Friday, March 03, 2017


My post title has been inspired by a 1989 movie titled Sex, Lies & Videotapes, a film on partners cheating (sexually), counter-cheating, lying and changing 'partners' too frequently, wakakaka.

Of course it's about acts of adultery which would be cheating on your partner by sleeping with someone else.

I am blogging on a Malaysiakini news report which I love to title just as 'Lies, Damed Lies, Statistics & Putar-Belit-ism' (inspired by said film mentioned above)

Lies were, have been, are and will be abundant in Malaysian politics, on both sides of the fence - that's the stock-in-trade of pollies who nak cari makan, cari undi dan cari kuasa.

In the old days one never trusted a snake-oil salesman (wakakaka); then one never trust a used car salesman; subsequently one never trust a banker.

But the above three would be Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and the Virgin Mary compared to a politician, for the pollie takes lies to the abysmal level of damned lies (whether that level is 'up' or 'down', I am not sure).

Then there is the highly 'flexible' field of statistics which in the hands of manipulators can range between damned lies on one extreme to verified facts at the other end of the spectrum.

That finally brings us to Putar-Belit-ism. which is by far the worst of the entire pack of lies.

If your uncle (wakakaka) say that in making a U-turn, it means one is a smart driver who won't continue driving straight on when one sees the road ahead has been blown up and is no longer passable, would you believe him?

But on such a scenario, we could also ask about an alternate likelihood:

Could seeing the road ahead being blown up and no longer passable be the case for someone's objective being blocked, say, to rule a country, and thus a U-turn would be necessary to reach his objective by another way?

And we could also argue:

That making U-turns which have been extraordinarily severe, yes, severe or radical or unheard of or unexpected of a certain person, as those U-turns indeed were (ie. severe, or the Chinese Penangites would put it, 'chia-lart') such as shaking hands with a man one had described and scorned 'as a sodomite & not fit to be PM', and in cosy dalliance with another man accused of intending to destroy Malay-dom by Singapore-ising Malaysia'.

In life we must have strong steady virtuous directions as those directions are akin to principles.

In other words, making such U-turns (back-flipping, or saying 'black is white' one moment and subsequently saying 'white is black') would be akin to bending, breaking or back-tracking from principles or worse, having no principle.

and ye hath none 

When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. [John 8:44 KJV]


  1. In December 1941, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States, the bastion of world capitalism, declared the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, its fraternal ally.

    America henceforth would serve as the USSR's arsenal for the duration of the rest of WWII. Tanks, diesel engines, aircraft engines, bullets, artillery guns, shells, ships, trucks...the Americans supplied massive quantities of war material to the Russians.

    Franklin Roosevelt was no admirer of Communism, but he correctly judged that the struggle against Fascism and Japanese militarism was THE Clear and Present Danger, and overrode all his previous doubts and suspicions about the USSR. Russia would henceforth be an ally, as long as WWII lasted.

    We have a situation in Malaysia today, where The Clear and Present Danger is the Current Prime Minister is running a Kleptocracy for the benefit of himself , his family and their cronies.
    In the process the Current Prime Minister is enabling the establishment of an Islamic Theocracy as part of political maneuvering to protect his survival.

    I will cooperate , if necessary, even with Smelly and less than Clean individuals for the sake of resisting this Clear and Present Danger.

    1. The Old & Retired Danger had been and will be far more dangerous than mere alleged corruption, so you go ahead.

      The reason why the USA supplied the USSR with weapons etc was to enable the Russians to keep 40 German Divisions pinned down on the Eastern Front to ensure a safer Normandy landing for American troops.

      America did not anything for free

    2. Dan lagi teruk.. the Chinese pulak sold most of the weapons that the US supplied to China during WWII to the Japanese..Wakakaka

    3. Tsk....Tsk... still "alleged corruption"!!!!!

      Casted in stone as wordsmith works his pen to SPIN!

      If the general rule applies, as u'd claimed "America did not anything for free".

      Then r u freelancing for yr idol??

      "The Old & Retired Danger had been and will be far more dangerous" - isn't it based on yr hypothesised wet dream that people will not change?

      What if u r WRONG?

      BTW, it's one of the academic postulation that "the USA supplied the USSR with weapons etc was to enable the Russians to keep 40 German Divisions pinned down on the Eastern Front to ensure a safer Normandy landing for American troops."

      Smart military move, & shared operational responsibility.

      The Normandy landing wasn't a free lunch for the American led alliance, judging from the number of causalty. So, where was that proof for "ensure a safer Normandy landing for American troops."?

      In fact, there was a claim that the Anzac forces were the first line bullet practice for the defending German.

      Mana u dapat kebacaan sejarah tu? Dalam mimpi basah ke?

    4. "the Chinese pulak sold most of the weapons that the US supplied to China during WWII to the Japanese."

      Fake news! Or zombie news.

      In the early year of Japs invasion in China, the Yanks weren't involved.

      During the WWII, the Yanks only supplied weaponry to the Kuomintang while the Red Army was supported by the Soviet Union.

      The Kuomintang warlords were keeping the weapons to fight (1)among themselves, (2)the Japs & (3)the Red Army.

      So how to sell weapons, if there were excess, to the Japs?

      In fact, the Japs weapons were top rated in comparison with the Yanks! The Japs didn't need substandard armory from anyone else, except the German!

      The Chinese has a term 汉奸.

      While zombie recognizes those who sold the maruah bangsa to profit themselves as jaguh bangsa, just like those ketuanan freaks.

    5. The American casualties, in the book 'The Longest Day' by Cornelius Ryan, showed that American casualties were relatively light compared to the eastern Front. This opinion were shared by other war authors. If those 40 German Divisions were at Normandy, many more thousands of Yanks would have been killed.

      Hasan I agree with CK that the Japs did not need weapons from others

    6. KT.. it was mentioned in an editorial from the Taipei Times, which was a nasty orbituary. Wakakaka...

    7. in which case, wakakaka too though I wonder why the Japs in WWII needed inferior weapons?

    8. "American casualties were relatively light compared to the eastern Front."

      U should go to the national archives in Canberra to dig out & read the declassified Anzac operations of Normandy.

      They r more telling & revealing than that part fictional 'The Longest Day' by Cornelius Ryan!!!!!

      U r been conned kaux2.

  2. "it was mentioned in an editorial from the Taipei Times, which was a nasty orbituary."

    Wakakakaka...Zombie can read Mandarin?

    More so an editorial from the Taipei Times!

    R u SURE u can distinguish traditional Chinese from simplified Chinese?

    Let me do yr honour to tear yr fake news to pieces.

    Taipei Times is a known Kuomintang outfit. A stout & die-hard Chiang KS mouthpiece.

    Logic will tell u it WONT blackmouth the past & present records of the Kuomintang govt - be it when happened in mainland China &/or Taiwan.

    Nasty orbituary????

    It's also a BIG no no for the past warring warlords to condemn each other. Especially with nasty orbituary when one was passed on.

    It's just NOT Chinese - traditions &/or teaching!

    U need to learn how to create fake news, from the Yanks. Umno leaches & rpk r not the good examples!

    1. i agree umno good in creating fake news, pap equally good, the champion is ccp, the communist chinese skin is as thick as najib, if not thicker wakaka

    2. Below is from paragraph 5 of the Editorial – So long and good riddance - Taipei Times Monday 27 October 2003. BTW the word materiel means military materials and equipment.

      “The 1943 speech was to encourage the US to throw more money into the cesspit that was the KMT's anti-Japanese war effort. Most of the materiel that the US supplied was sold by Chiang and his cronies to the very Japanese they were supposed to be fighting. After the war US president Harry Truman calculated that the Chiang clique had filched US$750 million (as a proportion of US GDP this would be US$35 billion today) from the aid that was sent to them as a result of Mayling's efforts. "They're all thieves," he said, "every damn one of them."


      Here's the link:

    3. oops.. sorry it should be obituary and not orbituary. My bad.

    4. Wakakakaka.. Substantiated with alternative sources lah.

      Did u NOT know this was the same kind of misinformation tactic used by utusan (五毒散) & been sued in courts numerous time?

      BTW, I'm surprised that a Kuomintang mouthpiece COULD blackmouth Soong Mayling (宋美齡) in her death!

      No lost. Never like this bitch in the same mould as that hippo of bolihland.

    5. taipei times is from the pro independence faction ie dpp, i would not say their reporting is fake, however their partisan view is laughable from a more objective historical angle, many article, like those from utusan, mt,r rubbish wakaka.

      in fact, kmt did fight the japs, unlike ccp that only make most noise as if they r one that won the war. however truman is oso right, american often support n appreciate thief, for eg, mo1.

    6. "Wakakakaka.. Substantiated with alternative sources lah."

      Unknown and patonah and hasan have been friends over 30 years. We meet up once a week over a cuppa and laugh at what you write. Wakakaka..

    7. Wakakakaka..Why not saying u & patonah & unknown r one the same person!

      Split yr comments just to add weight! Child play play le.

      Fake news, without creditable sources, can be carried by as many media as yr praying schedule, r still make believe jamban material.

      See, who laughs the last lah!!!

  3. most politicians do u turn, the best way is not to keep them or their party reign for too long. the weird part is many writers oso do u turn, this so called intellectual supposed to possess certain value systems that r diff from politician or commoner, but not really, dun we see this suckers seem no problem to support murderer, thief n robber, interesting.