Sunday, September 24, 2017

Muar takes a further step in Muslim cleaniless

Good news in Muar.

Launderette for Muslim-use only now available.

Now the Muslims can be assured their clothing to be washed won't be contaminated with dog fur (launderette not responsible for cat fur), porcine elements such as DNA (launderette not responsible for bovine elements such as DNA) and alcoholic traces (launderette not responsible for semen traces).

However, non-Malay money seems quite clean as JAKIM annual budget is RM1 Billion and there's no proof yet it's all Muslim money.

For more, read Star Online's Muar launderette adopts Muslims-only policy.


  1. Just another exhibition of the expanding sporadic zombieic pockets, courtesy of the ketuanan siege mentality.

    Soon, there WILL be situations like the scenes in The Walking Death - where zombies occupied most of the areas with sporadic small & self contained human domains.

    A (dis)united bolihland ????


  2. This was a commercial decision by the business owner, based input from their Customer base.

    JAKIM has nothing to do with this case.

    1. JAKIM plays a sinister constant role in separating our Malaysian community based on religion, making illegal fatwas on keeping dogs, telling people to shut up on the tahfiz school fire tragedy, etc etc etc. And we resent funding such a divisive agency with our non-Muslim tax money to the tune of RM1 Billion per year. Even HRH Sultan Johor wants to know why so much.

    2. Wakakakaka...

      'commercial decision by the business owner, based input from their Customer base.'

      Can the hiring of staffs with Mandarin speaking proficiency skill falls under the same justification ke?

      Or, ketuanan dictates that do what I said & never do what I did mah!!!