffs because as PKR members they made the political mistake of offending Azmin Ali.

Loh wrote a personal letter to PKR party president Dr Wan Azizah to complain about what he believed to be dodgy party polling process (in a PKR intra-party deputy presidential race between Azmin Ali and Zaid Ibrahim), and worse than that, also criticizing Azmin Ali - see my post The Poison Within PKR.

Then carrying out the coup de grâce but for himself (wakakaka) Loh further wrote a very public letter to Malaysiakini to lambaste Azmin Ali. In doing so he burned his final bridge with PKR.

Loh was a supporter of Zaid Ibrahim and probably must have been so nauseated by the injustice done to Zaid in PKR where he saw nothing would be dealt with (including his complaint to Dr Wan who as usual acted 'dunno').

His sheer frustration by a virtually moribund party president and the lifeless party machinery (lifeless when Azmin was the object of any complaints) compelled him to write such a very public letter as a last resort to condemn the party's deputy president. From that moment, Loh sealed his fatal fate as a member of PKR.


As for Gobalakrishnan, he made the accusation that the appointment of N Surendran as one of three newly appointed PKR VPs was illegal because Surendran at that time was allegedly not a registered member of the party.

My post is not about the issue of Surendran's membership, but rather the story of an 'anwarista (Gobala) scorned' wakakaka.

As the saying goes (paraphrased) ‘Hell hath no fury like an acolyte scorned’.

And the story is not just about (at that time, around 2012) poor marginalised Gobala, once chief bodek-er of Anwar Ibrahim, but about the nature of Anwar’s leadership (or lack of) in PKR and the paradox of his role in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

PKR party secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution (at that time) said he had directed his staff to check with the party’s membership listing and discovered that Surendran was a registered member with the Lembah Pantai division, naturally saying (wakakaka): Gobalakrishnan’s accusation is not true. Surendran is a party member.

Now, that might well have been so, but alas, Saifuddin Nasution had said as well as promised a lot of things, to Chegubard, Zaid Ibrahim and a few others including outsider Haris Ibrahim. But had any of his promises been fulfilled satisfactorily?

Take for example, the case (at that time) of Badrul Hisham Shaharin, better known as Chegubard, who too complained about irregularities in PKR party polling process.


According to Chegubard, Saifuddin promised in November (2012?) that investigation into Chegubard’s complaint had been initiated and the finding would be revealed in a couple of weeks’ time. Well over a month since Saifuddin’s deadline promise, Chegubard was still asking about the finding of that so-called investigation.

The party leadership appointed Chegubard to the position of party deputy secretary-general, perhaps believing that should mollify and quieten him down over his earlier complaints about the irregularities in the party polling process.

But Chegubard refused the appointment, insisting on first knowing what the finding of the so-called investigation was.

As Penangites would say, with some people, yes, you can cheet haw ch’ooi (keep the tiger’s mouth closed by filling it with goodies), but with others you just can’t!

Chegubard was not the only person in the party to complain. Leaving aside people like Zaid Ibrahim, Gobala, and Loh Gwo Burne, PKR member Jonson Chong wrote a personal letter to the party president Dr Wan Azizah about the questionable party polling process – see my earlier post  Dr Wan Azizah ignores Jonson Chong's plea?

Jonson Chong 

Renowned activist Haris Ibrahim praised Jonson for his constructive approach but alas, not so Dr Wan as she ignored him completely.

Why did a party president ignore a constructive proposal from a sensible, fair and balanced gentleman like Jonson Chong which would have put to rest all complaints if the polls had been conducted fairly, unless of course she knew it was far too embarrassing to her hubby and blue-eye boy Azmin to take up Jonson's proposal?

Anyway, Jonson was so disappointed with the arrogance of the Anwar-Azmin-Saifuddin coterie in its refusal to truly investigate into party members’ complaints about the dodgy party polls that he eventually left PKR (not that Anwar-Azmin care two hoots).

Three things we learnt from that nasty episode where Zaid was the victim of PKR's intra-party polls, which has been the real reason for his departure from that party (and not because he jumped or left out of boredom), namely:

  • Do not stand against Azmin Ali in PKR party polls, wakakaka
  • Do not write any complaint about the party to Wan Azizah
  • Do not rely on the party machinery to answer your complaint

Obviously the above advice applies to only those against the party inner core like Azmin and his cohorts, wakakaka.

Many left PKR with extreme bitterness and acrimony, so I would recommend to PKR who is now so keen to forgive Mahathir to first forgive those who had left abruptly - alas, the list of fed-up frustrated followers who left PKR is too long to name in detail here. 

except for Mahathir

who in his 22 years as PM wrought political destruction so horrendous (eg. destruction of the integrity of the Judiciary, Civil Service, Senate, and profligacy in the billions of ringgit, etc)

that we cannot ever forgive him
 as his mistakes, methods or/and manipulations would be considered as 'crimes' to the nation


  1. i support najib if he leave umno n join pkr or dap or whatever.

    there r also many that leave dap, they r happy n full of gratitude n appreciation kah?

  2. His bigots and recalcitrances  are too numerous. The reformasi should undergo introspection. Wakakaka.

  3. Let's leave all yr bolihland's political skulduggery aside, as these r the norms played by politikus all over the world.

    I want to drill a little bit deeper into yr take of capital punishment.

    U have proclaimed many times that u r actively against CP.

    There r many reasons calling for its abolishment. Chiefly, that the death penalty is inhumane and criticize it for its irreversibility.

    Hiding behind all these controversial arguments r the altruistic fact that the offender can REPENT & CHANGE.

    My question is WHY can u forgive the CP offender (sometimes done in a very inhumane manner) & yet keep yr perpetually 'hateful' about Anwar & Mahathir???

    Ain't this going against yr talk of against CP - that people CAN repent & change, no matter how horrendous the 'crimes' to the nation (eg. destruction of the integrity of the Judiciary, Civil Service, Senate, and profligacy in the billions of ringgit, etc).

    &yet that u can ever forgive yr ahjibgor for the profligacy in the billions of ringgit of M'sia money.

    Ain't these two sets of yr thinking 180 diagonally opposing & yet based on same initial humane thought?

    Qui...People can change - especially those who r near their twilight year!

    To paraphrase yr word:

    I suspect u have been under instructions from .... to do so as Mahathir/Anwar has been a damaging effects on the continuing reign of ahjibgor.

    Betul tak???

    1. you are INcorrect that I oppose CP because I believe the criminal can change/repent. While I do hope they will repent/change, my principal reason is more about not executing or not killing someone in the name of the state - same as state murder.

      If we do Not have CP we can impose life sentences for brutal and heinous acts of crime. In Europe life sentences mean max of 20 years BUT that's European defined standards. WE don't have to have that. We can have various degrees of life sentences, eg. max 20 years, parole in 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, for the rest of the criminal's natural life etc.

      Mahathir has been the worst PM in our history where he destroyed our hallowed institutions - we can't afford to have him back.

      Anwar was not so bad but I resent his bigoted and arrogant behaviour when he was DPM. Besides, he's a big hypocrite for talking about reformasi when he did nothing in that direction while in power. I am prepared to accept him as PM.

      If Najib is corrupt, let's charge him so don't fabricate stories that I forgive him.

    2. "My principal reason is more about not executing or not killing someone in the name of the state - same as state murder."

      Is that meant u r condoning vigilant killing by civilian/mob running amok??

      Yr words:

      1MDB from a lack of evidences, unsubstantiated allegations', or black propaganda

      Indisputable facts:

      21/3/13 - $620,000,000 is transferred from Tanore to AMPrivate bank account of Malaysian official 1.

      25/3/13 - $61,000,000 also wired from Tanore to the same AMbank account.

      So why so diamx2 & consenting about yr ahjibgor's billion dollars heist?

    3. "... condoning vigilant killing by civilian/mob running amok"

      CK, you are keen on putting bullshit words into my mouth. show em where I said that

    4. Putting bullshit words into yr mouth???

      How about logic deduction???

      "..is more about not executing or not killing someone in the name of the state"

      1st these offenders r been judged & punished bcoz of the severity of their crimes - many of which r horrendous.

      If the state ONLY imposes life imprisonments as u'd suggested, then the general public WOULDN'T feel been treated fairly.

      The end result is more vigilant killing to even out the score.

      After all an-eye-for-an-eye doctrine is deeply rooted in most of the human societies, be they matured &/or developing.

      So, by inferring against this line of thinking, ain't u condoning vigilant killing??

      Mind u, many countries have abolished CP years ago & yet bring them back onto the judicial bench!


      Public opinion, especially those of the enclosed kindred mindset (me first, outsider last) demands it. Bleeding heart concept is a minority here.

      That's the main reason WHY u have a talk-big POTUS sitting in the Whitehouse now. He is catering to the transient feeling helplessness mood of the Joe American.

      Anyway, let's not going into it, though it's related.

      My point is, again, yr bleeding heart approach to this issue, building on yr perception of populism of the current humanity trench which is, unfortunately, a minority mindset.

    5. western countries (exception being USA) like western Europe, Canada, Aus, NZ don't have CP, likewise East Timur. Other countries like HK, Taiwan, S Korea, Thailand, Cambodia nowadays do not execute criminals.

      Hallmark of civilised nations

    6. Wait till the frame reaches the roof!

      The Germans r on the edge of going nationalism. So r the Dutch, the French. & maybe the Swede too. Ooop..The Yanks have already elected a far-right POTUS!

      Ain't they the used to be frontrunners of the civilised world?

      Why the sudden change in public opinion?

      Don't forget, these countries, plus those that u have mentioned, r elected via democratic process, which has the devil of residing with majority.

      & these majorities r been swayed with public perceptions that might not be in line with the yr bleeding heart thinking.

      One will NEVER feel the pain when one has not been bitten!

      'distance froom local propaganda reduces inset prejudice'???

      Tell that to those who r suffering the onslaught, & u will most likely getting a bloody nose san yr life!

      The hallmark, u mentioned, is just as transient as that feel good touch in yr wet dream!

    7. what I've said are facts while what you just hypothesised are wet dreams, your wet dreams, wakakaka.

      Even in the USA, some states have abolished CP. Signs of social-political maturity

    8. Can u guarantee against ANY possible near future changes in the social-political maturity of these civilised world?

      Wakakakaka...bleeding heart till yr doom!

      Even in the USA, some states have abolished CP. Then, some also have reversed & reinstalled CP!

      What & why?

      The sudden drop of civility & social-political maturity?

      Or more likely the onslaught of the change in public perceptions about CP due to the immediate sopo environment?

      It'll happen as the current disenchanted trenches in yr so called civilised & social-political maturity states, harden due to the misalignments of religio-sopo-economic development.

      Do remember majority is a bitch in a democracy. She doesn't always work with altruism, SIMPLY bcoz the lowest denominator in that majority is the enclosed kindred factor.

      What affects them in their immediate surroundings takes uppermost precedent against all other considerations - humane or otherwise!

      Don't u read history?

      Or in yr wet dreams, all r utopian settings!


  4. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/373166

    Lets Talk about the Rape of the country's Institutions.
    During Mahathir's time, the Auditor General was still independent to write No Holds Barred A-G reports, many highly critical of lapses made by the Administration.

    Mahathir was irritated no end, but he did not silence the A-G.

    Fast forward to 2017.

    Najib has ensured the latest Auditor General appointee is a Rubber Stamper. Her strongest qualification for the job seems to be that her Husband once said he'll 'die for Najib'

    1. firstly Mahathir was so powerful he didn't care about the Auditor general as he had already controlled the principal machinery of government

      secondly, you accuse the new Auditor general of being a rubber stamp - any evidence when she hasn't even started work

      you are comparing facts about Mahathir's reign against your prejudice against the new Auditor General. Aren't you the typical PKRista?

    2. Madinah Mohamad is a Kepong UMNO member. That is prima facie that she is intended to be a rubber stamp. That alone should have been enough to disqualify her from being the Auditor General, as she is involved in politics.

      But pointing out conflicts of interest to a Najib supporter like Ktemoc is a futile effort....

    3. "..accuse the new Auditor general of being a rubber stamp - any evidence when she hasn't even started work"

      Hehehehe.. Justice MUST be seen rather than be done. Apa tu???

      It's alright to claim fairness for been given a chance. But, when one comes from a sh*thole, how to prove one has not been tainted with just sh*t smell?


      On top of that, highly not qualified in terms of skill as an AG of the land!

      Perceptions &/or inset prejudice, take yr pick.

      A truth professional WOULD have excused herself just on the ground of conflict of interest.

      But, then what professional ethics r u expect from a pseudo wannabe?


  5. Local people in Padang Serai know the real story about Gobala.

    Gobalakrishnan had overextended himself in some extremely unwise financial investments, and he was facing financial ruin. Like bankruptcy ruin.
    In comes "You Help Me, I help You". The Art of The Deal. Kautim.

    Of course, Gobala's end of the deal is he had to turn renegade on PKR, which he has gladly done since then.

    1. you say, he said, she said, I say

    2. So....you publicised unsubstantiated accusations made by Gobala as a weapon to attack a party you dislike....I have the right to reply on accusations that were made regarding Gobala's motives.

  6. Both Mahathir and Anwar cannot be trusted.

  7. We have to choose the lesser of two evils to be PM. None of the termite infested kitchen cabinet can be PM if najib is ousted. ANWAR IS THE BEST BET. HE SHOULD BE RELEASED FROM PRISON.

  8. We choose the lesser of the two evils. None of the termite infested kitchen cabinet can be the new PM if najib is ousted. Anwar is the best bet.He should be pardoned and released.